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Subject: Bad Uncles and Dads Chapter 9: Dad and the Fence This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locations is entirely coincidental. The sexuality of all characters is entirely a figment of the author’s imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. If you are offended by male/male material, or it is illegal to view such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time. This story may contain scenes of a graphic nature between father and his sons, or under age boys and adult males, which may not be legal in your area. If you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please leave now. By continuing to read on, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story. In addition, neither you nor any family members are employees of any type of government, law enforcement, or investigative entity. Moreover, you are either not performing any type of research in preparation for any forms of legal action, directly or indirectly, affecting the contents of this site. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any con- sequences of you viewing or downloading the story. —————————————————————————– Bad Uncles and Dads – Chapter 9 Dad and the Fence Dad was a mystery to me. He was a long haul trucker and I didn’t see much of him during the years I was growing up. My happiest memories are of the times when he was home in between hauls. Once I was old enough, about thirteen or fourteen, he’d take me out to the hunting cabin he kept on a deer lease. I wasn’t a great shot and my heart wasn’t in it, but I relished the time I got to spend with the gruff silent man. He reminded me a great deal of the drawings I’d seen of Paul Bunyan in children’s books. 6’3,” with shaggy longish black hair and thick beard, he de- finitely fit the bill with his strong features and full-back physique. The rare times he did speak, I loved the deep timber to his voice and the raspy growly appeal to it. Though he was distant and rarely showed any physical affection, the fact that he was the same way with Mom helped me to feel as if he did still love me. I idolized the man I actually knew so little about. I’d noticed a locked chest in the hunting cabin the first time I went with Dad. One trip, I’d heard him rummaging through it in the middle of the night and then heard him go outside for a while. I woke up with a cold that morning and and stayed behind to keep from getting worse. I got up after he left and found he’d left the chest unlocked. Being a curious teenager, and even more so where Dad was concerned, I opened it. Inside I found a whole slew of magazines. Many were of the Playboy type, while others showed men and women together. The shocking surprise, though, was the magazines showing men together! Every trip after that, I feigned a cold one day of each weekend and found the chest unlocked each time. At first, I’d jacked off repeatedly to the magazines of men and women together as I found the ones of women alone boring. After a couple of seasons, though, I became more intrigued by those of men together and started beating off to those instead. At the same time, I began seeing Dad in a new light and eyeing his crotch whenever possible to try to see what the big man might have enclosed inside his jeans. If he noticed, he never gave a clue. He did, much to my pleasure, seem to become more comfortable staying in his towel or underwear around me. In tight briefs, I was enthralled by the softball sized mound under the thin white fabric and the thick outline of his cock. In boxers or gym shorts while going commando underneath, I had a hard time not staring at the thick meat swinging long and heavy inside the draping folds. Though he wasn’t muscular like someone who worked out all the time, I became aware of the sheer size of his body. He seemed like the guy next door times ten. Thick hairy arms, shoulders, chest, back, and legs…I loved watching him move around mostly undressed whenever the opportunity arose. I became a bit obsessed with seeing him completely naked, or at least getting a clear view of his naked crotch. At fifteen, I’d wanted a cell phone. When asked why, I’d stupidly replied that I wanted to be able to play games on it. Well, that ended the pos- sibility of getting one. Dad, however, started letting me use his to play games. One day, I clicked on the icon for photos and found quite a few of Dad getting his cock sucked by women, and several of it being sucked by other men! There were even a few of him fucking some of the women and men. The only way I knew it was him was from the blanket that had been in the sleeping part of the cab and the big belt buckle that was visible in a number of the pictures. I was disappointed, though, that the lighting and quality of the pictures was so poor, I couldn’t get a good look at Dad’s cock. The hunting trips stopped when I was sixteen and my Mom’s father passed away. It was a rough time for us both as Grandad had felt like the only man in both our lives who was around much. With her mother having passed years before and no other siblings, Mom inherited Grandad’s ranch. She worked to convince Dad to stay home to work the cattle and land. Though Dad seem to regret giving up his life on the road, he soon sold his rig and we all settled into a new life. At the end of that first spring of him being home, a huge storm of pouring rain and high winds swept in. Finding about a hundred feet of fencing destroyed way out at the boundary of our 780 acres seemed to break up Dad’s newfound boredom. Dad and Mom hadn’t been getting along well, and the project of repairing the fence seemed to ease the tension between them now that Dad had something out of the ordinary to do for a while. It was decided he and I would pick up the supplies we needed, and then camp out in the area while we repaired the damage. I was ecstatic to get to spend time alone with him again since there’d been none of that once he’d given up trucking and the hunting trips had ceased. By the end of the first day, we’d gotten all the cement poured and the posts in and braced. We built a fire, ate, and then sat by the fire afterward for a while. I had a couple Dr. Pepper’s, while Dad downed a couple beers and smoked his pipe. Dad told me to put dirt over the coals of the fire and then to come to bed in the tent. I did as he’d ordered while he went into the tent ahead of me. Finishing my task, I entered the tent and there he was. He was lying long and muscular on his back with one arm behind his head and the other hand across his hairy stomach. Below that there was a thick nest of black hair bushing out over and around a long wide cylinder of beefy flesh and balls hanging low in a furry sack. I’d always wanted to see Dad naked and have the opportunity to see his cock, but this came as a shock since I’d never seen him like this on any of our hunting trips. I gulped and felt butterflies begin fluttering immediately inside my stomach. I hadn’t even realized I’d become frozen in place until I heard Dad’s deep sleepy voice. “Comin’ in?” I shook myself out of my shock and moved inside the tent without answering. I undressed completely, and lied back beside Dad as naked as he was. “Tired?” “Oh, I’m okay. T’day was fun.” I felt surprised I could answer him when it was hard for me to even breathe lying there almost touching escort kocaeli in the small tent with both of us naked. “Randy, I uhhh…. Hey, son, scratch m’ back would’ja?” He rolled onto his side facing me. “Sure.” I rolled toward him in the same way and reached around to Dad’s back. “Lower, son…” I scratched down to his lower back. “Randy, I..uhmmm..I see ya lookin’ at me lately.” I kept scratching as my stomach turned to ice. He rolled to lie on his back again, dragging my hand across his cock in the process. As I moved to pull my hand back, he reached for my wrist and settled my hand back firmly over his thick fleshy meat. “It’s okay, son, nothin’ t’ be ashamed of. I was curious once, too, still am truth be told. Talkin’ about this is jus’ between us, though, agreed?” His hand was still on my wrist when he continued without waiting for an answer. “You been with a girl yet?” “Uh, no, sir.” “What about a guy? Ever beat off with a buddy?” “Well…yeah…a couple times?” “How was that, son?” “Okay. I mean, it was kinda fun.” “Jus’ beat off t’gether, or beat each other off?” He delved. “Just together, nothin’ else.” “Did you want to?” “Huh?” I was still nervous in spite of Dad’s easy relaxed approach. “Did you wanna beat the other guy off or have him do that for you?” “Um…well…I did think about it. But, I didn’t think that would be cool.” Dad sighed. “Randy, the world’s a different place then when I was growin’ up. N,’ that’s good. You’ve had biology. What’s the difference between a man and a woman? Women most often have bigger chests and…well…an ‘innie’ rather than an ‘outie.’ Other than that, though, our bodies’re mostly the same. It’s okay t’ find both interesting. I want ya t’ know that.” I stayed silent, it seemed Dad was saying more to me in just the be- ginning of this one conversation than he had in the whole last month. And, I was lying there with my hand on his big full cock on top of it all. “Have you been wantin’ t’ see my dick, son?” “I…well…” I wanted to be honest, but still struggled for a few seconds. “…yeah, I guess.” Dad chuckled softly. “You can do that now. Explore all ya want. As I said before, it’s jus’ between us, son. And, it’s nice bein’ touched. So while you’re gettin’ t’ see how it feels t’ you, it feels good for me. Go ahead. See what it feel like t’ hold another guy’s cock.” I hadn’t expected this…not his low-key acceptance of my curiousity nor his offer to let me touch him like this. His hand left my wrist and I grazed mine slowly up his length. “You gotta nice touch….” He stretched his body out and yawned deeply, his cock firming under my hand. I moved his meat across his hip and stroked lightly back and forth from the wide head to the thick base. His cock began to harden in earnest and press upward against my palm. “Want a closer look? Go ahead, Randy, if that’s what’cha want.” “Sure.” I leaned down and used my thumb at the base to stand it straight up from his crotch. Long and thick, Dad’s cock looked to be about nine inches long and about eight around. It was smooth and pale with one heavy vein snaking up the center. The big thing seemed to be extra thick through the middle third of its length and was capped with big blunt head that flared out from the shaft. Even with all the pictures I’d seen of other cocks in his magazines, Dad’s was the most awesome of them all. He would have been hotter in those pictures than any of the men the photographers had used. “Whatta ya thinkin,’ son?” “Wow, I mean, wow, Dad. You really…man…you really gotta great dick.” “Nice t’ hear. Get closer, really look that bastard over.” Somehow him calling his big cock a ‘bastard’ turned me on even more than before and I became aware that my own dick was rock hard. I leaned closer as he’d suggested and felt his hand move to the back of my head. At first, Dad only lightly stroked the back of my hair as I began lightly stroking his meat. As I stroked and stared, his cock flexed from time to time and sud- denly pearly fluid bubbled from the tip and streamed down the head. His hand moved down to the back of my neck and eased my mouth to almost touching his cock. I opened my mouth. I wanted to. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to taste what was burping up from the wide head of his cock and drooling down the beefy shaft. He moved me onto it as if knowing without being able to see that I’d opened my lips for him. I had to stretch my mouth wide, but it was all worth it when the sweet salty taste of him hit my tongue and his fat meat slid inside. It was almost like having the wind knocked out of my chest when I became assaulted by a number of new and foreign taunts to my senses. The musty smell of his crotch, the feeling of the thick meat of his cock filling my mouth, the taste of it, and the wondeful flavor of the precum dribbling from the broad head all hit me like a sledge hammer. I barely heard Dad’s three sharp intakes of breath, my fascination with the textures and tastes of his fat dick shut out almost everything else. I even all but forgot this big man was my father as my mind reeled with his meat inside my mouth and against my tongue. In a matter of seconds, though, he rolled over onto his knees in a flash. The hand on the back of my head twisted into my hair and held me on his cock as he crouched over me. Propped up on one hand and his knees, his body quivered and shook as his cock jerked wildly inside my mouth. “Jesus, Rand, I’m sorry ’bout THISSSSSS!!!” Before my eyebrows had a chance to knit together in confusion about what he might have meant, his cock erupted and a powerful blast of white-hot cum pounded into the back of my throat. God! I didn’t want to swallow it. I wanted to hold it there and roll my tongue in it. Fuck, he tasted good! Thick, salty, and sweet…the creamy texture of what spewed from his heavy cock left my arms circling tightly around his hips in desperate ecstacy. Still, I had to swallow. The next copious blast forced my throat to open and his cum to slide down into my stomach even as a great deal slipped out the corners of my mouth and poured down my face. There was a slight pause in the cum flooding my mouth. “Sorry, son..” His cock exploded again, some of his cum blasting up my nose as the huge gush, bigger than the first two, almost drowned me while I stuggled to swallow fast enough. “…it’s been a while!” He stayed crouched above me, holding me in place by the hair and pouring load after load into my mouth and stomach. I felt like my world had been turned upside down in the best and most incredible way possible as he emptied his balls through that big amazing cock into my belly. I swallowed and swallowed as he hosed his cum into my mouth as if he was going to keep un- loading his balls into me forever. He eased onto one arm and knee as the blasts from the wide head of his thick meat finally began to subside. He rolled and fell shakily onto his back, he chest heaving and his cock still standing tall and jerking in the air above him. I through an arm around his hips and dove back onto his cock, greedy for any of that incredible cum he might still have to give me. “Randy! Randy! Easy! It’s sensitive. Jus’ hold it in your mouth n’ don’t move!” His voice was strained as his body continued quaking against me as the last of his orgasm raced through him. I suctioned without moving my lips or tongue to get every drop of seed he had in him. When it’d been a while since any of his cum had oozed from the tip, I pulled off and collapsed beside him. “Hey.” “Yeah, Dad?” I was still breathless, ready to explode myself. “You okay?” “Oh yeah.” He rolled onto his side and lifted up on one elbow. “Yeah? izmit anal yapan escort Anything you wanna say? Anything you wanna ask? I mean, that was pretty big, son.” “No. That was… Wow.” “Wow?” His handsome face was serious, even through the heavy beard I could see worry in the tight set of his mouth. “Well, yeah. I’d never thought about doin’ anything like that before. But, man! I’d like t’ do it again.” I flicked my eyes at him and then back away before rolling them up into my head to communicate just how hot I thought what we’d done had been. “There’s more y’ know…” His voice dropped as he looked down at me. Looking…not touching…just looking at me. “Huh?” I looked up into his face…innocent and naive in that I’d never given any thought to the possibilities before. “Oh yeah, there’s a lot a man can do to another guy. On the road, I learned a lot over the years. Many many times, a woman was no where t’ be found…but, other horny guys were available at every rest stop.” My initial thoughts of him cheating on Mom fled in an instant as the depth of what he was saying set in. “You mean you…?” I wasn’t sure how to finish the question. “Oh yeah. At first I had t’ get pretty liquored up. After a while, though, I began t’ see it as jus’ bein’ with another person that didn’t happen t’ be a woman. No big deal in the end. Jus’ two people enjoyin’ each other.” He wrapped a hand over the inside of my thigh just above my knee and slid it slowly upward. I drew a deep quick breath, his hand seeming to set my skin on fire as it traveled smoothly up toward my balls and dick. “How old are ya now, son?” I could have been disappointed he didn’t know. Instead, I felt warm and special in that question and the heated look in his dark eyes. “Sixteen.” “Sixteen, n’ already damned good lookin.’ I can just imagine…” His hand reached the junctured between my thighs and he began brushing his knuckles back and forth across my balls. My breathing quickened and my dick twitched like crazy above them. “Damn, jus’ look at’cha already.” I laid there wondering what he saw. At 5’9,” sandy blond, and much smaller in build…I couldn’t understand what he could see in me when he was so big, strong, and ruggedly handsome. Yeah, athletics and working on the ranch had given me a solid muscular phy- sique. But, I was slender and tight where he was wide and bulky. Only faint tufts of light hair dusted my armpits and crotch, rising in a thin line up the center of my stomach while thick dark hair curled over most of his body. People had commented on my eyes, light green with a dark rim like Mom’s. But, I loved Dad’s deep dark brown eyes that seemed so strong and in- tense. While his face had a look of being carved from hard wood or stone, mine was more youthful and rather fragile by comparison. And….next to his nine-inch thick-as-a-wrist horse cock and low-hanging heavy balls…my seven inches and small tight balls left me feeling like a little kid lying next to a giant. Still, the look in his eyes said he did see something that I didn’t. Even if I didn’t understand it, I knew I liked the way he was looking at me now. It was almost as if he was seeing me for the first time and turned on by what he’d finally noticed in me. “Yeah, I can jus’ imagine…” He repeated. Then, his fingers slid under my balls and traced the line from them to where the cleft between my asscheeks began. “Ever touched yourself before? Down here?” It almost tickled, tingling spread outward from where his fingers stroked the small area of skin. “No.” It was all I could say with his eyes boring into mine and his thick fingers taunting that place between my balls and ass. I stared back up at him as steady as he stared down at me. He looked strong, determined, and con- fident while I felt lost, spinning, and overwhelmed by everything that had hap- pened and everything my body was feeling. “No….” His voice dropped quieter. His hand came up to my face and stroked my left cheek, then the right. Still looking deeply into my eyes, his hand moved back down and slid inside the valley of my ass. His hand was slick, hot, and sensual as it moved across my hole. I realized he’d coated his hand with his own cum when he’d stroked my face and I suddenly felt as if I’d been lowered into steaming hot water. The thick rough fingers of his hand riding back and forth across my butthole set my hole to clenching and dick to throbbing. I’d gotten shocked by electricity once when I’d helped Dad install flood lights at the barn. Now, it felt as if I was getting a low voltage shock running continuously throughout my body from my tight hole as he teased and petted the sensitive flesh there. “Roll over for me, son.” I came to and found him breathing as hard as I was, his eyes now glazed over and even more heated than before. I moved as he asked, momentarily losing the incredible sensations rising up through me as I dislodged his hand. On my stomach, his hand returned and a fingertip pressed in. It was like being blinded as my vision flashed bright white. I felt like I’d just discovered the most amazing secret about my own body. I knew I’d just turned a big corner and that my life from that point on would never be the same. He moved his fingertip slowly, gently. I felt a definite pressure as he moved another fingertip alongside the other. He moved both easily, smoothly and coaxed my asshole to open. Soon, a third fingertip joined the first two. He continued administering to the opening of my ass with expert tenderness and patience. He reached to the side and pulled something from under his pillow. I heard the snap of a cap just before he offered an explanation. “Mom and I haven’t been gettin’ along, so I’ve had t’ beat off lately.” I didn’t really register the meaning of the statement, any chance of that was denied when I began feeling him slowly pull all three fingers from my ass. He’d moved them in deeper so slowly that I hadn’t realized he’d progres- sed past the fingertips. I’d had no idea until I felt both knuckles of each finger graze past my assring on their exit. Dad did something I would later realize was lubing up his cock, and then rolled his full weight and length of his tall body on top of mine. I felt as if every cell in my body melted into him as his muscled form pressed me bet- tween him and the ground. His cock slid easily to lay heavily up the crack of my ass. The thick width of him spread my cheeks wide as the lube allowed his hulking shaft to sink inside, leaving the head of his fat cock pressed into my lower back. His arms came up to circle over my head as the smell of his skin, the smell of his sweat, and the richer darker scent coming from his armpits filled my chest. He began slowly moving his hips forward and back, dragging the underside of his big cock back and forth between my cheeks and against my hole. He increased the depth of his movement until the head of his cock finally slid directly inside to where the head was positioned right at the relaxed and stretched entrance to my sixteen year old ass. He pushed inside. I could see it! I knew exactly what his cock looked like, every inch of it was seared into my memory from when he’d let me have free rein to examine it right in my face. I could picture as well as feel his careful entry. I knew when the tip breached my hole. I could see my asshole open- ing up and hugging the spongy broad head. I could see it as well as feel it as the sloping helmet-shaped flesh pushed in deeper. I could picture my hole expanding over the wide flaring ridge just before it pressed past and my asshole closed behind it to grip his fat shaft. I don’t gebze escort know what I did. I know I must have writhed underneath him and moaned like an eager whore. But, I had no conception of it. It was if I was slowly falling down a deep dark well as each centimeter of Dad’s incredible cock moved into me as if in slow motion. “Oh god, Randy…” I felt his knees shove mine apart and tilt my ass upward as if I was only half there, the other half of me overwhelmed beyond feeling anything physical as the enormity of having my own father moving his huge dick into me shut out everything else in the world. I was still “seeing” it in my head when he began forcing his massive shaft inside. Keeping my deflowering slow and careful, I don’t think he knew how much his care in drawing it out was short-circuiting both my brain and my body. “Daaaaaaad….” I gasped before I realized I was going to. “Randy…” He answered and then sped up his filling of my ass. In one long continuous stroke, he stuffed the rest of his mule-dick up inside my virgin ass. My chest was heaving and my eyes were actually crossing by the time I felt his full heavy balls come to rest on my own as his hips finally pressed into my asscheeks. He was completely inside me! “Oh god, Randy…Randy…son….” He began pulling back out. “Oh shit, Dad, FUCK!” I groaned, clinging to my sanity as inch after fat rigid inch built a bonfire inside my ass on the slow exit of that huge meat. “Is that what you want? You want me t’ fuck you, son?” His voice was somehow sweet. There was nothing dirty or lechorous in his tone. There was just warmth, desire, and love. I felt as if I began falling faster inside that deep dark well of intense pleasure at the sound of his words. “God, Dad, yes. Oh, fuck, yes….” I mumbled, rewarded almost im- mediately by him thrusting back deep inside me. “Yes, Dad, yes! Oh, jesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssss……” He pulled back out again and then shoved deep once more. I knew he’d gone deeper on that stroke. I could feel it deep inside my body. I tried to picture it. Unlike before, I couldn’t. It didn’t seem possible that all nine inches could be up inside me. I tried to picture where the head of his cock must be, but there was no way. I knew his huge cock was shoved all the way in, but my mind just couldn’t make sense out of the thought that I had the whole thing inside my body. Something about that, something about knowing how big Dad’s cock was, turned me on even more. There was no pain, there never had been. There was only the sense of being bloated inside with Dad’s massive meat. As he began moving it in and out passionately, dragging my hole in and out around his fat girth, the idea that his huge cock was being thrust in and out of my much smaller body was driving me crazy. Along with the knowledge I was taking all of his horse-cock, there was the incredible feeling of his length and width massaging and stroking my tight hole and the tunnel inside. It seemed as if I could feel the head and shaft stretching out and nuzzling the walls of my ass as he drilled into the depths of me. “Good god, son!” He heaved out and pulled one of my knees up to my chest. The new angle rolled me partially over onto my side as he raised up over me. He began driving in, compacting my spine each time he bottomed out powerfully inside me. He was also hitting that area between my ass and my balls, and something flared up inside me from that place each time he pounded into it. I could hear myself muttering and groaning, but had no idea what I was saying. All I knew was that I’d never felt anything like this before and I never wanted this to stop. His huge cock and the masterful way he used it in- side me was turning both my mind and my heart to blubbering mush. Some- where in all this, he’d become everything in my world. “I gotta see ya, son, I gotta llok at’cha.” He rasped out hoarsely and somehow flipped me all the way over on my back without missing a beat in his deep fucking of my young ass. He hooked one arm under one of my knees as he reached for my neck with the other. He pulled me up and into a kiss, something that shocked me, as he rammed deep inside and left me crying out into his kiss. It felt as if he jammed that huge cock all the way up into my chest. He hit something along the way that made me thrash wildly underneath his hold on me. As if that all wasn’t enough, the new position shoved my ass even wider around the base of his cock. He began pistoning in and out of me like an animal. The shape of his cock…the broad head, the added thickness in the middle third of it, and then the enlarged base…made it feel as if my ass was being shoved open three times with every deep gut-wrenching slam. “DAD! DAD!” I twisted my head away to plead, for what I didn’t know, only to have him pull me right back into another deep strong kiss. He captured my mouth again, his long thick tongue filling my mouth as his beard and mus- tache pressed into my face. He reached down and hooked my other knee. I was bent double, my cock trapped between his hairy stomach and my smooth one. Every ass- busting thrust of his body into mine ground my cock between his much larger weight and my own. The pressure and movement on the head of my dick and his muscular slamming of my ass started the telltale tingle deep in the base of my balls. “Now, Randy, NOW!” He broke the kiss and grabbed my shoulders in his big rough hands. He slammed into me with a power and speed that almost felt as if I was in danger of being crushed. “AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!” His head fell to the side of mine as he jammed his cock so deep it felt as if it were almost up iniside my throat! He ground his body into mine and his hips left to right as his cock pounded my insides with its powerful jerking and flexing as he poured his adult load into my young teenage ass! “OH! OH! OH! FUUUUCKKK…!!!” I started thrashing and convul- sing underneath him as my own cock began spewing between us…shooting its thick gooey load into the heavy mass of dark hair coating his stomach. “DAD! OH GOD! DAD! DAD! DAD!” I fought him, trying to get away from the explosions going on inside my head and body. He held me in place, unloading over and over as he flooded my ass at the same time as I splattered my load all over his stomach. I felt his cum stream from my hole every time his huge cock jerked and dumped another big load of thick, white, daddy-cum into my young ass. My body kept hunching in upon itself, tilting and stirring Dad’s cock inside me each time. His meaty baseball bat cock shoved organs aside, thrust between them, and rearranged everything inside me with pleasure so extreme, I felt as if I were exploding all over again. It seemed as if this drove him even crazier and made his cumming inside me seem to go on forever. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Dad raised up and began fucking me like mad again. I could feel his cum frothing at and squishing around my hole as he power-fucked the more of his load into me with renewed drive and power. I knew the thick hair above his cock and coating his balls had to be drenched in the gallons of cum escaping my ass. The air in the tent was saturated with the heavy smell of male sweat and multiple loads of cock juice. My drained dick flopped all over my stomach in its own sloppy mess as Dad’s piledriving of me went on interminably. He released my legs which lowered only enough to wrap around his waist and keep his big cock buried inside me. When he collapsed on top of me and I could feel his full weight pressing into me…protectively, lovingly…I already desperately wanted him to fuck me again. (To be continued.) Other stories: Discovering Uncle Tip http://www.//gay/incest/discovering-uncle-tip/ Teddy’s Discovery http://www.//gay/incest/teddys-discovery/ Hay Baling and Uncle Buck http://www.//gay/incest/hay-bailing-and-uncle-buck/ Bad Uncles and fty//gay/incest/bad-uncles-and-dads/

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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