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Daniel’s Misguided Love – Part 1

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It was Friday, June 30th.The day you always hoped would come, and when it did, nothing, no nothing, could happen that could bring you down from the personal high you were on. Well, this is that day for me, and nothing could or will bring me down. At 12:00 Noon on this day, I was announced as the new President and CEO of Martel Industries, the company I have devoted the past eleven years to, sacrificing much as I strived to reach my personal goal that I achieved today. The announcement was made a big deal, orchestrated by my assistant and loyal employee, Allison Quinn, and the company’s senior staff. It was held in the main warehouse so all the local company employees and those close enough to drive in could attend. Later there was to be a big party held at the Marriot Hotel for all the staff and their spouses. All the senior managers had been flown in and would attend both events. The announcement was made by our retiring CEO, Samuel Trainor. He has been with the company since its first day and has been CEO for almost twenty years. Sa is sixty-five years old now and ready to retire. We work out together every morning in the company gym, and he is very fit. He is retiring to travel the world and enjoy the rest of his life. I was happy for him and hoped to do the same thing in another nineteen years. As we all gathered, my wife of eighteen years, Constance Walker, stood beside me. She was a statuesque woman, standing 5’9″ tall, with a model’s figure. All the curves are in the right places. Her breasts were magnificent, and her bubble butt balanced her form. Her pixie-styled natural blonde hair matched the thin landing strip below with everything else lasered off permanently, making her baby smooth. Also in attendance were our three children, Rebecca, named after her grandmother. Daniel, my namesake, and Suzanne, our youngest. They were all two years apart and full-blown teenagers, a senior, sophomore, and eighth grader. They were all great kids, filling out our wonderful happy family.Once Sam announced my promotion and his retirement, there was a refreshment reception. Everyone congratulated me and wished me a great future and Sam a happy retirement. As people were milling around talking, Constance and I stayed together, greeting people. It was busy with most of the two hundred people coming to speak to us. Once we cut Sam’s retirement cake and things started to settle down, I had a few documents I needed to sign for Human Resources. Connie rounded up the kids to head home. We kissed, and each of them congratulated their old dad. Then Connie gave me a long, firm kiss and looked me in the eye, “Congratulations, Daniel, you have what you have always wanted and deserved. I am so proud of you.”  As I looked at her, there was something in her voice. Her statement seemed less than sincere, a little mechanical, and no “I love you” was added. That was strange to me. “Connie, can you come with me for a minute, please?” She told the kids to meet her at the SUV, and we walked inside my office. As we walked, I reached for her hand, but she brushed my hand aside. Odd, I thought. Her behavior for the past several days had been different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but she wasn’t her normal self, and I didn’t question her about it until now. We reached my new office, and there was a bottle of good champagne and two flutes. I walked to the bar and filled them. I brought them over to Connie, looking out the window at the nature preserve that backed up to the plant. Constance turned and looked at me. There was a small tear in her right eye. That confused me. I sat the flutes down and reached into my jacket pocket to get the gift I had for her. I felt an envelope and the box. I took out the envelope. It had nothing written on it, so I opened it as Connie turned back, looking out the window again. I pulled out the note and read the crushing words written in Connie’s hand.”Daniel, this is a special day for us, but for different reasons. For the past twenty years, we have worked together toward this day for you. We have sacrificed and succeeded in making you the CEO of this company, your baby, and your dream. You have been driving yourself hard and ignoring the children and me for the past four years. I can count on my hands the number of weekends you have been available for us as a family, and it has been less than ten.””As for us, our personal life had been in shambles for at least four years but worse in the last several years. You never have time for me, and we might make love once a month and never have a date night where it is just you and me. Oh yes, we are always going out, having dinner and drinks, and may even dance a little all between your schmoozing your business family. For many years I was onboard when things at home were normal, and we made love all the time, and we did family things together.””But Daniel, somewhere along the way, you forgot about us. Not just me but the kids too. They love you as I do, but you’re the absent kocaeli escort dad. Your work family is more important to you than your real family.”  “So, here we are on our special day. Yours is special because you have achieved the career goal for which you have given up absolutely everything. For me, it is my day of freedom. Later today, when you arrive home, a process server will be waiting to serve you divorce papers. I will be leaving you today. When you get home, the children and I will have left our current home for our new home. We will no longer live with you at 1265 Devonshire Court.””As you will see in the divorce papers, I want nothing myself. I have planned this for two years, not knowing when it would happen but knowing it would one day. As for the children, I will need your support for them through college and graduate school if they should choose to pursue further education. I would like you to give me half ownership of the beach and mountain houses, and we can work out the usage schedule later. I want my SUV and Becky’s cars paid off and for you to purchase a car for the other two when it’s time.”   “As for visitation, I will leave that up to the children. They are old enough to decide what time they want to spend with you, and I will not influence them in any way. As for holidays, we should try to maintain a family plan, and until it becomes too much, we should have Thanksgiving, birthdays, and Christmas together.” “Daniel, I want to be clear. I still love you with all my heart. I am not leaving you for another man. You are the only love in my life. I am not sure if I will ever lose my love for you. I know I need male companionship devoted to me, not their work, wife, and work family. I hate that this is happening, but nothing I have tried to do behind the scenes has worked. When was the last time we made love? It was seventy-six days ago, Daniel, seventy-six days. Did you even miss it or think about it? How many nights have you spent with your real family over the past six months? Thirty-four Daniel. You missed school things with the kids, Danny’s birthday, and many other things.”  “The bottom line is today; you married the company you have been dating and wooing. Now the company is your wife, not me. You are no longer married to your family. I am so sorry you did this to us. I am angry and sad, but I love you more than you will ever know and always will.” “Connie.”I stood frozen in a place, like my feet were encased in concrete. I could not move them. “OH, GOD!”Constance turned and looked at me, knowing I had read it all. Tears were running down both our faces. My God, what had I done? Had I been so absent, uncaring, and aloof that I couldn’t see this happening right before my eyes? I tried to speak, but I was completely lost for words. I stumbled backward and fell into a chair. I didn’t know what to do or what to say, and I didn’t know anything. I looked up at Constance. “I am so sorry. Is there any way to mend this to save us, the family? I will do anything, anything at all!”Constance looked down at me. “Daniel, I don’t know how you could do that. You cannot change; with this new position, it will be even worse. So, no, Daniel, I do not see any way you can save us by doing something you will not do.””Connie, what would that be?” I asked, knowing what she was going to say.”Daniel, for the last four years, since you fell in line to become CEO, your life has been devoted to the company and your dream. You have achieved that dream, so what is the next one, bigger, better, more consuming?””Daniel, there is one thing that will stop the events of later today. Suppose you pull Sam in here and explain what is happening to our family. Then you resign from the company to save your family. If that happens and you devote your life to me, we can all go home together, and life will move on.””If you cannot do that, and I know that you don’t have it in you, our family will be destroyed today! It is up to you. Which family is more important to you? Me and the children of your work family? It is that simple, though I know it is not.””One last thing, if money is a concern of yours. Please remove that from your decision. I have been very frugal and saved, invested, and socked away a lot of money over our marriage. We are very wealthy, and our home is paid for, as are our two other homes. We have real assets worth well into the millions. Daniel, you never have to work again.””Daniel, the kids, and I are going to our current home. You have one hour to make up your mind. BUT… If you decide to create a miracle and do resign. I will not allow you to push that back on the kids or me. It will be done and NEVER be discussed again.” Constance stepped to me, leaned down, and kissed me softly on my lips. I wanted to grab Connie and hold her, but she walked out the door, leaving me with her letter, words, and a huge dilemma. I walked to the window, looking out at nature. I reflected on it an hour ago. I thought I was on top of the world, kocaeli escort bayan not knowing my foundation was crumbling under me. How could I be so blind to what I was doing or not doing was more accurate to my family? I walked to my desk, picked up my cell phone, and made the call. “Sam, could you come to your office? Please, we need to talk.” I slumped into the CEO chair. I was having a tough time breathing. I got up, walked to the bar, and poured two glasses of 12-year-old Scotch. I sat back down and started writing on a yellow legal pad. “To whom it may concern.I, Daniel Walker, am resigning from my position as President and Chief Executive Officer of Martel Industries. The effective date of my resignation will be September 30th.  Sincerely, Daniel Walker.Just as I finished, a smiling Samuel Trainor came through the door. “Hey Daniel, Mr. CEO, how are you doing?” He stopped at the desk and saw the glass of Scotch and the look on my face. He sat down.”Daniel, what is the matter? You look like someone died?” “They did, my marriage!” I handed him the note.He read it and looked at me. “What the hell happened?””You read the note. It sums it up! What is not in the note are my two options.””Options?””Yes, Sam, I have options. You’re not going to like one of them.””What is it?”Well, option one is this.” I handed Sam the yellow legal pad.He looked up at me, “You aren’t serious! Would you resign from the dream job you have worked so hard for? What is option two?””Option two is I remain CEO, my wife divorces me, and I destroy my family!”  I took a big gulp of Scotch. “The real issue is I have,” I looked at the clock, “:42 minutes to decide.””Oh, Shit! What are you going to do?” Sam asked, gulping down his Scotch. “Sam, I cannot lose my family. You are holding my decision. I am sorry, but I have no choice. My family is everything to me, but I didn’t realize that until I read that note. It became clear that all the work I did here was for them, not me. Sure, I wanted it, but they were the purpose behind it all. It’s the same for you and most normal working people. I was great at work and started to suck at home. I needed to be great at both, and I wasn’t.””Look, Sam, you are retiring, and that is not changing. We are not announcing this to anyone, and you and Davis will be the only ones that know. We will use a national search firm and find a replacement for me in 90 days or a little more if necessary. Constance doesn’t think I can quit, so she expects to move on with her plan. She will be shocked when in and tell her.” “Everything goes off as planned, the celebration and everything. No one will know until the right time!””Sam, I must thank you with all my heart and soul. You made my dream come true, and I didn’t know that my dream was my family’s nightmare.””No, Daniel, you earned it and would be a great CEO. I understand your decision, and I would be nothing without my family. Do what you must, son, and God be with you. We clinked glasses and downed the rest of the Scotch. “I have to go tell Constance and the kids. I shook hands. You are still the boss till Monday. See you at the party later. Mum is the word!”I raced out of the executive parking lot down the freeway home. As I drove off, I texted Connie.My text: “Home in 15, have the kids there!” I pulled into the drive. I jumped out of my Mercedes GSL450 and ran through the front door. Inside, my family was all sitting on the sofa like schoolchildren: oldest, my wife Rebecca, Daniel, and Suzanne. I walked in front of them, and they all looked so cute sitting there with hands in their laps, looking at me.   “Family, today has been a wonderful day in many ways. You shared a dream come true for me when I was named CEO of the company. You all know that I worked hard to get there, and now I am there. Then my wonderful day turned into a nightmare like your lives have been for the last several years. I am so sorry about that. I was blind to what I was doing or not doing. I am happy to say that my day is once again rosy and bright.”They looked at me and each other, confused at my cheerfulness in the face of divorce. “I can see that you are all confused. Well, let me clear it up for you. My family is everything to me. What I was doing to reach my dream job was all for us, you, me, and your mom. I guess I never showed you that or talked about it, but it is true. Becoming CEO means nothing to me if you all are not enjoying it with me as a family loving our lives together. So, after your mom shook my tree, I saw what I had been doing. After you left, I called Sam Mr. Trailor and told him effective September 30th. I am resigning. I cannot do it sooner, or it would damage the company. We need time to find my replacement. Sam and I agreed to leave on the same day, giving us dual power to find the right New CEO.”There was a silence in our house that I had never heard before. The looks on all their faces. They were shocked and in disbelief. I let this think for a minute, then asked. “Would izmit escort you rather I stayed in the job so you all could leave me? I was hoping my decision was what you wanted, but maybe not. Should I call Sam and tell him I am not resigning?”That shook the loose. Daniel ran to me, dad, I was so happy, then the girls surrounded me in a group hug with a few kisses. Constance was still seated, looking at me with doubt on her face.”Kids, take off. Your mom, and I need to talk. Don’t bother us for a while.” I walked to Connie, held out my hand, and pulled her up. We walked down the hall, up the back stairs to the back of the house, a long way from our kids. As soon I closed the door to the mother-in-law’s suite door and pulled Connie to me. I kissed her hard, then softened and added in some serious passion. She pressed her body against me. Then she pushed back, separating us. She looked at me, not believing what had happened. “You really did it. You resigned?””Yep, I did.””How could you, you that company.””It was easy once I realized that I love you and the kids more than the company. I never stopped loving you; my love was misguided in the wrong direction.””So, can you call off the process server, please, and let us stay married for the rest of our lives.” “I already did when you texted. I knew you would not be coming home unless you wanted us more than being CEO!”I pulled her to me again, kissing her, then began to undress her.”What are you doing? It’s the middle of the afternoon.””Yes, it is. If I am going to be home more, we will have to talk with the kids about parents’ rights in our house. If I want to make love or we want to fuck at 9:00 am or 3:00 pm, we will do it, and the kids will have to deal with it.””Well, ok then, we have a party to go to, but we had a good three hours before we got ready. So, woman, get naked. We have some catching up to do.”I pulled the covers back and looked at my beautiful wife, realizing now how stupid I had been to neglect the beautiful woman I loved completely. It had been so long that it was hard to get started. Who would make the first move? What would I do first? I decided it was taking control. That wants Connie had always wanted. “On your knees!” Constance moved in front of me. Her eyes never left mine as she slowly kissed me and worked her way down my body biting my nipples hard and making me grow. She mewed as she kissed my chest and belly, chewing my thick chest hair, and stopped at my Innie navel, rimming it. Her hands were on my cock, now slowly stroking me and playing with my ball sack, full of months’ worth of creamy cum.  She licked my cockhead, rimming the crown. I was ready to cum, remembering what her mouth felt like. What fucking idiot? I was ignoring her all this time for what. More money, prestige, so selfish, no wonder she wanted to leave me. Suddenly her lips slipped over my cockhead, sliding down my shaft and wetting it as her tongue slithered along the sensitive underside teasing the bulging veins. I was shaking, and my knees were weak. Her hands couped my hairy ass cheeks, pulling me deep into her mouth. Her nose pressed into my pubes as she took my eight inches in her throat. Connie looked up at me and squeezed my balls. I exploded, filling her belly with what felt like a gallon of cum. She pulled back, stroking my cock, taking my last salvo on her tongue. She held my cock with her lips sealed behind the head as my cock pulsed, dribbling out the last of my gift. Unable to focus or stand any longer, I fell back on the bed, totally spent. I was breathing hard, and my cock was twitching. Connie gripped it, slowly stroking it, keeping it alive and hard. She crawled up my body, trapping my cock against my belly. She looked at me and popped a little blue pill in her mouth. My eyes widened. Candance has not blown me like that in ten years; we had never used a blue pill before.”For what I have planned for you tonight, I believe you may need one or two of the little cock hardeners.”She opened her mouth and showed me the “V” pill swimming in a pool of my cum. Connie kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth, letting the pool of cum and the pill slide through my mouth. She kissed me hard, pushing her tongue deeper, making me swallow it all. I held her tight as my cock stayed hard, needing the pill that would come later. I rolled her over and pulled her up on the bed. Connie loved to be fucked from behind, but I needed to see her face connecting completely with her after months of neglect. I looked into Connie’s eyes. There were little tears. “I am so sorry I had to take it this far for you to finally wake up. I was terrified you would choose the company and not us. Thank God you didn’t, and I would not have to know what to do.””I was a fool, disillusioned by my selfish desires for money and power when everything of real importance to me was right in front of me. Thank you for waking me up. I am so sorry it came to that.”I kissed Constance with more passion than I could remember. I slowly rolled my hips, seating my cock in her pussy. She moaned into my mouth and broke the kiss. Please don’t make love to me. I need you to ravage me. Fuck me like an animal, take me, own me, make me yours forever.”

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