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D.O.R part 3 of more to come

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D.O.R part 3 of more to comeI have this item I am unsure what it is is a female product that I need help trying to…before I can finish my thought she interrupts. ‘Vanessa! please don’t tell me is a virbator? she ask looking at me while placing another g**** in her mouth( seriously of all the things she could of said why she brought this up)without skipping a beat i respond with “no those are my field of expertise it is not a virbator” i say pointing at her while she look obvious for a split second trying to figure out what the hell did i just say and did i really said that (yes yes i did)”FAST FORWARD lets Fastforward that i didn’t say that, so back to this thing I have no clue what it is and i need your input to what it maybe’ I try and quickly redirect the statement By this time shes almost choking on her g****”please Ms.Ishara dont’ choke please, that is not the type mouth to mouth i would like to give you’ “are you ok ” I ask walking a little closer to her desk but keeping my distance OH MY GOD VANESSA!!! she said out of total shockSo i willl need you to help me firgure out what istanbul escort this object is” i explain not giving her a chance to make a statement on my comment.”ok, well where is it?’ she ask I am lost in my own thought as i stand closer to her desk peeking down at her my eyes are trying to look down her top, love to see just a lil of her massive tits.’wheres what? i respond caught on my own thought’the object’ she replys picking up another g**** but i guess this time she bites it in half instead of placing it all in her mouth like she did the 1st two, guess she was worry i would actually try to give her mouth to mouth”what object’ i reposnd still moving about slight to try and get a nice view or peek of her tit.”Vanessa the object you are trying to firure out, go get it and bring it to me so i can help u better” she demands there goes that assertivness she has. ‘oh yes yes right ill go get it and you can tell me what it is’ i start to explain to mysellf as if i am trying to firgure out what was it that i came here for in avcılar escort the 1st place.I go retrieve the object and bring it to her she takes one look at it and said’ that looks like a voulumizer” she said while typing away on her computer barely paying me any attention. Guess i got on her last nerve for today. ‘a what?? what the hell is a voulumizer? i ask “is like a hairstrighter but is use to give your hair more voulume to puff up women seem to like that Vanessa’ she saids picking up the phone and listens to someone talking to her while looking at me.”oh very well i am putting it down as that then’ thank you, i say as i turn to leave. Now heres a secret whenever i leave i never walk out facing out the door instead i trun and open the door looking back just so i can get one last galanceat her openign the door with my left hand turning my body just to see her (let my mind mentally fuck her up some more)Moment 3:I am at one of our 3 upper lobby talking to another employee I am standing to one side and he to the other side smoking blowing the smoke outwards şirinevler escort from the panel of the wall. As I standing there from a side door tucked away on the left side wall Ms.Ishara walks out dressed in them tight black pants and red silk under top blouse with her black blazer shes pulling the executive look perfectly. As she walks pass me she makes a comment about my hair and she tucks on it gently pulling my hair. I felt like the skeleton of my body micro observed out of my skin the moment I felt her touch me. I look over to my right to watch her as she passes me. Mentally I got a picture of running up behind her and pulling her into the nearest corner office and ripping off her clothing pop her on all four and give her a reason to pull my hair for sure. Then it hits me the nearest corner office is one of our upper managers. I ran away in deep mental fucking feast having my way with her that I completely forgot I was talking to my co worker and walked off leaving him in the middle of his cigarette orgy. Moment 4: I was on one of my daily n hourly rounds around the hotel seeing what I can do to get a few extra tips here n there or maybe convince someone of asking me to stay an extra hour or 2 every penny counts. As I was going down one of the stairways I am a out road open the door n as I open the door by a inch of a centimeter I run right into guess just take a guess…. the queen of England

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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