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Crossfire Ch. 04

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Thank you everyone who voted and left comments on the last few chapters. It’s your kind attention that encouraged me to keep writing this after quite a long hiatus so thank you! A few people said they’d like the installments to be longer so hopefully this one is a little more satisfying. As ever, I love feedback and thank you for reading.


The Summer in London was always a beautiful, disgusting thing and Lauren loved it entirely for all of its highs and lows. The awkward moment between Spring showers and Summer heat where everyone was a little bit clammy still in their raincoats, the cool breeze at night on a rooftop bar following the first genuinely hot day, the suffocating stench of ripe, sweaty bodies on the tube when Summer really kicked in and the workmen were returning home from whatever skyscraper they were building and the jostle for position on any strip of green land on a weekend for picnics filled with Marks and Spencer sandwiches and a cheeky bottle of champagne. The city came alive in Summer in a completely new way and Lauren loved it deeply.

As a child living outside of the city she had heard her Dad play ‘Waterloo Sunset’ so many times that she had been convinced that it must be the most beautiful sight in the world. The dreamy sound of Ray Davies voice as he described that vista stuck with her until she moved to the capital and even now eight years later the sight didn’t disappoint. Walking along Waterloo bridge she took her time and admired the oranges and pinks streaking the sky, smiling at the man sat on the floor playing acoustic renditions of Ed Sheeran songs. Work had been hectic lately and she was glad to be outside breathing fresh air instead of trapped inside of her office. There had been so many late nights over the last few weeks that she hadn’t seen her friends for some time and so was looking forward to having a few drinks on the South bank.

Walking into The Founds Arms she passed straight through the bar and onto the patio that overlooked the Thames. Spotting her friends she gave a shy little wave, never liking to attract much attention, and weaved between tables of people already enjoying the warm night to their table. “Hey! How are you?”

Tom stood up and smiled warmly when he saw Lauren, pulling her into a hug and kissing her cheek. “Hi stranger, I’m not sure I know you?”

Kath laughed and nodded in agreement, taking her turn to hug and kiss her before they all settled at their table, Kath pouring Lauren a large glass of white wine. “We used to have this friend but then she disappeared…”

Lauren rolled her eyes at that but thanked them quietly for the wine, clinking glasses with them before taking a sip. “I know I’ve been bad. It’s just really tough. If you don’t do it you don’t get anywhere and-“

“-and the patriarchy and the boys club and-” Tom interjected, shaking his fist in mock outrage.

“Yes! You laugh but it’s true. I mean, they have had to introduce a women in finance charter to get banks to commit to hiring women at senior positions because it just doesn’t happen.” Lauren said with a soft sigh, rolling her eyes. “I know I’m a broken record.” she said after a beat.

“No, the industry is a broken record. Everyone moans about how awful it is but it never changes.” Kath pointed out. “Because it’s not in their interest to change but… you should be proud of yourself. You’ve done really well but you do need to think about your personal life too.”

Lauren nodded in agreement as she sank into her chair, crossing one leg over the other. “You’re right. I’m feeling that more and more lately. It’s just so hard to meet someone when I’m in work all the time.”

“You should try Tinder or Bumble.” Tom suggested with a shrug. “Then pretend the dates are meetings and you definitely will attend and will be on time.”

Lauren rolled her eyes and gave him a playful nudge, pushing her long auburn hair off her shoulder and was about to comment when she heard a loud cry of ‘Happy Birthday’. Following the sound she watched as a group of people presenting a cake to… Jennifer. Her stomach twisted at the sight of her and she quickly turned back around.

“What’s that look?” Kath asked as she topped up all of their wine.

“It’s nothing, that’s my PA.” Lauren explained. “Can we go somewhere else?”

“PA? She’s hot.” Tom said appreciatively, his eyes moving over her for a moment only to tick back to the women he was with. “Why do we need to go? Go buy her a drink, it’s her birthday Scrooge.”

Kath watched Lauren curiously, seeing the way her friend sank down a little in her seat so as not to be seen even in the crowded bar and she nudged her knee against Lauren’s. “What’s going on?”

Lauren went to deny it but actually, having kept this all to herself for the last few months had been eating her up. Ever since their time in France they had been working perfectly fine together but Lauren still felt a desire for her that she couldn’t ignore or satisfy. Taking bahis firmaları a large sip of her drink she revealed the whole backstory from the first time on the plane to the office to the final encounter in France.

“Your life is so much sexier than mine.” Tom bemoaned. “What’s the point in being an executive if I’m not having sexy times with strangers in bathrooms?”

Kath’s eyes were wide in disbelief, this behaviour nothing like anything Lauren had done before but she was proud and happy for her friend as she needed some excitement in her life. Looking over at the blonde woman with a new light she wasn’t even Lauren’s usual type but there was no doubt she was beautiful. “Wow. Well. While exciting I think you’re right. Business and pleasure shouldn’t mix. You’ve worked so hard and what if she sues you?”

Lauren sighed out quietly and nodded in agreement and then was eager to change the topic. Even in a busy bar she could occasionally hear that American twang and the tell tale sound of Jennifer’s laugh across the bar. They didn’t end up moving but instead basked in the glorious view of St Paul’s as they caught up fully, polishing off three bottles of wine and tapas before deciding to head home.

Walking towards Waterloo station Lauren had left her friends who were heading back the other way. A little unsteady on her feet she had the tell tale swing of her hips that only came when she had been drinking. Walking in heels across the cobbled streets she was concentrating on getting to the station when she heard that familiar laugh echoing off of the railway arch and to her surprise she saw Jennifer leaning back against stone wall but she was not alone, a taller dark haired woman pressed close and was kissing along the curve of her neck. Lauren stopped in surprise, watching as this stranger slid her hands over Jennifer’s hips and then tipped her head up for a deep kiss which Jennifer was happy to return. Rolling her eyes at the public display of affection she told herself it was tacky but she was quick to move on, not wanting to be caught gawping at them.

Sitting on the tube after stopping in McDonalds to grab a bottle of water she checked her work emails, not noticing the stations going past with people getting on and off, the space next to her filled and vacated by different people on their journeys home. A new person came and sat beside her as she was particularly engrossed only to jump when they snatched her phone.

“Work emails on a Saturday night? Lauren. No.” Jennifer said with a smile, her words just slightly slurred as she sat beside her with a little tiara perched on top of her white blonde hair.

“How – how did you even get here?” Lauren asked, more surprised at her presence than the phone theft.

Jennifer hitched a shoulder and smiled. “I got on the tube when it was busy and I saw you… so I came and sat down.” she said and crossed one leg over the other, her white dress inching slightly up her thighs as she did so revealing more toned golden skin.

Lauren nodded, realising she could have caught up while she was in the queue for water and she bit into her lip. “I’m surprised you’re alone.”

Jennifer started laughing at that and rolled her eyes. “I saw you. I saw you all night actually.You were at the pub. Are you jealous?”

“No.” Lauren said a little too quickly and with too much indignation to be convincing.

Smiling to herself she turned as best she could in the small seats and reached out to brush some hair away from her face. “Do you know how hot you look tonight? Your tits look great in that dress.”

Lauren glanced around to see if anyone else was hearing this, her pale cheeks flushing. “Jenny. Stop.”

“What?” Jennifer murmured, confident the sounds of the train were masking anything she was saying but just for good measure she leaned in to speak directly into her ear. “I saw you earlier when you went to the bar… and all I could think was what a peach your ass was and how hot it looks bare and bent over in front of me… the way you filled that dress and how good your tits look when you’re riding my fingers…”

Lauren’s breath caught in her throat, unable to believe this was happening with so many people around but she couldn’t deny that it was having the intended effect, her pussy clenching in response as she started to get wet. “Jenny… this – you were with someone else…”

“So?” Jennifer shrugged, resting a hand on Lauren’s leg and letting her thumb run along her inner thigh.

“She’s not here now. That was just a kiss between friends.”

As Jennifer’s thumb slid over that sensitive skin Lauren bit into her lip and let out her breath slowly. “I… we have very different kinds of friendships. I thought you didn’t want to touch me anymore?”

“Not while you’re not out.” Jennifer shook her head. “But it’s my birthday and so I’m willing to make an exception.” she said and leaned in, kissing along her jawline slowly.

Lauren’s eyes widened kaçak iddaa and she gently nudged her away, aware they were on a crowded train. “Jen…”

“You’re going to come home with me tonight,” Jennifer murmured into her ear as her hand slid over her thigh. “…and you’re going to eat my pussy like it’s your last meal on Earth… and then if you’re good?

I’m going to make you come all night long.”

Lauren’s cheeks flushed red and she shifted uncomfortably in her seat, feeling her underwear steadily getting more damp as her nipples hardened inside her bra. She enjoyed the feel of Jennifer’s hand wandering over her bare leg but she rested a hand over it to keep it still. “Save it till we get to yours?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes but nodded, dragging the tip of her tongue over the shell of Lauren’s ear. “I can’t wait to taste you again… to feel you when you come for me…” Jennifer smiled to herself only to glance over and see a man opposite them staring at them intently. She wanted to put on a show for her but knew she would lose Lauren if she pushed any further in public. Thankfully their stop was coming up and so she tugged Lauren up from her seat and headed off the train, their fingers linked loosely together.

Lauren felt as if she were in a daze, her eyes moving over Jennifer’s tall tanned body in that dress and all she wanted to do was take it off and worship what was underneath. The walk back to her place went by in a blur, practically taking the steps two at a time with her until they shut the door to her flat behind them. Lauren pressed Jennifer up against the wall, curling a hand around the nape of her neck and pulling her in for a deep kiss. Her hips pressed forward to pin her to the wall as her tongue dragged over Jennifer’s.

Jennifer kissed her back and slid her hands down over Lauren’s narrow waist and down to her ass, squeezing the peachy derriere that drove her crazy in the office. When she felt Lauren pinning her she couldn’t help but laugh softly. “Someone is trying to be dominant,” she murmured, her tone syrupy sweet as she peppered her lips with kisses. “That’s not how this goes…” Taking Lauren’s hand she tugged her though to her bedroom and sank down onto the edge of the bed. “I’d like you to strip for me.”

Lauren looked around the bedroom curiously, everything feeling that much more intimate now they were in Jennifer’s home but her attention was quickly brought back to the woman in front of her at those words. “What?” she stared at her but when Jennifer didn’t say anything she laughed quietly. “Seriously? What? No… I am not that-“

Jennifer didn’t listen however and instead just reached for her cell phone, pressing play on a song that sent the music to her Sonos, Drake’s ‘I got my eyes on you’ filling the room.

“Seriously? This song?” Lauren said and actually started to laugh, biting into her lip.

Jennifer grinned, loving to see when Lauren actually really genuinely smiled. At work it was so rare and so it felt like a treat. “Yes. This song. Strip.”

Holding her hands on her hips she tried to stare her down, a technique that usually worked with most people but seeing that she wasn’t going to back down she tipped her eyes to the ceiling and swayed her hip to one side only to burst out laughing again and covered her face. “I can’t. I’m… not this sexy person doing sexy dances.”

Jennifer watched her and felt that fondness for this woman that she could never really get away from. So many times she had told herself that she was going to shut this down and they would just work together, maybe be friends but it was moments like this where she was just adorable that she was pulled back in. “You’re the sexiest,” Jennifer informed her honestly. “Just feel it…”

Taking her hands away from her face Lauren nodded, a little smile still on her face as she paused for a moment to feel the beat before starting to work her hips to the music, the rhythm slowly passing through her whole body until she was swaying and grinding her hips in time with the music. Sliding her hands over her stomach and up over her breasts she brought them up over her head, ruffling her hair before turning around and slowly bending over, dragging the hem of her dress up over pale, toned thighs to give a flash of her black lace covered ass only to let the skirt of her dress fall back down as she brought the spaghetti straps of her dress down. At first Lauren had felt shy and awkward, unable to keep a little shy amused smile from her face but when she caught sight of the look of pure desire on Jennifer’s face she actually started to feel sexy and like this was for real.

Jennifer leaned back on the bed and watched, her eyes trained on every flick of her hair, each grind of her hips and the hot way her big tits bounced with each movement. Hiking her own dress up she parted her legs and removed her panties, tossing them at Lauren with a smile. Sliding her fingers down over her pretty pink pussy lips she dragged kaçak bahis her fingertips around her labia in slow circles, using her wetness to ease her movements. Every now and then she would let her finger cross over her clit but never let it linger, drawing lazy figure eights around it to work herself up.

Reaching back Lauren unzipped her dress, rolling her hips in time with the music and letting the delicate material slip down over her body, revealing her petite form. As her dress pooled at her feet and she stood there in heels and matching black lace underwear she brought a hand down to spank her pert ass, looking over at Jennifer only to stop when she saw her touching herself. Swallowing thickly she turned back around, her eyes fixated on her wet pussy as she slid her hands over her own body. “Do you want a lap dance?” Lauren asked as she unhooked her bra and removed it, tossing it to one side only to slide her hands down over her flat stomach and teasing pull her underwear down only to let it slip back up, giving Jennifer just a glimpse of her bare pussy as she sauntered around the room in four inch heels.

“No.” Jennifer said with a soft moan, eyeing that perfect ass of hers and beckoning her close. When

Lauren was in front of her she reached up and hooked her fingers into her panties and dragged them down, taking the opportunity to eye her naked body up close. Her nipples were the palest pink she had ever seen and while it hadn’t been her intention, Jennifer leaned up and took one into her mouth, sucking on it slowly and dragging her tongue around the small little nub. Sliding her hands over Lauren’s ass she gave it a firm spank and smiled when she heard a soft little sound of pleasure slip from her lips. Working her tongue around her nipple she pulled her lips off, smiling at the lipstick mark she left behind. “On your knees.”

Lauren complied, sinking down to her knees between Jennifer’s toned thighs and looked at her expectantly, waiting for instructions.

Jennifer pushed her fingers through Lauren’s auburn hair, pushing it away from her face and guiding her down to her pussy. “You know what I want darling,” she murmured.

Nodding she slid her fingers ever so lightly over the inside of Jennifer’s thighs and breathed in the scent of her sex, moaning softly as she dragged her tongue around her entrance, collecting the wetness that was already there waiting for her. Moving her tongue around her lips and back down she swallowed her wetness down with a satisfied sound. Jennifer sat above her and she reached up to cup her breasts through her dress but her hands were quickly removed and Lauren got the hint, she was only allowed pussy access for now. Spreading Jennifer’s legs wide she dragged her fingers around her entrance, not pushing them in but just teasing her as her tongue finally met her clit, dragging the flat of her tongue over it and then flicking up with featherlight strokes. Lauren loved eating a girl out, loved feeling her face covered in her juices and watching her lose herself in the moment. Feeling Jennifer’s body starting to tense and react to her tongue she applied a little more pressure, starting to work her tongue in tight little circles around her clit and only occasionally dragging directly over it, making sure to work the whole area.

Jennifer gripped Lauren’s hair and tugged on it, grinding her pussy back against her mouth as she moaned, one hand behind her bracing her as she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide. It felt slutty and hot and seeing this beautiful woman servicing her so openly was turning her on beyond belief. “Fuck yes Lauren… fuck that feels so good… just like that…”

Lauren smiled at the praise and started to press her fingers just slightly inside her, fucking her shallowly as she dragged her fingers along her inner walls, loving to feel her clenching around her already. Moving away from her clit she teased her lips once more with her tongue, letting her teeth just lightly graze over them and then moving her tongue around her finger and bring it back up to her clit. Sucking on it lazily she alternated between using her lips and tongue, loving how Jennifer was starting to fuck herself back on her fingers.

“Such a good little pussy eater… you’re going to make me come so hard…” Jennifer warned, her stomach tensing beneath her clothes as her hips jerked forward to meet Lauren’s fingers and tongue eagerly. As she felt herself getting closer she savoured the feeling of Lauren’s fingers finally sinking inside her and starting to fuck her. “Yes – Lauren – I’m gonna come.” Jennifer gripped her hair tight in her hand and started to grind her pussy into her face, looking down between her legs and seeing her beautiful face getting covered in her juices and it only turned her on more. Her insides clenched as she let go, rocking her hips eagerly over and over again.

Lauren moaned as Jennifer started to ride her face, working her tongue as best she could as she pounded her fingers into her pussy. Feeling her walls hugging her fingers so tightly she knew she had done well and when her hips jerked away from her moments later she looked up at her, panting softly as she licked her lips.

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