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Day 2 at the Smith’s Part 1

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Day 2 at the Smith’s Part 1I woke up early the next day I cant explain it I was excited and freaked out about what happened the day before. I got into work to get ready for the day I was hoping to get my work done there before Mr. Smith got home from work. My boss asked me “What’s going on at he Smith house Billy he was pissed off and said you are doing a shitty job you have always been a good worker” I was trying to find an answer for my boss then he spoke again ” I offered to send a few guys out to fix your fuck up but he told me no he thought you need to fix your own mistakes he said he would be home to supervise you” When I got there Mrs. Smith was getting in her car “Billy I don’t know what you did to upset my husband but he took the day off work to make sure it doesn’t happen again! Good luck I am sorry but I wont be around to keep him from looking over your shoulder all day” I knew exactly what I did to upset him and it had nothing to do with the yard I spit out his cum I thought to myself! As I was watching her pull away I started to get butterflies in my stomach I was so confused by how I felt. “Good morning boy” I heard Mr. Smith say behind me “I hope you are going to do a better job today” I slowly turned and fell right into the sub I had been the day before “Yes Sir güvenilir bahis Daddy Sir”  he smiled “Good boy we have all day to make sure you get it right lets get started” he opened the door and point in the house I new what I was to do as I was walking in he stopped me. “Before you enter my home boy you must strip” I didn’t protest or even hesitate I stripped my cloths off right there at the entry to his house and as I walked past him naked he slapped my ass “That’s Daddy’s good boy” I flinched from the slap and as the door closed my small penis was getting hard already. “Stop there boy” he spoke “Let me see you” I turned around I was standing naked with a rock hard penis I went to cover myself “Boy you better not even think about it put your hands down” I moved my hands away “Yes Sir Daddy Sir” He smiled at me “You have quite a hard little penis don’t you? You must be excited to see daddy today boy! But you have lot of hair around that small little dick of yours don’t you boy? Someone with such a small dick shouldn’t have that much hair around it go up to the bathroom boy we need to fix this!” When he said that it was definitely an order not a request. I got to the top of the stairs and my mind was racing I had pre cum dripping from my penis I was loving being Daddy’s sub güvenilir bahis siteleri boy. I stepped on the landing and got on my knees without Mr. Smith telling me to. “My boy is learning very fast isn’t he?” Mr. Smith spoke looking down at the floor I said “Thank you Daddy” as he stood next to me I leaned forward like a puppy begging for attention! I actually nuzzled my noise into Mr. Smiths crotch he rubbed my head “Is my boy looking for something?” I looked up at him “Yes Daddy” I said who am I, I thought  to myself but I was too far gone. “What do you want boy?” I kept looking up at him “May I suck your cock Daddy Sir?” He looked down at me with the biggest grin I had ever seen and said yes. I could not wait to see Mr. Smith’s cock again I had been trying to fight it but I could not stop thinking about it when I unzipped his pants I almost dove onto his cock I was sucking and stroking him like I had sucked a thousand cocks before he was pulling my hair making me look up at him “That’s it boy keep sucking daddy’s cock like that” he started to fuck my mouth pushing deeper and deeper making me gag and drool but I was loving it he was moaning calling me his little cock slut that just made me suck harder I was rubbing his balls and doing my best to please my new Daddy/Master. iddaa siteleri I stopped for a second he got angry “What do you think you are doing boy??” I looked into his eyes “Am I pleasing you Daddy?” he slapped my face that just turned me on more “You were until you stopped boy!! WHY DID YOU STOP??” He shouted “I want to ask if I may taste your cum Daddy” he grabbed my head and pushed me back onto his cock he must have loved the control as much as I loved being submissive all of a sudden he tensed up and his balls started to twitch and he was pumping a huge load in my mouth I gagged at first letting some fall from my mouth I tried to start to swallow but couldn’t his cum was filling my mouth and running down my chin then I took a BIG gulp and swallowed as much of Daddy’s cum as I could then I took another gulp and my mouth was empty his load was huge I could not believe how much he came especially since he came so much yesterday. I didn’t want to let his cock go he was getting soft in my mouth he looked down at me “That was better boy! But you still wasted some of my cum you know Daddy has to punish you for that right?” Without being told I started to lick what cum had dribbled onto his balls then started to lick it up off the hardwood floor. He loved seeing that and I was starting to love the taste of his cum. As I was ass up licking the cum from the floor he slapped my ass “Get in the bathroom boy we have some hair to remove” I got to my feet “Yes Sir Daddy” I smiled as I walked past him into the bathroom. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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