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Cristina , Sophie – Intimately

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My name is Sophie. I’m 28, gay, and madly in love with my Miss, Alison. Ally introduced me not all that long ago to the glory of a woman loving another woman. Being the scamp that she is, she accidentally, intentionally bumped into me as I was walking, lapping at an ice cream cone. She apologized profusely, of course, and led me by the hand to the ladies, where she made a rather futile attempt to clean me up in a stall. She looked me dead in the eye and told me to take off my blouse, as most of the ice cream had fallen (somehow) into it. I stared in shock and amazement; she repeated the “request” again in a tone that brooked no nonsense. Her eyes never left mine as I undid the buttons — and I blushed furiously from her gaze and from baring myself to a stranger and a woman. She bent and licked the ice cream as it lay between my breasts. I felt faint; my heart was pounding in my chest and roaring in my ears … and, umm, down there. I think I may have a spend just from writing of it — and the remembering.

We spent the entire weekend together.

Some time later I sought and found employment at the same company as Ally. She sits in an office in a fashion that I can see her and she me — this was intentional on her part, as was her placement of me at my desk. Our days are often long, and our bus ride home takes an hour, on good days. There is a company that has people clean at night. Sadly we see them more often than not. It was about a month ago that a new lady came on the floor. She is absolutely glorious. Her name is Cristina, she has the most gorgeous hazel eyes, a mop of curls on her head, a slender figure, and breasts that –oh my — they, umm, I’m having a flood thinking of it as I write. My face burns with embarrassment and I’m glad of it. When she bends to take my waste basket — oh dear, I can’t take my eyes off her.

My Miss knows of how I fancy her. She teases me of course. I hear her cough as Cristina comes near me. She talks of her after our lovemaking as we lay in our bed. Just the other night as I was bathing her toes with my mouth and tongue (I love doing it more than she enjoys my doing it, I think) Ally beckoned me to the bed. She had me sit opposite her. I could see from the smirk and the twinkle in her eye that she was up to something. She spoke softly to me about Cristina, asking me to describe how I would make love to her if given the chance. I spoke haltingly and softly. She slithered toward me and bade me to spread my legs wide. I was frigging myself, at her bidding, and speech became a bit of a challenge in my growing excitement. She slithered further, her eyes eating me avcılar escort up, further building the heat that was building in my … umm … you know where. She slid a bit more and, in a soft voice, told me to hold my lips (yes! those lips) apart. My mouth gaped.

“Don’t take your eyes from mine Sophet,” she hissed. She slid a bit further and slipped her big toe inside my … inside me. (me: blushing) I squeaked, my eyes wide with shock. “Your loving with Cristina — how will you manage it with the language barrier, pet?” (Cristina is Portuguese) We had spoken of it before; it would pose a challenge. I confessed, again, that I didn’t know. “Keep at yourself, pet, while I pleasure you.” I was already ready to go round again … it wouldn’t be much longer. “Will you take her with your mouth, pet, with your fingers, or both?” I gasped out the words in my answer. Then I heard it: “NOW!” My body froze as it pounded through me; I panted, jerked, twitched and cried out from the hot, lovely power of it. Ally’s bidding me to spend always leaves me breathless, sweaty, and spectacularly wrecked when it’s over. I felt the devil of it as her toe pushed, my fingers teased, and then it slipped away, leaving me moaning in agony.

I had wanted it never to end. I blinked a couple of times; Ally was smiling gloriously. She took the toe from me and brought the foot to my mouth. I took it in my hands, bent my head a bit, and tasted myself as I cleaned and loved her foot. I shivered in an aftershock; Ally’s eyes were heavy with lust and glowed with love. We didn’t get to sleep for a while that night.

There was an evening when my Miss had a dental appointment. She had left and would return; then we would bus to home. Cristina came by as always. She bent at my desk — gloriously. I don’t know what came over me in that moment — I reached for her hand. She jumped and turned to me. I had already risen to my feet — no, I don’t know how or why. Her eyes showed her confusion as I moved closer — they got very, very wide. But she never moved away. I leaned to kiss her. She didn’t close her eyes. When I pulled away she smiled. Oh dear. – I got up my courage and moved to her, putting an arm behind her back and my hand behind her head. This time I kissed her; her lips parted for me. I darted my tongue, hers met mine. I think we moaned at the same time. I heard her breathing — it had sped up a bit. The kiss was lovely. I felt her hands on me. She lifted my blouse from my skirt. My eyes flew open; she was watching me too. She pulled from the kiss and smiled again. She took my hand avrupa yakası escort and led me to the conference room that was down the hall. She flicked on the light and closed the door. She pointed to the thick carpeting and moved to lay on it, pulling me with her. She rolled me to my back — ohmyohmy! I had kissed her; she had quickly taken control. My Miss and I had mused if Cristina was “family;” it certainly seemed so.

She removed my blouse and kissed my shoulders, neck, and the valley between my breasts. She moved my hands to the front clasp. Her eyes were on mine as I undid the clasp. I shrugged clear of the bra. She bent to kiss my breasts. I arched my back to meet her mouth. She was fabulous with them … loving them thoroughly, lapping, nipping, suckling, teasing. I moaned and held her head to me. I couldn’t wait for my turn at her. As her mouth loved me, her hands worked the zipper of my skirt. I lifted my bum and she slid it and my panties off. I was embarrassed — my Miss had me ribboned for the day. Oh well, at least I hadn’t had the pacifier in. (blushing again) I love it!!

I thought to myself — Only one of us is nude. Hmm! Cristina was moving down my body, wreaking glorious, loving havoc on me. Her eyes rose to meet mine; as she did so, her fingers slid into my, umm, my center. She smiled as I gasped in pleasure. I brought my feet up and spread my knees apart. Her eyes stayed on mine. She slipped her fingers from me; miserable bi … I cried out my frustration. She smiled, stood, and straddled me with her feet.

She undid the draw string of her uni pants and slid them off — and the thong with it. Oh My! There was a thin patch of hair above her umm — there. She smiled at the want in my eyes. She pulled the top off and let it fall. I held out my hands to her; she nodded and went to her knees. I undid the bra and slipped the straps from her shoulders. I sat up and took those glorious mounds I had lusted for all these mouths — umm, months. Oopsie! Yes, I took one in my mouth — she held it and fed it to me; the other hand on the back of my head, fingers slipping in my hair. Her moans let me know she was taking as much pleasure from me as I was in bathing her with my mouth and tongue. She shivered deliciously and trembled a little. I moved to its twin and loved it thoroughly and well. I lifted my eyes to her; her eyes were closed and her beautiful face was aglow with pleasure — and flushed.

I moved my mouth, reluctantly, from her, and pulled her atop me. She slipped between my legs and smiled as she kissed me. She found me with bahçelievler escort her sex; she was hot and wet. I lifted a bit; she began. It is only one way women love each other; it’s my favourite, as I can see my lover’s face and eyes, and kiss! Oh my yes — we did. It’s also Ally’s fav … OH MY!!! Alison!! She’ll be back soon. Oh my … Cristina had sped up her hips; I did as well. Oh this is fabulous!! I found her eyes … hot and wild. I lifted my head to beg for a kiss; she fucked, umm, she kissed me hard and she, umm, her tongue was … wild. I had my legs high in the air now; I held them with my hands and kept them wide for her. Good lord I was close to my spend!! Oh please yes, hurry with me!! Cristina threw her head back; her cry was low and harsh with her lust. She bucked her hips hard to me and I pushed back as hard as I could; she shuddered wonderfully and … oh, yessss, thank you, yes!!

We both spent at the same time!! I cried out at it …My god it was wonderful, the fury and heat as it ripped me apart gloriously. I tried so hard to keep my eyes on her but they closed as another starburst of light went off in my head. I thought I might faint as she sped up still more; then with a grunt and a moan, she stiffened, pushed at me one last time, and fell atop me, limp and spent. Mine lasted a bit more — praise god! I moaned when it slipped away. Cristina lay with her head on my neck; her breath was hot and wonderful on my skin. I cooed and held her as we both came back from it. I heard hands clap, and a voice, “Well done Sophet!! Well done indeed.” Ally!! Cristina’s head jerked and she looked for the voice.

I, umm, forgot — my Miss loves to watch and direct. Neither of us heard the door open or close.

Cristina tried to get up; I held her to me and kissed her. No point now! I kissed her face, eyes; we hadn’t spoken a word. None were needed. She smiled at me when the kiss broke and kissed the tip of my nose. She sat up and tried to put her things on; I giggled. Silly bird — Cristina turned, looked at me and giggled as well. I stood up, blushing furiously. Ally was beaming; I reached for Cristina’s hand and brought her to her feet; we both bowed — one partly dressed, one not, both blushing and giggling. Cristina hurriedly dressed. Ally came round and hugged Cristina, kissed her, and patted her cheek softly in approval. Cristina smiled, nodded and left. We missed our bus that night. (wink)

Author’s Note: There is one piece of this that is fact — there is a young lady who cleans an office at a place where the two women work. The story itself is a fantasy of one who, in the story, is named Sophie. She has a secret crush; her lover, Alison, in the story, knows of it and, as the story hints, encourages it — as a fantasy. They are truly, sweetly, and completely in love. To be able to create a story that brings each of them giggles and joy is a blessing. Thanks to you both for everything.

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