Mar 30

Cynthia Ch. 1 (Working Title)

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Chapter One: Friday Night Pahhrty

The night I first met Cynthia, it was truly lust at first sight. Strangers to each other, we’d both been invited to a party thrown by a mutual friend. I’m a Humanities professor at a small university and these gatherings were often held at the Dean’s sprawling estate on campus. The main house was so large that the running joke was that it was seven o’clock in the dining room and nine o’clock at the back door… These ‘get-togethers’ were intended as a way for faculty to blow off a little steam, but usually degraded into something of a one-upmanship contest between the different departments before the night was out. This night was no different. That is, until Cynthia arrived. I remember the night as if it were yesterday.

It was unusually hot, even for August. I was sitting on the expansive deck outside our host’s living room, sipping on a gin and tonic and doing my best to catch whatever breezes kicked up….which were few and far between. The inside of the house was quite comfortable, being fully air conditioned, but it was the oppressive boredom that eventually drove me outside. Maybe it was me, but it seemed that everyone I came into contact with had a burning need to discuss quantum physics or Shakespearean literature or some other subject that simply didn’t fit into my Friday night mind. Call me on Monday, Einstein, and I’ll make your head spin. On Fridays, beginning at sometime around ten o’clock in the morning, I begin to think about the weekend.

Since it was close to ten in the evening, and I had a cocktail or two or three under my belt, my mind was focusing more on comely females than quantum physics. I’d just finished my drink, and made the decision to leave. I turned to walk back inside and say goodnight when I saw Cynthia through the window….

I stopped dead in my tracks and stared like a ten year old with his first Playboy. I felt my mouth getting dry and the sweat that was running down my back was not entirely from the heat. I watched through the full windows as she moved through the room on the arm of our host, smiling and stopping occasionally to chat with another of the guests. In a nutshell, she was stand up and drop dead gorgeous. I decided then and there that if this was my last vision on earth I could die a happy man…

She looked to be in her mid to late twenties, with long, and I mean long-to-her-waist long, hair, as black as a moonless night cascading over her shoulders and almost reaching her magnificent ass. Her thick, shining mane jiggled and flowed each time she’d laugh or toss her head. She was wearing an ivory colored, button front dress that stopped about mid-thigh and hugged her contours like a Porsche does the road. She’d left enough of the buttons on her crisp, cotton blouse undone to expose just a hint of the swells of her breasts. In a word, this girl was HOT! The cocktails had made me much more handsome and debonair than I am normally, and I felt a Friday night kind of stirring inside my pants…

I picked my glass up and slid the door open. I sighed out loud as the refreshing feel of the cool air greeted my damp body. Our eyes met when Cynthia heard my sigh and she turned to look at me. I grinned and bowed my head slightly in her direction, and she answered with a smile of her own, her eyes flickering over me as if she were checking me out. Then, just as quickly, she was gone. Off with our host to meet the other dreary guests I supposed. I would have bet a month’s wages that she’d have boredom written all over her face by the time she returned. Definitely not a “quantum discusser” I judged.

I got myself another cocktail at the bar which the host had generously provided, and sat on one of the many couches in the great room, making conversation when I had to, but focusing the majority of my attention on Cynthia as she moved through the masses. I must say, I was very impressed with how she handled herself with all those stuffed shirts. Still, I smiled smugly to myself, just KNOWING that soon she would turn to look for some relief.

(Yep…here I am! Your Friday night dream come true! No quantums here! Nosirreee!! It’s Friday, I got a blank mind full of ‘duh’ and pants full of dick, and I’m all yours!!)

I tend to get a bit smug and self assured when I’m with this crowd, especially after a cocktail or two. This night, I’m afraid, it backfired. Cynthia was perfectly at ease, discussing whatever subject was presented with a smooth grace and an intelligence that was obviously impressing everyone she came into contact with. I decided to have another cocktail and rethink my strategy… For some reason, the ingestion of a few cocktails always makes me think that another cocktail will help the thinking process. I sauntered back to the bar to think…

Half an hour, and two cocktails later I finally got my chance to meet her. She was standing at the bar, ordering a drink, when I walked over and introduced myself with a bit more slurring of my voice than I would have preferred. Cynthia though, responded with beylikdüzü ucuz escort a dazzling smile on her lips and a gleam in her eye as she offered me her hand. She sat on a stool and I leaned on the bar next to her as words stumbled out of my mouth like those of a schoolboy on his first date. Rarely am I at a loss for words, especially after a cocktail or two, but I knew that any words relating to her beauty would simply sound like some over-worn cliché, spilling out of my mouth and flopping onto the bar like so much roadkill. And since her beauty was the only thing my subconscious mind wanted to form words around, my conscious brain cleverly opted to mumble and stutter like an idiot.

Cynthia was very gracious, grinning sexily and patiently waiting for me to calm down until my word streams began to assemble themselves into recognizable patterns. As we chatted about all the things I secretly hated, I suddenly found myself talking just like those people that tended to bore the hell out of me. I was enjoying the opportunity to strut my stuff to her, and was pleasantly, although somewhat chauvinistically, surprised by the sheer volume of her knowledge. Cynthia not only kept pace with my conversation but, if truth be told, was really running circles around my own knowledge base. It turned out Cynthia had so many degrees she could start her own heat wave…

It was an odd combination of stimulating conversation and being soundly put in my place, academically speaking. And actually, that was only adding to my own stimulation… For here was a woman who personified every physical fantasy I dreamed about, seemed to have the ability to keep up with my bad drinking habits and, at the same time, had the ability to make my head spin intellectually. I began to think that I could learn a lot from this girl… Of course, I tell myself now, one reason she was able to make my mind stutter and halt was that half of my mind was totally focused on her physical attributes. And that half was the sober half. The drunken half of my mind was already undressing this beauty and laying her back on the bar top! Luckily for me, she couldn’t read my mind, though. Or could she…?

As we talked, my eyes focused on her full, red lips. She had a way of smiling and licking them as she talked that was driving me crazy. I could just imagine them sliding wetly over my cock…

We conversed for about fifteen minutes as I nursed my cocktail. The possibility of spending more time with this angel overturned my previous plan to simply get hammered, and I knew I needed to slow down just a bit. I was already painfully aware of how silly I’d recently sounded. I knew that I hadn’t dazzled her, but I was catching a glimmer of something in her eyes that I hoped was interest… Cynthia had been drinking white wine before she sat down, but had switched to gin and tonics as we talked. She’d finished two in the short time we’d been chatting, and had just ordered her third when another guest called for her to meet someone new. I held on to the impression that she might be interested in talking again later, and my feelings were confirmed as she walked away to greet the other guest. I was staring at her ass as she walked, when she turned around to face me, catching me in the act.

“Don’t you go away now, Jack…” she teased, smiling and letting her eyes drift over my body. “I’d like to continue our…uh…conversation….” She winked and tossed her hair as she turned to the others. I was floating in a lustful dream state. I couldn’t quite bring myself to believe that this angelic vision was acting as if she might be interested in me. Little did I realize just how interesting things were going to become…

I stayed at the bar and watched her as she moved through the crowd again. Every once in a while, she’d turn to me and smile, as if to see if I was still watching. And of course, I was.

About twenty minutes later, she returned to sit beside me at the bar. I grinned to myself when I noticed she’d allowed another button on her blouse to come undone and as she leaned forward, I could plainly see the tops of her unfettered breasts inside her shirt. She caught me looking and only smiled as she ordered us both another cocktail. “Just trying to catch up to you, Jack…” she replied to my raised eyebrows with a sly grin.

I spent the rest of the evening sitting at the bar with Cynthia. As she sipped her cocktails, and her buzz intensified, her manner became more and more friendly, to the point where we were exchanging frankly open and obvious sexual hints and innuendos. This level of conversation fit much better with my altered state of mind. My alcoholic buzz and growing lust had driven every academic thought from my mind at that point. More than once, she leaned over to me with the pretense of whispering something in my ear, but actually granting me another wonderful view of her naked tits. I was in heaven! She obviously delighted in teasing me, and once even placed her hand on my thigh as beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort she leaned forward, resting it just centimeters from the growing bulge of my hard cock. She giggled when I groaned comically and tilted her head back, looking into my eyes, but keeping her hand on my thigh.

She grinned at me, poking her tongue out to lick her upper lips with just the tip. At the same time, she allowed the fingers of her hand to spread. The result was the feel of her little finger pushing against my pulsing cock. I sighed and smiled back.

“You are absolutely gorgeous, Cynthia…” I whispered sincerely. “Have I told you that tonight?” She smiled and ran her finger over my bulge.

“And you are hard as a rock, Jack….” she answered. “Have I told you that…?” She looked around her, then ran a finger along the full length of my hard-on, which was pushing out from my pants leg. As I felt my pre-cum leaking from my cock, I suddenly wished I’d worn some underwear tonight. At least it would have kept my cock confined somewhat. As it was, it looked as if I’d strapped a dildo to the inside of my thigh…

“I kind of already knew….” I wheezed, making her grin. I was going crazy with the feel of her finger and the heady smell of her perfume. I needed some air desperately.

“Have you seen the…uh…GARDEN?” I asked, a tremor in my voice as another professor stepped up to the bar beside me. I quickly nodded to him, leaning forward to let my sport-coat cover my hard-on, then turned back to Cynthia. Cynthia leaned back on her stool with a knowing grin.

“Why, no…I haven’t.” She hooked her arm around the back of the stool, pushing her breasts towards me. “Is it nice…? I’ve heard that it’s huge…”

I grinned and leaned back on my own stool as the ‘intruder’ left, purposely letting my eyes roam over her body. “I promise you’ll love it…” I panted, my heart beating wildly in my chest. I really only half thought that she would respond the way I wanted her to. But this gorgeous angel was grinning back at me as if she knew very well what ‘viewing the garden’ might entail. “Well…I don’t know as it would be categorized as ‘huge’… but I’d love to show it to you… Of course, we’ll have to wait just a minute or two…until…uh…things calm down a little…if you know what I mean…” Cynthia’s eyes dropped to the bulge running along my pants leg and she smiled sexily, her tongue dancing over her lip again.

“Hmmmm…” she breathed, “I see what you mean. But I’m sure it’s worth the wait… And I’m glad you want to show it to me… I do love…uh…gardens…” Her sexy, smoky voice was doing little to help me out of my ‘predicament’ and Cynthia seemed to delight in that fact. We sat there for a few minutes, sipping our cocktails, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Cynthia’s body. And she was no help at all, grinning back at me as I stared at her tits and legs and running her tongue over her lips as her eyes dropped to my insistent hard-on. I think we both realized that waiting was a losing battle. Cynthia slowly uncrossed her legs, smiling at me as she saw my eyes drop, and teasingly letting her thighs part. Her dress was past the halfway point on her thighs and I honestly had to fight the urge to lower my head and try to catch a view of heaven. She recognized the fight in my eyes and let her thighs part, giving me a tantalizing view of her inner thighs before she stood up and grinned.

“Waiting isn’t doing either of us any good…” she whispered, “I’ll walk in front. Just close your coat. And try not to limp…” She grinned again and turned to stand in front of me. I couldn’t help letting my eyes run over her wonderful ass once more as I sighed in resignation. I stood up and bowed slightly as she took my arm. My head was swimming as I walked with her towards the patio doors. It was all I could do to maintain my composure and hide my erection with my sports jacket as she smilingly walked with me. I calmly opened the door, letting her walk in front of me, then turning to close it behind us.

As I turned back to her, I saw she was already walking down the steps to the flower garden. The night was still oppressively hot, but it wasn’t the heat that was making me sweat. I followed her gently swaying ass with my eyes as I followed her on jelly-like legs. At the bottom of the steps, she paused and turned to me. The fire in her eyes was almost frightening as I stopped with her.

She grinned and took my hand, pulling me close and stepping into the shadows beside the stairs. I followed willingly, moving close and taking her into my arms. She mewled softly as I kissed her passionately, her tongue pushing between my lips and drawing my own tongue into her mouth.

I felt her hips pushing into my hard cock as she sucked lightly on my tongue. I reached a hand up to cup one of her magnificent breasts I’d been ogling all evening. She groaned and ran her hand over my ass, fondling my butt as she pulled my hips closer. beyoğlu escort One wonderfully firm thigh slid between my legs, and I could feel her pussy mound against my cock as she made short, gentle fucking movements with her hips. I undid the last two buttons of her blouse and reached my hand inside…cupping her naked tit…squeezing the mound and tweaking the nipple.

Cynthia groaned into my mouth and pulled her hips back. It was my turn to moan as I felt her hand travel around to my front and move searchingly over my erect cock. She ran her hand up and down it’s full length, cupping my balls gently, then traveling up to squeeze the head between her fingers.

“This has got to be uncomfortable, Jack… You’re cock is so hard….” she whispered into my mouth as she fondled me. “Let me see if I can help…” I groaned at her touch, and her choice of words and I moaned again as I felt her struggle briefly with my belt buckle, then pull my zipper down urgently. She needed to pull my pants down slightly in order to allow my cock to slide from the leg, and she did so eagerly. I leaned forward to take one of her hard nipples into my mouth as I felt her hand reach inside my pants and encircle my hard cock. She sighed low in her throat as she began to stroke me. Her head was thrown back, offering me full access to her naked tits as she continued to jerk me off under the stairs. I separated the folds of her blouse, exposing her tits to the night air and to my view.

Her tits were magnificent! Firm and up turned, and seeming to glow in the moonlight. A slight tan line accented each one, and stopped just above hard, erect nipples. I leaned forward as Cynthia leaned back, letting my tongue move over her delicious globes.

I couldn’t believe this was happening! The girl of my dreams was stroking my cock as I sucked and licked the most perfect set of tits I’d ever seen! It was simply too unbelievable! And Cynthia’s touch was absolutely magical… A perfect combination of fingers and palm…used with just the right amount of pressure…

After about five minutes of heated grasping and groaning, Cynthia pulled my head from her tits. She leaned forward and thrust her tongue into my mouth as she continued to stroke my pole with both hands. She looked at me with passion burning inside her eyes.

“I knew we were two of a kind, when I first saw you…” she panted. She grinned and continued to slowly stroke my cock. “You do like to play, don’t you…?”

I tried to regain my composure enough to reply and it wasn’t easy. I swallowed and nodded my head as I toyed with her breasts. “Especially with angels…”, I croaked. I’d meant to try to sound like James Bond, or Humphrey Bogart, but it came out more like Kermit the Frog. Nonetheless, she smiled at my compliment.

“You’re too sweet…” she sighed, kissing me lightly.

“I’m hoping I’m just sweet enough…” I teased, thrilling to the feel of her hands on my cock. She smiled and looked down between us. Her hands worked my pants lower, until my cock sprang free and she returned both of her hands to it.

“I’ll just bet that you are…” she panted, “God…your cock is so big… and so fucking hard! And you haven’t been cut… I love to watch the foreskin slide back and forth…” She continued to stare at my cock as she worked her hand up and down it’s length. “And I love a cock that gets wet and slippery like this…”

I sighed, and my hard-on unconsciously bucked in her hand each time the word poured from her lips. She looked into my eyes and grinned. “Does it turn you on when I talk about your cock, Jack?” she whispered, “It does, doesn’t it?” She smiled at me and winked as she stroked me slowly. “Are you surprised that a professor can talk like a slut, Jack? That a professor can say she likes your big, hard cock…?” Her teasing made me groan low in my throat and Cynthia’s smile grew. “I like talking ‘dirty’ Jack… I’m glad you do too… I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun…” I smiled back at her and pushed my cock through her fingers, letting her know that I couldn’t agree more.

“I want to taste you…” she whispered, running her hand lower and cupping my balls. I merely groaned, still unable to believe my luck, and she smiled. She looked between us, down at my cock as she ran her hand over it, then back into my eyes. Quickly looking around us to see if anyone was nearby, Cynthia grinned and sank to a squatting position in front of me. “I want to suck your cock, Jack…”

I watched in disbelief as her lips parted and her wonderful tongue stuck out. She teased the head lightly, and when she felt me shudder, she began to lave the entire head with her tongue wetting it with her saliva as she stroked it in front of her face. I groaned and she smiled again. She looked up at me and winked as her tongue continued to tease me.

“Just so you know…” she breathed, rolling my cockhead over her full lips, “I’m not in the habit of sucking every hard cock I meet…” She grinned and let her lips close over me, sucking gently before releasing me. “But there’s something in your eyes that told me we have a lot in common.” She ran her tongue over the head, licking up the pre-cum that was beginning to stream out. She kept her eyes on mine as she swallowed it, then licked her lips once more. “I’m guessing that this is one of those things…” She smiled and leaned forward slightly.

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