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December holidays at my parents. part 1

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Bent Over

December holidays at my parents. part 1After a good long year it eventually reach December holiday time and like usual my husband, myself and our daughter would go visit my parents at there house in Jeffery’s Bay. Once arriving down at the coast and staying with my parents for 3 weeks, my husband and i normally have very little time for any sexual fun while in the house together.We arrived on the Saturday evening and after a lovely dinner with my parents, we all made our way to bed. Sunday morning arrived and I got dressed into my bikini and a beach dress and dressed my daughter into her costume as she wanted to go to the beach. After breakfast we went down to the main bathing beach where there were a lot of handsome men walking around topless showing off their built bodies as well as a lot of pretty ladies in their bikinis. It wasn’t  long till I was horny and wanting to sleep with my man. Unfortunately at that moment it wasn’t possible and while playing with my daughter on the beach during the course of the day, there were plenty of handsome guys that I saw and a few stopped to talk with me and some complimented my body which made me hornier. That night after supper and putting our daughter to bed. istanbul escort My husband and I had one more drink with my parents before we all said good night and went to bed. Once in our room my husband and I stripped down naked to change into our pj’s. But before he could put on his boxers I dropped down to my knees in front of him and took his soft cock into my mouth. It wasn’t long till he grew to be fully hard and I then sucked his cock back and forth. I deepthroated him and it wasn’t long till he shot his load of cum into my mouth trying his best not to moan from the pleasure. After I finished giving him a blowjob he laid me on my back on the bed and gave me a pillow to cover my mouth as he went down on me. He muffed my pussy, licking up and down my pussy lips and soon started to stimulate my clit with his tongue. I was soon moaning into the pillow while picturing a number of the handsome guys bodies in my head as my man muffed me and brought me to orgasm. I was slightly satisfied as that was the best sexual pleasure we could get at that moment and eventually fell asleep that night cuddling my husband.The next morning at breakfast we discussed with my parents that zonguldak escort we wanted to go do Christmas shopping for our daughter and asked if they would look after her for most of the day. They were rather happy with that and soon after breakfast my husband and I hopped into the car and headed for the shops.As we drove off from my parents house I told my husband that as good as last night was I’m still rather horny. He replied saying thank you for the blowjob as it was really needed and that he to was still horny.I was wearing a knee high casual dress and as he was driving he moved his hand up my leg. I opened them slightly and as he reached my g string he moved it aside and entered his middle finger into my wet pussy. He tease me by fingering me a little and once he removed his hand from between my legs I told him that I so want to fuck him right now. He said he would love that but unfortunately he doesn’t know anywhere we could go. We soon arrived at the shopping mall and did all our Christmas shopping. Unfortunately the mall was very busy due to the holiday season so I couldn’t sneak my man into the changing rooms with me, but once we were back in the car, he escort bayan drove us a little while out of the main town of Jeffery’s Bay to a beach about 20 mins away. Once parking by the beach it was more a fishing beach and there were only a few people. My husband asked if I wanted to take a walk until we would be out of sight and then have a little fun. I looked over to my right and saw a dune in the distance and after discussing it with my husband we decided to walk to there.It took us about 20 mins and as we climbed up and over the dune we were out of sight. My husband was already hard as he dropped his pants. I kneeled down on all 4s and my man moved behind me, he lifted my dress out the way and moved my g string aside and entering his hard cock into my wet pussy. I felt like a young horny varsity girl again as my man started fucking me hard in doggy behind the sand dunes. He pounded back and forth in and out my pussy as I screamed from the pleasure, it wasn’t long till I reached climax and started to orgasm. He really fucked me hard and rough and soon after I finished cumming he shot his cum into my pussy. Pounding in and out me until the last of his cum squirted into my pussy. He then pulled out of me and pulled his pants up and I straightened my g string and we set off on our 20 min walk back to the car. He said that he really enjoy that and I agree that the 3 to 4 mins of rough hard sex was definitely well needed and it relieved my sexual needs for a few days.End of part 1

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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