Şub 17

Decisions Ch. 02

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Although the scene and characters in this story are still in high school they are all 18 years or older.”


In the meantime Enrique’s gang pulled up on the other side of the park with the lights off. Enrique told Burl to sneak over to the van and see what was happening with the two lovebirds. After he left, Enrique said “Even Burl can’t fuck up that mission.” Everyone laughed at this. Burl silently crept up on the van. Even though curtains covered the windows, he could see some naked flesh. He heard them very well. “I think I have enough to report as they are really doing it!” Burl thought and he silently went back to where the gang was parked.

“They are really going at it Enrique,” he reported. “Little Miss Innocent is really one hot slut!” Enrique smiled and said, “I will have to finalize my plan to show little Miss Slut what a great fuck is!” he told Ken to go back to their hang-out. “We will fuck the shit out of Monica tonight.”

Rob rose up off Jill so she could spread those creamy thighs. His eyes scanned her body from her awesome breasts to the heavenly curls of her cunt. In a few seconds he would be slipping his meat into that luscious hole. Jill spread her legs and raised her knees to provide Rob with easy access. Rob gasped at the sight and by the moisture on her pussy Rob could see how hot she was.

“I believe I am going to fuck the living daylights out of her once I get in. She will beg me to go all the way.” Rob reached down, but Jill pushed his hand away.

“I will put it in.”

He almost came right then. He could not believe she was about to let him put his cock into her honey hole. Rob lowered himself onto her again, poker oyna this time his dick brushed her pussy lips, causing Jill to flinch.

“I still don’t think that thing will fit,” she said.

“Don’t worry, it will feel good,” Rob said.

“Remember your promise,” she admonished.

“I will,” he responded.

“I still don’t think it will fit!” she said. Jill guided his cock to her virginal hole with anticipation. Her hand touched her pussy hairs and she was amazed at how wet she was. The tip of his cock was starting in but then stopped.

Jill said “See I told you it wouldn’t fit!”

Rob reached down and took her hand from his cock. He then pushed harder and his cock swelled even more.

“I better get in before I cum,” he thought. Slowly his rod moved into the hole spreading her lips. Finally, the flange passed through and he was in! Rob kept applying pressure and he continued his descent. “Maybe she doesn’t have a barrier,” he thought.

Then he could get all the way in! It was not to be as he met resistance and she flinched. “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he said.

“I know, “Jill told him. “It didn’t really hurt but sort of startled me. I knew it was there but I didn’t know when you would reach it.” Her pussy was stuffed with cock. She raised her head and saw a lot of cock was still outside. Rob was in about three inches. He slowly started to withdraw and Jill whimpered. He pulled out until the tip remained embedded and then thrust in again.

“Oh My God!” Jill screamed. “It feels so good!”

“I have her, he thought. A few more thrusts and she will beg me for more. In and out he went. She moaned and wrapped her legs around canlı poker oyna him and clutched his shoulders.

“Jill we both need this. Let me make you a woman now!”

“No!” she said, “I am not ready and you promised.” She curled her pelvis against his cock and for a moment Rob thought he might abandon his promise.

Rob pulled out all the way except for the very tip in preparation for the Big thrust which would pop her cherry.

“I need you now! “He proclaimed. Jill managed to twist her body enough that his thrust smashed his dick against her groin. She shoved with all her might and pushed him off. She got up and started putting her clothes on.

“You promised,” she cried.”Take me home now. “

Rob realized he better not argue and put his clothes on also. “I am sorry Jill. But I love you so much and want to have a beautiful thing with you. You know I love you and you say you love me, but you don’t want to prove it.”

He deflated the mat and stored it away. He got in the seat and they started for home.

Jill looked at him and realized he was sorry- He had gotten carried away. She also realized she was as much at fault for putting them in that position. She was the one who suggested he put his dick in her cunt. “I almost said yes,” she thought. “If I had given him a blow job he would have been happy.” She leaned over and placed her hand on his thigh. Rob jumped.

“I am sorry Rob. It was as much my fault as yours.” Her hand was on his zipper and the next thing he knew, his cock was out of his pants. He almost wrecked his van. He really went bananas when she put his dick in her mouth and started sucking him at seventy miles per hour. internet casino He took his right hand and pulled up her sweater, slipping it underneath. The van swerved as his hand contacted her bare tit. The nipple was extended. She was bobbing her head faster now and he was relishing the feeling, but he also knew he better get the van stopped before he wrecked it. Rob pulled off the highway at the next exit and stopped. Jill was really into it now and his dick was expanding in preparation for shooting his wad. He realized she was going to take his cum in her mouth.

“Oh don’t stop Jill! That really feels good!” he put his hand on the back of her head. She only had taken it in the mouth the first time but had only jerked him to finish since then. “I’m commmming!!” he screamed as his hot jism exploded in her mouth. Jill sucked and swallowed rapidly trying to drink it all. In fact, it tasted pretty good. Rob collapsed and enjoyed the sensation.

Boy, have I got a real find,” he thought in amazement.

“Thank you Jill, I needed that.”

She kept sucking and licking until he was dry. Rob put his cock back and zipped his pants up. She smiled and knew they were O.K. again. “Jill do you want me to bring you off?”

“You already did with your dick between my legs,” she replied. “It was foolish to do what we did since I wasn’t ready to go all the way.”

They arrived at her house and Rob embraced her. As they were kissing, he slipped his hand under her sweater again and caressed her tits. They both responded and the nipples stood at attention. They got out and walked to the door. He kissed her again and said “I will see you tomorrow for our double with Joan and Kurt.”

“Yes, it will be fun. I love you Rob.”

“I love you too,” he said and watched her go into her house.

To be continued…

Thanks to Destiny Parker for editorial assistance.

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