Mar 30

Dale’s Women Ch. 14

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Ashley Adams

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon in September when Dale opened the door of Gloria’s house, even though no one had rung the doorbell. It was exactly two o’clock. A few moments later, Dale summoned Lois, who was idly reading a magazine in the living room. She gaped at the newcomer whom Dale had ushered into the room; but before she could say anything, Dale said:

“Come on, dear, we have some things to do.”

“What things?” Lois said in a whisper.

“Never mind. Just get your shoes on—we’re getting out of here.”

Lois leaped into action, slipping on a pair of sandals and bolting out the door while giving one last look of surprise and alarm at the person who stood, not very confidently, in the middle of the room.

Gloria had been doing laundry in the basement, and as she brought up a big load of laundry in a plastic basket she said, “Dale, was there someone at the door?”

When she saw who it was, she dropped the basket and stood stock-still.

“What are you doing here?” she said accusingly.

“Gloria, I’d like to talk to you,” Harvey said mildly but firmly.

Her brain was in a whirl, but she figured out the situation fairly quickly. “This is Dale’s doing, isn’t it?” She knew Lois wouldn’t have had the guts to bring this loathed individual back into her life.

“It is,” Harvey said heavily. “I’ve gotten to like him.”

Gloria eyed him narrowly. Just exactly what are you two men conspiring to do?

“I hope we can talk,” Harvey went on.

“We have nothing to do talk about,” Gloria said shortly, turning her back to him and preparing to take up the load of laundry to an upstairs bedroom.

“I think we do,” Harvey said, and he marched right up to Gloria, took her arm, and made her turn and face him.

She was dumbfounded. “Don’t you touch me!” she almost screamed.

“Calm down, Gloria,” Harvey said almost condescendingly. “Let’s talk about this like civilized people.”

“What do we have to talk about?” she said in a high, nervous voice.

“It’s very simple. I want to be back in your life. I’ve apologized for what I did—apologized many times. I can’t undo the harm I’ve done, but I hope to make it up to you somehow—if you’ll let me.”

He was standing so close to her that she was forced to look up at him. There was just the faintest trace of alarm in her expression.

“Why should I give you a second chance?” she said, still hostile.

“Because I love you,” Harvey said simply. “I realize that now. I love you more than I did before. I’ve missed you these last few years—my life’s been empty. You seem to have done well for yourself, and now you have Dale. But I hope you can make room for me too.”

“I think you presume too much, sir!” she said with exaggerated formality. Her face was becoming red with fury and resentment.

“Do I?” Harvey said placidly. And he calmly planted a kiss on Gloria’s mouth.

She pulled away almost at once and cried, “Oh!” And she delivered a sharp slap to Harvey’s cheek.

He didn’t blink an eye, even though the cheek turned red where her hand had contacted it. Instead, he pulled her to him and forced her to kiss him again.

She wriggled in his arms, but he wouldn’t let go. With one hand he held her in the small of her back, and with the other he held the back of her head so she couldn’t pull away. She made moaning sounds of frustration and anger as their lips remained pressed together. After what seemed like minutes she broke away—although she realized to her humiliation that she had done so only halkalı ucuz escort because he had let her.

That look of alarm came into her eyes again, even as she cried, “Get away from me!”

But it was she who tried to get away from him. And that was her mistake.

As she sought to go around him, she forgot that an ottoman was lying in its usual place next to an easy chair near where they were standing. She tripped and landed on it in an undignified position, her torso lying flat over it while her legs dangled behind—almost like Anne Boleyn on the chopping block ready to be decapitated.

Harvey sized up the situation in a flash and took decisive action.

Kneeling down behind Gloria, he pulled the loose slacks she was wearing down to her knees, taking her underwear with them in a single swift motion. As her eyes bulged with surprise and outrage, she heard him unzip his pants.

“Don’t you dare!” she said, just as in that awkward moment with Dale in the state park.

But Harvey was past noticing, or caring. As he saw Gloria’s two nether orifices in front of him, his member suddenly expanded to full length. He kept in mind what Dale had told him about Gloria’s unexpected fondness for rear entry; but not wanting to waste time with hunting around for lubricant, he decided that the other place was more promising.

He plunged into her pussy, eliciting a harsh groan (“Ohhhhh!”) from his former spouse. She started wriggling, but he held her down with a hand placed firmly in the small of her back.

(In fact, Gloria could have easily pried herself away from Harvey’s clutches, but she realized that she was in the midst of a sort of laboratory experiment. Harvey had, indeed, changed—but had he changed enough to take control of this situation, as befits a big, strong man determined to have his way with a woman? We’ll see . . .)

He pounded her efficiently and systematically, her wriggling creating a pleasant sensation of resistance to his thrusts. He was confident enough of himself that he held on to Gloria’s hips to steady himself, sometimes reaching around to stroke her sex while he worked. That turned her groans into moans of pleasure; and when he exploded in her, she let out a girlish squeal showing that she too had found some enjoyment in the proceedings.

He stayed in her as they both came down from their climaxes, then pulled wetly out of her. He saw his seed dripping thickly out of her pussy, dribbling down her thighs. He pulled up her underwear and slacks back to their original positions and helped her to her feet.

She eyed him with feigned coldness. Breathing hard, she said, “Well, aren’t you the he-man?”

He just smiled, more to himself than to her.

“If you think that little escapade is going to win you back into my heart, buster, you’d better think again!”

“We’re not done yet,” Harvey said calmly.

And, as Gloria looked at him with expanded eyes, he picked her up in his arms as if she were a lightly filled duffel bag and headed for the stairs.

“Put me down, you brute!” she cried—but she was laughing through her scowl.

He deposited her unceremoniously on the big king-size bed in the master bedroom—the bed that Gloria had refused to lie on ever since Harvey had bolted from the scene. As he gazed placidly down at her, he said, “Are you going to take your clothes off, or do I have to rip them off?”

She knew he was joking, but there was an unfamiliar glint in his eyes that sent a shiver of delightful halkalı üniversiteli escort apprehension through her.

“Okay, okay,” she said petulantly. “Just give me a minute.”

As she undressed herself while lying flat on the bed, she saw Harvey take his clothes off with his back turned to her. As he peeled off one piece of clothing after another and then turned around in his glorious nakedness, she swallowed hard at the sight. Sure, Dale was a fine specimen of a man—but this guy, six feet tall with broad shoulders and barrel chest, was something much closer to Superman. And his new-found confidence brought him even closer to that mythic icon than ever before.

His member was not quite as large as Dale’s—somewhere between six and seven inches—but it was already hard again and ready for more action. Slick as it was from both their juices, Gloria unhesitatingly put it in her mouth as he strode over to the side of the bed. She also seized his strong, muscular buttocks, relishing their stony firmness underneath the soft skin.

After Gloria’s ministrations had brought him to maximum erection, he casually turned her over onto her stomach and—remembering what Dale had said about a certain item in a certain drawer of the nightstand—took out the jar of cold cream and applied it vigorously in the appropriate spot on Gloria’s body. His first contact with that most secret part of her anatomy was both thrilling and a little frightening, but he carried on with determination.

Her eyes widened once more as she realized what he was planning to do. You really are a new man! Like a sacrificial victim, she lay quietly, flat and passive, while he inserted his member into her—a little more forcefully than he should have, causing her to cry out in pain. As many times as she had done this with Dale, it was still something of a novelty to her. And, by God, Harvey should have been just a little more careful and considerate!

But she didn’t mind, really. As he pounded her and put nearly all his weight on her prone form, she almost forgot the mingled sensation of pain and pleasure emerging from her posterior while she absorbed the heavy burden of his body on every part of her backside. He reached around to seize her breasts, squeezing them tight while kissing and licking her face and neck. The pounding achieved such a rhythm that she lost all sense of time. All she knew was that this big man—her husband of twenty-one years—was in total possession of her.

When he came, he pumped more fluid than even he expected into her, and afterwards he remained in her, refusing to pull out. At last, his weight did begin to bother her, and she was forced to plead: “Come on out now, darling.”

That single short endearment had a magical effect on him, and he withdrew with exquisite care so that he wouldn’t hurt her any more than he had already done. He flopped over to the other side of the bed, but in the process he took her with him, landing her heavily on top of his frame, where she seemed small and childlike.

Her hair tousled, her face glistening with a sheen of sweat, a pleasant throbbing radiating out of both of her lower orifices, she looked at him and said, “You’re quite something, you know that?”

“So are you,” he said tritely but gallantly.

“Am I?” she said teasingly. “Better than what’s-her-name?”

Harvey winced at the memory of his shameful dereliction. “Gloria, please don’t mention that—not now.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” she said accommodatingly. This was haramidere escort indeed not the right time for recriminations.

Later, after a rest, they had another session—more tender and loving this time. At the end of it, Harvey had to come out with, “I love you, Gloria. I always have.”

She wasn’t fully ready to respond in kind, but she did stroke his cheek and say, “I know, dear. It’s very sweet of you.”

For now, he would have to settle for that.

When the two lovers heard the front door open, they leaped up from the bed like teenagers caught making out and hastily put their clothes back on. As they trooped downstairs, they saw Dale and Lois in the living room. Gloria immediately saw that Dale had noticed how the ottoman had been disarranged from its usual place near the easy chair, and she could tell he knew at once what had happened. Even if he didn’t, their disheveled appearance and red faces would have been an easy giveaway.

Gloria shot Dale a look that said: Don’t you say anything. I know you planned all this, and I’m sure you’re thinking smugly to yourself how well it has worked out. But there’s more to all this than just an entertaining roll in the hay.

Lois, for her part, gazed at Gloria and Harvey as if they were space aliens. She had, of course, known Harvey for many years—and she simply couldn’t believe the folly that had led him to desert such a wonderful creature as Gloria. She was tickled that he had apparently come to his senses—and that Gloria had, also.

“Let’s make dinner!” she said cheerfully. With a sly look at Harvey, she said, “You’re staying, aren’t you?”

“I hope so,” he said quietly.

“Of course he is,” Dale said brightly, looking at Gloria to make sure she agreed.

“Great,” she said with adequate enthusiasm. “Dinner for four is always better than dinner for three.”

They all pitched in and made a toothsome chili, with corn bread and a big Southwest salad. There was some store-bought cake left over from the previous day, and they all had that. They felt they were celebrating something, but weren’t quite sure what.

They watched a movie afterwards, Harvey and Gloria wrapped around each other on the sofa while Dale and Lois cuddled on the loveseat. By the time the movie was over, it was dark.

Harvey got up from the sofa and, looking down pointedly at Gloria, said, “I guess I’d better go home.”

“I think that would be best,” she said evenly. But she smiled up at him, and as he walked over to the door, she gave him a warm hug and a long, deep kiss. Then he left.

As she came back to the living room, she saw the others staring intently at her.

“I would advise,” she said tartly, “that you not say anything.”

“Oh, Gloria!” Lois cried. “You have to tell us what happened!”

“You know very well what happened. If you don’t, Dale can fill you in.” Is that a double entendre? “Anyway, the point is that I’m not sure what’s going to happen, so I think it’s best if we not rush things.”

“Understood,” Dale said, “but I do hope you’ll give him another chance.”

“I already have, haven’t I?” I allowed him pretty free access to my body this afternoon. “But it may not be quite so easy as all that. We have a lot of things to work out. I’m not sure when, or if, I can really forgive him.”

“Oh, Gloria,” Lois said, “you have to! He’s such a nice man—I’ve always thought so.”

“Have you?” Gloria said wonderingly. “I had no idea.”

Lois blushed at Gloria’s implications. “I just meant to say I always thought he was right for you.”

“Well, in all honesty I wasn’t sure about that—but I’m more sure now than I was. So we’ll see.”

And with that, she marched up the stairs and into her own bedroom—the small guest bedroom. She didn’t care if the others had to deal with the untidiness of the big bed, not to mention a certain aroma wafting from it.

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