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Curious3160 in Vegas with VerySexy

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Curious3160 in Vegas with VerySexyA erotic chat from the netcurious3160 [06/07/2013 11:53 am]I go to Vegas the first part of every year for some seminars. (That part is true & fact) You’ve flown out to meet me. We meet in the lobby of the hotel/casino. Off to the elevators & up to my room on the 25th floor. Reaching down and caressing each other as the elevator climbs. In the room, the curtains are pulled back, letting in the warm sun. We stand in front of the window, kissing and caressing. Starting to remove each other’s clothes. You kneel as you pull my pants down & expose my throbbing cock. Pulling it gently into your mouth. Licking and sucking on my tight balls and my now rock hard cock. Taking me with hunger. I pull you up so I can continue to remove your clothes.Kissing and licking as I do Kneeling, I expose your wet pussy. Spreading the lips with my tongue. Licking and sucking as your legs get weak.You pressing against the window to keep your balance as I suck and glide myFingers deep into you. Cumming so hard. You pull me up and start rubbing the head of my cock up & down on your slick clit. I turn you to face the window. I reach around and rub your clit as you reach back and guide my pulsing cock deep in your pussy Legs spread and hands on the window. Driving sarıyer escort so deep in you. Fucking you so hard your tits are pressed against the window…… verysexycpl69 [07/07/2013 10:26 am]… You fuck me long and hard while we stand there. Me pressed up against the glass for any one to see. You make me cum all over your cock again and again, I ‘m weak in the knees but you keep me pinned to window so I will not fall, I moan and bag you for “More” and to stop. On and on till I almost pass out from the pleasure. curious3160 [07/07/2013 10:34 am]I’m rubbing your clit very hard and fast as I thick cock drives deep in you. Coated with your juices. Your hips bucking tight against me, You call me your cock. You beg for me to cum. Holding on to my balls as I push even deeper. I push hard against your ass as I groan, cock shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum deep in you. My cock coated with the mixture of your juices and my cum. You reach back, squeezing my pulsing shaft tight. Sliding me out, you turn around, kneel and hungrily start licking and sucking the mixture of my cum and your juices as my cock still pulses……. verysexycpl69 [07/07/2013 10:44 am]I lick all of our juices off your esenyurt escort still hard cock, then slowly slide my mouth down its long hard beautiful length. taking you all the in to my mouth till you are right at my throat, I hold it there then start to slide back up…. you put your strong hand on the back of my head to hold me so I don’t move, and start to push me down onto you make me take more and more of your cock till you are pushing past my throat. All the way until I have you all in my mouth right down to your balls. you hold me there while you savor the feeling of being so deep. curious3160 [07/07/2013 11:00 am]so deep in your mouth. I’m amazed that my cock is still pulsing. Still giving you more cum. Your tongue moving on my throbbing shaft, coaxing my final bits of cum in your throat. You’re weak and spend from the intense fucking and sucking. Struggling to stay upright. Grabbing my cock and guiding me to the bed. You curl next to me & pull the head of my cock in your mouth. Sucking gently as if a pacifier as you start to drift off…….. Later, we are both stirring as my once spent cock starts to grow in your hungry mouth. Feeling it get thick & long in you, causes you to wake. You’re wanting all of this aren’t avrupa yakası escort you? curious3160 [08/07/2013 10:31 am]You wake as my cock is stirring & growing in your mouth. Rising to your knees, you start gently stroking my shaft, making it so thick. Engulfing it in your warm mouth to lubricate as you continue to gently stroke my cock and caress my balls. I wake to this sensation, reach down and glide my fingers into your already wet & slick pussy. Fingers gently fucking you and thumb pressing tight on the stiffening clit. Your hips bucking as you stroke, staring at my cock head……. curious3160 [09/09/2013 5:40 pm]so still want this cock? want it bad? deep in your mouth?want my cock pumping hot cum in your mouth? You trying to suck it dry?pull your head tight against me so my balls are pressed to your lips as I fuck your mouthpull out for just a bit to rub my cock head all over your facesmearing pre-cum all over youyou pull my cock back in your hungry mouth as I reach down and rub & pinch your clit You finger fucking your self as you suck my throbbing cockI pinch it and rub it as you suck on me watching you drive your fingers deep in your slick cuntcock getting harder & thicker in your hungry mouthfinger fucking your self drive deep pretend it’s my thick cockthe one you want pounding your slick cunt right now driving deep in you up to my ballsdo I pump hot cum deep in your pussy or shoot it deep in your hungry mouth?Hmmm Fuck your pussy so deep and hard. Make you cum & shake. Just before my cock explodes, you squeeze my shaft and pull me to your hungry mouth Drink all my hot cum my cum slut

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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