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Crossing The Street 6

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I woke on Sunday and rolled over to find Mitch already out of bed. A glance at the clock told me he’d already left for his weekly golf game. Sleepiness clung to me and I lay there with my eyes closed. It was late. I’d slept in. I felt relaxed, and quiet, and… …sticky . My eyes shot open with a gasp as last night’s adventure played out again in my head. My pussy felt a little tender from the fucking and the toy I’d used on my clit. Recalling the intensity of the vibrations and the sudden, startling waves that had flooded me made my head swim. I began to juice up almost immediately, my sticky lips pulsing, wanting. Lifting my knees I was reminded of the other toy, the butt plug. My sore little ass sent vestigial reminders of the invasion and dried lube coated my crack. The toys were under the bed. Where should I hide them? Dana had said I could keep them… She’d said to text her when I woke! I grabbed for the phone and switched it on. There was a message already there. An hour ago! Sleep well? I saw Mitch leave. Text me when you are awake. I scrambled for the buttons and answered. Just woke. Thank you. I slept great. Almost instantly the phone buzzed with a new message. About time. Shower and clean up. I’m waiting. I flew from the bed and was halfway to the bathroom before I ran back, gathered the toys and the lube from under the bed and dragged them to the dresser. I pulled out the bag, shoved socks and underwear aside and was about to stuff them in when I thought twice and instead carried them to the bathroom to wash them off. Rushing, I frantically soaped and scrubbed, especially the plug. I dried them in a towel and ran back to the bedroom, stuffed them in the back of the drawer and slammed it shut. The hot spray felt delicious on my skin and I rinsed away the residue of last night even as the events replayed in my brain, making me leak again. I slid a finger delicately over my abused labia, wary of the tenderness but unable to resist touching myself. Slowly circling my soapy clit I remembered the bullet vibe, how shocking and intense. Standing partially under the spray my free hand slipped behind me, stroking my ass cheek and lathering my crack, cleaning, touching. I probed that forbidden opening, remembering Rachel’s finger there and then re-enacting lubing my tiny hole last night. I closed my eyes and slipped the soapy finger in, feeling the ring grip and relax, hearing Dana’s words in my head. You want your pussy and ass fucked. It’s supposed to hurt a little. You need me to show you how you really are… My finger wiggled at the sore muscle, poking at the center and reviving the lingering sensitivity before sliding up inside my latest achievement as my other hand played at my pussy and stroked my juicing slit. I wanted to cum, to make myself cum but I held back, knowing Dana was waiting. I rubbed my clit under the hot water, feeling the echoes of last night in both my used holes and taking a deep breath before stopping myself. Reluctantly pulling my fingers away and exhaling I trembled with anticipation under the spray, wondering at the changes in my life, and the dark places that Dana had promised to take me, had already shown me. Out of the shower and dried, I selected clothes that looked casual but pretty, wanting to look sexy for her, but not be ashamed to wear them back home. A pair of nice jeans and a dark shirt, remembering the look on my neighbor Mr. Bascombe’s face at my powder blue shirt, wet and spotted with cum streaks. A quick brush of my still damp hair and a little makeup and I was out the door, struggling not to break into a run across the street to Dana’s house. I felt attractive and sexy and my skin prickled with anticipation in defiance of the knot of fear in my belly. Dana met me at the door after a single knock, stepping outside with me and dressed in torn jeans and a loose tee shirt, her feet bare, her hair wild. Despite her serious expression she took a moment to look me up and down and gave me a grudging smile. “You clean up nice, Sonia,” she smirked. “And pretty speedy, once you wake up.” I blushed and lowered my eyes. She put her fingers under my chin and lifted my face, her eyes dark and narrow. “What are the rules, Sonia?” I felt my chest tighten in fear and eagerness. “No lies, no objections, no hesitation,” I recited. My anxiety cranked up a notch, knowing there would be no tricks today, like last night’s phone audience. She wanted my commitment şişli escort and I gave it. “I promise.” “Or else?” I felt my mouth go dry. “You send me home. Alone. Abandoned.” “That’s right,” she snarled. She watched my face for… weakness? “You want me to teach you, don’t you?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. The words spilled from me unhindered by my fear, relieved at the opportunity to express the desire swelling in my chest. “Oh, yes, please Dana, please,” I nearly begged. “I want to know, I… I need to know.” “Have you enjoyed what I’ve taught you so far?” I only paused a second. “Yes,” I answered quietly, watching her face, trying to read her. “You hesitated,” she noted. She misses nothing! She held my chin between her thumb and forefinger. “Why did you hesitate?” Her free hand played with my hair. “And don’t you lie to me.” “I… I get… afraid, sometimes.” “Why?” she continued. “Is it me? Are you afraid of me?” “Sometimes,” I confessed, exhaling at being able to admit it, relieved that she’d asked. “The things you’ve shown me, made me do, they’re…” I lowered my eyes in shame. “They’re new. Dirty. I never…” “Do you want to stop? We can stop, right now, today,” she asked. Her hand left my hair, trailed down my upper arm, the backs of her fingers, her dark painted nails raising gooseflesh. “No, please, no,” I pleaded softly, “no, I’m afraid, yes. Afraid of what you’ll make me do, afraid of you, your friends, embarrassed of how much I like it,” I blurted, “ashamed of the dirty things you let me enjoy.” I felt tears well up and I looked at her, blurry. I blinked quickly and a single tear rolled down my cheek. “But I’m more afraid of never knowing, of…” My voice dropped to a whisper. “Of losing you.” Her mouth smiled but her eyes didn’t. “Poor little slutty housewife Sonia,” she crooned, sounding half sincere and half mocking. “Will you be good for me today?” she oozed sweetly. “Do everything I tell you?” Her hand left my arm and stroked under my breast. I nodded. “Say it.” “I’ll be good, I promise,” I whispered. “I’ll do whatever you say.” She moved her lips to my ear and her hot breath sent chills down my spine, through my va… my pussy and down to my toes. She says its your cunt, I reminded myself. “We’re going someplace new today, Sonia. Do you want that?” My eyes closed and my head fell back. Her fingers slid up my chest and stroked my throat. Shivers ran up and down my body, toes to scalp. My pussy pulsed and my nipples stiffened. Oh, what she does to me! “Is that what you want, Sonia?” she repeated more insistently. “Y-yes-ss,” I hissed. She leaned into my neck, licked me slowly from my collarbone, up my neck and jawline, then pinched my earlobe between her teeth. I gasped at the shocking thrill. “Then come inside,” she growled. Her fingers wrapped around my upper arm as she pulled the door open and tugged me into the house. The feelings of sensual promise she’d aroused in me lingered and grew, enhanced by the mystery of not knowing and wild remembrances of things she had already shown me. I felt unsteady on my feet, short of breath as I stumbled into the house behind her. For some reason I watched her butt as she walked, mesmerized by the motion of her body and wondering how that would look without jeans. The thought made me blush with shame, but I had barely a moment to be embarrassed before she stopped and spun me around and pressed me to the wall of the hallway. Her face was right up against mine, her cheek warm against my skin, her lips near my ear. Her body leaned into me, slightly off center and I could feel her breast between my own, her shoulder arching into me, her leg between my legs. One hand was on the back of my neck and the other squeezed roughly between our bodies. She probed the crotch of my jeans. Surprise and sudden arousal made me struggle for breath, feeling every place our bodies met through our clothes, feeling her face so close, her hand so urgent and fierce. “You remember the window, Sonia?” she hissed into my ear with an undercurrent of foreboding. My lips were near her cheek, her hair shrouding my face. Warmth spread between my legs as she pressed the seam of my jeans tightly into my pussy. “Yes-s,” I whispered back, wondering if she felt the same tingle from my breath as she stirred in me. As if I could ever forget that! Her watching as she commanded me to finger myself, on display! Dear God! Her hand rubbed harder against me as the one mecidiyeköy escort around my neck slid over my shoulder and down my chest to fondle my breast. “You remember showing me your cunt?” she continued, her words soft and sibilant, only for me in the quiet hallway. I grunted my breath into her ear in acknowledgment. “Remember how hot you were? How excited?” As her fingers clamped onto my nipple, waves of pleasure fountained from my aching cunt. My knees began to buckle and I nearly swooned as my eyes closed, recalling the event, my body re-living the sensations as she groped me. I whimpered, helpless. “Yes, dirty Sonia, fingering her wifey cunt in the window, so hot and horny.” Her tongue flicked my ear and I gasped. “Doing it for me. Because I told her to.” Her voice dropped to a sultry growl of delight and desire. I allowed my mind to envision her wanting me, taking me, using me for her pleasure, and my whimper of surrender sounded pitiful and weak, even to me. But the idea took hold, gripped my passion and held it up to the light. Does she want me? Oh, please let her want me, let her take me, do with me all the dirty things she’s ever done, please! My hips thrust against her palm, her fingers forcing the seam between my lips. “Such a dirty girl, showing the world your nasty cunt!” She coughed a chuckle into my ear that shot straight down my spine to my pussy. “Mr. Bascombe might have seen you, remember?” Her hand gripped the small mound of a breast, my nipple rising eagerly to meet her palm, while the other slid up the front of my pants. She forced the snap open and roughly pulled the zip down then slid over my belly, inside my panties. Her fingers, her fingers! pressed into my shaved cunt. Oh, fuck yes, take me, here, right in the hallway, have your way with me! “He’d have wanted to fuck you if he’d seen you,” she purred as her fingers slipped between my lips into my waiting juices. I stifled a cry as I thrilled at the sensation of Dana, touching me. “You were so hot, you’d have let him!” She grunted as she pushed her hand harder, two fingers curling up inside me, the heel of her hand on my clit. “Fucking slut, you’d have let him!” Her whispers were harsh now, almost angry. She turned her face to look at me directly. Her eyes were dark, a stormcloud about to burst. Her fingers found my nipple again as my cunt clenched on the digits inside me. “But you do what I say, right?” Her hot breath caressed my face even as her hostility seethed. Her fingertips tightened and pulled at my nipple. I gasped. “Right, Sonia?” Her lower hand jerked up hard, fucking me as she twisted my stiff nub. “You fuck who I say, when I say, right Sonia?” Her hand sped up, rubbing against my clit, forcing me to my toes. Waves of pleasure rocketed outwards and my hands went to her shoulders, pulling her to me as I fucked her hand. “Yes!” I shouted, “yes! I fuck who you say! Whatever you say!” I was suddenly pulled from the wall as her fingers released my nipple and clenched the front of my tee shirt. My cunt screamed for the hand, her hand, that suddenly left me, open, wanting and needy. No! I screamed inside my head, no, don’t stop! But she had pulled away, pulled me with her, and I stumbled behind her, confused and overheated, denied! I whimpered my helplessness as she dragged me to her bedroom. In a wide swinging motion she pulled me off-balance and flung me stumbling onto the bed. I lifted my head at the last minute to see a shirtless male chest above the covers. I landed face first across the mattress feeling long, lean legs beneath me. “Fuck him!” I heard Dana command. “Now!” I lifted my eyes to see an unkempt and unshaved nervous grin looking back at me. Dana leaped onto the bed beside me and pulled my hair back until my face was angled up to his. “I don’t know about this, Dana,” the face said. He shifted uneasily beneath me. “Shut up, Jake,” Dana snapped, “you wanted a fuck. She’s it.” Her voiced turned sickly sweet. “Isn’t that right, Sonia?” She released my hair and grabbed my hand from the bed and pushed it into the valley of the blankets where his legs met. My palm was on his cock. I gasped and tried to pull away but she held me there. “I- I…” I heard my own stuttering even as my juicing cunt answered the call from my hand. I want it, it chanted slowly, she said I could have it… “Well? Are you gonna fuck him, Sonia?” My brain resisted, images of Mitch in my head, fear of what I was doing, what I was becoming, fear of the overwhelming urge in the pit of my belly, all swirling together, confusing me, warring for attention and foothold. My pelvis pressed against the bed, eager and needy. Dana leaned into my ear and hissed softly, quietly, all her terrifying anger evaporated. “Tell him, Sonia. Tell him you want his cock in your wet cunt.” My eyes closed as her voice drowned out the warnings in my head. “Ask him to fuck you, hard and long. Tell him how much you want to fuck him.” My fears were reduced to a lurking suspicion as her words shifted the balance inside me, and my oozing pussy pulsed with victory. I do want it, I knew. I want him, now, inside me, to make me cum for him. For her! I looked at Dana and our eyes met and held for a long moment as I embraced the scope of what I would do, for her. Yes, I wanted to please her. Yes, I wanted, needed to cum. But I froze there, unable to move forward, unable to run away. And then she leaned into my face and her lips were on mine, hungry and urgent, and oh, I whimpered as I felt her kiss, met her kiss and returned it with all the need and desire I had ever felt, my lips parting, her tongue on mine, in my mouth, delving, dancing and swirling as I kissed my Dana. My Dana! And then her mouth was gone and her face was smiling at me, her dark eyes shining wetly. Had she felt what I’d felt? Did she need me? Want me? “Tell him, baby,” she said, the corners of her mouth showing just a tiny curl. That face, that almost smile, told me I could make her happy, make her proud. I smiled back, then turned to Jake. “I want to fuck you, Jake” I stated with all the emotion I felt for Dana. “I want your cock in my wet cunt. I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum.” I heard a small giggle of appreciation from Dana and my body surged with pride. “Please, Jake, would you fuck my cunt?” I looked directly at him, stunned at my ability to keep the tremors from my voice and watched his doubt slip from his demeanor. “Take off your clothes, dear,” Dana offered softly, “show him you mean it.” Kneeling behind me she reached around my waist and pulled the tee shirt over my head. My heart was pounding with anticipation and uncertainty, but I wanted only to please Dana. That kiss…Dana’s hands slipped around me from the back, cupping my breasts, presenting them to the grinning scruffy Jake. “Not bad, huh, Jakey?” Her fingers captured my nipples and rolled them, pulling them till they were firm and tight. I inhaled deeply as her fingers tweaked and I knelt back, laying my head on her shoulder. “Yeah, she’s ready for ya, she wants to fuck.” “Not sure I believe you,” Jake snarled. Dana’s hands froze on my boobs and I felt panic grip me. I can’t disappoint her! “Oh, believe me,” I heard myself volunteer as I shimmied my open jeans off my hips, pushing my panties down with them. “I’m wet and ready for your cock!” I hoped Dana was pleased with my response. As I twisted my legs from under me and scrunched the rest of my clothes off, she leaned in and kissed the back of my head. “Good girl,” she whispered, and my stomach filled with butterflies. I tugged off my tennis sneakers and pulled my feet out, hurrying, and not being very seductive, I don’t think. But then I was naked, and Dana was pleased. I knelt up in front of Jake with my thighs open and pushed my pelvis out at him, angling my pussy forward. I used one hand to spread my lips open and slipped two fingers of the other inside my slick heat, a tease of what I was hoping for. Juices coated my digits. “M-mm, I’m dripping wet for your cock. I want it now,” I added, thinking Dana would want me to show him and be happy with me. On an impulse I pulled my wet fingers out and brought them to my mouth, watching him as I sucked them clean. “If you want my cock,” Jake sneered, kicking the covers down, “you’d better get me hard.” As the sheet and duvet slid down his body to bunch beneath his feet they revealed him, completely naked. My mouth pooled with saliva as his pale belly came into view and my eyes trailed the line of hair that led to his cock and balls. His partially erect shaft lay angled to the left amidst a trimmed bush, and he parted his legs to expose his dangling shaved ball sack. My pussy pulsed at the sight and I panted, a dog in heat. I turned to Dana. “Don’t look at me, I’m not doing it for you,” she quipped drily. “You know what to do. Get busy!” That was all the permission I needed, and dropped back to my hands and knees and crawled anxiously between his legs, trembling and excited. A strange man, a strange cock, I thought with some reason. And all mine! the rest of me shouted.

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