Mar 30

CvsN 14: Road Rules

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Chapter 14: Road Rules…

A previously unpublished chapter in the story of Jack, and the home he shares with three lovelies.

* * * *


* * * *

I still hadn’t broke the news to everyone that I was traveling this week. It was silly but I was almost afraid to do it. I had so much to do. Get some work done on the business project, and make sure the team had guidance for the week. Handle some more house paperwork, and work on the new addition. 101 other chores around the house. Have a heart-to-heart with Beth, about her college plans and about Amie. Yet the date was only three days away. I wasn’t usually this bad a procrastinator.

I got to work earlier than usual, and blustered my way through the issues at hand, and dropping a new code point to the team. I was giving them a big chunk, enough to keep them in catch-up mode though this week and the next.

My boss Chris had me in to discuss the upcoming trip twice, piling on the work to make sure all the t’s were crossed and i’s dotted before we got to Spain. Karen and I found a few minutes to chat, and she was in a much better mood than the day before.

I also ran into Joe, and he gave me a little of the 4-1-1 on Cathy’s reaction to his ‘sleepover’. Definitely hot. I think he was feeling a little proud.

At some point in the afternoon, Jim hunted me down for a talk. He wanted to take the end of the week off to do some major demolition and foundation work. I explained the travel situation, and that I would be unavailable until late Saturday. Then I had to tear out and let Karen know the travel details before she found out from Jim. I would have liked a little privacy, but my home life definitely had it’s tendrils in my work.

She was cool with it, and even invited me to sneak out to the car. We could run an errand like the “good old days”, all of 6 weeks ago, and she’d give me a hand-job. It was tempting but the work load was just too hefty, and I had to take a pass. I even called Debbie to let her know I’d be late getting home.

I never had any peace and quiet anymore. Not even at work. It was kind of nice to be in the almost empty office around 7:00 pm, and be able to concentrate. I left a little more relaxed, and headed home for a late dinner.

Beth met me just inside the door, and as I crossed the threshold Debbie slipped off to the kitchen. Beth seemed a little nervous. We hadn’t had a chance to talk about dinner at the parents.

After her welcome hug and kiss, she walked with me to the bedroom and chatted as I stripped off the monkey suit, down to a t-shirt and sweats.

“The dinner didn’t go that bad, did it?” she said, almost hopefully.

“No. I could easily imagine it having gotten a lot weirder,” I told her.

“You did a great job of talking up the Day-Care biz; the parents seem to be a lot cooler about it already.” She sat with her legs tucked up, rocking forward and back.

“It might have worked for your old man, but I think your mother has other issues on her mind. Like sleeping arrangements.”

“Yeah. She tried to corner me on that over the dishes. but I held my ground. I even left some wiggle room that I’d be interested if we could find the time, but things are just so hectic.” She paused. “What were you guys talking about in the study?”

“Someone’s college plans.” I told her.

She blushed. “I probably should have told you about all that. But I didn’t know where we stood, and it was all so sudden. I had these deadlines looming over my head, so I just chose GW.”

“And gave up a spot on the Florida team? Hell, I knew you were a good swimmer, but not that good. That’s a tough decision.”

“It’s just, you know, I’m not really a specialist. I’m good at all the strokes, maybe very good at breast, but not really a superstar. At Florida I’d be a great backup to anybody, and a good relay help, but at GW I’ll be the big Kahuna. And I can always transfer, if it seems I should.” She blurted it out like it was a pre-canned speech.

“Whatever, makes you happy.” I told her, taking her in my arms for another hug. She was so delightful to hold.

“This makes me happy,” she purred, snuggling into me.

Debbie had my dinner laid out for me, and both the girls sat with me while I ate. I broke the news about the travel that week, which disturbed them a bit, but they seemed to take it well. Much better than I expected. I explained I’d be leaving Wednesday, and returning Saturday.

We talked a while longer, and Beth got the latest scoop on the sisters’ situation. I was wondering where they were, and found out they’d gone down to watch Jim’s dance group practice. While Debbie cleaned up, Beth insisted I pick out my travel clothing, to see if anything needed to go to the cleaners. When we were finished, Debbie showed up with a bottle of wine in hand, but I begged off, needing to work on my customer demo just a little bit more, and headed out to the garage/daycare/office. I was actually de-featuring a bit. I had learned a little along the way, and knew that the Spanish team would halkalı eve gelen escort be more likely to buy-in, if they felt they had a little more in the game. So I took out a couple of pretty obvious features and options, and would let them suggest them, and embrace the idea. If they missed them, I was sure I could guide them down that path.

When I next looked up it was midnight. I shut everything down and headed back to the house. The girls were already sound asleep and I stripped down and slipped between them quickly nodding off myself.

(Even in a house full of pretty, even beautiful, willing women, not every night was a mind-blowing sexual thrill.)


Tuesday was much like Monday – off to work early, pulling together the final details. A long, hectic day which I couldn’t escape from. I got home late again, but Debbie and Beth stayed up with me, giving me a nice little send-off. The only hiccough came when Beth brought up Amie.

“I hear Amie was over the other day, before we went to Mom’s house,” Beth mentioned in passing, while I recovered my strength, well worn out, but not willing to call it quits for the evening.

“Yeah, sort of surprised me, I was napping on the couch when she showed up.” I confessed.

“Is that how she got you to do her? Jumped your bones while you were sleeping?” Beth asked, with a note of irritation in her voice.

Ouch. Well, I’d made a mistake, and better to face it than lie about it. “She came on to me like she’d spent the last 5 years in prison. She figured she had to do me if she wanted to work in the Daycare with you guys. Now where would she get that idea?” I asked.

Beth blushed now. “That’s not what I said!” she exclaimed. “I only hinted that it might be kind of expected – I never told her what to do.”

“She told me you were cool with it, but I knew it was wrong, and told her so. She still insisted you wanted her too, but I tried to make it clear that I’d have to talk anything like that over with you guys. I mean, really, you two alone are way more than any sane guy can handle, never mind Cathy popping up now and then, or dealing with Karen.” I told them.

Debbie chimed in. “I don’t think we really need anyone else in this bed right now,” she said softly. “I don’t mind working with her, she seems nice enough, but there’s a lot to deal with now.”

“I agree,” I told her quickly.

“You don’t think she’s hot?” Beth asked, “I thought for sure you’d be hounding after her given half a chance.”

“She’s pretty, but not in the same league as you two.” I argued, my attentions turning amorous toward young Beth. “I swear I don’t want to do anyone but you two. Honestly.”

Debbie didn’t add anymore to the conversation. Her mouth was delightfully full. Beth asked a little more about when the business kicked off, but finally accepted that two beauties in my bed were enough for me.

The next day was travel day. I went to work as usual, kissing the girls goodbye for the week, and rode in with Karen. Chris and I were leaving from work to catch our flight, but wouldn’t leave the office until almost 7:00 pm. I had debated heading home, and leaving from there, but didn’t want to leave the car at the airport, especially since Jim had some plans and thought he could use the truck while I was gone.

The trip there was uneventful for the most part. The ride out to the airport was nice, Chris and I went over the customer issues, and I told her about the product de-featuring, looking to get them to have some chips in the game. She was excited by the idea, and let me know how happy she was with my work. I let her know that I liked working for her – her hands-off attitude, supporting, but not micro-managing, was great.

Then it was a lot of running around the airport, dealing with international travel, a change in gate location, and finally getting aboard. Our seats were a long ways apart, in the cattle car section of the plane, and it was pretty full. I had hoped to have a pretty young thing sitting by me, but what was the chance. No, I got an evangelical preacher, who tried to explain to me the idea of giving to receive. Thank God for headphones.

We arrived at dawn in Madrid, and were able to catch a limo in to town to drop off our bags at the hotel. The desk girl was kind enough to find us one empty room to move into immediately, the other wouldn’t be ready until after 1:00 pm. We took turns getting ready. I felt a little awkward taking my clothing into the bathroom to clean up and change. Chris went first, cleaning up, and then moving into the bedroom with her gear, while I used the bathroom. She came out wearing the hotel bathrobe, and I still couldn’t help myself, wondering what was going on under the rented robe.

When I was done, I came out find her standing there in her bra and panties, completing her preparations. She had quite a nice little body, curvaceous and padded, but she hadn’t gone to pot. I enjoyed the view. Her ass looked especially tempting in her tight little halkalı grup yapan escort panties. They weren’t quite thongs, but they were a long ways from the daily cotton panties.

“I hope you don’t mind, but my dress is still in the bathroom. I’m letting the steam take out some of the wrinkles. I don’t imagine a guy in your position would be bothered by a little underwear.” She told me, her hands over her head working on a curling iron in her hair.

I laughed. “I’m sorry Chris, but if your underwear were any littler, I couldn’t be held responsible for my actions. I’m just a man.”

She smiled at me in the mirror. She glanced down at her rather skimpy, matching black lace panties and bra. “Thanks for the warning. I may just have to keep that under consideration.”

I retrieved my laptop and starting checking email, finding out that hooking up to the internet in Spain was a little more difficult than I was used to. It was good, I needed a distraction so that I just didn’t stand there, staring at my boss’s nearly nude body.

It wasn’t long before we were both ready, and downstairs, meeting our hosts.

The meetings went over very well. The fact that I was fluent in Spanish turned out to be a big hit with them, in spite of my Latin American accent. They had a bright Captain there who found the biggest hole I’d left in the program within 5 minutes, and he and I were able to hammer out the details of the best way to deal with it. It took some time, and shot most of the morning. At the end, the plan we hit on was a good 90%+ match with the stuff I’d taken out. A home run for me, and it made him a local hero. Brownie points all around.

We had a long lunch, in the formal dining area on the military base, then were given an extended tour of the facilities. We talked to a couple of different groups about the plans and were really having a nice time. By five o’clock Chris and I were smiling to each other. These guys were definitely in.

They insisted on taking us downtown for Tapas, the classic Spanish never-ending appetizers, and we hit the central square, bouncing from one place to another. One was like a cave underground, with mushrooms and potato omelets, their specialty. Another place was all Bull-fighting with some pretty graphic photos covering the wall. Two of our escorts were giving Chris an inordinate amount of attention, not too surprising since she looked damn fine in her dress, and was the only woman in our group. I realized I’d never seen Chris dressed up before, and she cleaned up nicely. The outfit was a lot dressier than anything she’d wear at home, but she had explained that women dressing to impress was much more acceptable in Europe, southern Europe in particular. The Spanish appeared to be very touchy-feely people, and it seemed someone always had a hand on her, on her arm, her shoulder, her waist, the small of her back. There was a lot of bare flesh showing, and it was often the target of the touching. I was feeling a little lonely for my friends at home.

The night was capped off with dinner at El Botin, possibly Madrid’s most famous restaurant, one of Hemingway’s haunts, and considered by some to be the longest continual restaurant. Goya, we were told, worked there as a busboy.

We caught a lot of grief from our hosts for not having the forethought to make an extended visit out of our trip, and Chris found herself promising that when it came time for product test and installation, we’d make an event out of it, staying at least a week and the weekend. It was the only way we were getting back to our hotel before midnight, and we had a 7:50 am flight, which we continually reminded our generous hosts.

Chris and I said goodbye to our new friends at around 11:00 pm, with kisses (for Chris) and hugs all around. Feeling more than a little tipsy, I checked in at the desk for my room.

Chalk it up to international ignorance. They gave away my room at 10:00 pm when I didn’t check in at 3:00, or call in. I argued for a bit, but was assured that nothing was available. The hostess was able to get on the phone and find me a room not too far away.

“Forget about it,” Chris told me. “We’ve got a room. We’re grown ups. We can share it for the next 6 hours before we have to head to Zaragoza. If you move to another hotel, it’ll cost us hours.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” I asked her, wondering if she was even drunker than I was.

“No problem,” she assured me. “Let’s go, I have to get out of this outfit.”

We took the old-fashioned elevator to our room, and she was undressing before the key was out of the door.

“God, my feet are killing me,” she moaned. “What’s with all these Tapas bars having you stand all the time? How can the women here survive in heels all day?”

Her shoes were strewn across the entryway, and her dress was tossed on top of the dresser, by the time I closed the door and locked it. I hung up my coat and tie in the closet. I had only brought the one suit. I stepped into the bedroom area and halkalı masöz escort she was spread eagle on the bed. She had found a t-shirt from somewhere and it covered most of her, but the bottom was in line with her hips, and her panties were in full view.

“Thank God for air-conditioning,” she said, her eyes closed, as she cooled off.

Her pose was having the opposite effect on me. I sat on the lone chair, taking off my shoes, socks and pants, then heading back to the closet to hang them up again. I felt a little odd, walking around in my boxers, but I didn’t have anything else to wear. I’d only brought the suit, three shirts, and a pair of pants and polo shirt for the flight. I picked up her dress off the dresser, and put it on a hangar as well.

“That was a great day,” she said, “don’t you think?”


“Your idea was brilliant; Perez was like your life-long buddy after you brought him in and agreed to his plan.” She said, finally sitting up in bed, and having the decency to pull her shirt down in place before I lost it.

“You certainly closed the deal with the Colonel,” I reminded her. “I don’t think he was ever more than 6 inches from your side.” I took up a seat on the chair, hoping my position would hide my erection. The room only had one bed, and it was probably not much bigger than a double. It had seemed bigger earlier.

“He was nice enough. A little too physical, but not as bad as Enrico. He made a point of pressing his hard-on up against me half the fucking night.” She laughed. Then she was leaning over and rubbing her feet, and I could see the red marks on the sides, toes and heels. She must have been pretty miserable.

I stood, figuring that I wasn’t going to be able to hide my erection all night, unless I slept in the shower. I walked to the bed, and sat at the foot of it. “Here, let me do that,” I told her, taking her foot into my lap, and rubbing her instep and the sides of her foot.

She moaned in delight, and laid back again. “You are too good,” she told me softly.

“It’s just a foot rub,” I told her with a small laugh.

“Mmmm,” she answered, placing her other foot in my lap. When she did that, she shifted her other foot, and accidentally rubbed it against my hard-on.

“Oops,” she said softly. “Sorry.”

“It’s Ok,” I told her, rubbing her other foot.

It wasn’t long until her foot was rubbing me, and not accidentally. She giggled. “Enrico, eat your heart out.”

I wondered if it was going to go any further, but she seemed to be content enough to let me rub her feet while she rubbed up against me.

Chris pulled away after a few minutes, making her way to the bathroom to clean up a bit. I did a quick email check, answering a couple of questions from the office, before I had my turn in the bathroom. I performed my toiletries, and when I came back to the bedroom the lights were down. Chris was in bed, with the covers turned down on my side, and the light on that side was the only illumination.

I slid into the bed, and found that I had no choice but to sidle up next to her.

“Kind of close quarters,” she said softly.

“I’m not complaining,” I told her softly, and cuddled up against her.

She turned to me, and I rolled to my back, allowing her to stretch out against me. She threw a leg over mine, placed her head on my shoulder and reached her arm across my body. She seemed to fit my body perfectly. I waited to say anything, not wanting to spoil the moment. Finally she sighed.

“I was wrong to bring you here,” she said.

“To Spain?”

“No, to my bedroom,” she answered. “I can’t let you have me.”

Her actions seemed to dictate the opposite. She was toying with my chest, and her thigh was high up on my legs, and as she moved it, it brushed against my erection.

She kissed my skin, and her hand slid down my body, coming to rest with my cock deep in her palm. “I’m married, Jack.”

“I know Chris,” I told her. “You are so pretty, and so sexy, and I’m dying to fill you, but I wouldn’t ask you to do anything that was wrong.”

She reached into my boxers, and fished out my cock. Her hand was warm against me.

“I can feel your heart pulsing in my hand,” she said softly.

“Like a hummingbird,” I answered.

She stroked me. “I could help you with this,” she said softly, tugging on my cock, “but I can’t let you put it inside me.”

I leaned in and kissed her softly. “Make me cum for you Chris.”

She slid down and stroked my cock deftly. She had a wonderful soft but firm touch. My boxers seemed to distract her, and she eventually pulled them off of me. By then I had pulled the single light sheet well back, and watched her. She seemed to be really taken with my dick.

“I bet this guy has seen a lot of action,” she teased.

“Better than average, lately,” I admitted.

Any further discussion was preempted by her taking the head of my cock into her mouth.

Chris was nice. It was a fun blow-job, without the skill of Debbie or Beth, we won’t even mention the remarkable Cathy’s ability. But she put quite a bit of enthusiasm into it which made up for a lot. And of course there was the factor that this was our first sexual contact, and you know how exciting that can be. She didn’t take me too deep, but her hand was a very nice addition. After a few minutes she took a break, stroking me while she caught her breath.

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