Mar 30

Crashing Girl’s Night Out

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Blast Off

If Aubrey didn’t want me to come, then why did she tell me where she’d be? Why did she send me pictures of her in the outfit she’d be wearing? “Do you want to rip these clothes off of me?” She asked. I understand the sanctity of girl’s night. “No boyfriends, ugh,” Aubrey told me. “I just want to dance with you till 5 AM and then fuck you as the sun comes up.” If I am being honest, the last place I wanted to spend my Saturday night was Stereo. But I also wanted to rip those clothes off of her. This was the first night we would be apart since starting dating four weeks earlier.

Sebastian, a friend of mine from work and sometimes out of work, he is really into the Montreal club scene. He happened to be going to Stereo that night with his gang of misfits. He said I could tag along. The doors didn’t open till 2 AM so I threw on a gray collared shirt over my black tee and headed to Big in Japan. I almost walked by the entrance before I noticed it. The door was gray with a rusted handle. It used to be painted red which made it easier to spot. There were no signs. The only thing that would indicate what was inside were the two Japanese symbols on the glass door-window. Inside, the bar was dimly lit. The place was shaped like a tree. The long narrow u-shaped bar was the trunk and off to either side were tables kind of like branches. Above the bar were various whiskey bottles all different sizes and shades of brown. Some were nearly full. Some were nearly empty. They hung by the caps so the entire bottle could be seen.

Sitting down, I looked at my phone. I had two texts from Aubrey. “We’re at Toqué. Cassidy wants to get another bottle of wine. We’re going to be so drunk by the time we get to Stereo.” Text two said, “Ashanti found a server she thinks is hot. She’s by the bar talking to him. Maybe this isn’t a girl’s night out after all. What are you up to?”

Hero, the bartender, he grabbed one of the bottles hanging over the bar and brought it to me. The bottle was half full and had two Kanji on it. On the back was a piece of masking tape with the names Aubrey and William written on it. As he set it down in front of me, he said, “konbonwa” and bowed his head slightly. Then he got a heavy-bottomed rocks glass with one large round ice cube. He set it down next to the bottle of whiskey and walked away.

I repositioned the bottle, making sure the sticker with mine and Aubrey’s name was front and center. I snapped a pic and texted her. No sooner had I poured my drink and taken my first sip had I gotten a response. “You bastard. Are you drinking our whiskey? You better leave me some.”

“I don’t know,” I responded. “I am kind of devastated. This girl I like has abandoned me. I think I am just going to drown my sorrows.”

The whiskey pleasantly burned the back of my throat when I swallowed. The bar was full but not too full. I heard mostly French and Japanese, almost no English. Me being an American expatriate I understood almost none of it. Across from my side of the bar was a group of four women. They were having their own girls’ night. That group’s version of Ashanti smiled at me. I smiled back before taking another sip of my drink.

My phone vibrated against the mahogany bar. “I almost want to ask you to meet me at Stereo,” Aubrey said. “But I know that isn’t your scene.”

“I’m meeting DeShawn and Hunter at Cloakroom.” This was the first time I had lied to her. It seemed OK. It seemed like a reasonable lie. “And then we’re supposed to go back to Hunter’s and check out his new mancave. Apparently, it has a pool table and some old-fashioned pinball machines.”

I waited a while before I got a response. What came next was a video. Aubrey filmed herself in the bathroom. She had on a black top with tiny white polka dots. It was tied off to the side and very low cut. I watched as she untied her top and allowed it to fall open, revealing her soft round breasts. Her hand slid over the treble clef tattoo on her hip down under the waistline of her cigarette pants. Before the video finished, I received another text. “But I need you. My body feels like it’s going through withdrawals. You’ve been inside me every day since we met. This morning seems like forever ago.”

I looked left and then right. No one was paying attention to me. I watched the video again and rubbed my hand against the bulge in my jeans. Then I responded. “You know I want to. I am sitting here at our bar and my cock is so hard. But this is good. We don’t need to spend every night together, right?”

I was old enough to know that Aubrey and I were still in that crazy honeymoon phase where we couldn’t get enough of one another. It was anyone’s guess what we’d be when that wore off. But for now, I wanted to roll in it until my body was drenched. I wanted to let it soak into my pores so I could never get it off of me. My phone buzzed. “I just want your hand around my throat.” I had never met someone so insatiable and it drove me crazy. Here I was planning beylikdüzü ucuz escort to find her in an after-hours club. I was going to seek her out in a sea of humanity. I trusted that we’d find one another but we could go hours in that place and never connect. My phone buzzed. “We’re headed to Velvet Speakeasy before we go to Stereo. Not sure if that information will be useful to you at all ??.” The phone buzzed again and it was a picture of Cassidy, Aubrey, Ashanti, and Beth all crammed into the back of a car. The next pic that came was of Aubrey’s white lips pressed against Ashanti’s black lips. Ashanti’s black hand cradled Aubrey’s white face. Their tongues reached into one another’s mouths. The text that followed was: “Wish you were here.”

I responded with, “I just asked a few guys at the bar to make out with me but I didn’t get any takers.”

Almost an hour passed before I got a response. “That’s a shame. Maybe you aren’t as cute as you think you are.”

I left her message unread for a good half hour before I responded. “That seems unlikely. I tricked you into wanting me, didn’t I?”

Aubrey responded right away. “Yeah, but I am often drunk. So, I wouldn’t read too much into that if I were you ??”

Another hour passed. Big in Japan thinned out. I poured myself one more drink from the bottle and then waved Hero over. “Arigatou gozaimaus,” I said, deciding to use the more formal thank you. “I’m finished for the night.” Hero bowed his head and removed the bottle. He placed it back in its spot. I made sure to leave enough for Aubrey and me for next time.

When I left, it was nearly 1:30 AM. I grabbed an Uber. He took me through the Red-Light District and by the Quatier Des Spectacles. At this time of night, there were more people out than one would expect to see. Some moved slowly shuffling their feet after a long day and night. Others were running through the fountains that came up out of the concrete. The snow had all melted. Everyone’s thick sweaters and heavy parkas were put away until the fall. That change from the frigid winter to the warm hot summer, it had a way of making you feel free for the first time. I rolled the window down and let the balmy night air hit me in the face. I breathed deeply. “It’s a nice night,” the driver said. I nodded to him in his rearview. Part of me wanted to stick my head out like a silly dog. I wanted to scream Aubrey’s name until my throat hurt. I couldn’t wait to surprise her. I wanted to see her face when she realized we had been playing a game of hide-and-seek all night.

My Uber dropped me off in front of Stereo. The line was already halfway around the block. I found Sebastian and his boyfriend, Amed, near the back. They let me jump in. “Everyone else is in the front,” Sebastian said. “We are going to meet them inside.”

I nodded and leaned in to hug him. “Thanks for letting me come. I appreciate it.”

I hugged Amed as Sebastian replied, “Anytime. I am always saying to you that we don’t hang out enough!”

I searched for Aubrey even though I knew she wouldn’t be there. They were probably still at the speakeasy, Cassidy convincing everyone to do shots. Ashanti was probably flirting with the bartender. Beth was texting her jealous husband who always thought she was cheating anytime she wasn’t in eyesight. The last text I got from Aubrey was about fifteen minutes earlier. It said, “You know what would go great with this sour apple shooter? Your cum dripping down the back of my throat ??”

Sebastian pushed me. “You’re looking for her, aren’t you?”

“No!” I answered a little too defensively.

Sebastian smiled, taking a hit from his vape. Turning to his boyfriend, Amed, he blew a cloud of vapor. “News of the night, babe: William is in love.”

“Are you, William?” Amed asked in baby talk, reaching out and cradling my face. “Are you in wove?”

I slapped his hand away and shook my head but I couldn’t keep from cracking a smile. We all laughed.

Looking back over my shoulder, the line kept getting longer. According to Sebastian tonight one of the hottest DJs was performing. Sebastian and Amed knew all about Anfisa Letyago. They knew where in Europe she had been performing. They knew she recently signed with Carl Cox’s Intec label. They knew she was about to release her new album, “Bright Lights EP.” Their excitement fostered my excitement.

Once the doors opened the line moved slow. The music inside thumped hard against us even through the thick brick walls. The place was packed. With the house DJ performing the smaller entrance area filled with people who had yet to matriculate to the dance floor.

I followed Sebastian as we waded our way through the people. In front of us were two drag queens who were moving slowly, hugging everyone they passed. When they moved off to the side, I recognized Sebastian’s group of friends. Amed waved and pushed forward through the people. beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort We sat down next to a club-looking girl with long brown hair and pink highlights. She wore a sequence tube-top with a unicorn backpack. She sat on the lap of another woman who had on a collared shirt, a dark vest and a skinny tie. She had short sleek hair combed over and thick dark-rimmed glasses. Standing by the table a nervous-looking man with thick stubble watched the crowd. I knew from previous outings he was Amed’s brother. His shirt wasn’t buttoned up enough and his gold chain rested on his thick dark chest hair. On Amed’s left sat Delilah who I had met a couple of times before. She wore all black and had a black choker around her neck. Her long dark hair was tied in a ponytail and her bangs came down to her eyebrows. In front of the table was Donte who also worked with me and Sebastian. At work, his long dreads were usually tied back behind his head but tonight they fanned out almost like peacock feathers. His body moved to the music next to his blonde-haired and blue-eyed girlfriend, Crystal.

I pulled out my phone and texted Aubrey. “Heading to Hunter’s. Have fun.”

A few moments later I got a response: “? That sucks. I wanted to see you. We are leaving here soon. Some American tourist is trying to pay our tab and he’s complaining about the exchange rate. This just means you’ll have to pull double duty when we see each other tomorrow.”

I smiled at my phone and then put it back in my pocket. Sebastian touched my arm and motioned with his head towards the dance floor. We all got up and made our way. Above the floor was a giant disco ball the size of a small Volkswagen. Bright white light reflected off it and dispersed outwards over the crowd pushing their way closer to the DJ. Amed leaned into me. “You’re going to love Anfisa! I promise.”

I smiled and nodded. Just then the whole room went dark. Everything went silent. The only noise was the chattering of hundreds of people all packed together. Fog washed out across the DJ platform. And then a loud beat hit hard. I felt it like a gut punch. It almost knocked me off my feet. The strobes kicked in. They reflected off the disco ball like millions of silent firecrackers. More fog shot up towards the ceiling. A beat began thumping hard. It seemed to compress everything into a tighter and tighter space. Yellow and red lights pulsed and moved to the music. People cheered. I cheered with them. Bright white light illuminated the stage. A young brown-haired woman with her hair tied back appeared. She had headphones around her neck. She raised her hand high above her head. And then the beat stopped. The white light shut off but the fog remained. A woman’s voice sang out through the speakers. She sang the words, “I want your love” over and over again until the beat came back.

Everyone around me jumped to the music. I found myself swept up in it all and I jumped, too. The song never seemed to stop. It only evolved. The deeper it went the more I let go. I moved without care of being seen or judged. Maybe it was the change in seasons. Maybe it was Aubrey. Maybe it was the music or it was all of it. I don’t usually drop my guard like that. But there I was, hopping around like an idiot, surrounded by other people hopping around. Donte waved his hands in front of my face and then moved away. Amed and Sabastian shouted but their voices were drowned out.

My head swayed. My arms moved. The temperature rose. Sweat soaked through my tee. I took off my collared shirt and wrapped it around my waist. I’m not sure how long we were in the thick of it. It could have been five minutes. It could have been five hours. It became hard to swallow. I bounced off other people on my way to the bar. I bought a bottle of water and then I checked my phone. It was almost 4 AM and I had no new messages. In that instant, it all came back to me, why I had come here. I said her name out loud to no one. “Aubrey.” Scanning the club, I gulped the water.

I couldn’t find any of her friends. I wondered if something had happened. Maybe Cassidy threw up in the uber and they had to take her home. Maybe they went to Circus (the other after-hours club) instead. I texted Aubrey, “Hope you’re dancing your ass off at Stereo. I bet you look sexy as fuck.” I waited. I got no response.

Finishing my water, I scanned the crowd some more, trying to look at each face. It was such an eclectic group: older and younger, black, brown and white, fit mixed with not-so-fit. How am I going to find her in this mess? I checked my phone again. Then I pushed my way back onto the dancefloor. Everyone jumped up and down. I waved at Sebastian who smiled when he saw me, but I couldn’t get to him. Delilah’s hair flung around like a whip. Amed’s brother had his eyes closed. All his nervousness energy had been soaked up by the music. Everyone one of them and everyone around us was drenched beyoğlu escort in sweat. I checked my phone again. Still nothing. My head dropped. Amed grabbed my arm and his momentum had me jumping with the rest of the mob.

As the music pushed, we compacted tighter and tighter. It got to the point I couldn’t move anywhere except up and down. For an instant, I thought I saw Beth out of the corner of my eye. But then she vanished behind a group of people. I wanted to go in that direction to investigate, but I was trapped. A few feet in front of me, by the railing blocking off the stage, I saw a blonde-haired girl with her back to me. I couldn’t see what she was wearing. It might have been black with white polka dots. I pushed through, bouncing off people I didn’t know. I reached out and touched her shoulder. She turned around and it was a face I didn’t recognize. She held her hands up as if to say, “what the fuck?”

I held my hands up and shrugged. I mouthed the words, “I’m sorry.” Then she went back to dancing. The disco ball was right above my head. I looked up. Lasers, strobes, fog, and flashing lights filled the space around me like cinderblocks. I couldn’t breathe. Everyone was too close. All of a sudden, I remembered I hated these kinds of places. I said to no one, “What am I doing here?” But the music was so loud I couldn’t even feel the vibrations of my own words in my throat. It was hard to swallow. My breaths were short and shallow. When I was about to march to the exit, I felt it, a touch on my back. I turned around to see Aubrey’s beaming face. Her blue eyes were all pupil like black marbles. She fell into me and I held her up. She laughed. I brushed sweaty hair off her face. And then, as if she knew, the DJ changed the whole vibe of the club.

It was quite enough for me to hear Aubrey say, “I knew I’d find you?”

I cupped my hand over her ear and said, “I thought I was surprising you.”

The music slowly built again and Aubrey danced her body against mine. I stood still so I could feel all her friction. I grabbed her face with both my hands. We kissed. Our mouths opened so wide. Our tongues wrestled in the space between. She tasted like hard liquor and sex. I couldn’t let go. We couldn’t pull apart. But the crowd exploded and began jumping to an abrupt change in beats.

Without pulling apart we moved off the floor. Standing on the edge, we gasped for air. Aubrey took my hand and pulled me away. Weaving through people on the outer edges they turned into blurs in my peripheral vision. We stumbled into a couple of girls leaving the woman’s room as we barged in. She led me into the handicapped stall. The light was so bright compared to the club I squinted. Everything came into focus, there she was. Untying her shirt. I grabbed her legs and picked her up. She wrapped her thighs around my waist. Slamming her against the wall, I sucked on her neck and she ran her hands through my hair. “This is what I’ve been wanting all night,” Aubrey moaned.

I bit into her flesh and she ground her hips against me. Grabbing her hair, I snapped her head back. It exposed more of her throat. I bit harder. Voices laughed as new people came into the restroom. I put my hand over Aubrey’s mouth and she bit me as hard as she could, nearly breaking my skin. I slammed her hard but she only bit harder. My cock was so thick it felt like it was trying to rip my jeans along the zipper. I carried Aubrey over to the sink and sat her down. She leaned back against a graffiti-covered mirror surrounded by more graffiti and random stickers. She unzipped her pants and lifted her ass off the porcelain long enough for me to pull on them. I yanked extra hard ripping them off around her heels.

New voices entered. The beat blasted all around us until the door closed. I untied my shirt from around my waist. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. Aubrey watched my jeans and boxers drop. Standing there we looked at one another. Her chest heaved. Her soft round breasts rising and falling. The glint in the metallic nipple piercing flashed. Her eyes locked onto my cock. She moved her panties to the side showing me her smooth wet pussy. She rubbed it. I stroked myself. I shuffled forward. The restroom door opened again. The beat crashed around us. The people left. Their voices vanished. She moaned as my cock slid inside her. She was so warm and wet it felt unreal. I didn’t expect to say it. It just came out. “I fucking love you. Do you know that?”

Aubrey’s eyes grew so wide. She smiled and nodded. Her mouth opened like she had something to say, but I pushed all the way in and she moaned instead. The door opened. Music. The door closed. As I pulled out and we both looked down to see my thickness stretching her. My cock glistened. I rubbed the head on her clit before sliding it back in. She lifted her legs and held them so I could get deeper. I put one on my shoulder and pounded into her, my face snarling. The door opened. Laughter. Music. Two girls taking turns snorting. Aubrey moaning. Me grunting. The two girls giggled. They talked fast but their words didn’t register. My hand over Aubrey’s mouth again. Her eyes locked onto mine. I thrust into her like I was trying to break her. “Have fun in there,” one of the girls said before the door opened. The voices vanished into the loud music. Door closed.

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