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Dan Reclaims My Wife

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Tonight was going to be a great night. I was giddy with excitement. My wife had a girl’s night planned. I was going to meet up with my good friend Dan for some drinks. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks now, mainly because he’s been spending a lot of time with his new girlfriend, and my wife has been really into Mark lately.

Since her last visit with Mark, which led to her first gangbang, she’s been very mild sexually. It was two weeks ago now and I was getting concerned. This girl’s night out couldn’t have came at a better time.

My wife looked absolutely stunning in a simple black dress. It had a single strap over her left shoulder, leaving her right arm bare. It was not a mini-fit by any means, but it was barely covering her cute, petite ass. This left almost all of her legs exposed. With my confirmation earlier, she wore a pair of black pantyhose with a diamond pattern. Topped off with her favorite pair of black 4″ heels.

To my knowledge, she was meeting up with her closest group of friends. There were six of them total. Their friendship dated back to high school for most of them and even grade school for a few. A new bar/club had just opened recently in the town of two of the friends. Tonight was ladies night, drinks were buy one get one for all women. I knew they would have a blast dancing and drinking. I also knew there would be plenty of guys there enjoying the scene and trying to get lucky.

My wife had given me a quick kiss on the lips and hurried out the door. She was running behind slightly. I went upstairs and got dressed. About twenty minutes later, I was ready. I wore a pair of black dress pants and a black dress polo shirt. Black, casual-dress shoes finished my outfit. My wife was unaware, but Dan and I were planning to check out the new bar/club after a few drinks at a bar not far from there.

The Uber driver was waiting for me in the driveway. I arrived at the bar before Dan. I ordered a rum and coke and sipped it slowly. Dan walked in about ten minutes after me.

“Damn Uber guy drove so slow,” he complained.

I was happy to see Dan listened and dressed accordingly. He was wearing tan dress pants with a royal blue polo and black dress shoes. We embraced with a handshake and a huge hug. It was great catching up with him. He filled me in on his girlfriend, saying they have had a few fights recently. It seemed Dan still had his high sex drive but his girlfriend was sort of a prude, as he put it. I think he was looking forward to “running into” my wife as much as I was.

We ended up having five drinks and a shot each of tequila as we waited patiently to head over. Dan made mention a handful of times that it had been two weeks since he busted a load. I laughed a bit, telling him that I was sure tonight he would get lucky. We took the last gulp of our drinks and checked the time, 9:00pm. We decided to make the ten minute walk.

As we got closer we noticed a line of people waiting to enter the new place. I counted eighteen, mostly guys. We hopped in line. It moved rather quickly and we got in by 9:30. Dan and I made our way straight to the bar and ordered a drink each. We looked around, impressed with both the crowd and the atmosphere. It was definitely a younger vibe.

There on the dance floor was my wife, dancing in a circle with her friends. Kristen, Kristine, Sarah, Liz and Nicole were there. All were married but recently Kristen was having some issues with her husband Jon. A group of younger guys, had to be in their mid-20’s, were dancing on the outside of their circle watching them.

To my knowledge, my wife has never mentioned to her friends about our open marriage. It was still our little secret, which is just the way I wanted to keep it. Dan and I watched on as they danced for a few more songs. The DJ was playing all of the old school hip hop songs. The younger guys tried a few times to dance with the group, but the ladies were content with just each other’s company.

As the girls made their way off the dance floor, they walked towards a large table. Dan and I ordered a round of shots for all of us and walked over. My wife was shocked to see us. She immediately jumped up and gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips. Then she did the same with Dan, but the kiss was on his cheek. I made my way around the table, hugging each of her friends. Once I was done, my wife and I introduced Dan to everyone. My wife never left his side. I could feel my cock stirring in my pants as I took in what my wife’s friends were wearing.

They were all wearing a dress of some sort. I always have had a slight crush on Kristen. She was very similar in her look as my wife. She was taller at 5’5″, with dark brown hair and blue-green eyes. We always got along great as well. Tonight she looked gorgeous in her flowing heather green dress. What I loved even more was she was wearing tan open-toe heels, showing off what looked like a fresh pedicure. I thought I saw Dan taking a look or two as well. It was hard not to notice the abidinpaşa escort bright pink polish peeking through.

We all toasted and took down our shots. I told the group we weren’t going to stay and intrude on their girls night, but the all insisted it was no big deal. I figured the least I could do, was to open a tab and cover everyones drinks to pay for us crashing. My wife and her friends thought it was a sweet gesture. The drinks continued to flow.

I slowed down drinking quite a bit, knowing I would be driving my wife’s car home later. I urged them all to have a great time. Dan and I joined them on the dance floor for a few songs. I mixed it up dancing with my wife, then dancing with her friends. Even Dan was getting a twirl with the whole group, but I did notice him grinding a little closer when he was with my wife. They all seemed to be enjoying us being there. Kristen pulled Dan and I together and danced between us for a song.

It was hard to hide my bulging appreciation each time she swayed her hips and her ass rubbed against my hardening cock. I was relieved each time she turned back and faced me, pushing her ass into Dan. I’m also certain she caught me more than once looking down to check out her hot pink toes. This was another secret only my wife knew about.

We took a break and returned to the table. I ordered one final round of drinks and a shot for everyone. Dan and I thanked the group for allowing us to join them. Kristine ordered the UberXL on her phone. Everyone made their way towards the door pretty tipsy. I was feing the last shot of tequila, though I skipped the last few rounds of drinks. My wife seemed to be her normal, fun self which made me feel good. We made eyes several times at the bar/club.

When the minivan pulled up, we all began piling in. The only problem was the van had room for six, and we had eight. My wife decided to hop on my lap for the short ride. Kristen followed her lead and hopped on Dan’s lap. This caused the group to give her a hard time, all joking of course. About five minutes later, we were at Kristine’s house. We all removed our shoes before entering, Dan and I grinning ear to ear. Everyone seemed to need to use the bathroom. The women paired up and went to the master bathroom and the half bath off the kitchen. Dan and I went upstairs and used the third bathroom.

I went first, followed by Dan. We returned downstairs as my wife and Kristen came out of the half bath together, smiling and giggling. Kristine was kind enough to offer drinks. My wife passed, saying she was tired and wanted to head home. She then told me Kristen would be coming with us since we lived closer to her house. She reached in her purse and handed me her keys.

We said our goodbyes, hugging everyone before leaving. My wife and Kristen both grabbed their heels off the floor but opted to walk to the car without wearing them. I unlocked our sedan and got in the driver’s seat. I was a little surprised when Kristen sat up front by me, with my wife and Dan in the backseat.

My wife placed her stockinged feet up on the middle console, mentioning how they ached from dancing in her heels. My cock stiffened when I noticed the white polish peeking through her black pantyhose. Then Kristen lifted her feet, setting them on the dashboard, agreeing with my wife. I noticed the windshield just above her toes steamed up slightly.

Dan spoke first, “Well maybe you ladies would like a nice foot rub when we get back to your house?”

“Why wait?” my wife asked, “Why not start now?”

My wife moved her feet from the console to Dan’s lap. I knew then my wife was feeling playful, I just wasn’t sure how far she was planning to go with having Kristen with us. I did my best to focus on driving, ignoring the ooh’s and aah’s from my wife as Dan rubbed her little feet. We were about halfway home when the car got really quiet. Then, I thought I heard a slurping sound.

I checked my rearview mirror but I couldn’t see anything in the dark. I heard it again. I looked to my right as Kristen looked over at me. We both made a face, as if we were asking each other if they heard that too. Kristen peeked over her left shoulder into the backseat. I watched her face for a reaction. It didn’t take long to get one. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped open.

I knew immediately that my wife was back there sucking Dan’s monster cock. Kristen just stared. A few more slurp sounds before my wife noticed she had an audience.

“He’s huge isn’t he?” she asked her friend.

Kristen nodded in silence.

“I’m sure my husband would like a little blowjob too,” she suggested.

Kristen looked over at me as I smiled her way. She pulled her feet down from the dashboard and turned to face me. She rubbed my hard cock through my pants before unzipping them. She fumbled for my cock, finally freeing it. I could hear my wife sucking and slurping on Dan again. Kristen’s hand felt great stroking me.

“You’re aktepe escort bigger than Jon,” she whispered to me.

I felt relieved to hear this, knowing I am not the most gifted down there. Last time my wife measured me, I was 5″.

Kristen then leaned forward into my lap and swallowed my cock. Her mouth felt incredible. I could tell it’s been a while since she gave a blowjob but I was far from complaining. I reached with my right hand and pulled her dress up over her ass. Kristen’s ass was a bit bigger than my wife’s. I was grabbing handfuls of it as she sucked me.

Dan reached up and rubbed both of my shoulders as we were enjoying the attention.

“How is she doing baby?” my wife asked me.

“Mm, she is doing great,” I was able to say.

“You’ll have to help me with this monster when you’re done with Chris,” she said to Kristen.

Kristen took a quick break from sucking me to look in the back. She continued stroking me with her right hand as she saw Dan’s cock for the first time.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “That thing is huge!”

“It feels so good once you get used to the size,” my wife responded.

“I can’t even imagine,” Kristen said.

“Girl, you won’t have to imagine, you’ll feel it for yourself!” my wife teased.

Kristen returned to sucking me, but with more passion. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. Luckily I was able to work my fingers inside her panties with my right hand. Her pussy was soaking wet. I used my middle finger and it sunk right in. Her body jerked as she moaned on my cock. I fingered her slowly as she slowed her sucking on me.

“I wanna taste your cum,” she said to me, “It’s been so long since I’ve done this.”

“I’m really close,” I said.

I pulled my finger out of her and focused on enjoying her mouth. My balls began tingling. I gently moved the hair on her head off to the side so I could watch her sucking me. She looked up and we locked eyes. Her eyes were begging me to feed her my cum. I lost control and began spasming, filling her hot mouth with my spunk. She continued sucking me until my body stopped convulsing. Kristen sat back up, cutely wiping the corners of her mouth with her fingers as if she just ate a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I made the final turn onto our street. Again, Kristen and I shared a look. She playfully opened her mouth to show me how she swallowed every drop. I gave her a big smile, knowing my payback to her was on as soon as we walked in our house.

I pulled into our garage and closed the door behind us. Dan and my wife hopped out first. He didn’t even bother pulling his pants back up. Rather he pulled them off and carried them inside, his cock swaying side to side. My wife carrying her heels leading the way. I walked around to to Kristen’s door. I grabbed her heels for her and extended my hand to help her out. She placed her right bare foot on the cool cement floor. I stared too long.

“So your wife tells me you have a thing for feet,” she said.

“She would know,” I replied, smiling.

“This should be an interesting night,” she teased.

“We’re just getting started,” I teased back.

As I escorted Kristen inside, we could hear Dan and my wife upstairs. My wife was screaming playfully. I imagined Dan was already undressing her. We stopped in the kitchen to get a few glasses of water.

“So how long has Dan been fucking your wife?” she asked me.

“Umm, it’s probably been going on for a few years now,” I answered.

“And you’re OK with it?” she pressed.

“Yea, totally. I love watching her being pleasured,” I said matter of factly.

“You don’t get jealous at all?” she continued.

“Not anymore. I still have some little moments, but the pleasure always outweighs the jealousy,” I said.

“Let’s go join them,” I continued, “I owe you one.”

I took Kristen by the hand and led her upstairs. By the time we reached the top, my wife was moaning. We turned the corner into the bedroom. My wife was spread out on the bed, laying on her back wearing just her black pantyhose. Dan was kneeling on the floor, head between her legs. He was licking her pussy through the nylon material. Kristen seemed hesitant, stopping in the doorway to watch. I gave her arm a little pull, snapping her out of it.

We continued until we got to the far side of the bedroom, sitting on the chaise lounge. I sat on the far side, Kristen was closest to the bed, to my right. I reached down and took hold of her left ankle, bringing her foot up to my lap. This forced her to turn towards me. I began kneeding my thumbs into her sole. I focused on her heel, arch, and the ball of her foot. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I was loving having her size 7 foot in my hands.

They were one full size larger than my wife’s, but seemed to be about the same width. Her toes perfectly aligned in length from her big toe to her smallest toe. Kristen’s sole didn’t have a single blemish on it. She was switching akyurt escort back and forth from watching me rub her aching foot, and watching Dan continue his oral treatment on my wife.

After a few minutes I reached for her right ankle. I raised it up to my lap, setting it next to her left foot. This sole was also blemish-free. I massaged her right foot in the same manner.

As Dan ripped a hole in the crotch of my wife’s pantyhose, I got bolder. Kristen’s head was turned, taking in the action happening on the bed. I lifted her right foot higher, until it was even with my mouth. I leaned forward until my lips touched her toes. I kissed her big toe softly. Then in order, kissed each toe individually. My eyes were closed as I did this.

I briefly opened my eyes when I switched to her left foot. Kristen was now watching me intently. I looked back her as I kissed each toe. When I got to her little toe, I took it into my mouth. My tongue swirled around it as I sucked. Her mouth opened in response. I continued to suck each toe separately as she watched on. Her right foot started to move and rub my cock through my pants. I couldn’t believe I was getting hard again. Her toes tasted like a sweet mix of her raspberry lotion and a very light natural foot odor. It was mesmerizing.

I took a peek at the bed as I stuffed two, then three toes into my mouth at once. My wife was pulling Dan’s head into her pussy as she moaned in ecstasy. She was closing in on her first orgasm of the night. I slid off the lounge, managing to keep Kristen’s toes in my mouth. She got the hint and laid back. I reached up with both hands and pulled her dress straps off her shoulder. She was kind enough to hold her feet up so I still had access to taste them. Kristen shimmied out of her dress as I pulled it towards me, laying it on the floor. I now had her in just her bra and panties, a matching black set.

I began to work my way up, placing small kisses from her ankles to her thighs. I kissed her pussy through her panties a few times, each kiss lasting longer than the last. Her panties were wet with anticipation. Just as I pulled her panties to the side and made the first direct contact with my tongue, my wife erupted on the bed. She was orgasming as Dan happily licked it up. This made Kristen really let go.

I licked at her pussy with long, wet licks. She tasted amazing. Her pussy was completely shaved. After a few licks, I zeroed in on her clit. I pinned it with my tongue first, then used my lips to keep it from escaping. Round and round my tongue swirled, then left and right repeatedly. Kristen was moaning loudly, her body bucking with each lick. I slid my middle finger into her sopping pussy and she came instantly. It was such a sweet tasting cream. I wore it all over my face.

After she stopped jerking, Kristen sat up. She placed a hand on each side of my face and pulled me towards her. We kissed deeply. She was tasting her own orgasm from my mouth. As we kissed, I heard my wife and Dan moving around. When I looked over, my wife was straddling Dan. She was bent down, kissing him, as she worked his huge cock up into her. My wife started to ride Dan with long, slow strokes.

I managed to pull my pants and boxers down as Kristen and I kept kissing. Kristen unclasped her bra, revealing her 34C breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. I slid down, taking her left nipple into my mouth. My hands were mauling her bare breasts as I rotated sucking each nipple. Kristen reached down with her right hand and took hold of my cock, stroking it.

“Do you have a condom?” she whispered as she stroked me.

“No, I don’t wear them. I’m fixed,” I said back.

“Mm, fuck me please,” she begged.

I let her breasts go and grabbed my cock. I aimed it at her opening and pushed forward. About halfway in, I backed out. Then pushed forward again. Her pussy had a firm grip on my cock. Her husband must really be smaller than me, I thought. I thrusted hard and fast. Kristen lifted her legs, resting her ankles up on my shoulders. This allowed me to fuck her deeper. My right thumb found her clit and toyed it as I thrusted.

I looked to my left and locked eyes with my wife. She was still riding Dan but watching me fuck her friend. The lust in her eyes was clear. She was making such sexy facial expressions, I knew how good Dan’s cock was making her feel. We continued looking at each other as we fucked someone else. With my left hand, I grabbed Kristen’s right ankle. I stuffed all five toes into my mouth as I continued to fuck her and play with her clit.

My wife’s face grew into a naughty smile as she watched me sucking Kristen’s toes. My wife shuffled slightly, placing her stockinged feet up onto Dan’s thighs as she rode him. Dan immediately moved his hands, rubbing all over them. My wife raised an eyebrow at me, as if to say ‘your move.’

I pulled Kristen’s toes from my mouth. I ran my tongue the entire length of her foot, from her heel up to her toes. I did this four times, until her sole was wet from my saliva. She seemed to really like when I worked her arch with my tongue.

“God…that feels amazing!” Kristen said, snapping me back to focus on her.

“Your feet are so sexy,” I said, “I’ve wanted to suck these toes since the first time I saw them.”

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