Mar 30

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 10

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This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen. Special thanks to my editor.


I slept like a rock. It was probably somewhat due to the booze, but more likely the exciting sex with Megan. When I did wake, my thoughts immediately focused on last night. I was still in a state of amazement at Megan giving herself a facial with my cum. She said she did it to please me and give me something to think about while Anna was here. Yet the look on her face, with her eyes closed and the visible trembling of her body, convinced me of something else. She liked it, too.

Slowly rising from bed, I grabbed my stuff and headed for the outside shower. It was already after 11:00 am and I was to meet Megan on the beach at noon. Anna had said she’d be down as early as she could, but my cell showed no signs of a call that she was on her way.

Once showered, I grabbed some breakfast. It was just before noon as I walked the short distance to the beach. My cell rang on the way and it was Anna.

“I’m on my way. I hope the traffic isn’t too bad.”

“Ok, great,” I said, but with an unintended lack of enthusiasm that may have showed.

The conversation was over quickly as I gave her final pointers on the directions I’d e-mailed her earlier in the week. My emotions were running the gamut, from wanting to see her to not wanting her to come at all. I was also pissed about the whole reason she couldn’t come earlier, and why she had missed coming last night. Now I had other reasons too; Megan and Katie. Katie was leaving today to head back home, though, as she had to work the next day, Monday.

The Bartletts and the Terrys were also heading home today for work Monday, and Zach and Pete were supposed to show on Monday for a couple days. The house was going to undergo a transformation as old people left and new ones arrived.

I easily spotted our big group as I crossed over the dunes. Everyone was there, except that Ellen and Megan hadn’t showed yet. The men all appeared to be still sleeping it off on the beach while the ladies were all down by the water’s edge talking. Darci and Katie were on the outer edge of the group of chairs and blankets. I dropped down on my blanket near them, close to Katie.

Darci gave me a quick glance and hi, as she was deep into her book again. Katie seemed happier to see me and sat up from catching rays to talk. The couple days of sun were finally turning her previously pale, delicious body golden brown, with a touch of redness here and there. Her long blonde hair had added even more highlights in the sun.

“Finally, got up, huh?”

“Yeah…I’m to meet Megan here at noon.”

“Ellen called Darci’s cell. They’re running a little late.”


“Late night? I think I heard you come in around 2:00.”

“Yeah, Megan and I hung out by her house after I walked her home.”

“You two are getting along nicely. Isn’t Anna coming?”

“She’s on her way now.”

“Oh…you happy about that?”

“Sure,” I replied, half-heartedly.

“Not to convincing, Lover Boy,” Katie quipped.

“Guess I’d better get more enthused quick, huh?”

“I’d say so, unless you’re having her drive down here just to break up with her?”

“No…I’m not doing that.”

“Well, make up your mind,” Katie urged.

“I know.”

“Hey, want to go for a swim?” Katie asked, nodding her head to the water.

Remembering the last time she invited me to swim with her, I said “Sure.”

I trailed Katie to the water, observing her sweet ass, and went through the long routine she always followed for entry into the water. When we were finally into the water deep enough that her wonderful tits just hovered above, she turned to speak to me.

“I wanted to get away from Darci for a minute.”


“Well, I couldn’t exactly say what I wanted with her there.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You know I’m heading back today for work.”


“I just wanted to tell you something while we can be alone without arousing suspicions.”

“Tell me what?”

“Well, I’m sure I’ll see you at your house several times before I head back to school, but I will probably have trouble getting away from Darci.”

“Probably, but we did before,” I added.

“We did and even that was risky. Also, it was just for a fast BJ in the basement. What I really want to find time for once more is what we did the other night. You think we could arrange that before we leave for college?”

“I’m sure we can somehow.”

“I don’t want to mess up your other relationships,” Katie stated with a smile.

“How do you know I don’t want to be with you the most anyway?”

“I’ve seen the way you look at Megan. I’m sure.”

“Maybe you don’t see me looking at you too,” I stated.

“Staring at my ass is not the same as the way you look into Megan’s eyes. Besides, what we have is just fun and feeling good.”

“Katie, I might want more than you…”

“Realize? beylikdüzü ucuz escort I don’t think so. You don’t want to hurt Darci any more than I do, and I’m sure she wouldn’t like her best friend and her brother screwing around. I probably wouldn’t either if it were my brother. Look, Dave, let’s just enjoy a little fun together and not try to make it more than that for now.”

“Ok…but, I’m not as sure as you.”

“Good, because ever since the other night, I’ve got to feel you inside me once more before I’m off to school,” Katie declared.

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

“Oh, there are Ellen and Megan,” Katie said, looking past my left side. “I’d better go say hello. I’ve got to get going home soon. Promise me, stud. Don’t forget to fuck me good before the summer’s over.”

“Ok, it’s a promise,” I agreed joyously, as I turned to see Ellen and Megan approaching the blankets and chairs where everyone else was.

I followed Katie out of the water. Her already skimpy bikini clung to her every curve when wet. Her ass looked phenomenal with the suit sculpting her cheeks and the crease of her butt. She adjusted her top slightly as we emerged from the water. A couple of guys on the beach by the water were checking her out. I wished at that point I had their vantage of a frontal view, too.

I caught up to Katie and walked side by side with her to the blankets. I stole a look or two at her and got a smile back in the bargain. Her nipples were stiff and poking at her bikini top. God, I wanted to fuck her right then, not wait a moment longer. I knew she was right, though, about us not getting caught by Darci. I had to agree with her that my big sister wouldn’t like it one bit.

Ellen and Megan were just beginning to lay their blankets down. I was pleased to see Megan recognized my blanket and put hers right beside it. I was nearly upon her when she turned to see where I was. She gave me a very warm smile as she saw me approach.

“Hey, Megan.”

“Oh, bummer, you were already in, huh?”

“Yeah, but if you want to go in I’m game.”

“Let’s go,” Megan declared with delight.

We headed off to the water again, but not before I caught Katie’s eye. She was involved in a conversation with Darci and Ellen, but somehow noticed us leaving. She smiled and gave a slight approving nod towards Megan’s back as we walked away.

Megan and I played in the water and rode waves for only half an hour before Darci called from the shore. I’d left my cell with her when we went into the water, and her waving it was a clear sign that Anna had called or was on the phone. I went to excuse myself from Megan, but she said she’d get out too.

On the beach, Darci handed me my cell. I tried not to get it too wet as she explained that Anna called to say she was coming over the causeway. That meant I only had about ten minutes max to beat her back to the house. We walked back to the blankets and noticed the group had thinned dramatically. Darci and Ellen were there, still talking. Katie was gone and so were the Bartletts and the Terrys. My parents were packing up their stuff so they could head back to the house, too. I kissed Darci, Ellen, and Megan goodbye and followed my parents off the beach. My goodbye to Megan was not as long or as intimate as I would’ve liked. I could see it in her eyes, too. Maybe Katie was right and we were already closer than even I realized.

Back at the house, the Bartletts and Terrys were beginning to pack their cars. I noticed Katie was already gone. I helped a little with the bags, but hurried inside to change my wet suit. I barely made it back outside before Anna pulled up in her mother’s car. She seemed very happy to see me as she exited the car. I realized I wasn’t returning her smile and changed that.

“Hey, David,” Anna said running to me and giving me a big kiss.

The kiss was wet and passionate. It was great, but more than I would have wanted in such a public settling. When I looked up, Mrs. Terry was smiling at us and so was Mr. Bartlett. I think he was more checking out Anna though, in her hot red bikini. She’d apparently driven all the way down wearing only her bikini.

When Anna and I finally broke the kiss, she whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to suck your cock.”

Her erotic statement caused me to shift my gaze immediately from the folks packing their cars to her excited face. She looked up to me with a huge smile and licked her lips sensually. Fortunately, no one but me saw, as her back was to the others. I decided to get away from the parents and others as soon as possible. I helped Anna with her bags and showed her to the room the Terrys had previously occupied. The bed was still unmade as the sheets were in the washer.

“Nice house,” Anna commented.

“Thanks…wish it was ours, but my uncle lets us use it a good bit, so I guess I shouldn’t care.”

“Where’s your room?”

“Right next door,” I explained, and showed her my room.

“Can we be beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort alone here?” Anna probed.

“Not now. We might be able to sneak around at night, though,” I offered.

“Is there another spot that we could be alone in now?”

Wow, she was eager, I realized. “Maybe in the garage. It is mostly for partying and ping pong, but there is a loft area too.”

“Perfect…let’s go check it out,” Anna stated.

“Don’t you want to unpack first?”

“No, it can wait till later.”

I led Anna back out of the house just in time to wave goodbye to the Terrys and Bartletts as they pulled away. My parents were out there and they waved and said hello to Anna. She pleasantly thanked them for inviting her. Anna had always had my parents wrapped around her little finger, especially my dad. They left to go inside and finish the wash and some other chores. I explained that we were going to play some ping pong.

We were barely inside the garage, when Anna turned to me, “Good, we’re finally alone.”

She’d only arrived about fifteen minutes earlier, so I just smiled at her eagerness. I thought we’d play a game of ping pong to keep up the pretense for my parents, but Anna had other ideas.

“Oh, there are beds up there too,” Anna stated with enthusiasm.


“Let’s go up there.”


Anna smiled and took my hand and led me up the stairs like she was the one showing me around. Once upstairs, she quickly surveyed the situation. Why don’t you stand here and I can sit on the bed. That way you can watch the door.”


No sooner were we in position than Anna’s hands were grabbing the waistband of my shorts. In seconds it was down by my ankles. Her aggressiveness came on so quickly my dick was still soft. That didn’t matter to Anna, though; herhands were on me in a second.

“Oh, I’ve missed your huge dick,” Anna exclaimed as she hefted my dangling balls and held my limp member towards her face.

“Mmm,” she hummed, “I like feeling it grow in my mouth.”

“Can I suck it for you, David? Please? I’ll make it so good. I’ve missed him so much,” Anna said, looking up longingly into my eyes and playing the submissive so well.

Her soft brown eyes drew me like magnets as she looked up into my face. Her tongue seductively wet her lips several times and her hands slowly moved on my excited flesh. Her smiling face turned to hunger as she looked down at my cock. She began to talk more to it than me.

“I’m going to make you so happy. I’m going to kiss you and suck you until you can’t take it any more. I’m going to take all of you into my mouth and throat. You’re going to love it, Big Fella, and feed me all your cum. I’ll swallow it all for you and clean you after. How does that sound?”

“Wonderful,” I said, after a brief pause as if we were both waiting for my dick to respond first.

I watched as Anna kissed the soft head a few times. Her words and touches were already bringing my cock to full erection. Even though I’d had wonderful sex with Megan just about twelve hours earlier, her desire to suck me and the overwhelming yearning in her sexy voice were driving me crazy.

Anna took the head of my dick into her mouth and the heat and wetness felt like heaven. My cock was lengthening to full staff now and Anna’s hands were stirring more life into it with each passing second. Her nails scratched the surface behind my testicles and her other hand slowly stroked my shaft. It did, that is, until she swallowed my whole growing cock into her mouth and took me down to my root. The feeling was indescribable and I groaned with appreciation.

“Oh, fuck.”

Her lips clamped around the base of my cock and pulled back like a vacuum cleaner stuck to me. My dick seemed to stretch even more, like a big piece of saltwater taffy, as she slowly pulled back towards the head. I swear I felt blood pumping from my heart directly into my cock. It struck me at that moment that Anna had her hair in pigtails once again.

When she reached the end, keeping just the top half of the head of my cock in her mouth, I grabbed her pigtails, and pulled her back down. I heard an anxious groan escape her lips as she took my engorged cock down her throat once again. Her mouth was wide open around my cock to accommodate its girth as she took me nearly to the hilt. A suctioning type of wet noise emitted from her crammed throat as she took me deep. I could see the sides of her throat bulge from within as her body expanded to accept me. I held her there by her pigtails until her face began to redden and strain from lack of oxygen. Despite her discomfort, her throat squeezed my cock with delicious tightness.

I let go of Anna’s pigtails and she immediately pulled back with a loud audible gasp for air like a pearl diver coming to the surface. My extracting cock brought with it several ropes of her saliva. They hung to the end like silvery strains before they broke and wet her beyoğlu escort chin. My dick was soaked with her spit as I moved forward again.

Anna looked up at me with those soft brown eyes as I once again grabbed her pigtails and aligned myself to penetrate her mouth again. The expression on her face was interesting to read. I expected to see her nervous about me forcing my cock down her throat, but instead she seemed anxious for me to use her mouth again. She wanted me to work her mouth and throat on my cock as I pleased. I pushed my dick to the back of her mouth again. Her eyes stayed on me as I pulled her pigtails with both hands. My cockhead entered her throat and moved through the tight muscled corridor. When I bottomed out, Anna swallowed and squeezed my cock with her throat muscles again.

I eased up on her pigtails and allowed her to pull back so just my head was in her mouth. Her nostrils flared for air and her eyes looked moist with tears. Her face looked blushed, but her eyes also seemed to beg for more. I decided to fuck her mouth for a while and see how she took that.

Thoughts came to my mind about all the sex we’d had alone and with others. All the gossip I heard about her whoring around with Penny. Her not coming down to the shore when I wanted, with little lame excuses about how she had to fulfill a promise to an unnamed friend. And, of course, there were the pigtails when she wanted to fuck and suck.

My thoughts had been so consuming, I didn’t even realize I’d been fucking her mouth hard and creating loud squishy noises in the back of her oral opening. Her eyes were on my face despite the pounding I was giving her mouth. Saliva ran from the corners of her mouth, dripping down her chin, and dropping to the wonderful valley between her magnificent breasts.

I let go of her pigtails to reach down over Anna’s back and unhook her bikini top. She helped by shrugging her shoulders and popping her tits out of the cups. I slid the straps down her arms and she lowered her hands to let her top fall to the floor. Those glorious tits drew my hands and I let Anna continue to work my cock. Her mouth and hands were creating wonderful sensations on my cock and balls.

My hips moved to fuck Anna’s mouth and my fingers pinched her nipples hard. Anna moaned around my cock as it pumped rapidly into her face. I even used Anna’s nipples to shake and pull on her tits. Everything I did to those superb mounds caused even more groans, and more desperate sucking from Anna. Watching her breasts quiver and stretch from my manipulations was extremely erotic to me and caused my cock to surge and swell in Anna’s mouth.

I was very close now and moved my hands back to her pigtails. I used her mouth for my own satisfaction, but it seemed the more I did the more Anna liked it. As I started to groan more, so did she. I could feel my balls churning now and the familiar exquisite pleasure reached a peak. My cock throbbed as Anna sucked harder and her hand stroked me off.

The swell of my cockhead gave Anna a second of warning, just before the first initial blast of cum gushed forth. Normally, I relished cumming in Anna’s mouth and watching her swallow my cum. This time, however, after the first discharge, I pulled back. Anna wasn’t expecting it and my cockhead slipped from her mouth. The second eruption of cum sprayed over her lips and down her chin. Anna showed initial surprise, but responded quickly trying to aim me back at her open mouth. The next shot went right into her mouth, but from there I managed to angle my cock to paint her cheeks, nose, and forehead with the last few spurts.

As the pleasure of my climax passed, I let Anna resume control over my cock. She nursed tenderly on my cockhead, cleaning me of any remaining cum. I stared at her covered face, not believing what I had done. I worried she might complain, but the smile that followed her looking up at me said otherwise. As usual, she showed me what she’d collected in her mouth before making a show of swallowing it.

Anna finally let go of my spent cock. I stepped back, but kept my eyes on her cum-covered face. The last watery discharges were sliding down her face. I watched Anna smile as she felt it and pushed fingers across her face and into her mouth. Still watching her, I bent to pull up my suit.

Still nothing had been said between us as she cleaned her face as best she could and I retrieved her bikini top for her from the floor. I handed it to her with her smiling back at me.

“Let me get you some paper towels from the bar,” I said.


I went down the stairs as Anna donned her suit top. Under the bar, I’d previously noticed paper towels. I tore off two and started for the stairs. Just as I did the door to the garage opened and Darci marched in.

The look on my face must have been worrisome as Darci was already saying, “Dinner will be in ten minutes.”

“You ok?” she added.

“Oh, sure,” I said recovering.

Darci could easily see Anna sitting on the bed in the loft waiting for me. Her bikini was on, but her face showed wetness and remnants of my cum streaked along her forehead and right cheek. I was closer to Anna than Darci and prayed she couldn’t see what I saw. Trying to hold Darci’s attention away from Anna, I asked what’s for dinner.

“Lamb chops from the grill,” Darci responded, returning her gaze to me.

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