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Daddy’s Rules

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Pamela put her car into park, licked her lips from instinct, and looked into the rearview mirror.  “I must be completely out of my mind.”She reached for her phone and pulled up the app she used to chat with Will.  She half hoped he wouldn’t be there.  After all, it would let her say she had shown up and he wasn’t there, but she could escape with virtue intact.No such luck.In his hotel room, Will waited.  This was risky for him too.  It was a conference in which several of his coworkers from the home office were attending but the schedule called for them to have the rest of the afternoon and evening free.  While his colleagues were taking several of the planned local excursions, he had begged off saying he needed some rest.  Actually, he was feeling very energetic.  It would be later that he would need his rest.His iPad dinged as her message came through and he jumped as if he had been launched from a catapult.  He laughed out loud at his nervousness as he read her message.  “I’m here.”He replied, “I’m on my way down.”  Last night he had described the building to her.  She had known to drive around to the back of the hotel.  They had spent a good chunk of the evening working out the details and, yes, even the rules.  The rules were very important. She waited for what seemed like an eternity but at last the door opened.  She had never seen him before, but she knew it was him.  So many times she had asked him to describe himself to her.  His response was always the same, “Five-ten, brown hair with gray at the sides, blue eyes, wears glasses, and has a goatee.”  He had been upfront that he no longer looked like he had when he was twenty, that the “dad bod” was in full mode, but she didn’t care.  There he was: “Daddy.”She turned off the ignition.  It was hot and humid today, but part of her had kept the motor going just in case she suddenly changed her mind at the last minute.  “Oh who am I trying to kid?”  She asked herself.  She wasn’t going anywhere…except to his room.Grabbing a cloth bag from the passenger seat, she stepped out of her car.  Pamela came nicely dressed – much more businesslike than her normal middle of the week attire, but she knew it was a professional conference Will was attending and looking professional would simultaneously make her look more in place but draw attention to herself if others saw her.  She looked good and she knew it. She just hoped he thought so too.She needn’t have worried. He did.As she moved to the door he smiled.  Now she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt it was Will.  As she got closer, he glanced around to make sure no one was coming.  They had taken every precaution to keep both of them safe.As the coast was clear, he gave her güvenilir bahis an innocent hug, yet managing to pull her close enough to whisper in her ear, “214 Kitten…and you look gorgeous.”“Thank you Daddy,” she replied with a huge smile.Making her way up the steps, she could actually feel moisture beginning to build from within her as her pulse rate accelerated.  He had given her his room number in the event that he bumped into someone he knew while they were making their way to his room.  If that happened, she was to continue on past his room as if she were looking for a vending machine or walking to her room.  She’d hide in the stairwell on the other side of the building for a minute before making her way back.There was no one in the hallway though and she stopped at his room with him admiring the view of her rear just a couple of steps behind.He quickly inserted his room key.  In his excitement, he messed it up twice and laughed at himself as he finally managed to open the door for her. She entered the room and he stepped in and closed the door behind him.  It was all he could do to keep from taking her into his arms then and there, but that would have been a violation of his own rules and their rules were important.Pamela placed her bag on the king-sized bed and sat down upon it.  Will moved to the chair and sat down.  They stared at each other for a moment and grinned from ear to ear at each other.  No one said anything for a moment until she spoke.“Are you going to start the timer, Daddy?”“Oh yes Kitten.  I am just a little distracted.  You look amazing.”“Thank you,” she replied.One of the rules Daddy had put into place was a thirty-minute timer.  During that time, Pamela was free to get up and leave at any point.  She didn’t have to say a word, offer an excuse or tell a lie of any sort.  She could simply go.  That was the rule.Likewise, he could stand and go to the door and open it without saying a word.  If he did, it meant that he had changed his mind for whatever reason.  They both had an escape.He pulled his iPad and set the timer and put it down.For the next few minutes, they struggled to talk.  They had told each other everything online.  There wasn’t much about each other they didn’t already know, but – now that they were together – it was a struggle for them to think about anything to say to each other.The ice gradually thawed.  After minutes of small talk, she grew quiet.  He could tell she was pondering something.    Eventually, he asked her, “What are you thinking?”“Well,” she replied, “I’m thinking my face hurts from smiling so much but I like it.  I’m also wondering how much time is left on that timer.”He opened the lock screen and looked, güvenilir bahis siteleri “Only ten more minutes.  Why?”“Because I can’t wait to kiss you.”“Behave Kitten,” Will said in a firm, quiet voice though his smile never wavered.“Yes Daddy.”“Daddy, can I tell you something?”“Anything Kitten.”“I’m very wet.”“Oh you are are you?  You’re going to get into trouble if you keep talking like that.”“I know, but I can’t help it.”“What time do you have to be back?” he asked.“Before eleven.”“Assuming you don’t leave now.”“Daddy, I need to tell you… I’m not going anywhere.”“I’m glad to hear you say that Kitten.”Looking him over, Pamela couldn’t help but notice his bulge forming.  He caught her looking and she laughed.The timer went off and they both jumped.  Their shared nervousness caused them to laugh as she stood up.  She wanted to kiss him so much but rules were rules.She picked up the cloth bag and went to the bathroom.It was another rule.Even though the timer had expired, she had one last chance to change her mind.  If she came out of the bathroom fully dressed, she would simply walk out of the room.  Otherwise, she was prepared for whatever might happen next.“‘Whatever might happen’,” she thought to herself with a grin, “I wonder what that might be?”Will opened a bottle of water, his mouth drier than he had ever remembered.  Pulse-pounding, he stood and paced about with nervous energy, much like a caged lion.The door opened and what he saw took his breath.  From the bag, Pamela had retrieved something he wasn’t expecting.  All he could do was stammer out, “Wow.”There stood Kitten, in a lacy black see-through gown.  The flesh colored straps made it seem as if the material magically clung to her breasts.  It was mid-length, coming down over her tummy.  The panties came up to seemingly connect to the bottom of the top.  With it, she wore  matching black thigh-high hose.  She felt very self conscious.  He thought she was a vision.“You look amazing.”“You’ll say anything if you think you’re going to get laid mister.”“Kitten, is that anyway to talk to Daddy?”“No sir.”“I don’t think so either.”“Daddy.  You’re violating the rules.”“You’re quite right,” Will said.  They had agreed that when she came out of the bathroom, whether she was staying or going, he was supposed to be seated.  He quickly sat down.With a confidence she is not sure she had ever known, Pamela walked, no strutted, to him dropping the cloth bag on the bed as she went. Over the course of the next few minutes she tormented him in a way he had never suffered before.  She rubbed up against him with her breasts – still covered with the lacy material – in his face.  She turned her back to him and, with iddaa siteleri her hands on the armrests of his chair, began to skim over his lap.  She felt his bulge, his heat.  He was Daddy.  Yes, he was in charge, but in this moment, she had all the power.  She heard moans of pleasure coming from deep inside of him.  The sounds turned her on in a way she had not known in years.For his part, it was all Will could do to muster the strength not to reach out and grab her but the rules were the rules.  These first few moments belonged entirely to her.  He literally sat on his hands to avoid the temptation.At one point, Pamela slipped as she sought to change position and planted herself smack into his lap – which was quite painful on his full erection.  “Oh Daddy, I’m sorry.”Laughing – through the mild pain – he said, “Kitten, I swear you are in so much trouble.”“Promise?”“Count on it.”“Hmmm…. Good.”Standing up, she bent over and, with her ass to him, bent over pulling off her panties as she stretched, wiggling her ass as she pulled them down.  Stepping out of the drenched panties, she draped them playfully over his head.  Will pulled them off his head, pulled them up to his mouth and inhaled their smell deeply, while Pamela walked to the bed.  She crawled to the middle of the bed on all fours making a full display to drive him crazy.  It worked.Reaching into the bag, she pulled out her favorite toy.  She could see him take a deep breath.  He had seen her use it in the past.  He had heard the passion of her climax.  She smiled at him and with boldness she wasn’t accustomed to said, “Think of this as my gift to you Daddy.”For the next several minutes she gave the vibrator a licking as if it were his cock before finally teasingly playing with it on her clit.  Will heard the humming of the vibrator and the purring of his Kitten.  Throwing her head back in ecstasy, she slowly slid it into her dripping wet pussy.  He could smell her scent, hear the sound of her juices.  She was so turned on that it wouldn’t be long before she exploded, and it wasn’t.His cock pulled against his suit pants begging for release but it wouldn’t happen just yet.  Seeing Will lick his lips and obviously needing release was an incredible feeling of power for Kitten.  She had not expected to be this aroused.  The pulsing waves of her excitement built until a tsunami of pleasure that led to her crying out, “Oh fuck Daddy, I’m cumming! Oh, God!!!”The sheer volume of her cry shocked her back to reality for a moment, but it did not stop the pleasure she was experiencing.  Wave after wave crashed within her and she could feel, smell and hear the sound of her juices pouring out of her.  Exhausted, she collapsed on the bed.As she tried to catch her breath, she heard him get up from the chair.He walked over to the bed, leaned down and kissed her fully.  Their first kiss.  His tongue entered her mouth.  She met his passion and tried to pull him down upon her.

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