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Dear Dirty Diary – part 2

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Dear Dirty Diary – part 2Dear Dirty Diary,About a month and a half had passed since my New Year’s Day love fest. Like most women, I seem to have an immense capacity for storing up sexual rapture, brought on by a good, solid orgasm. Louise and I had only exchanged pleasantries and non-sexual chitchat since. Perhaps an underlying guilt on my part had also cooled my sexual desires somewhat. Doug had been surprisingly attentive and had driven me crazy with his continual advances all month. He had given me a bit of a break during my period, but it was over now and he knew it. As was my nature, I began to feel frisky immediately following my period and I was wondering what was in store for today, Valentine’s Day.Doug had indeed, been busy buying me special little gifts. He smiled impishly when he handed me a bouquet of my favorite red roses, a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a huge mushy card filled with passionate lines of adoration. He saved until last, a fancy gift bag that he blushingly gave to me. I curiously opened the bag and retrieved a silky, crimson red camisole and panty set. As I ran my hand across the delicate sensual texture of the outfit, I immediately understood his attraction to it.When I asked if he thought I should model his outfit right then, he said, “Of course!” I told him he had to check out his presents first. Inside his Valentine’s bag, he found my provocative perfumed card and an equally silky pair of red and gold rayon boxer shorts. “Well, I suppose you think I should model these right now,” he mocked. “Of course,” I giggled.I told Doug to give me a minute to get changed and freshened up as I walked into our bedroom.He changed in the bathroom and while strutting to our room, called out, “No wonder you girls like to wear this silky underwear. It feels so good I think I’m getting a hard on!” As Doug entered our room, he couldn’t help but gawk at me, sitting tantalizingly on the bed, showing off my new outfit. As he approached the bed, I brazenly leaned back and spread my legs slightly to give him an enticing glimpse. In my faithful mirror doors, I saw that the simple, unadorned red camisole d****d gracefully across my breasts and flowed down my stomach, ending just above my navel. A short glimpse of my velvety pink skin led to the waistband of my sleek crimson panties. To enhance my image, I sucked in my belly and thrust out my chest. As he excitedly crawled into our bed, I lustfully eyed the growing bulge, stretching his wispy boxer shorts. I rolled onto my side, facing him, and then gave him my most seductive smile. I prefer lying on my side while kissing, because his looming presence over top of me often intimidates me. On our sides, we both are equals in love. I closed my eyes, and then hungrily sucked the tongue right out of his mouth, taking him completely by surprise. Doug tenderly ran his fingers through the hair behind my ear. I shivered with his touch and felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. We kissed long and hard, like the passionate lovers I knew we’d always be.During a particularly soulful kiss, the thought of Louise’s uniquely passionate kisses briefly crossed my mind. I still had not quite come to terms with that adventure, which still remained vivid in my mind. His roving hand quickly brought me back to the reality of the moment as he softly caressed my breasts with his fingertips. He ran slow, delicate patterns around each breast, starting near my armpit, then spiraling towards my nipple and ending by circling my aureole. Three spiral tickles on each breast quickly sent both teats poking up, as hard as acorns, through the sheer nylon of my camisole’s bodice. Spying my enticing little morsels, Doug firmly clenched his teeth on the base of my left teat, while continuing to tickle and squeeze my right nipple. He soon made my clitoris tingle and I sensed my vagina moistening.After a few minutes more of my favorite nipple tortures, he released his grip on my flattened throbbing nipple and traced his fingers across my new panties, down my pubes. I shivered with anticipation and spread my legs when I felt his fingers push against my pussy. Since I was nicely lubricated and obviously ready for fun, Doug firmly dug his fingers into the crotch of my stretchy Antron panties. As he wiggled his fingers to and fro, I felt them sink deeper into my hot, wet vulva. Seeking out the formidable bulge in his shorts, I teasingly ran my fingernails up and down my husband’s surging penis. I slipped my warm fingers through his fly and fished out the tip of his penis. I wrapped my hand around his silk-cloaked shaft, squeezed with all my might then stroked his penis forcefully. This spurred him on and he pushed even harder, piercing through my vulva, into my slippery vagina. “Sharesees!” I announced, moving my right hand down my abdomen to my pussy. I dug two of my fingers into myself, on top of his and said I wanted to play too. Digging my fingers in even deeper, we wadded the crotch of my panties further into my vagina. Guiding his fingers constantly, I made him swish around inside my vagina just the way I liked best.Doug ran his free hand down and pulled his entire penis through his fly. I quickly encircled his penis with my slim fingers. He then wrapped his strong fingers over mine and in turn, helped me stroke him up and down. After a few minutes of shared masturbation, I whispered that I needed him inside me. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs. He crawled atop me and kneeled. He grasped his penis and swirled it against the large patch of pussy juice that darkened my panties. My vulva relaxed and I felt his penis coarsely poke the frothy crotch of my panties right into my vagina, mimicking what he’d seen me do with my vibrator on New Year’s Day. Doug said I felt really restricted poking around like that, so he pulled out right away. He pulled my panties out of the way and entered me again.He must have felt me a little tight and dry, so he pumped me from side to side on an angle, with each thrust. After a few seconds of this, my vulva had relaxed so much I could hardly feel him any more. He maneuvered himself into a pushup stance and continued his thrusts deep into my vagina. That, I did feel, especially when our pelvises bumped together, but that also signaled that his little man had filled me up as best it could. Doug stopped abruptly, saying that the chafing and the constant tension of my panties’ leg band rubbing against his penis was starting to feel too good! My legs were tiring quickly from being elevated, so I gladly asked him if he wanted me to roll over.Normally he would continue doggie-style intercourse with me, poking in his thumb as well, to give me the sensation of a much bigger penis. However, my husband suddenly blurted out, “I bought another surprise for you at the lingerie shop, a special condom I thought you might enjoy.” Assuming it would be one of those silly French ticklers we used when we were dating, I grudgingly agreed. Doug sat on the edge of the bed and unwrapped it from its crinkly package. With his back to me, he rolled the condom on. “Well, whip it out and let me see it!” I said impatiently. When he crawled back into bed, I immediately realized it was no ordinary condom. With a growing blush on my face, I said, “What in hell is this supposed to be, Moby Dick?” He explained to me that it was sort of a padded condom. “Padded, I think it’s a bit more than padded, Douglas!” I said. “They called it a vibrator sleeve at the store,” he explained. I leaned over for a closer inspection of his newest sex gadget. The shaft was wrinkled and heavily veined, half again thicker and at least three inches longer than his normal hard-on. At the end was a hugely bulbous and sinister-looking head. I squeezed the shaft and found it comfortably soft and smoothly textured. When I felt the heat of Doug’s penis radiating through its latex skin, I decided this phenomenal erection somehow seemed a part of him. For that reason only, I chose to humor him. However, I didn’t know about that head, looking so evil and repulsive.I told Doug that of all the things he’d brought home, this one surely took the cake. Hopes dashed and looking like a sad little boy from my teasing, his super penis started to droop. Initially amused at his response to my taunting, I found myself, nonetheless overwhelmed by the challenge this mighty member posed to my sexual capacity. He instantly perked up when I said “If you expect to get that silly thing into me, we’d better make sure it’s good and slippery.” I grabbed the KY jelly from my drawer and told him to lie on his back. I squirted a puddle of lubricant into my palm, and then painstakingly spread it all over his thick, extended penis. I crawled onto the bed, swung my leg over and straddled him. Surprising him with my brashness, I said, “If I’m going to fuck that horse’s cock, I might as well ride you like one too!” Grasping the shaft of his penis, I wiggled it back and forth against my vulva. I lowered myself carefully at first, then pushed harder against it but it just wouldn’t go in. I wiggled and pushed a little more, unsuccessfully, then announced I had an idea. I climbed off him and directed my husband to lie right on the edge of the bed. I told him I still wasn’t horny enough but maybe I could sit down on it if I watched us in the mirror.I reached for the tube of KY, spread lots of it over all four of my fingers, and then shoved them up my pussy. I squirted another blob on the ugly head of his penis, spread my legs and backed up onto his erection. My eyes looked up and I was simply appalled at the scene in my vanity’s mirror. “Wouldn’t your c***dren be impressed with this?” I thought briefly while staring at our reflections. Luckily, those inopportune pangs of motherhood gave in to lust immediately after I decided that love making, is ours to enjoy, whether natural or artificially enhanced. I stared at myself again and thought, “Just look at yourself, you pathetic slut, you are so istanbul escort bad!” I watched the ugly penis head split my vulva, and then found myself wondering about the man whose penis was used to cast the mould for this condom. No nice man would have that repulsive a penis. Easily, he could have been a r****t, a renegade outlaw biker or maybe even a The Devil’s Dick. He could have been a devil worshiper or even the Devil himself for all I knew!I watched the ugly penis head stretch open my poor little vulva then pop into my vagina. “This is so perverted,” I whispered to myself as I sat down on Doug’s lap, causing the huge penis to steadily disappear deeper into my vagina. When I felt the evil penis stretch the very depths of my vagina, I suddenly thought of how much it felt like Louise’s little fist. Oh my God, I was thinking of my lesbian lover, while fucking my husband, who was sporting the Devil’s dick! When Doug’s Devil penis plowed into the end of my vagina, I felt so stuffed. I stared at my image in the mirror, hypnotized by the undeniable realization that the entire awesome member was inside of me. I had consumed the Devil’s dick and had triumphed over Satan!!!Doug brought me back to reality when he began to pump his hips up and down slowly. I moaned in delight as his padded penis completely ravaged my vagina. The sensations of being stretched and crammed full so completely were both exhilarating and trying. It slid well back and forth in me because of all the lubrication, but it was so big. There was no longer any question in my mind as to what The Devil’s Dick might of felt like inside of me. My poor vulva was stretched so taut that each stroke dragged the hood of my labia tightly across my clit, driving me crazy. All of a sudden, I began to feel really weird inside, like I didn’t know whether to pee or cum. I told Doug I didn’t think we should do this anymore. When he asked what was wrong, I lifted up off his penis and my husband stared in wonder as a watery stream gushed from my pussy and dribbled down his hip onto the bed. I asked him if he could feel much through his condom. Doug confessed that he could only feel my warmth through the thick spongy skin of the vibrator sleeve. I told him I felt delightfully dirty and evil when crammed full with that thing on him, but right then, I’d feel more at ease with just his bare penis and maybe that spiky little collar thing he kept in his drawer. He removed the evil penis sheath and rummaged through his drawer, eventually producing the vaginal exciter I craved. It was just a little latex ring with about twenty soft little half-inch long spikes protruding from it. I watched anxiously as he stretched it over his penis and positioned it just beneath his corona. I crawled into bed and lay down flatly on my stomach. I kept my right leg straight and pulled up the other, provocatively inviting my prickly-penis husband to come enjoy me. Like a cat in heat, I tilted my head back and smiled wantonly at my tomcat. He climbed onto me, placing his left knee between my legs and the other beyond my right out-stretched leg. With his left hand, he guided and pushed his stiff penis into my vulva. I felt him stroke scratchily in and out of me for a few minutes, then lean over and nibble my ear. I shivered in response so he immediately pulled out and squeezed my nipple delightfully hard. He returned stroking, this time burying his penis as deeply in me as he could, and then abruptly stopped. I watched lustfully over my shoulder, out of the corner of my eye, as he thoroughly wetted his left thumb in his mouth. I closed my eyes slowly when I saw his hand move down toward my pubes. I felt his slippery thumb push in along the underside of his buried penis into my waiting pussy. I moaned softly when I felt his thumb wiggle about and tease the underside of my clitoris. He began slow rhythmic pumping again, while continuing his thumb caresses, making my vagina slurp loudly. When my husband simultaneously shoved his entire thumb and its knuckle deep into me as well as his penis, I felt stretched taut as a guitar string. I felt so wicked and depraved, hearing my pussy squawking so obscenely. With my fingertip, I feverishly rubbed my poor swollen clitoris, knowing that he would ejaculate shortly after slipping in his thumb. The spikes of Doug’s collar tickled my vagina so excruciatingly; it caused creamy pussy sap to seep out with each of his strokes. He worked his thumb all around his penis, inside my vulva for a while, producing absolutely luscious sensations. He briefly rested it inside my vulva as he stroked, then slowly but surely, increased outward pressure against the right-side muscles of my vulva, spreading me open so far I could feel cool air enter my gaping pussy. Suddenly, I heard him start to breath heavily, and then felt his hot semen spew into my vagina as his penis surged and his body shuddered.Relieved after I felt him ejaculate, I closed my eyes, got really comfortable and hoped he’d do something to make me cum. Instead, I felt, what I’m sure were all four of his fingers, squeeze in to muck me. He pumped, rotated and wiggled his fingers all around inside my pussy. He pushed harder and harder, I guess to make sure I was completely dilated and filled to my heart’s content. Frankly, I couldn’t stretch any further and he was beginning to hurt. I tickled my clit feverously, but he just kept on pushing. Louise’s tiny fist in me hurt just right, but his big hand was another thing altogether. To end the torture without alarming him, I quickly faked an orgasm.Pleased with himself for satisfying me so quickly, he nodded off to sleep, but as I sat on the toilet my pussy felt violated. The challenge of the Devil’s dick and the tickling of the collar had been fun and had felt pretty good, but all of those fingers were a bit too much for me. I douched and washed my poor little pussy and to my surprise, it immediately felt no worse for wear. I guess it wasn’t damaged at all, just aching from being over-exercised. By the time I made my way back from the bathroom, Doug had drifted off to sleep. He drowsily opened his eyes, disturbed by my dressing. I suggested he just relax and told him, “I had things to see and people to do,” then scurried off.With him sleeping soundly, I tried to amuse myself. First, I tried playing some games on the computer, but my body was still all aglow and I just couldn’t drag my mind away from my throbbing pussy long enough to enjoy my game. My left hand just kept creeping back to my lonely little pussy. I opened a paperback and began to read, but somehow reading about other people’s passions just intensified mine. I browsed the local paper, finding solace only in the “Companions Wanted” columns by imagining the plight of all those poor lonely people. When I spotted the “Women seeking Women” section, I immediately thought of how delightful my experience with Louise had been.I abruptly realized that I hadn’t been much of a friend since our little fling. I thought of how crushed Louise must have felt. I didn’t think I was shunning her because of guilt feelings. It was just that I had been so sexually exhausted by the affair, I simply hadn’t thought about sex until today’s romp. I guess I’m one of those women who can store up sexual ecstasy like a camel stores water in its hump. I thought I must do something about this right then, for I was so lucky to have not only one, but two passionate lovers at my age, when so many had none. I focused on Louise’s parting words after our little tryst and remembered about Elvis’ fetishes.In the kitchen, I gathered up a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread, some bananas, and put them on Louise’s platter. Leaving my snack on the counter, I tiptoed into the bedroom and retrieved my beige nylons, a bra, panties and a pair of round red plastic earrings. From my closet, I pulled a white and black polka-dotted cotton shirt-dress and white high heel pumps. Doug hardly stirred as I crept out of our room. I hung my robe on the bathroom door, and then tugged up my panties. I hooked the front clasp of my flirty little white nylon bra. Then, sitting on the toilet, pulled up and smoothed out the wrinkles from each nylon stocking. I put on a little eyeliner and brushed mascara on my lashes. I carefully applied bold red lipstick, doused myself in perfume and put on my red earrings. “No, no, Elvis would never approve.” I thought, surveying myself in the mirror. High thigh cotton briefs were not even invented in the 1950’s. Panties had to be nylon and much fuller fitting to be authentic.Realizing I had to go to the mall for a Valentine’s card and flowers anyway, I decided to buy new underwear for the occasion. I hurriedly slipped on my polka-dot dress and shoes, then whisked out the door with my goody platter. My trip to the store proved to be a hilarious experience. As I clomped through the mall, I became increasingly aware that a number of men stared lustfully at me as I wiggled along and their wives were giving me nasty looks. Suddenly, I felt just like Marilyn Monroe in the “Misfits”! At the department store, I bought flowers, a nice card, extra large white nylon spandex briefs for her and extra-extra large for me. A chocolate bunny at the till completed my presents for Louise. As soon as I got into my car, I pulled our panties out and carefully snipped out their cotton crotch inserts so they’d feel exactly like ’50’s underwear. I was back at the condo in a flash and found myself nervously knocking at Louise’s door with my offerings and my heart on a platter.Louise answered her door and immediately flashed me a radiant smile. I felt so relieved with her warm reception. Louise graciously accepted her Valentine’s gifts, but seemed confused at the largeness of the underwear and the peculiar array of foodstuffs. I reminded her about Elvis’ fetishes. Louise smiled wickedly and said, “The bananas and peanut butter aren’t avcılar escort for sandwiches silly. They’re for playing with!” I blushed brilliantly, immediately realizing the potential of her statement. “This could get really messy,” Louise remarked as she led me to her bedroom. “I’m going to strip the bed and put on some old sheets, just in case,” she explained. “Would you be a dear and warm up your peanut butter jar in the microwave for a few minutes?” Louise asked while changing the bed linens. When I asked her if we were going to wrestle for real, she began to unbutton my dress and said, “It’ll probably be more like tickling and groping, my voluptuous opponent.” When I asked if there were any rules for this contest, she replied, “For sure no punching, scratching or kicking.” I asked her how the winner would be established and she suggested that whoever got groped, licked or poked the most times in five minutes could be the loser or winner, depending upon your point of view.I stepped out of my dress and d****d it on a chair. As I undid the clasp of my bra, Louise lustily watched my full, rounded breasts burst out of their cups. I sat on the edge of the bed and bent forward to peel down my stockings. Louise couldn’t contain herself any longer and gently cupped both of my dangling breasts. She squeezed my nipples, then quipped, “Pre-game warm-up exercises!” Louise pulled me up gently by my erect teats, tugged down my panties, grabbed the bigger pair of Valentines briefs, then pulled them up my legs. Pulling up steadily on the waistband, she stretched the spandex panties almost up to my breasts. “Wow, there’s enough room inside these for both of us!” she exclaimed. “Let’s see about you, then,” I suggested. I pulled Louise’s bulky knit sweater up and over her head, peeled down her sleek black tights and undid her little lace bra. I knelt before her and then pulled down her frilly little panties. I couldn’t help but notice that the crotch of her panties was already wet as they slid down her thighs to her slim ankles. Louise stepped out of them and into the huge white underpants I held open for her. Like Louise, I tightly tugged up the billowy panties on my petite companion. We giggling like schoolgirls when we found that, while hers were just baggy fitting initially, they could be stretched up and over her breasts to form sort of a strapless teddy. As I pulled back down the panties’ waistband, it flicked across Louise’s prominent nipples roughly, causing them to jut out, awesomely erect and ever so luscious.Louise got her cooking timer from the kitchen, set it for five minutes. “Laura, wrestlers usually shake hands before a match, don’t they?” she asked as she crawled onto her bed. I agreed then pointed out that middle-aged lovers should snuggle instead. She wrapped her arms around me, we hugged then she pointed out that a kiss was undoubtedly better than a handshake. Our tongues played lustfully, darting in and out of each other’s mouths. We kissed long and passionately then ended with caring little pecks on each other’s noses and necks. We took turns nibbling each other’s ear lobes, filling us both with sensual delight. Louise’s whisker-free skin was such a lovely change from Old Stubbly. When I drew my tongue down her breast toward her nipple, Louise suddenly pulled away and announced, “It’s time for Elvis’ main event!”Unsure of what Louise had in mind, I kneeled on the bed just like her. “Ready, set, go!” she warned, quickly scrambled towards me and bowled me over on my back. As fast as lightening, tiny Louise sat on my chest and pinned down my arms with her knees. I struggled to free myself, but couldn’t shake off my wiry little French Canadian. “My fall!” she gloated and gave my nipples a painful little twist. “Do you give up yet?” she taunted, then reached back and poked her thumb firmly into the crotch of my panties. “You little bitch!” I spat, rolling over quickly while she was still off balance. I whirled about face and pinned Louise face down by straddling her and then sitting down on her upper back. In control, by virtue of my position and greater weight, I took control of my pretty little opponent and soundly smacked her ass. I pulled down the back of her panties and admired my reddening hand print across her round little derriere. I massaged her bum soothingly then playfully goosed her bottom. When she gasped approvingly, I traced my fingers down and toyed with the pussy hairs of my prisoner. Louise spread her legs wide to aid me in my explorations. At this point, I accused her of being too easy and crawled off her. Besides that, I told her, I was kind of hungry for a tasty snack.”There’s nothing more sumptuous tasting than warm, runny peanut butter,” Louise remarked as she removed the jar from the microwave and returned to the bedroom with her tray of tasty treats. I dipped my finger into the warm creamy textured peanut butter and savored a taste.”This is almost better than chocolate,” I remarked and offered a fingertip taste to her. “Mmm,” she purred as she sucked the brown goop from my fingers. Louise dipped her fingers into the jar, spread lots of peanut butter all over her nipples, and then laid down on her back in bed. I asked her if this was her idea of snack time and she seductively answered, “Sure is.” I bent over and began to lick her right nipple. It grew so spectacularly hard and erect as I fed. I joked, “I didn’t realize this peanut butter was the crunchy kind for I seem to have found a whole peanut where your nipple was a second ago.” When Louise suggested I had better chew it up then, I obligingly clenched my teeth steadily tighter on her swollen teat. I swear I could feel Louise’s heart pound as I bit down harder on her throbbing nipple.Satisfied I had inflicted enough pain on that one, I shifted my attention to the other one. I hungrily licked and sucked all the peanut butter off that nipple as well. Again I nibbled torturously on her wonderfully bloated teat, sucking and stretching it between nips and tongue swirls. With my appetite for peanut butter satisfied, I simultaneously ran circles around the aureoles of both her nipples to maintain their erectness. When they both swelled rosy pink, wrinkled and bumpy, I squeezed the bases of her incredible teats ruthlessly then stretched them out in surges. “I just love the way you torture my titties, Madame,” she sighed. “You’ve even got my clitoris tingling,” she continued. “Oh good,” I confessed, “I was always curious if it was just me that gets turned on when my teats are squeezed and pulled.” “By the way, wouldn’t you care for a little snack too?” I coaxed. “But of course, Madame, your wish is my command,” she replied, smiling slyly. Louise dipped her finger into the jar and swirled it about. She smeared peanut butter all over my nipples then proceeded to lick them clean. Assuming I was expecting similar treatment to what I had dished out, Louise suckled and nibbled my nipples so hard I feared she might break them right off. I just adored all that attention and just let her have her way with my breasts. After a few minutes of her intensive licking, my Girls shone sparkling clean. “I’m hungry for dessert now!” she announced, obviously proud of how perfectly they glistened with her saliva. Louise popped out of bed and took the food back to the kitchen. After a few short minutes, she returned with my two bananas and the steaming peanut butter jar. I noticed that she had pared the black scale off the one end as well as smoothly trimming down the stems. “Roll over on your side, facing me and spread your legs,” Louise directed as she sat down beside me on her bed. “Do you still like frigging around in your underwear?” Louise asked as her fingers skimmed across my sleek nylon panties. “Most certainly,” I confessed, blushing somewhat. Louise grabbed a banana and slid its shaft back and forth down my abdomen. I sighed softly when she began to rub the banana up and down the lips of my vulva. Ten or twelve strokes of labia splitting ecstasy rubbed the gossamer nylon of my panties into my vulva. Louise deftly tilted the end of the banana into what she called, “my tunnel of love”, and pushed firmly. The filmy crotch of my loose-fitting panties stretched easily, allowing the banana to penetrate, at least two inches, into my vagina. Louise rotated the silky but abrasively cloaked banana to and fro, causing my vagina to squawk loudly. “All those juicy sounds make me really hungry,” Louise said as she pulled out the banana. She pulled down my panties, carefully extracting the soaked nylon that was still stuck up my vagina and left them in a damp rumpled circle around my ankles. Louise dipped the tip of the banana into the hot peanut butter jar then pressed it against my vulva. She bent down, pulled the banana away and sensuously licked the brown goop from my labia. Delighted with the sensation, I spread my legs wider and watched approvingly as she dipped the banana deeper into the jar. Again Louise pressed the tip of the banana into my anxiously waiting pussy and again she lapped up the peanut butter. The third time, she swirled the banana around in the jar, then thrust it deeply up my sultry vagina.I watched wide-eyed as the gooey brown banana disappeared, all but for a small stub into me. I watched Louise bend down again and felt her slippery tongue wiggle about around the protruding banana and all over the folds of my labia. I prayed I wouldn’t loose self-control completely when I felt Louise’s tongue slither feverishly all over my clitoris. Louise steadily increased the length of each stroke until the banana popped out of my pussy. She immediately poked it back in again before my vulva had a chance to contract. Seemingly amused with my relaxed pussy, she moistened up the banana in the peanut butter again. She began to stab the banana in and out of my pussy with such fervor, that I began to feel like one of Jack the Ripper’s victims.I was tempted to protest şirinevler escort the intensity of her continuing attack on my genitals, but it felt so damned good. My concerns soon fell victim to my own lust as I rolled on my back, dug in my heels, spread my legs wide and thrust my pubes out so she could pummel them even better. My pussy stayed so dilated, it began to fart wetly with each of her prods. When she began to lick out my vulva between each poke, I knew I was done for. Each strong thrust, followed by her tongue’s deep lapping, captivated me in crazy sexual ecstasy. Louise sucked and swirled her tongue around my swollen clitoris so exquisitely that I soon felt the glorious wave begin to crest within me. I arched my back, moaning shakily, then felt that surge lunge through my entire body. I shook and shivered as wave after wave of ecstasy tore through me from my clit to my nipples like a bolt of lightning.Louise pulled the banana out of me and said, “Look what we’ve done to Elvis’ banana!” It was squashed flat, mushy and floppy inside its skin.” You’ve got awesome muscle strength in your vulva for an old gal, does your husband’s penis end up looking like this if you cum with him inside?” she said with a wink. “Of course not, silly, I broke it right off the last time and that’s why I’m fooling around with you,” I replied back.Louise rolled around and positioned herself facing the foot of the bed. She rolled onto her side and wantonly spread her legs. I handed her a pillow and as we both settled comfortably, I again found myself up close and personal with Louise’s genitalia. Somewhat apprehensively, I reached out and ran my fingers down her panties to her pubic mound. I though of how strangely provocative I found the feel of this sweet little woman’s soft flesh under the silky film of her billowy panties. I rubbed my fingers back and forth repeatedly, enjoying the humid warmth radiate from her pussy. Spurred on by her emanating heat, I pressed my fingers firmly into her labia. I felt her moistness immediately surround my fingers as they sank into her vulva. Seizing an opportunity to explore my panty fetish a little further, I found myself plunging the stretchy crotch of Louise’s over-sized panties deeply into her juicy little pussy. I swished my fingers about inside her vagina but when a whimper emerged from her lips, I realized that perhaps she didn’t relish the coarse sensation of the nylon agitating her vulva the way I did. I decided to keep that special little perversion just for myself from then on.I studied Louise’s expression and thought of how tense she must have been. The anticipation of the erotic delights she was looking for must have had her at a fevered pitch. I figured that if I did her just the same, she’d be my slave forever, so I decided to return the little pleasures she’d used to drive me crazy. I pushed away her panties’ crotch, wet my forefinger and thumb, pushed them into her pussy side by side, then spread the folds of her labia and peeked inside. On a whim, I wet the first two fingers of both hands, inserted them, and then spread apart Louise’s vulva to expose the soft pink flesh of her vagina. Aroused by this most personal sight, I asked Louise to hand me the jar. I dipped my finger into the peanut butter then delicately smeared it throughout her vulva, labia and all over her clit. I bent my head down, took a deep breath and buried my tongue in her gooey little pussy. She immediately squealed with delight at my sudden deluge of passionate licking. She must have particularly enjoyed it when I lapped from the bottom of her slit, up her labia and all around her clit, for with each pass her little clit poked further out of its hood. Sensing her obvious enjoyment, I settled down and continued my pussy-pleasing routine, interrupting occasionally with a thorough sucking of her immensely swollen clitoris. After a few minutes of seemingly enjoying my technique, Louise said out of the blue, “All this licking is going to make me cum way too soon, so why don’t you cool me down a bit by poking me with something from my toy drawer.” Opening the bottom drawer exposed a snake pit of intertwined vibrators, dildos, lubricants and peculiar little implements of pleasure and torture. The top drawer held some videotapes, a few glossy lesbian bondage magazines and a number of erotic paperbacks. I rummaged through the toy drawer and fished out an impressive looking, sculptured vibrating dildo with a plug-in cord. It was dull gold in color, had a large, sleekly rounded head and a lightly veined, six inch long shaft. The smoothly bulbous head was cushiony soft, whereas the shaft was firm but resilient, not at uncomfortable feeling like the hard plastic ones. On closer examination, I found a calibrated knob that rotated for “Intensity” and clicked in and out for “Autosurge”. She told me she bought it from a mail order business in Buffalo that specialized in gadgets that give real sexual pleasure to women. Louise said she read an article in the Star business section once that profiled this lovely-looking Buffalo housewife who designs and markets sexual toys, lingerie and erotica for women. “Personally though, I think she’s even more sexually obsessed than both of us combined,” Louise reflected.She told me to plug it in the socket by the bed and feel what it did. Playing with the control knob, I found it went only one speed, but it certainly did shake harder and harder as it was turned up. I was concerned that it was getting hotter but Louise explained it maintained body temperature when running. She told me to watch what happened when the button was pushed. It built in intensity and expanded in girth for two seconds, rested and contracted for another two seconds, then repeated the cycle over and over. “It starts out best if you tease yourself at low Intensity, increase it to high for penetration, then click on the Autosurge button when it’s well in,” Louise suggested. The powerful massager nearly shook itself out of my hand when I turned it up as high as it would go. I lay down at the foot of the bed, clutching what obviously had to be her favorite insertion object. When I touched the tip of the vibrator against Louise’s pussy, she moaned ever so softly. I gently nestled the rounded head between the lips of her labia. The massager hummed quietly as I turned the intensity control higher and higher. Soon the hum took on a wet slurping tone as the folds of her labia shook furiously. Dancing droplets of dew welled up from her jiggling vulva. I pushed the vibrator gently and it effortlessly sank deep into her vagina. I glanced up to catch her expression and see if she approved. Her eyes were closed, but she did have a peculiar little smile at the corners of her mouth. I pushed the Autosurge button then quickly cast another glance up. Her eyes were glazed, her mouth was open slightly and her breath quivered as she exhaled. Louise’s whole pubis shook like jelly during each power surge.I intensely studied my lover’s actions and soon discovered a definite pattern. She would inhale and arch her back as the vibrator shook and expanded. Then her back would relax and she would exhale as the massager contracted during its rest cycle. I thought it was quite the gadget while watching Louise’s rapture, but I felt secondary to it and longed to be in control. I studied the cycle over and over then came up with an idea. When the machine began its rest cycle, I grasped the protruding stub end and gave it two quick cranks around. Louise, thrilled with the additional sensation, echoed back a quick grunt with each swish of the vibrator. Eight or ten cranks later, her fully dilated vulva gaped loosely around the vibrator whenever it contracted and loud slurping noises emanated with each rotation. I tried licking her clit once, but the furious vibrations shook my chin, nose and tongue so strongly, I just couldn’t stand it.Louise suddenly blurted out, “Since we fooled around New Years’ day, my nipples have been very bad.” She continued, “Every time my mind drifts to you, they get really hard and show through whatever I’m wearing, wherever I am at the time and it’s gotten so embarrassing.” Louise said she’d tried soothing them with creams, stuffing her bra with tissues and had even resorted to punishing them on occasion, then tried to convince me that only I could relieve her distress. When I asked how I might please them, she immediately suggested, “With cruel and unusual tortures, perhaps?” I got up, went to the kitchen and returned with an ice cube in a dish. As I ran the ice cube around and back and forth across Louise’s nipple, it grew rock-hard erect with its aureole covered in goose bumps. I admired her spectacular nipple and just knew it was screaming out to be bitten. I bent down my head, opened my jaws slightly, and then gingerly bit down on the base of her teat. Assuming she would tell me if I hurt too much, I bore down steadily. Sure I must be close to severing her teat if I bit any harder, I peeked up at her face. Expecting a grimace of pain, I saw only a relaxed, serene expression, seemingly delighted with the vise-like grip I held on her teat. Seriously concerned about damaging her nipple, I began sucking strongly on her nipple, while tilting back my head to stretch it. Her poor little breast elongated with my torturous tugs but she never complained, so I repeated the ice routine on the other nipple. I squeezed that teat flat between my forefinger and thumb and stretched it just as ruthlessly as the other. After doing her nipples she looked so close. So I spread sap, seeping from her pussy, all over her clit then tickled it’s sides. In a matter of seconds, Louise bucked and shook, exploding in orgasm.As the two of us sexually satisfied and glowing lovers put away her toys and made the bed, I began to giggle. I told her never to tell a soul that the last time, when I took home the carrots to put in the compost, my husband grabbed them out of my hand and ate them, pussy juice and all. Louise blushed beet red then laughed so hard she began to cry. Eventually we calmed down from our laughing fit, Louise gathered up the mushy bananas and the peanut butter jar, smiled devilishly and said, “Does your husband like peanut butter and banana sandwiches?”*************************************

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