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Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 03

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Big Tits

Jennifer glanced back at me as we walked to my car. Those sexy blue eyes narrowed and looked at my shirt pocket. The insistent ringing of my cell phone was an unwelcome interruption. My wife’s timing really sucked. “I have to get this..” I said as I unlocked the car.

“Hey you! I have a surprise for you!” said my wife as Jennifer and I got into my car. She let me know that her cousin Tiffany had dropped in from Atlanta and wanted to take us out for drinks. I told her I was in a meeting and promised to call her right back. Jennifer turned to me with a look of disgust. If looks could kill…

“You shouldn’t be so darned rude to your wife!” she snapped. The anger made her blush. She ran her delicate hand through her long, beautiful red hair. “Give me back my underwear, you jerk” she demanded in that sweet southern drawl.

I dutifully handed back the soft, silk panties I had kept in my pocket since the weird incident in the conference room that morning. I was about to ask her where she lived but got distracted when she unzipped her fly. My jaw dropped as she unbuckled her belt and arched her back. In one swift motion, she slid out of her tight, stone washed jeans.

I felt my full seven inches straining to burst out of slacks. My view from the driver’s seat was amazing. Her legs were beautiful. The milky white skin contrasted pleasantly with the dark red heart tattoo on her left thigh. Before I could look at more, she pulled on the cum stained panties, followed immediately by her jeans. Within ten seconds, her jeans were back on and her belt buckle locked. All of me wanted to pull that firm 20 year old body out of the passenger seat and on to my lap. But after our first strange encounter, I knew better.

“Where do you live?” I asked. My throat was dry from the excitement. I could swear that my dick was harder than a concrete block.

Imagine my surprise when she told me that she lived in Live Oak Apartments! That was literally across the street. My brief hesitation annoyed her and she impatiently said she could walk home if I didn’t want to take her. I quickly started the car and proceeded bahçelievler escort towards the complex. She pulled out her phone and started texting.

“Come in if you want” she said as she got out. I found myself following her like a little puppy dog. For a split second, I felt disgusted with myself. Here I was, a 30 year old professional with a wife, acting like a pussy hungry teenager.

As she unlocked the front door I silently prayed that she would let me fuck her this time. I desperately wanted something to develop but had no idea what was in store.

As I walked into the living room, someone tackled me from the right. I’m in decent shape with my 165 lbs but I was no match for the slightly shorter, stocky young guy that took me down. Momentarily disoriented and on my back, I struggled to catch my breath. The bastard had knocked the wind out of me!

As my vision came into focus, I looked up to see Jennifer and a young, twenty something guy standing over me. She confirmed that this was her husband Ryan when she said “He forced me to suck his dick baby!” This was bullshit! I started to protest and get up when Jennifer dropped down to her knees and grabbed my crotch with her left hand.Then she started giggling uncontrollably.

“WHAT in the he’ll is going on?” I screamed. She continued laughing as she started to rub my dick through my slacks. I noticed that Ryan was laughing as well.

Ryan was deeply tanned, in his early twenties, about 5’9 with light blonde hair. He wore a tank top which showed off his strong biceps. He looked like a surfer. I remembered Jennifer telling me that he was a professional rower. “It’s all good man..” he said in between laughter.

By now I had caught my breath and noticed that Jennifer had unbuttoned my slacks. I was stunned and afraid to touch her but my 7 inches stood to attention as she reached into my pants. After a hard squeeze she let go and started yanking my pants off. Quickly, I raised my butt and helped pull my boxers and slacks down to my ankles.

I closed my eyes as her sweet mouth took my seven inch bakırköy escort cock. I had wanted this so badly for so long. After the Hooters parking lot incident, I feared that I would never feel that awesome tongue again. Now here I was on her living room floor! This was mind blowing.

Remembering the first time, I resisted the temptation to reach out and touch her. I kept my hands at my sides as I felt my cock slide in and out of of her mouth. She took it all, tip to shaft, and worked it up and down very slowly. One hand rubbed my chest while to other expertly massaged my balls.

All of a sudden I remembered Ryan and my eyes snapped open. He was still standing over me but was no longer laughing. There was a smile but the look on his face conveyed pure lust. He had slipped out of his shirt and jean shorts. I couldn’t believe it! This guy’s dick was not only much thicker than mine, he as at least an inch longer.

All of a sudden Jennifer pulled her mouth off of my dick, smiled, and said “Let’s take this to the bedroom”. She stood up and started kissing Ryan. They embraced as I started to get up. I was dizzy and a bit unsteady on my feet from the excitement.

Clumsily, I stumbled and accidentally bumped into them. My left arm landed on her shoulder as my dick brushed up on his thigh. My right arm caught his muscular arm. It felt like a bolt of electricity had shot through me. My dick on Ryan’s skin felt exciting and strange.

We all giggled but Ryan looked at me intently. Jennifer looked from him to me. There we were in a mutual embrace, still in the middle of the living room. What a sight! She still had her clothes on. I was nude from the waist down and Ryan was completely naked.

Jennifer and Ryan exchanged serious looks. All of a sudden she smiled and nodded. The next thing I knew, Ryan broke the embrace and was on his knees. Before I could say anything, he grabbed my dick and guided it into his mouth. Jennifer let go of me and joined him on the floor. She got under me and started licking my balls.

This was ecstasy. I felt balgat escort so depraved and excited at the same time. Here was the the girl of my dreams licking and sucking my balls while her husband hungrily fed on my cock. I am not gay or bi, but this was amazing.

I hate to admit it but Ryan’s technique rivaled Jennifer’s. He kept my cock in his mouth longer with each thrust, and worked his tongue while my dick was in his mouth. It felt like his tongue was tightly hugging the bottom half of my 7 inches while his lips squeezed my shaft.

Jennifer was expertly sucking my balls. She methodically took turns with each one. I could see from my standing vantage point that she was stroking Ryan’s cock.

My moaning and their slurping was interrupted by the unwelcome piercing ring of my cell phone. “Mmmmm mmmmmmm” mumbled Jennifer as her mouth tightened on my right testicle. The phone was in the pocket of the shirt I was still wearing. I knew it was my wife Katie calling to make plans. Damn that was such a turn on.

I’d never experienced anything like this before. I shoved Ryan’s head as far as it would go. My fingers dug into his silky, blonde, sun bleached hair. By now Jennifer had both of my balls and her mouth and was sucking violently. It was painful and amazingly hot. She continued to jack Ryan with her delicate hand.

I guess the phone stopped ringing at some point. I don’t recall. As they worked me, I shot my load down Ryan’s throat. “Jennn!!!!!” I literally screamed in ecstasy. Ryan hungrily gobbled my hot cum as his wife lightly bit down on my ball sack. Some of it spurred out of the side of his mouth and dripped down his chin.

That was the best and longest orgasm I’ve ever had. Pure ecstasy. They both disengaged me. I looked down and they were kissing. Jennifer was still jacking him. She grabbed my arm and pulled me down to the floor.

The three of us embraced and kissed each other. I’ve never kissed a guy before. My feelings of depravity had faded. The kissing and embrace were intensely passionate. We touched tongues, held each other, and shared my cum. The blowjob was so intense that I hadn’t actually gone soft.

Jennifer broke the embrace and pulled off her tank top. I was immediately mesmerized by her perky tits and nipple rings. I’d dreamt of them for so long. Now here they were!

“So.. Are we going to finally take this to the bedroom or what?” she asked.

PART 4 Coming Soon!

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