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Daddy tells son its OK to SWALLOW and FUCK

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Daddy tells son its OK to SWALLOW and FUCKI was in school one day and the loud speaker in the classroom came on. The principal said that due to some bad weather, a forecast hurricane, moving into the gulf (we lived in Tampa, Florida) they were cancelling classes for the day. We were all really excited so I tried calling my dad on my cell but he didn’t answer. I drove home and saw a car in the driveway that wasn’t ours. I parked in the street and went in the house and noticed our burglar alarm was turned off. I could hear strange voices upstairs and I was worried that maybe someone had broken in. I quietly went upstairs and peeked down the hall. I saw my dad’s bedroom door open and the voices were coming from inside.I looked around the door opening and saw my dad laying there completely naked and some guy was kneeling over him and playing with dad’s cock! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I panicked a little to tell the truth! I didn’t know what to say and just as I was about to run back down stairs, I saw my dad shoot a big load of cum up in the air and that guy put his mouth over dad and he actually let that cum go in his mouth! He licked up a little more from dad’s chest and balls and then started to jerk him off some more!I went back down stairs and acted like I had just come home so I made some noise and heard them scrambling around up there. I slammed the door so he would think I had just come home. He came down the steps really fast and I could tell he was freaked out some and his hair was all fucked up and his socks and shoes were missing. I acted like nothing was wrong and dad asked why I was home so early. I explained about the storm and he said that he had been taking a nap upstairs. I knew better iof course but I didn’t see the other man and I was curious to where he had gone, Dad asked me to go out to the back porch with him so he could show me something. I knew it was bull shit and that his buddy needed to leave through the front door. I did as asked and dad made up some bull shit about the pool pump not working right.He spent 5 minutes telling me his lie but I listened and when we went back inside, the guy must have left! He said he was going to take a shower and when he did, I crept up to his room and looked around for evidence of his crime and I found that mans wallet laying by the bed! I figured that it had fallen out in his lame attempt to get away..LOL!I took it and put it in my room and waited to see what would happen. Sure enough, a few hours later, I heard dad cell ring and he walked outside to talk. When he came back, he ran to his room and I heard him moving shit around in there, looking in vain for that wallet! I asked him what he was doing and he said that he could find HIS wallet! Yeah, right…and he then stated he couldn’t find it and had I seen it anywhere. I pretended to look around and after 15 minutes of this game, I looked him straight in the eye and handed the thing to him! He asked where I found it and I told him it was in the bathroom (I didn’t want him to know I had been in his room) and that I thought he had a black one and this one was brown. He said that it was a friends wallet, blah, blah, blah and I let it go at that.That night, I couldn’t get the thought of him cumming in that mans mouth and I was actually getting turned on some. I don’t know why, I mean I’m not gay as far as I know but the idea of his cum in my mouth made me get hard! I reached under the covers and jerked off and the cum shot everywhere! I knew I had better clean it up so I got out of bed and went to get a washcloth and some paper towels. When I returned, I started cleaning off the bed sheets first and then, before I could clean myself up, I turned around and my dad was standing there in my door way. He asked if I wanted to watch a late movie and I said yes, I couldn’t sleep anyway and then he looked down at my chest and pointed to it and told me that I had better clean that crap off myself first. He laughed and left the room and I was about to die! I wiped it off and went down stairs to the den and wearing just my under ware and I sat near him on the sofa.We started watching this old movie and I could feel him looking at me if that makes sense. I still couldn’t get the idea from my head about him getting his cock sucked the other day and I wondered how much and how often he was doing this. After a few more minutes of this crappy movie, he asked to change the channel and I said canlı bahis to go ahead. He put on a cable movie which had a soft core X rating and it showed some couples all fucking around. He asked if I was ok with this and since I could drive a car, he saw no harm in it.I noticed after several scenes that his cock was starting to swell in his shorts and honestly, so was mine. I wanted to just reach down and jerk one off but I was next to my dad and it wouldn’t be cool I thought. Dad after a few more minutes, and seeing my growing cock, told me that it was ok with him if I played with myself since he already knew I masturbated, I mean, he DID see my cum on my chest!…LOL I was nervous about doing it and he could tell so he all of a sudden, pulled his own cock out and started stroking it right in front of me! I was mesmerized looking at it but I laughed and did the same! We were now side by side, happily jerking off! I have a tendency to cum too quick and when I stated tensing up, dad could tell and blurted out that there was a way to not cum so quick, I stammered out how and that’s when he reached over to me and squeezed the head of my dick! It sent shock waves through me and I liked the hell out of it too! I was also freaked out we were doing this at all but I figured that since he’s my dad, everything was cool!After about another 7 or 8 minutes, I knew I was going to cum and this time, I let it happen! I shot a huge load out and it went all over the place! I swear, I had never cum so much and now I had it dripping from my cock, on my balls and all over my right hand! I was a little embarrassed by it and actually tried to hide it from him but he had noticed of course and he looked over at me and said that my sperm shouldn’t be wasted like that. I didn’t really know what he meant by that but he moved a little closer and told me that if I was ok with it, he would like to clean me up himself! I thought he meant getting me a wash cloth or something so I said thanks. Instead of him getting up to grab some towels though, he lowered his face near my cock and opened his ips and slid his open mouth over my dick. Feeling him do that made me jump and once again electrified my body. Having my own father go down on me was pretty awesome even though I felt disturbed by it. I could feel him licking my cock and a gentle sucking motion too and then his tongue ran down the shaft, all the way down to my balls where he licked them clean. Feeling my nut sack in his mouth was intensive to say the least and then he used his wet cum covered tongue to slid his way up to the tip and I felt him stick it in my pee hole. That made me cum again and he swallowed every bit of it. He then looked up and saw some on my tummy and he licked that off as well.I was now in some sort of state of euphoria, having my dad use his tongue like that but I didn’t care at this point and I only wanted to please him! Dad raised up and told me thanks for my cum and that I should never tell anyone what he had done to me. I agreed and after he wiped his face clean, we both relaxed a while and watched more of the movie without a word being said.I looked over after a while and saw dad stoking himself again and by now, he was really hard and very large. I was curious about how his cum, or me for that matter, would taste and I watched him stroke himself till his pooped a load! Dad moaned a littel and the stream of cum he shot was incredible and it was running all down his big cock, all over his balls and like me, he had it all over his big hands too! I felt this urge to just go over to him and let that sweet cum go in my mouth but honestly, I was afraid for some reason so I just kept looking at his spent jism, all gooey, wet and white and watched to see what he would do. Dad then asked me if I had ever tasted another mans cum and I said no, and truthfully, I hadn’t ever even seen a man cum till him. I told him no and I kinda laughed it off but he took my hand and guided it toward his cock head. I touched it and felt the slippery wet cream between my fingers and then the warmness of it. I leaned toward him a little and he gently pushed my face in so close that my lips were just an inch from his cock. I was still worried about how it would taste but I parted my lips and lowered my mouth over him. The feeling of his cock in my mouth is something I will never forget! It was strange and warm and the cum taste was immediate too. It was sweet with a little bahis siteleri saltiness but I liked it and lowered my mouth all the way down as far as I could. I sucked him gently and even place my hand around the shaft and squeezed it. I could feel more cum seeping out and I swished all that around some and then swallowed. dad told me to please lick what was on his huge ball sack too so I put them in my mouth. That was fun, feeling two marble like objects in there and mixed with all that sperm was really turning me on.I finally got him clean and I raised up, dad handed me a towel and I wiped my face clean! We both just laid back and watched more porn, dad every now and then would reach over and touch my cock or massage my balls! It was an incredible night I will never forget. After another x movie finished, we decided to sleep in his bed where he fondled me till we fell asleep.The next day, it was a Saturday and he and I had the day off of course. He made breakfast and we talked a while about the night before. He mentioned about me being the first time with a man, much less it being him and we had a really good conversation. I went ahead and confessed about the day I saw him with that guy in the bedroom and he told me the whole story and turns out, he and that guy have been having this affair, if you can call it that, for years! Dad said that he loved having men suck him off and he as well enjoyed sucking them too. I was now at ease with everything and I told him it was fine and if he wanted to ever have his cock sucking friend over, it was fine with me. dad thanked me for not being judgemental and said that he just might have a couple of guys over tonight if I was ok with it. I told him it was fine and that I would stay in my room while they did their thing but dad said that he wanted me to meet them and that I might like them myself!That whole day, my mind raced about what would he be doing with them and I was actually jealous about it. I mean, it was MY dad so if anybody was going to fuck his mouth, it should be me! He came up to me about 5 in the afternoon and said that two guys were coming over and that he wanted me to meet them when they arrived. He and I went to the store and picked up some liquor and beer and then went home to set things up.We had a pool and he wanted them to hang out there tonight and maybe do some swimming, etc. I knew that he was going to be sucking dick but I wanted to join them so I asked him if I could. He said it was fine and he was going to ask me anyway so NOW I felt better!The guys arrived around 8 that night and they were all around my dad’s age. They were both really cool and after about an hour of bullshit talk, dad asked them if they wanted to go skinny dipping. One of them looked at me and asked if I was going too. I told him sure so everybody pulled off their clothes and we were naked as hell! I liked seeing their cocks hanging down and in my mind was what had dad done with them before! We all sat around the pool for a while and finally, one of the guys sat by my dad and asked him, right in front of me, if I was cool with what they were here to do! Dad nodded yes and stated that the night before, he and I had “worked” things out! I freaked that he told, but it did break the ice and everyone laughed about it.The man then took dads cock in his hand and stoked it several times, dad just laid back to enjoy and that’s when the other man moved over next to me. He put his arm around me and then, with his other hand, placed it on my nut sack. I jumped a little from that but it did feel good and he began massaging my balls! I liked the feeling of him rubbing them all around like marbles and I got almost an instant hard-on! I reached over to him and took his cock in my hand. I glanced at dad, hoping he would approve and he gave me the thumbs up signal so I knew all was good at that point! I played with the mans cock till it was hard like mine and then without saying a word, leaned over and opened my mouth and let his meat go inside! He had a nice one and I used my tongue to expore every inch of it. I even tried to stick my tongue in his pee hole. I could taste some pre-cum leaking from it and that made me even hornier! I licked and sucked while he fondled me and every now and then, I would glance at dad who was now sucking that other man off! I felt my man starting to tense up and I knew he was coming and when he did, I felt a huge rush of sperm enter my mouth! güvenilir bahis It was almost HOT and very slippery too. I swished it around some, savoring the taste and then I swallowed it. He still had cum on his balls which I lapped up and I took each one in my mouth and swirled them around! I raised up and then he went down on me and I blew a huge load in his mouth! He, like me, was a cum lover and ate every drop of it. We both sat there and watched dad take a full load in the mouth and then cum in his mans mouth too! It was awesome being with them and doing these filthy things!We all took a break when one of the men that had been with dad asked me about my ass. He said I had a nice one and it would look great with his cock shoved in it. Now I had never thought at all about being fucked but I was a little buzzed from the drinks and I asked dad what he thought about it. He said it was fine and that as long as it didn’t hurt me, and I could do what ever I liked. I told the guy that I had never done that before and that seemed to turn him on and he asked me to bend over. I did as he said and he pulled my cheeks aprt and I felt him stick his tongue in me. It felt nice and when it went in, I could feel it swirl around and I now thought an ass fucking might be fun! I told him he could try and everybody kinda gathered around. He got behind me and while I was on all fours on the den floor, and I felt his cock push against my hole. It was a weird feeling but exciting, knowing that I was about to be fucked by a man! His cock slipped inside and I jumped some but dad braced me and said that I was going to do just fine and that I should take it like a man! His cock was now totally inside my ass and I could feel every single vein in his cock I think. He pounded me for at least 10 minutes and finally, I felt a big rush of warmth enter me. I knew he had cum in there and my thoughts were of how much! It was nice and sweet and when he pulled out, I saw dad go around and pop that mans cock in his mouth and my first thoughts were that dad was now tasting my ass juice AND this mans sperm all mixed togther! Daddy cleaned him up with his mouth and I sat back down, still feeling that warm cum, seeping out and all over my ass cheeks.I watched the other guy get fucked by dad and after he pulled out, I felt obligated to clean him up which I did and the taste wasn’t all that pleasant, but knowing it was dad’s cum made it ok! Daddy thanked me and I then watched his cum seep from that mans hole and run down his legs! I decided to go ahead and lick that up as well and then I raised back up and took a big shot of whiskey to kill the shitty taste!!The other guys finally left, all having cum a couple times and dad and I were now alone! I still had a nice load inside my ass and it made me horny just thinking about it! Dad and I got into bed together to sleep but neither of us could. I felt dad reach around my waist and start fondling my cock and balls and that got me hard again! Dad told me that he wished that HE had been the one to fuck my ass for the first time and I told him I was sorry but that his friend had asked first, dad then asked me if he could see my hole and make sure it was ok and not busted or anything. I did as asked and got on my tummy and I spread my ass cheeks apart for his so-called “inspection”. I felt his finger rub around my hole and then he stuck it in me about an inch. It felt nice and dad said that I still had cum leaking from it and that it was sweet looking. He then put his open mouth over it and I felt his warm breath and long wet tongue start licking all around and finally, it went deep inside! The feeling of his tongue in me was awesome and I got hard again! dad whispered that he would like to enter me himself if I was ok with it. I whispered back a yes amd parted my legs a little more. His cock head pushed against me and knowing that it was my dad fixing to fuck me made it all the better! I couldn’t wait to feel the cum that created me go in my ass and when he pushed harder, the feeling of his cock head passing through made me almost pass out! He pumped and fucked me like I was a whore and when he came, the feeling was incredible and knowing that my own father was using my ass was the BEST ever! Dad popped his load deep inside of me and then pulled out! We laid side by side and later that night, I even ate daddy’s ass out for him, knowing that he would enjoy that!We now have a VERY special relationship and he brings men over for us to fuck and I even bring boys from school over for us. We have fun orgy’s now and we have even both gone to all mens clubs to meet more horny guys like us who like father and son fuck teams!

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