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Subject: Dead Rivalry Here’s something out of my line of work: A VISUAL Disclaimer: Don’t know *N Sync, Backstreet, or their sexuality. (I’m BOUND to screw up on some info but it’s ok coz I’m trying to prove a point) Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is a short visual I have written between Backstreet Boy Nickolas Gene Carter and *N Sync-er James(?) Lance Bass. This is written so fans of both bands could enjoy fiction without saying Backstreet or N Sync is better. Both are high professionals that sing and are pretty damn good about it. The only reason I dislike N Sync is Justin Timberlake. The teenyboppers think he’s a dream but to me he is a nightmare. I see nothing wrong with liking both bands (So, ok, I like one song and one band member’s cute. Big deal!). The following sexual intercourse’s characters could be replaced by anyone of your choice to ease whatever cringing that might appear. This is to prove that the characters do not count, the storyline does. If you have any problem, the exits are located on your back button. Thank you. Dead Rivalry Lance Bass wiped the sweat off his brow with a towel. That was one hell of a show. It sold out. The reception was great and nothing could be better. Well, maybe just ONE TINY thing. He sighed heavily and drooped to his hotel room. Battle of the Boy Bands. It’s all Media talk, you know. They noticed the similarities between *N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. They thought one copied another. But the truth was they all shared the same pain. They often hung out whenever they had downtime. Like brothers, too. Hell, they were at Kevin’s wedding as well as Brian’s. It’s all in the media’s imagination. He slipped the card key through the lock and watched as the green light signaled that it was clear. He walked in; ready to take care of his problem he had managed to bring up thinking about the whole ordeal, when he saw his love draped in the middle of the bed with a sheet covering the ankara rus escort barest essential. “Nicky…” he gasped. Nickolas Carter smirked. “I was hoping you’d be back soon, darling.” “W-what are you doing here?” he stuttered. “What?” Nick pouted; making his lips even fuller. “You don’t love me anymore?” Lance groaned s the fabric around his lower half began to restrict. “No…god, no!” Within seconds, he was on the bed as well. “Babe, it’s the total opposite.” Lance replied as he ground himself into Nick. Their lips met in a kiss that left both of them breathless. “Someone’s concert went well.” Nick smiled evilly. “And for such a concert, one should get such a reward, right?” Lance smiled at Nick. This was what exactly happened during the Millennium Tour. “Lay down, tiger.” Nick whispered as he flipped Lance into the bed. “It’s your night tonight.” Lance had no time to react as he felt Nick’s lips upon his again. The younger man trailed his electric kisses down the other’s face, down his neck. Blue eyes met green as he sucked on Lance’s Adam’s apple like he would another part of his lover’s anatomy. Hearing Lance’s moan of satisfaction, Nick resumed his trail of intense kisses down his chest. His tongue encircled the colored skin around the nipple; almost smiling when he heard his lover beg to lick the rest. Instead, he gently and agonizingly slowly bit down on the nipple, causing Lance to gasp and sweat. Nick’s tongue flicked over his prisoner between his teeth. He slowly let go and began to same torture to its twin. Lance’s green eyes fluttered closed as he writhed in the sweet torture his lover was giving him. “Nick…” he groaned. Nick’s arousing mouth and nipping teeth made him painfully hard. He needed his release soon but at the pace Nick was going, he wasn’t going to have it in a while. It seemed like hours before he felt Nick’s breath near the quivering organ that rose from çankaya escort his crotch. Nick gently licked away the precum that beaded at the slit. He knew this drove Lance wild. He could tell from the way he grabbed the sheets and how he was violently moving. “Do you want to tell me what you want, tiger?” he asked. His voice was breathless but he breathed enough cool air across the shivering organ to make the other man cry out in frustration. “Please.” Lance gasped. “Please what, baby?” “Suck me. Oh god, suck me! God! Just touch me! I don’t care! Just please! Let me…” his plea was interrupted by a moan. Nick bent down and gently took the head in his wet, warm mouth. “Yesss…Nicky.” he breathed. Nick pulled off and began to kiss down the thick shaft; gently nipping the sides. Nick was controlling Lance’s orgasm. They both knew it. Nick kissed his way back up. For Lance, it was hard to breathe let alone see. It was hard enough to stay conscious let alone concentrate. His world was only a pair of warm, wet lips that caressed the most sensitive part of his body. Nick again suckled Lance’s member; taking more and more until he was using his throat muscles to work the thick piece of meat. “Oh…Nick…Nicky…Nickolas…I’m gonna–” he gasped. Nick let it fall out but kept the head in. “I’m gonna…oh, that feels good…” he moaned. His breath got caught in his throat. “I’m gonna…CUM!!!!!” he screamed as volley after volley of seed poured down Nick’s throat. Nick swallowed it and licked the rest off of the bedspread. He was still gasping for air when Nick licked his way back up to kiss his lips. “How was it, honey?” he asked. “Absolutely blissful.” “I know something that will make you feel even better, tiger.” Nick purred. “That is…if you really want to.” “Oh I want to. You can bet I want to.” Lance grinned as he reached for a condom. “We do it safely, of course.” Nick grinned back ankara escort at him then gasped as he felt Lance’s warm touch unroll the rubber onto him. “Damn you, Lance. You’re damn evil.” Nick growled. Lance smirked as he took his hands away from Nick. “You want it all at once? Or slow, painful torture?” he whispered seductively. “All at once.” Lance growled. Nick smirked and slowly pushed his covered cock into Lance’s hole. Lance and Nick gasped together. Nick slowly pushed in another inch. There was a slight pain on Lance’s part but he didn’t mind as much as the need to be completely filled. “Nicky…more.” Nick nodded and pushed in another inch; fighting to keep hold of his sanity. It was almost too much. “More!” his lover begged. Nick slid in a couple more inches. “More!!!” Lance screamed as Nick pushed in the remaining 2 inches. They both laid still for Lance to become accustomed to the feeling. Nick drew out then excruciatingly drove back in again. Lance was on the brink of insanity because of the slow pace. “Please Nicky…” “Please…” panted Nick. “…What?” “Faster.” Lance stared right into Nick’s eyes. “Fuck me senseless.” Nick needed no second thought before he grabbed Lance’s legs and pile-drive into him. “Oh…yeah…” Nick moaned. “Damn, you’re tight. Oh god…Lance…” he panted as he pulled in and out of his love. Lance arched his back as pure euphoria flowed through him again. “I love you, Nicky!” he screamed. “Unh…oh good god…LAAAAANCE!” screamed Nick as the universe exploded around him. They lay still for a moment; their heavy sweat sealing them together. It was moments before they fluttered back down to earth. “Wow.” Nick breathed, his head resting on Lance’s chest. “Every time, huh sweetie?” chuckled Lance. “Oh yeah.” He raised his head to kiss the man he loved. “And to think we get to do this for tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after…” Lance chuckled and snuggled with his love. It was that moment; all supposed rivalries diminished. Voila! I never thought I had the nerve to do this but I did. Hopefully, I proved my point? It doesn’t matter about the characters. It’s the story/smut/whatever that counts. Humor me and just email me, mmmk? uno

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