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Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 31 Dad Loves Me Part 31 James hoo) Daddy woke up and carefully moved his arm from around me and got up to use the restroom. The sound of his morning piss hitting the water in the toilet was very loud and kind of echoed in the bathroom and I stirred a little but just went right back to sleep. After flushing, daddy came back in our bedroom and stood looking at me. He pulled the sheet down and admired my young 13 year old body. Since just before my birthday, we noticed that I had hair growing in my armpits, and around my cock and butt, and even a little on my chest. Daddy layed down next to me and lifted my cock up so he could lick on my balls. He licked on them and sucked a little on them too. After my balls were very wet, and my cock hard in daddy’s hand, he moved his mouth to my cock and sank all the way down. I started waking and looked down to see my cock in daddy’s mouth. “Suck me daddy. Make me cum and let me feed you.” Daddy started bobbing up and down giving me a wonderful blowjob. I was starting to get close to my orgasm and went back to licking my balls, and then he went back to my cock. He edged me for nearly half an hour. Soon I was begging “Please let me cum. I want to feed you. I need to cum. Daddy, how can you torture me like this? I need to cum so badly.” I reached for my cock and daddy kept me from grabbing my cock. He went down on me once more and this time when I was on the brink, he increased his suction and just a few strokes of his wet mouth on my cock I screamed out “FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!” and I shot my load and it was very powerful after all that edging. After the orgasm passed I was panting and covered in sweat. Daddy came up and kissed me and I could taste my cum in his mouth. I looked over at the clock and it was 6 am. “Daddy, we need to get ready so you won’t be late for work.”—“Don’t worry son, I set this up with work and I have today off. Your last day before school starts. I also set it up with your grampa and it will be a three generation guy’s day. Grampa will be over around 10 o’clock and will be here most of the day. The three of us are going to have a barbecue for dinner and you are going to be exhausted by us.” I went to the bathroom and I stood in front of the toilet and let out a strong stream of piss that was a lot stronger than ever. It didn’t even feel like I needed to go that bad, but I figured it was because istanbul travesti I had edged so long with daddy. When I went out to the kitchen, daddy had started the coffee and breakfast. I asked him about the strong piss, and he said he had the same thing and the urologist grampa had taken him to was a boy loving buddy and explained daddy’s situation and they did some tests and it just showed that daddy had a rare condition that desensitized his feeling of having to urinate. It didn’t completely get rid of the feeling, but stopped any feelings of urgency. Daddy’s grampa and uncle had the same condition. There was really nothing could be done that wouldn’t cause problems while having sex. The son of daddy’s doctor took over his practice and we would call this morning for an appointment. We had breakfast and cleaned up and straightened up and we went to the study to call the doctor. We left a message and within 20 minutes he called back. Daddy explained who he was and the situation and since grampa was a friend of their family, we kind of got priority and he was going to set up a clinic call during his office hour at 4 pm on Monday. He would find and review daddy’s file over the time before Monday as he had time to be prepared. When grampa came over, I saw him and daddy kiss for the first time in my life. I mean I saw them kiss in a regular daddy/son way but not like lovers. Then grampa kissed me like he did daddy. Grampa went to the bedroom and stripped. When he came out I compared his and daddy’s bodies. They were very similar except grampa had lots of silver hair mixed in with his dark hair and had a slightly larger cock while daddy was slightly harrier especially on his butt. We all sat for a little and I got grampa a glass of iced tea while daddy had lemonade and I had strawberry flavored water. We told grampa about our call to the doctor and said he knew where the doctor lived and tonight he would find the copies of the records of daddy’s case from back then and take them to the doctor’s office tomorrow. He said not to worry because it wasn’t anything fatal. Daddy decided he wanted a cigar and offered grampa one. I looked at daddy and silently asked “May I?” Grampa saw the look and said “I wanna see my grandson with his own cigar.” Daddy nodded and I set them all up cutting, toasting, and finally lighting them. We all sat and talked about daddy and grampa’s kadıköy travesti relationship, and also how Marcus fit in. All the talk and the cigars made us all horny although I think daddy was more horny than either grampa or me. We went into the bedroom and daddy laid on the bed and I laid with him in a 69 position but while I was sucking him, he was rimming me and grampa was rimming daddy. Soon enough we were all quite wet. While we were switching positions, grampa was stroking his cock which was shiny with precum. I got on my back and daddy lifted my legs and pressed his cock to my hole and my hole opened to him and he slid in easily all the way. He leaned down to kiss me and wait for grampa to take his butt. Grampa still had his cigar clenched in his teeth (keeping a slight haze of smoke in the room) as he pushed against daddy’s butt. As his cockhead entered, daddy stopped kissing me and cried out “Oh dad, it’s been too long and I’ve missed this and glad to be feeling you in me again.” After a few minutes, the three of us got into a comfortable rhythm and grampa was taking drags from his cigar and blowing the smoke down on us. I listened to them both listening for sounds that they were close to their orgasms. It was difficult with daddy and grampa joined as intimately as daddy and I were. I heard daddy’s slight noises signaling his impending orgasm. I reached for my cock and only had to stroke a few times before my orgasm hit me and my orgasm triggered a chain reaction through daddy to grampa. After our orgasm was done, I layed down between daddy and grampa. We were all breathing heavily but none of us lost our erections. Grampa spoke up “Benji, how would you like to screw your old grampa?”—“You’re not old grampa, and I’d love to make love to you.”—“Adam you will feed me your cock while our boy fills my ass. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a boy’s cock in my ass.” Grampa got into doggy position and I moved back and started roaming through the sweaty fur on grampa’s butt in search of his hole. I finally found it and really went to work showing him all I had learned. I was using all the tricks daddy and the others taught me. When I knew he was wet enough, I lined up my dripping cock and slowly slid into his butt. He sighed as he swallowed daddy’s cock. I was doing just about everything I knew to give grampa as much pleasure as I could. We went bakırköy travesti on for about ten minutes until I couldn’t take much more and I cried out “I’M CUMMING!” Daddy said “Me too son. Let’s shoot together.” We had our eyes locked on each other and when we knew it was time, we both grunted in unison and shot our loads into grampa filling him at both ends. Grampa reached down grabbing his cock and started cumming as well. We all kind of collapsed on the bed and were breathing even heavier than before. I recovered first and went to the shower. When I came out daddy and grampa were making out. I told them while they showered, I would get things ready for the barbecue. They went into the shower together and washed each other thoroughly using the hose and nozzle to clean their butts like I had done. I had the grill uncovered and lit and was getting the meat and foil packs filled with vegetables ready to take outside. We all went out on the deck and sat while the food cooked. When the food was almost ready, I went in to set the table and get our drinks. We ate and chatted a little about getting Marcus, Tim, and Jim out here so we could all get together. We decided the best time would be Thanksgiving or Christmas. We would gave to chat with Marcus to set that up. After we were done eating, I left the dishes for now and grampa got ready to make the short walk home. Daddy and I both kissed him passionately and grampa pulled me tightly to him by grabbing my butt. After he left, daddy helped me clean the kitchen and then he went out to do some cleaning on the grill. He came back in and we watched “9 to 5” with Dolly Parton. After the movie daddy went out and put the cover back on the grill. We went to the bedroom and asked how I was feeling about everything he learned in the last few days with his grampa and all. I told him I was great with it all and couldn’t wait to remeet my uncle and meet my cousins who were both 3 years older than me. My female cousin was starting her sophomore year at college and was going to be spending both holidays with friends. I had never met Anne, but heard she looked like her mother. She hadn’t had anything do do with her father or brothers since the divorce and lived with her mother until she left for college. She blamed her dad for the divorce saying if he loved her he could have helped her stop drinking. Daddy and I curled up together and I found it hard to fall asleep with anticipation of school starting tomorrow. I finally fell asleep. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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