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DanielleMy first internship was during my junior year of college. I was doing accounts payable for a small health clinic. It was run out of this old one story building with the clinic on the main floor and all the financial department located in the basement. It didn’t pay well but I had to take it due to my poor grades. The accounting department was made up of just five staff. A accounting manager, who was an ass, and I suspected he was stealing from the clinic. A accounting supervisor, who was never there, she was on maternity leave for most of the six months I was there. A account’s receivable, a very attractive woman in her mid 20’s, who had two k**s by two different men. She was very nice but only dated black men….which left me undesirable. Then there was Danielle, she was in her early thirties, the accounts payable and myself….her trainee. Danielle was one of those gals who put on too much make-up, this only made her acne problem worse. She had shoulder length blonde hair, the tiniest tits, very pale, a heavy smoker with a sexy deep voice for someone so petite, and the most amazing ass in a pair of tight jeans I’d ever seen. When I began working there, Danielle was living with her boyfriend. It didn’t take long to learn about what kind of jerk he was. On her smoke breaks, she began to open up about all the things he had done to her. Danielle was open and blunt. He had beaten her several times, cheated on her and stolen money from her. I couldn’t figure out why she ataşehir escort was with him but didn’t think it was my place to question…..being so new on the job.The work was easy after I got used to the entry software. I impressed Danielle and was completing my daily work in just hours. I started messing around on the internet with Danielle. She knew I was single, and encouraged me to place a personal ad on Yahoo….back when it was free. We surfed the ads for possible “dating” candidates. As we got to know one another better, I confessed to her about my masturbation after she told me how addicted she was to sex. Danielle started calling me after work. We began mutually masturbating on the phone on nights her boyfriend wasn’t home. The flirting continued at work…Then one Friday evening, Danielle and I were working late on quarterly reports. Everyone had gone home. That day Danielle wasn’t her usual self. She seemed upset about something, I didn’t push the issue. An hour after the others had left. Danielle broke down. I wasn’t sure what to do and it made me feel awkward. I put my arm around her, to consol her, and she cringed. I pulled away quickly. Danielle confessed her boyfriend had beaten her up the night before. He had found my number on her phone, she had tried to explain we were just friends….he didn’t believe her. She was scared to go back to her house and she didn’t want the police involved. I told her she could crash at my small one bedroom üsküdar escort apartment. She agreed. Danielle left her car at work and rode with me. We picked up some food on the way to my apartment. We ate and watched TV for a few hours. We sat close to each other on my small couch. Danielle leaned next to me, I had my arm around her. I had no idea what to say so we just watched TV in silence. It was after midnight and I offered my bed to Danielle, I’d sleep on the couch. That wasn’t necessary… Danielle looked at me and then we kissed. She wasted no time lifting up my shirt…kissing my nipples. I moved my hand up under her shirt and played with her tight, perky tits with hardened nips. She unzipped my pants and pulled me out. She rubbed my little chubby cock in her tiny hands. My rod looked so big in her grip. She pulled on me as I just watched her lower her head down on my lap. Danielle sucked so hard it kind of hurt. She was ultra aggressive. Her mouth locked around my shaft and when she passed over my tip…she used her teeth to bite down. I helped, it was shocking and hurt. Danielle liked it. After several minutes, she stood up in front of me. She turned around as I watched her slowly pull her tight jeans down over her tight ass. She had on this tiny thong. Her small pale ass was perfectly shaped. The curve of her ass was so cute. I grabbed her ass while she stepped out of her jeans. I stood up and stepped out of my pants and underwear. I helped çekmeköy escort her out of her shirt, there was no bra to take off. She led me to my bedroom. There I pulled off her thong as we kissed. Danielle knew, I liked her ass. She turned away from me and crawled into my bed. I moved up behind her. She moved back up against me. I rubbed my cock up against the crack of her ass. I reached around her right leg and rubbed her clit. It was clean shaven and I knew in that instant…. Danielle had planned on this happening. I also suspected since she didn’t have any bruises on her body. I leaned over her as she was on all fours. “You planned this, didn’t you?”She looked back at me a little surprised and gave a guilty smile. She reached down between her legs and touched my tip with her fingernails. It felt good as she sc****d them just under my tip. My cock flinched. She laughed. Then rubbed herself a little then took me flesh stick and guided it into body. I easily slipped in. Danielle was very moist and my movements in and out were wet sounding. She moaned loudly, I gripped her slim hips and began pounding into her. The slapping sound of our bodies echoed in my bedroom. We kept up the furious pace for several minutes then I flipped her over, lifted her legs up over her head and buried my cock deeply into her. Danielle looked at me with her big blue eyes wide open. She mouthed out the words, “cum inside me” in a deep soft voice. I couldn’t hold back the urge and released as deeply as I could inside her. My body jerked as I grunted. She smiled and closed her eyes as her mouth opened saying yes yes. Over the course of a few hours, we had sex in a variety of positions. Our bodies covered in sweat and cum. Ever hole in Danielle had been filled…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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