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Danny Ch. 03

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I was a little uneasy as I approached the front door of the French residence. I reached to push the doorbell, but before I could push it the door opened and there stood Mrs. Mrs. Frence naked except for high heels.

“Surprised?” she asked.

“You won’t believe how much.”

“Well come on in and let’s get to it.”

I was wrung dry when she finally turned me loose to get dressed. We had done it all. Oral. Anal, missionary, doggie and sixty-nine.

“I hope you weren’t disappointed” Mrs. French said.

“Not even” I said and then added, “But scared to death.”

“Why would you be scared?”

“Pauline caught us because she came home unexpectedly.”

“So? We settled all that between us.”

“Yes, but what if your husband comes home unexpectedly?”

“I guess that is something that could possibly happen, but he never has in the last ten years or so.”

“I’ve heard it said that there is a first time for everything.”

“I guess you are right. Let me think on it. See you next week?”

“Only Pauline can stop me.”

“She won’t and you can believe me on that.”

I was having a bunch of mixed thoughts on my way home. I was happy with my situation for the most part, but there were a lot of unknowns. Pauline took it as a given that we were going to stay together, but would we? If we did what kind of relationship would I have with her mother? If Pauline and I did marry would both women expect me to continue taking care of them? And don’t think for one minute that I didn’t pick up on what Pauline implied when we had our talk in the cafeteria. The “You like sex as much as I do” part. Her mom could take care of me and see to it that no other girl got her hooks in me? Did she think I didn’t know that she was as good as telling me that was going to get her needs met while she was at Walton?

I knew that with her highly sexual nature that she wasn’t going to go without and what if she found another ‘total package’ that had a touch more going for him than I had and decided to replace me? Then I thought “So what.” While Pauline already had me down in her mind as her husband I wasn’t all that sure that she would end up being my wife. I knew what Pauline’s long range plans were and even as young and inexperienced as I was I could see the trouble I would have as her husband if things went as she hoped.

Pauline was working hard with a tutor on her Spanish to prepare herself for going to work with her dad. He had an import/export business that dealt mostly with companies in Latin America and I could see Pauline having to do a lot of travel to Latin American countries. After I got my business management degree I would be joining the family business and there would be very little, if any, travel as part of my job. I didn’t think I would like having a part time wife. I could see me just being a filler between her globe-trotting trips.

That brought up another thought. Had Pauline been thinking that far ahead? Was this thing with her mother her way of seeing to it that I was kept occupied while she was gone? If so that implied that she didn’t plan on going without while she was away. I’d seen what had happened to the marriages of some of my parent’s friends where one of the couples traveled for business and in most cases it wasn’t pretty.

By the time I pulled the blankets up and my head hit the pillow I had decided “Fuck it! Take what you can get while you can get it. Worry about what happens when you graduate from college when that time gets here.”

In the morning I picked Pauline up and on the way to school my Wednesday afternoon with her mother was never mentioned. In fact it wasn’t even brought up at any time during the week that went by until the next Wednesday rolled around. Even then all I got was a “Save enough for me” when we got out of the car at the student parking lot.

After an extremely exhausting session of oral and anal sex Mrs. French said, “I have given your worries some thought and I have a way to end them. My sister Irene has an apartment in town and she says we can use it. But there is a slight catch.”

“What is it?”

“She is going through a divorce and is pretty much as sexually needy as I am. She said that I might have to share you with her if things don’t break right for her.”

“Can you sell that to Pauline?”

“She wants you kept busy while she is away at school so I don’t think that it will be a problem and after all it would be keeping it in the family right?”

I wisely kept my mouth shut. We would just have to wait and see what happened if things didn’t ‘break right’ for Ilene.

The next Wednesday Mrs. French and I played at Irene’s apartment, but servicing Irene never came up.

It went that way for the next two weeks; momma never mentioned Pauline and Pauline never mentioned momma. It was a totally weird situation, but I wasn’t going to complain. I had to be the best laid nineteen year old in the state and maybe even in the surrounding ones.


Then pendik escort it was prom time and for the first time since Pauline and I had started spending time together Mr. French decided to have a talk with me while Mrs. French and Pauline were upstairs working on Pauline’s prom dress. It was a Thursday, the day before prom night, and Pauline and I had finished play time and were sitting at the kitchen table only this time we weren’t pretending to be working on home work. Pauline was trying to teach me some simple phrases in Spanish. She felt I should have at least a little of the language when we honeymooned in Aruba.Her parents came home and the two women went of and left me alone with Mr. French and as soon as they were out of earshot he said rather bluntly:

“I was young once myself and I know how boys your age think. I also know what young guys think about come prom time. I want you to understand something boy. I expect my daughter to walk down the aisle a virgin on her wedding day. You just keep that in mind when you go to those after prom parties. You do not want me as an enemy lad. You understand me?”

I told him that I heard him loud and clear while I was doing my absolute best not to laugh out loud. Pauline a virgin when she walked down the aisle? The man was clueless! I wanted to ask him if he knew how to turn back time.

Then he told me that he expected me to have her home no later than three a.m. All I could say was “Yes sir” even though I knew damned well that Pauline had no intension of home at all before the sun came up on Saturday morning. She had already given me a list of the parties we would attend and a sub-list of parties we would go to if at all possible. I didn’t see any way that we could get I all done before noon. I didn’t bother to tell Mr. French that. I’d tell Pauline about it and let her deal with it.

I did bring it up on the way to school the next morning and she just shrugged and said, “I’m over eighteen and all he can do is give me the old “As long as you are under my roof” speech and I’ll just tell him “Okay. I’ll just go and stay with Gram.” My grandmother is cool. She told me when I turned eighteen I could move in with her any time I wanted. I don’t think she ever liked my dad. I do know that she was pissed when mom married him because mom told me so.”

We had a great time at the prom and Pauline told me that what made the night for her were the dirty looks that Mandy sent our way. She and Mandy had never gotten along from way back in grade school. Pauline told me that before we hooked up she had thought of trying to take me away from Mandy just to piss Mandy off. Mandy’s date was Donny Haight which came as no surprise to me. I’d seen them together when I was out and about. I got nasty looks from him whenever we saw each other, but he stayed away from me.

We hit a couple of after prom parties and around two Pauline said “It is time that we do something that we have never done together.”

“What’s that?”

“Sleep together.”

“We do that all the time.”

“No we don’t. I’m not talking about making love; I’m talking about waking up in the morning with you.”

I didn’t even hesitate and said, “Where to Miss French?”

“The Fantasy Island Motel on Sixth. We have a reserved room.”

Nothing different happened in room 102. It was pretty much the same as usual. Missionary, doggie, cowgirl, sixty-nine and anal. What was different was when we got to where I couldn’t respond again we snuggled up to each other and fell asleep.

Waking up with Pauline wrapped around me was a new sensation and I liked it. I also liked Pauline’s way of greeting the new day, but eventually we got to the bas part. The part where I had to take her home and face her father.

“Don’t sweat it” she said. “It is a Saturday and he always goes into work on Saturday. He won’t be there when we get there. I can’t remember a Saturday when he didn’t go in to work. I think that is part of why my parents are having problems.”

She was right and he wasn’t there and when I walked Pauline to her door she gave me a hot steamy kiss and said:

“Thank you for a perfect prom lover.”


Things stayed pretty much the same on the run up to graduation. Pauline two, three and sometimes four times a week and Mrs. French on Wednesdays. With graduation out of the way and summer staring us in the face things slowed down. Way down.

Pauline went to work for her father so there was no more after school bed play and we had to make do with occasional dates. Occasional because quite often Pauline had to work late. I was still stopping by to visit Mrs. French every Wednesday and while it was always satisfying I wasn’t getting near as much as I used to get with Pauline in the rotation.

I still went places and did things in the evenings and I would occasionally run across Mandy and Haight. A couple of times I ran into Mandy without Haight and a couple of those times she tried anadolu yakası escort to hook up with me, but I wasn’t interested. At least not until one Tuesday night when I was out looking for some friends to hang with. I was out looking for company because Pauline had called me and told me that she would be working late again.

I was downtown and I just happened to see Pauline get out of a car with a man and go into Maxims which was a fairly upscale restaurant. They were holding hands as they walked up to the door and went inside. Curiosity got the best of me so I gave it about ten minutes and then I went inside. I saw Pauline and the man sitting in a booth next to each other. Not on opposite sides where they could look at each other while they talked and ate, but side by side. Pauline was leaning into the man and her head on his shoulder. Her left hand was on the table holding the man’s right hand and I didn’t care to see any more so I turned and left.

I hit the arcade, but didn’t see anybody I knew, but I didn’t really feel like looking for friends any more so I got on a pinball machine and started playing it. I’d been there twenty minutes or so when a voice behind me said:

“You have nothing better to do than spend your evening wasting money on that thing? “I’m sure I can find us something better to do than that.”

I turned and found Mandy standing there. I was just in the right mood so I said, “Whatcha got in mind?”

“Get out of here and go somewhere private where I can mend some fences.”

“Lead on” I said and she turned and headed for the door and I followed along. Once outside she spotted the Torino and headed for it. I opened the door for her, she got in and I went around to the driver’s side and got in. She slid over next to me and said:

“Find us a place a little more private than this.”

I drove out to Stephen’s Point and parked. It had been a silent ride and once I put the lever in ‘park’ I said:

“Isn’t Haight going to be a little upset over this?”

“Screw him! He’s a jerk. I made a big mistake when I lost you and I’m trying to correct it. How is Pauline going to take it?”

“Don’t know; don’t care. I found out tonight that she has other interests.”

“Well then I guess we need to get busy and get to work on erasing the two of them from our minds.”

She pulled my head to her and kissed me. It turned into an extremely hot make out session. It got as far as my getting her bra off of her and a finger in her pussy before she stopped me.

“I want our first time to be on a bed. My parents are out of town on business so why don’t you take me home.”

Mandy wasn’t a virgin. She’d given it up to Haight or one of the others she had dated after I dropped her. She saw the look on my face and said:

“It should have been you. I wanted it to be you. But we are together now so let’s make the most of it.”

It was a long night. She wanted to try everything and I did my best to accommodate her. I was the first one to eat her pussy or no one else had done it right. I managed to get her off by munching on her muffin and once she settled down she said:

“My God baby; I never realized it could be so good.”

When I finally couldn’t get it up anymore I got up and reached for my pants she asked:

“Where are you going?”

“Home. I need to get some slep before I have to get up and go to work.”

“Uh uh. I’ve got you back and I’m not letting you get any farther away from me that I absolutely have to. Tell me what time you have to get up and I’ll set my clock.”

When the clock went off at seven it was the second time in my life I woke up with a warm female body snuggled up next to me. It was a habit I could learn to like. Mandy started playing with my dick and I had to push her hand away telling her that I didn’t have enough time to do her justice.

“My parents don’t get home until Friday night. Does that give you any ideas?”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. What time can I expect you? I’ll have dinner ready.”

It was a Wednesday and Mrs. French would be expecting me, but I decided that the quickest way to end things with Pauline would be not to show up to visit her mother. I would no doubt hear from her on Thursday morning wanting to know where I was and I could get it done then. I told Mandy she could expect me sometime between four-thirty and five. I kissed her goodbye and headed off to work.


When I got to work my dad gave me a grin and said, “You really should call your mother and let her know when you aren’t going to be coming home at night.”

“I don’t know if I can handle what she is going to ask or say when I tell her that I probably won’t be home until Friday.”

“Pauline’s parents out of town?”

“Pauline is history.”

He raised an eyebrow at that and I headed for my job on the loading dock before he could comment on that.

The day went fast and when lunch time came I called ataşehir escort my mom and told her I was staying with a friend for a couple of days and that I’d be home on Friday. I was surprised when I didn’t get any questions from her.

When I got to Mandy’s she did indeed have dinner ready. Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. She even had a bottle of wine open and ready. Over dinner we talked about my day and what we would be doing when summer was over. By unspoken agreement we kept Pauline and Haight out of our conversation. When dinner was over we went out onto the patio and continued the conversation and finished the bottle of wine.

After about an hour Mandy asked me if I was ready for dessert and when I asked what it was she told me that I would have to come up to her bedroom to find out. For the second morning in a row I woke up with a warm female body snuggled up next to me.

Lunch period was almost over when I got the expected phone call from Pauline.

“Mother missed you last night. Where were you?”

“Getting reacquainted with Mandy.”

“What’s going on Danny?”

“I’ve decided to give our relationship a second chance.”

“There were a couple seconds of silence before she said, “What about us?”

“Were you thinking of us Tuesday evening when you were at Maxims all warm and cuddly with that guy you were sharing your booth with?”

More silence from her end and then I said, “Thanks for calling Pauline. You take care now” and I hung up on her.

The rest of the day went quickly and after work I headed for Mandy’s. It was a repeat of the previous evening and when I was dressed and ready to leave for work in the morning Mandy asked me when she would see me again.

“Not tonight. I have to go home so my mom can see that I’m still alive. I don’t have anything planned for Saturday if you have it free.”

“I do. Can we go to the lake? I’ll make us a picnic basket.”

“It’s a date.”

I kissed her and headed for work.

All day at work I was asking myself if I really wanted to get back into a committed relationship with Mandy. I couldn’t forget what happened that caused us to break up and come fall she would be going off to college. She was going to Baylor in Texas and I wouldn’t see her except for holiday breaks and vacation. As much as she like sex I didn’t think she would go without while she was gone. Plus the length of time we would be apart would give her plenty of opportunity to get into a long term relationship.

Then again, one thing that I’m not is a hypocrite. I wouldn’t be going without while she was gone, at least not on purpose. I wasn’t going to go without when Pauline was gone so why would I when Mandy was gone. Granted it would have been a hell of a lot easier in Pauline’s case because of her mother. I didn’t have that option with Mandy and even if I did I wouldn’t take it. Mandy’s mom looked like Aunt Bea on the television show Mayberry.

Then I had to ask myself why I was even wasting my time thinking about such things. Nothing was going to happen in the way of long term romances until I finished college and that was four years away. Maybe even more if I decided to go for an MBA and a hell of a lot could happen in four or five years.

The day went pretty fast and as I was getting ready to leave my dad said, “I thought you told me that Pauline was history?”

“I did.”

“I guess you forgot to tell her that.”


“You’ll see” he said and then he had to answer the phone.

I saw what he was talking about when I walked out into the parking lot. Sitting on the left front fender of my care was Pauline. She slid off the fender, walked up to me. Threw her arms around me and tried to kiss me. I say ‘tried’ because I turned my head and she missed my lips and got the side of my face just below my ear.

“What do you want Pauline?”

“You Mr. Asshole; I want you.”

“You didn’t want me Tuesday night. In fact you told me we couldn’t see each other because you had to work late. And yet I saw you being all lovey-dovey with some guy at Maxims.”

“I was working late Danny. Daddy, Mr. Lopez and I had been working on a contract most of the afternoon. When we finally hammered out a deal daddy asked me to take Mr. Lopez to dinner while he had the contract typed up. Then I was to bring Mr. Lopez back to the office so he could sign the document.”

“You really think that I’m that stupid Pauline? I saw you walk into Maxims holding hands with the guy. When I looked into the restaurant I saw how you were sitting with him and holding hands on the table.”

“It was just harmless flirting; trying to keep him in a good mood. His business is important to daddy. He never even got a kiss.”

“That’s not what it looked like to me. You were much too touchy-feely with him to suit me. You can say you didn’t do anything, but what I saw makes me disbelieve it.”

“Even if that is what you are thinking why are you taking it out on my mother?”

“Oh come on Pauline. How can I still see your mother when you and I are through? The last time we broke up she slammed the door in my face. When you see her tell her I’m not a blabbermouth. No one but the three of us will ever know. Now if you will excuse me I have some place I need to go.”

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