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Cum Into My Office: Part. 1

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7:45 am. Driving into work.It’s early, only 7:48 am, and I receive a text, “Good morning. Excited to see you today!”I reply, “Goodmorning! Dying to see you too, been hard all night… now I am getting hard again just driving into work! It’s a bit embarrassing how hard you make me!”She sends another text, “Nothing embarrassing about that big sexy cock of yours. Show me how hard it is!”At the next light, I snap a pic of my hard cock bulging through my pants. I hold the pants around my shaft, outlining it so she can clearly see the impact she has on me. “Mmmmm, I want to open those pants up and take that cock out! Lower my head down and fill my mouth with it!” she exclaims.I quickly reply before the light turns green, “Mmm, fuck yes! Want to play some games today? T or D (truth or dare) or WYR(Would bahis siteleri you rather)?” She agrees, “Yes please!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8:35. Working in my office.A text comes through my phone, it’s her. “Ready for games? T or D?”I reply, “Truth.””Pussy! Just teasing you, but hoping you’d choose dare! If we were in a threesome what’s something you would not want to see me do with another guy? Or another girl?” She always gets sassy with me, but I got to admit, I am a sucker for her.”I honestly don’t know! I’m trying to think of things but, I think I would be so turned on the whole time… oh wait… I know. I definitely would not want to see you fuck another guy, like with a dildo or strap-on. I’m not sure there is anything you would do to a girl that wouldn’t turn me on! ” My cock starts to swell with canlı bahis siteleri thoughts of her and I in a threesome together.”Lol, ok well no worries there. No desire to strap anything on. And two cocks would be enough, although if in a foursome, I might let the other girl fuck me with one wink I’ll take dare!” I knew she would choose dare, always more adventurous than me, but only by a hair.I answer her immediately with a dare. “Haha, good to know! I dare you to come and get me from my office and say you need to have a word with me. Get me alone in your office and let me lick your pussy for two minutes straight.” She replies eagerly, “MMMM, I like that dare!” A minute or so passes and I hear a knock on my office door, followed by the door slowly opening.  “Excuse me, Ron. May I have canlı bahis a word with you in my office please?”In a shaky nervous tone, I reply, “Sure, no problem.”As I walk behind her leading me to her office I can’t help but look at her amazing ass. I feel my blood start to course through my veins, creating a bulge in my pants. I quickly and clumsily put my hands in my pockets desperately trying to hide the fact that I have a raging hard-on! Finally, we enter her office, I close the door behind me and she says, “Lock it.”Her office layout is simple. Her desk, computer and office chair to the right, a countertop with a sink (similar to a wet bar) in the back right corner, and a filing cabinet and chair in the left corner. We embrace and I press my soft lips upon hers. She slips her tongue in my mouth and grabs the back of my head, pushing her fingers through my hair. My hands softly grab her face and the back of her head and we kiss like wild lovers. She feels my hands running down her back and then gripping her ass firmly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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