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Cuckold lifestyle 64Happy New Year, The company my wife works for invited us to a new years eve party. She works in an office with only women, all the men are either warehouse workers or the man that owns the company. She said her boss had rented a large ballroom in a hotel in Atlanta. And that everyone attending the party would be offered a free room for the night . Her boss didn’t want any one leaving after drinking. The dress code was “very nice” , I wore slacks , a dress shirt, and sport coat. My lovely wife wore a above the knee “little black dress” , garter belt, black lace top stockings, and a black lace cup pushup bra. She came in the den wearing only the undergarments to get her handbag. I got an instant hard on. The site of her 34 b cup tits all nice round and pushed up along with her beautiful legs incased in black stockings always make me horny.We left the house at about eight o clock, it was rather cool outside so she wore her long black coat. She had me turn the heat on in her car wide open…soon it was very warm and that coat came open. As I passed the street lights on the interstate I would get a quick look at her legs. I think she caught me looking because she pulled up the hem to allow a garter clasp to show. After a while she said you better not get a wet sport on the front of those slacks. Why would I? I answered. She said I know your cock has been hard for fourty five minutes…and it should be leaking precum . She was right my dick fethiye escort had been hard for a while. I reached over and covered her legs with her coat.I pulled up to the front of the motel, the valet opened my wife’s door and I watched as she spread her legs getting out to make sure he got a full leg shot. I walked around and took my ticket from him , his mouth was open. I smiled and told him thank you.. as we started in the door I heard him say NO, THANK YOU. I said to my wife I think that was for you honey. She said it was , he saw my pussy as I got out. Your pussy , I said ? what happened to those black panties you had on at home? She said Oh that was just so you couldn’t see…they are in my purse ,in case I get lucky I can keep the pie fresh for you. I asked if she had any one in mind to fuck tonight? She said not really but that some lucky guy was going to get her pussy before we left. We entered the ballroom and there where at least two hundred people there. I asked her where did all these folks come from? She said it was family of workers and any one that did business with the company. We went first to the bar, I got us each a cocktail. A band was playing 70’s rock and roll as we picked a table and sat down. Almost right away I noticed two black guys setting across the room looking our way. I glanced at them ,then looked all over the room before looking at them again, they where still looking right at our table. I leaned across and asked escort fethiye my wife if she was showing her pussy to them. She smiled at me took a slow drink of her drink then licked the rim of her glass , but never answered my qusetion. I sat back and tried not to think about it…my cock was rock hard again and I know if I don’t stop getting hard I’ll have a wet sport on these light colored slacks. I had finished my drink and I asked my wife if she wanted me to get her another one while I was up. She said yes go get us two more. I walked up to the bar and got in line. there where four guys in front of me. I was gone a good ten minutes , when I returned to the table my wife wasn’t there. I sat her drink down and glanced around the room. I saw her dancing with one of the guys she was flashing a minute ago. I sat down and waited, they danced two songs before she came back to the table. Her dance partner tagging along. She stopped at her side of the table and picked up her drink. taking a big gulp then setting it down. This is Michael she interduced the guy to me. I said hello . Then she told him I was her husband but to not let that bother him, and that she cuckolded me so if she wanted to have sex later with him it would be OK with me. That never gets any easier to set through. The band started playing another great oldie so my wife took Michael’s hand and they hit the dance floor. It was a fast song so they wheren’t touching each other. A few times fethiye escort bayan while really getting into the music I could see the dark band of one of her stockings for a few seconds. I got busy scoping out the room looking at all the hot chicks and lost track of my wife. I looked around but never did see her. I figured she could handle herself well enought to be safe. I listened to five songs before she came back to the table alone. She told me to go get her a drink that she needed one quick. When I got back with it she was setting down but turned side ways from the table, her legs where cross and she was displaying a mile of sexy nylon covered leg for all to see. I sat her drink down and sat down myself. I scooted my chair around so I could talk to her without having to lean across the table.Honey , I said, you are showing a lot of leg, it looks like you are trying to get someone to ask you for sex. She said well only if they into sloppy thirds. I started to speak before her last statment sank in. Have you been fucked I asked? She said yeah twice…both of those guys did me in the hall. Well what about the pie I asked? She said I have my panties on and they are holding it in rather well. Well it was only just after ten when that happened, so for the next almost three hours she walked around and danced with a slick cum filled cunt. Right after midnight I was able to talk her into going to our room. She took off the dress and panties and I ate her well sloppy pussy while she was wearing the garter and stockings….oh and the high hills too…so sexy looking. So this year the only cock she has had inside her is mine. …but that won’t last pasted tomorrow night I bet. Life is good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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