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Daffy: Daddy’s little demon unleashed!

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Daffy: Daddy’s little demon unleashed!I’m Daphne, or Daffy. I’m a slut and I’m a writer. I also half believe that I behave like a sex-demon (succubus). Read my previous stories (rate/comment please!) to know the journey I’m on. ———————————————-I’m currently the live-in sex toy of a black master, Sir Kullen. Prior to this I lived at home with my parents. In the weeks since I left home to become a slave to black cock I’ve contacted my parents to let them know I am completely fine and happy. They’re pissed as hell and worried. They can’t be any other way, but I also have to do what is destined for me. So I shall. My Dad is a porn junkie. He visits this site almost daily and watches vids. You won’t find him connected to me on this site. His profile is mostly blank, he doesn’t have many friends, and he exists here just to jack off because apparently Mom is way too uptight to do more than a monthly missionary 5 minutes for Dad. Too bad, Dad’s a nice guy who needs to cum. He definitely has homosexual thoughts as most of the vids he watches are of men sucking other men’s huge cocks. I got my oral fixation for big big cock from watching the vids he had set up as favorites. Daddy, you made me start being the slut I am today!On Monday Sir Kullen came home in the middle of the afternoon and told me to put on my pink plaid skirt (the same one I wore to seduce my lesbian girlfriend last fall!) and dress like a school girl. I knew that I was going to make a new “somebody” cum! We got into the car and arrived at the Suites Hotel near the Capital. The hotel is close to my parents’ house. We always turn heads when Sir Kullen parades me, and this was no exception. The girl at the front desk couldn’t look me in the eye as she blushed and furiously got a suite on the top floor for us. I think she wanted to be just like me, the tiny slut who was obviously a play toy for the large black man. I made a mental note to talk to her some day soon.Sir Kullen deposited me in the bedroom of the suite with strict orders to not come into the other room or show myself until he called….no matter what I heard. I obey. I always obey because obeying gets me the fucking I need. I’m a five-foot-nothing girl who needs to be fucked certain ways by certain types hiltonbet yeni giriş of men. I need to make as many men cum as possible and dream of finding a girl who can help keep me full when the men lose their abilities. I am just like a demon who is compelled to sex to satisfy my cravings. Sir Kullen’s cock can give me most of what I need so I do anything, and I mean ANYTHING he wants! Sir Kullen left me to watch TV and told me he would return with my reward for being a good slave. I dropped to my knees right then and begged to suck his cock, but he just laughed and told me to save it, and left. It was a rainy day and the light was fading fast when I heard the door to the suite open. I quickly turned down the TV sound so I could listen. Sir Kullen said “Damn, man I’m completely soaked. Why didn’t you bring an umbrella? I’m going to have to get out of these clothes before I get a cold!” The answering voice chilled me more than any rainstorm could have chilled Sir Kullen: “I’m sorry I thought the rain would hold off. Now where is this girl you said I could play with?” IT WAS MY DAD!!!!!!!!”Not so fast buddy. I need to get dry” was Sir’s answer, followed by some rustling and bumping sounds. Sir was stripping in front of my Daddy. I started to salivate, picturing Sir’s massive cock being unveiled. No sound from my Dad, as my imagination brought up all sorts of scenes to fill in the visual void. One shocking word from Sir Kullen made me hold my breath; a word I’d heard several times daily for the past few weeks. “Kneel”. A slight thumping sound, and just like that I knew my Daddy was seconds away from sucking my Master’s beautiful black cock. I SO wanted to run in there and see it!”Let’s see how you suck, bitch. I haven’t had a man suck me good in a couple of years. You look like you know your place” was Sir’s challenge to my Dad, followed by Dad’s reply “I’m not sure I can handle that. It’s fucking HUGE and it’s not even hard! I’ve only done this a couple other times…heyyy!!” And I knew that Sir had grabbed my Dad’s hair and was rubbing his face on that amazing black cock. A few minutes went by with no new words, but the obvious sounds of sucking and kissing and even some gagging showed that my Dad was trying to, or being hiltonbet giriş forced to, service my master’s cock. “Damn bitch, you don’t do NOTHING for me. You sure you trying to get me off?” was Sir Kullen’s taunt to my father. “Yessir, but it’s so big, I’m trying the best I can” was my Dad’s breathless reply. Remembering that it took me a week to even get half that cock in my mouth, I felt a little sorry for him. But it didn’t last very long. “Girl,get in here. You need to give this bitch some lessons on cocksucking and serving a real man!” Summoned, I suddenly didn’t want to see what I knew I would see. My feet wouldn’t move. My brain was hammered with the thought: Obey. Obey. Obey! I had to look down at the floor as my slave’s reflexes made my feet turn the corner and shuffle to the men. “Look at me girl.” Hammer: Obey. Obey! Looking up I scooted my gaze past the kneeling pale form of my father and his head being held firmly in both massive black hands, certainly with part of that cock in his mouth. Sir Kullen was enjoying this show. His smile was twisted as he gave me the order that started a chain of shocking events.”Kneel behind him slave. Right up on his back. Closer, slave!!! Rub your tits up on his back.” Hammer: Obey obey (omg omg this is my DAD) OBEY! And I did. Sir’s cock was still only a little of the way into my Dad’s mouth as I got a much closer view. “Reach around and take his little dick out, slave” was the next command. My movement up and down on my father’s back had become automatic, but changed as I shook my head from side to side. How could I obey that?? Noooooooo!!!! “Girl you will never ever get this cock in your cunt again if you don’t get that dicklet out of his pants NOW.” It was true. He would throw me away and I’d starve for the cock I needed. So my hands obeyed. They obeyed very well, and in moments my Daddy’s cock was in my hands, hard as a rock. My hands didn’t think; they just started stroking as I’d stroked so many men in the past few months. Sir pulled Dad’s head off his cock, still holding firmly to the sides so I could not be seen. A few moments of gasping and my Dad started to moan because of my handjob. My Dad has an average length but thin cock, and it was easy to lube it up with spit from hiltonbet güvenilirmi my now drooling mouth. Sir started laughing as my father started humping into my hands. I suddenly wanted to make my Daddy cum SOOO hard! And cum hard Daddy did. All over Sir Kullen’s legs and some on the floor. He screamed as he came from my handjob. I milked him for all he could give, and when he started to sag back into me, I put my mouth up to his ear and laughed. I brought my “little girl demon” laugh from the bottom of my stomach. All Daddy did was whimper softly as he was again taken by the hair and made to lick Sir’s black cock. Sir’s significant glance let me know that I was to clean up my Dad’s cum from Sir’s leg and the floor. I made a quick job of it, noting that my Dad’s cum was a little bland. Mom really needed to spice up his diet!Making a man cum in any way always satisfies some of my craving. The little girl demon that I am inside always wants more, though. And right now I was moving to join my Dad’s mouth on my Master’s huge and hard black cock. Making my Daddy cum and licking it up satisfied me more than any other white man had so far. But I was far from done, and the sexy demon was just starting to surface…. “Girl, go into the bedroom and get on the bed”. Obey! Having been threatened once with the loss of the life-giving cock of my master, I moved. They followed, and as I lay back on the bed, the glow of the television finally showed my Daddy who I was. “DAPHHHHHNEEEEEEEE” was his cry as reality sunk in. He put his hands up to his face for a few seconds as he shook his head from side to side. Sir Kullen just stood there smiling at the scene. True to the perv my Dad is, he had to look. His little daughter was there on a hotel bed in front of him, dressed as a schoolgirl. The daughter that must have known who he was as she made him cum. The daughter who was a slave to the black man whose massive cock he’d failed to please. The daughter who was again laughing that low, eerie laugh. The daughter that had seen her Daddy’s cock jerk up and start getting hard immediately when he saw her on the bed. He saw the daughter whose eyes reflected strangely in the tv as she leaned forward, started crawling down the bed toward him. He saw me look up just as my tongue reached out to taste the tip of his cock for the first time. My eyes were burning with a needy but mocking look as I started working my Daddy’s average cock for the second load of cum he would give me. And nearby, Sir Kullen’s low chuckle let us know he was still there.

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