Mar 30

Daddy’s Little Helpers Ch. 01

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One – Procurer, Pimp or Public Service

It was one of the few things that I had tried, that I just couldn’t do on my own since my accident. Whenever I wanted to get in the hot tub, I was supposed to put a plastic bag over my cast to keep it dry. I just couldn’t get a good seal around my arm above the cast with just one hand.

I guess I should explain a little. About a month ago, I was just starting a shower before my oldest daughter was coming over to discuss some legal papers I needed to handle, when the phone rang. Since I wasn’t wet yet, except for my feet, I jumped out to answer thinking she may be canceling coming over, but it was my second daughter who had an issue to discuss. So I told her to call my youngest daughter and have her come over too and we could all go out for a meal.

When I went to get back in the shower, I slipped. Well, I was of course nude for the shower, and my daughters were the first ones to find me. It was a little embarrassing when I noticed that they hadn’t covered me up at all and were all getting a full view of their old man. I broke my forearm, cracked a rib, and had major bruising down one side of my body. I had also put a goose egg on my head from the fall and so had gone to the hospital for the cast and a night of observation.

While there, I had drifted off from some pain medication, and when I had awakened, it was to hear my daughters having a discussion about my package and the waste of it no longer being used since my wife had passed about 2 years earlier. I just kept silent and listened to their discussion until one noticed a movement I made and broke up the discussion. I hadn’t known that my wife had told my one daughter the story of the use of my skills that my wife had found quite a few years earlier.

She had started a women’s business club and one of her friends in the club had needed some help breaking out of a destructive relationship. My job had been to help the girl re-discover her self-esteem and get out of that abusive relationship. My daughters didn’t know that my wife had me provide that service to quite a few other friends of hers over the years since then, at least until shortly before I lost her.

When that happened, I pretty much lost interest in anything that wasn’t something needed by my daughters. Even though Barb is 30 and Lexie and Sophie are both in their mid-twenties, we are pretty close. One or more of them call just about every day, and I see them either separately or together just about every week. In fact, Barb comes over each Friday evening since my accident so I can get in the hot tub and she can start to relax into her weekend.

Barb had come over tonight and helped me get the plastic bag on my arm before we hopped in the tub while we talked. She was telling me that we needed to handle some more paperwork that I had in the safety deposit box at her bank. I could drop in on Monday to get the items out of the box so we could process them and sign them so they could be submitted.

She said the bank examiners were coming in starting Monday also, so she may have to have one of her assistants help me if she had to be with the examiners. We talked a little more about just what papers had to be handled and she said she’d have a listing of which items to pull out of the box just in case she couldn’t help me herself.

Then she said she had almost forgotten; she was supposed to take her assistant out for lunch on Monday for her anniversary at the bank. She asked if I could make it there between 11:00 and 11:30 so I would finish at just about noon and I could carry them off to the Chinese restaurant out on the bypass, so she wouldn’t have to take the extra time to do the parking thing, in and out of the garages and such. She said she’d spring for my lunch if I’d act as chauffeur; of course she knew I wouldn’t turn her down.

When Barb started telling me that Janet, the assistant she was taking to lunch was her same age and that she was a pretty attractive girl, I knew that this was the first attempt to get me out of my monk’s existence and maybe help out one of her co-workers in the process. Of course I didn’t tell Barb that I knew about the plan that she and her sisters had for me. I would just go along with what they planned as they revealed it. Hey, it had been two years and even though I had loved my wife Caroline more than anyone else on the planet, that long of a dry spell was starting to get on my nerves. Hell, Caroline would have been yelling at me to get out there a year ago.

So there I was on Monday morning, shaved and showered and dressed in business casual, waiting at my house until time to leave for the bank so I would arrive at the correct time. I thought back to Sunday afternoon when my Daughter Lexie, the orthopedic nurse, had stopped in to take a quick look at my cast and to have a little talk. It seems that she had talked with Barb on Saturday and although she said she probably shouldn’t pass on the information, esenyurt anal yapan escort she thought that I should know. It seems that Janet, Barb’s assistant, had just gone through a bad breakup with her boyfriend and she suggested that I should be extra nice to Janet when I saw her.

I couldn’t resist teasing Lexie a little. “Now Lexie, you know that I don’t ever lie to anyone about anything when I talk with them. I will be nice to Janet because she is Barb’s co-worker, but I won’t be extra nice to her if I don’t find her to be nice and interesting too… Of course, I haven’t met a woman yet who I didn’t find nice and interesting.”

“Oh, Daddy, you got me there. I thought you were going to tell me to butt out. I know that you treat every woman you meet as though she were a queen. It was silly of me to think you needed to be reminded to be nice. Everyone I know has told me one time or another that you were the best man they had ever seen.”

So I arrived and met with Barb at just about 11:20 and she walked me to the vault area to let me get my box. But before we could turn the keys to remove my box, an assistant came running in to tell Barb that there was another question from the examiners. Barb turned to me and said that everything had just been crazy this morning. It seemed that one of the examiners had found some problem first thing even before the bank opened, and the bank president had sent out a memo that any question that an examiner had, must be answered immediately. She had been interrupted three times already today to provide assistance.

Barb introduced Janet and asked if Janet could help while she ran to resolve this latest crisis. Of course, she said she would get back as quickly as she could. So this was the girl I was supposed to be nice to… It wouldn’t be any problem at all. Janet was dressed in a pretty light-blue button up blouse with a dark blue knee length skirt. She was about an inch shorter than me in her low black heels. Her hair was shoulder length with a slight reddish cast and her smile was warm and genuine, not just professional courteous.

When Janet noticed my cast, she offered to help me carry my box into the private room that the bank had for the box owner to access their box. Policy required the employee to leave the room after helping the owner put the box on the table unless the owner requested assistance of some kind. Since my cast covered most of my hand and up just past my elbow, I asked if Janet would stay and help me pull out certain of the papers for removal since trying to sort through one handed would have taken me twice as long. So she flipped through the envelopes reading the labels as I looked at my listing for those I needed to pull.

We finished in just under 20 minutes and as I was thanking her for her assistance and we were returning the box to the vault, Barb showed up having finished resolving another false crisis. Barb asked if I could still drive her and Janet to their lunch date and said that they could be ready to go in just about 5 minutes if I wanted to get my car and meet them at the front door of the bank. So I headed out to bring the car around. Just as Janet and Barb were about to get in the car, another assistant came running out and called Barb for another question.

“Dad, would you mind going ahead and taking Janet out to lunch? I promised her lunch today but it looks like I won’t have a chance to go now. I’d really appreciate it and I’ll pay you back, with interest, ha, ha, ha, please…”

“Okay, okay, I never turn down the chance to have a meal with a lovely lady. I promise I’ll bring her back by 1:00 if I must, so you won’t have to punish her for tardiness; that is if she still wants to go?”

“Oh yes, thank you Barb and Mr. Stroker, I have to have some kind of lunch, but we don’t have to go all that way if you don’t want to. We can just catch a quick lunch someplace closer and cheaper.”

Barb said we could decide where to eat and when to get back as she ran back into the bank with the other assistant.

“Well, I already have my car out of the parking garage so we might as well go to someplace that you would like to eat and I know that the food is excellent at the Chinese restaurant that Barb had picked out. But if you’d prefer something else, I know a lot of restaurants… Italian, French, Greek, American, Indian, I even know where there is a decent Russian restaurant, here in town. And by the way, while we are at lunch, please just call me Jason, Mr. Stroker was my father, and I don’t feel that old, yet…”

“Okay, Jason, I do love Chinese food, that’s why Barb selected that restaurant. I haven’t been able to go there lately, my ex-boyfriend didn’t like Chinese and so he wouldn’t take me there, he always insisted on someplace where he could get hamburgers, hot dogs, or chicken sandwiches.”

While we talked, I was driving us to the restaurant… esenyurt escort I had noticed that the top button on her blouse was no longer closed.

“He is a fool for not taking you to places you selected at least half the time. I can see why he is an ‘ex’ now. I think you need to forget about him and the time that you spent with him, after all, that time is now, all in the past. And you are such a pretty woman that I’m sure there are lines of guys waiting to ask you out.”

“Oh, not really, Jason, at least not as far as I can tell. I don’t know of anyone who wants to take me out on a date. I don’t know if I’m putting out a damaged goods vibe or just don’t see any interest from the guys I meet or what.”

“Well, Janet, if I was 10 or 15 years younger, I’d certainly be trying to get you to go on a date with me. But since you are the same age as Barb, I’m old enough to be your father. And you deserve someone less aged than that to spend your life with.

“But come to think of it… Let’s treat this as though it is a date and we can see if you do have a damaged vibe. I know I will definitely enjoy pretending that you could be interested in me.”

We had arrived at the restaurant and I parked the car and came around to open her door. I hadn’t expected it, but when she turned to get out, she let me catch a glimpse up her skirt almost all the way to her panties. I had slipped into a dating mindset and that little bit of playfulness had caused me to start feeling a stirring in my pants. I wasn’t sure if it was planned or an accident. I’d have to be careful not to push until I found out if she was flirting or just distracted.

As we walked into the restaurant, I noticed several groups of other diners, including a couple groups of men who were waiting to be seated or who were on their way out. I noticed that some of them turned and watched as we walked past towards our table. I’d have to ask Janet if she noticed that when I had the chance.

When we arrived at the table and Janet turned back around to me, I noticed that a second button was undone. This looked like she was actively participating in the date adventure and I couldn’t help but smile even more.

This restaurant has a unique eating arrangement. There is soup, salad and appetizers available as though it is a buffet, but you order the main course by turning on a small lantern on your table. So you can take as short or as long a time as you like before ordering an entrée, or you can just eat from the buffet items without ordering anything more.

I asked Janet if she would be allowed to have some wine or a mixed drink with her lunch since she was still supposed to return to work for the afternoon. She said that when she went out for her last anniversary, her boss had ordered drinks, and they had ended up not going back after lunch. She then confided that Barb had told her that it was going to be the same way this year, that she could take the rest of the day off if she was enjoying herself; of course, that was before they knew that the auditing examiners were going to be a problem.

“Well, we aren’t trying to get you drunk so maybe we’ll just have a drink or two with our meal, but I think that we won’t have to rush through our meal unless you feel some pressing need to get back, or to go do something else. When I take a pretty woman out for a meal, I expect her to order whatever she would like to eat, so don’t get a cheap meal just for my benefit, and I am not going to let your boss pay for it so don’t scrimp on Barb’s behalf, either.”

We ordered a wine each while we went to load up a plate for some appetizers. I didn’t want to be too full or bloated when we finished so I took just a tad more on my plate than she put on her own plate. I was sure that she knew that the amount I took was not a full meal for me and so she would know that I intended for us to get an entrée and sides also. We ordered another drink with our entrees, my personal limit when I am driving.

I wasn’t sure how much Barb had told Janet about my background and current life situation, but it must have been enough that Janet didn’t need to ask too much personal info of me, but not too much that I was a totally known commodity either. We had a conversation pretty much like any two people having a first date would have, well, maybe a second date since we skipped the first little awkward part; or maybe it was just that we aren’t 18 anymore and so we have a little more self-confidence, more social presence.

There was just one more little spot of awkwardness, and that was when we were contemplating whether to have dessert. She said her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t let her have any desserts, but I quickly said he is gone into the shadows of the past and no longer has to be considered. And that was the end of that. We each had a serving of sherbert.

Janet insisted that she had to call Barb to be sure that she could still take the rest esenyurt eve gelen escort of the day, and when Barb said yes, Janet said she was free for the day. I told her I knew where there was a hot tub that no one was using if she would be interested. She said that it would be awful to let it go to waste. As we got in the car, I got another flash of thigh and I also noticed that another button was undone on her blouse, giving a little more than a hint of cleavage.

When we arrived at my place, I gave her the five cent tour, starting with the pool and hot tub area so I could get the cover off and start the heater and Jacuzzi attachments. Next stop was the wine cellar to pick a bottle in case we wanted a little more eventually. That is when we both ‘remembered’ that we hadn’t gone by her place to pick up a suit for her to wear, oops! Oh well, we are both adults.

I did get Janet to help me put the plastic bag over my cast and that was all that was being worn into the tub today. I let Janet have the dressing room just inside from the hot tub while I pulled the drinks cart out of the kitchen and over next to the tub. When Janet came out, she had found the linen closet and she brought two of the big fluffy beach towels folded over her arm. She wasn’t hiding behind them as she walked over and I was very glad.

Now I had seen my girls in their bikinis when they came over to get in the pool or tub, but they hadn’t been trying to turn on their old dad. Janet was a beautiful sight as she swayed slightly as she approached the tub and I took full advantage of the view.

No bright white on her boobs or at her waist so she must do some nude tanning. Her breasts didn’t droop at all so she wore a bra to make cleavage rather than for needed support. They looked to be about c size and she had quarter to half dollar size areoles with each nipple bumped out about a quarter inch and maybe as big across as the end of her little finger. She had the very definite hour-glass figure that all men love with the flare out to the hips. Her pubic hair was trimmed down to a little design, what looked like three hearts, a slightly larger one at the bottom with a smaller one at the top of each lobe of the bottom one, all together about 3 inches across. When she turned to lay the towels on a lounge chair, I got to see her ass. Just beautiful, looked tight enough to bounce quarters off and just large enough to show where the cheek stopped and the thigh began. When she had bent down slightly, I could tell that she was clean and bald all the way under, a very fine specimen of female pulchritude.

“Wow! I think I must have done something very good sometime during my life to be treated to this view. I kind of hate to let you get down into the tub; because then I won’t be able to keep seeing all of you.”

“Oh, Jason… That is about the most flattering thing I’ve ever heard. You could really turn a girls head… And if you do, she’ll be very happy to be seeing what I see right now too. Now that is how to give a girl a compliment!”

I couldn’t help it, I had a very stiff response to her and I had no way to hide it. Of course, I didn’t want to hide my response; I wanted her to see the effect that she had on me.

I was having a hard time keeping myself from molesting my visitor. I was supposed to be treating her nice, not getting my rocks off at her expense.

“I… Uh… I… I should help you get into the tub so you don’t slip. After all, we came here to relax in the tub a while.”

I put out my hand to take her hand while she stepped into the tub. But she took my hand and with her other hand, she gave me a light stroke on my cock. I couldn’t help it. I moaned and shivered. My knees suddenly felt rather weak and I ended up dropping down to sit on the end of the lounger. Janet followed me down but dropped to her knees right in front of me, pushing my knees apart with her arms and keeping her hand on my cock. Her other hand she raised to my face and stroked my cheek before pulling me into a soft but growing kiss.

My lips just parted to her tongue and her tongue entered my mouth and started a sensuous dance with mine, slipping in on the left and swirling up and over and then out on the right, then back in from below and up the right and back out on the top. It distracted me so thoroughly that I almost didn’t notice her hand squeezing and stroking up and down on my cock, until it almost made me explode. But then she shifted and bent down and slid my cock into her mouth. I was straining to keep from coming too fast.

My hands had automatically shifted to her tits when she had kneeled down and I had been caressing them and lightly stroking and squeezing her nipples until they had become as hard as diamonds. Kind of hard to do with the hand that was in a cast and had a plastic bag covering it, but she didn’t seem to mind. When she bent down, my hands slid up to the side of her head and I held her hair back beside her head so I could watch my cock slide in and out of her mouth. It was getting harder and harder to resist, and when she tilted her head back and looked into my eyes and started sucking harder, I just gave up and tried to warn her that I was about to blow. She just sucked even harder, and she was humming and her eyes looked to roll up into her head.

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