Mar 30

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 05

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The table was cleared and the waiter brought desert. Each woman got two round scoops of low-fat ice cream with a half cherry on top. Janine noticed that at her table Marjorie, who was pale, got vanilla and Deidre, who was a tanned to a bronze color, got caramel. She noticed with a shock that she got two scoops of bubblegum-colored ice cream topped with a circle of strawberry syrup, a darker pink, just like the very wide areolas that covered her own tits around the nipples. Someone had told the kitchen about her most unusual physical attribute!

“This is just a sample we arranged to surprise you. Breast Day is actually Moday,” Deidre explained. “Guests get chocolate, coffee, orange, lemon, or pistachio, depending on their skin color. Tuesday will be Cock Day and we’ll have kielbasa and banana splits on the menu.” She explained that Sex Organ Days gave the resort a theme for every day of the week. It was great for merchandise and restaurant marketing.

Janine thought to herself that that explained why there were so many varieties of melons on the lunch menu that afternoon. “What about Wednesday?” she asked.

“Pussy Day,” said Marjorie, with a laugh. “Seafood. Don’t miss the clams and oysters. Pussy Day is really the highlight of the week, at least for the straight, bi and lesbian guests. The gay guests like Tuesday and Friday.”

“Thursday is Balls Day — I’ll let you find out for yourself what we do! But I’ll give you a hint — everything is made with nuts and the pasta comes with meatballs.” Deidre continued. “Friday is Ass Day, lots of peaches, rump roast, that kind of thing. Most of our guests come in on a Sunday, like today, for a two-week vacation and leave on a Saturday, and they lose days from the first and last weekend, however long they stay. So those two days don’t get as much play and we do less popular organs for the guests who stay over. Saturday is Foot Day, for the fetishists, and Sunday is Pelvic Day. The kitchen mainly does eggs. We used to call it Uterus, Ovaries, and Tubes Day but the dinner menu got a little too complicated and we couldn’t work in the Prostate very easily.”

Janinine didn’t quite know what to say. “I’ve always heard people say that the most important organ of the body for eroticism is the Brain. Why don’t you have a Brain Day?”

Deidre and Marjorie looked at each other blankly. Finally Deidre spoke. “That would be silly.”

Eider and Marjorie clearly wanted to get away by themselves after dinner and Janine knew exactly why. She found herself attracted to both women herself, so it was small wonder they would attract each other and the sexual heat between them was obvious. Before the two left, they ran down the list of the many ways that Janine could amuse herself during the evening at Iznoma Hedonia.

“There’s a show in the ballroom (we like that name) most weekday nights. It doesn’t have to be about sex but somehow it usually is. On Tuesdays it’s a musical with dancing and singing, mostly by the staff or visiting performers — we do “Oh! Calcutta!” a lot. We do a guest talent show every week on Thursday. Sometimes we have big-name guest performers who pay for their stay with a show or two. On Saturday and Sunday we show big-screen porn films, especially the ones I’m in — keeps the brand image going!” She sipped from her glass of water and licked her lips, perhaps anticipating the night with Marjorie. “Then there are lectures. We do intellectual stuff here, too. We had a great one last week on newly discovered techniques for masturbation. The owner of the world’s largest dildo collection gave a slide talk on the subject. One of our most popular lectures ever was the year we started: it was on sexual themes and promiscuity in Greek mythology. Oh, and every other Wednesday we usually have a costume party.”

Janine was puzzled. “What kind of costume? And why not every Wednesday?”

Deidre explained. “Most of our guests stay for two weeks, so they participate in at least one costume party. A costume party requires planning and a little work. Guests have fun with the costume part and it’s a highlight of their trip but they mostly come to Iznoma Hedonia to be spontaneous, so we don’t want to overdo it. Anyway, the shops downstairs sell sexy Halloween-like costumes — pirates are really popular, here in the Caribbean! You’d be amazed at how many of the fur-trimmed, red-lined capes people have bought here. You have to wonder when they ever get a chance to wear them at home. Some of our regulars bring fancy costumes with them, especially the strippers. Some of the feature dancers even get new stage costumes made for them while they’re here — some of our staff do seamstress work on the side and they’re very good. But most of our guests get body painting!” Deidre smiled at that. “We have very artistic people on our staff and once every two weeks they paint beautiful designs on the skin of our guests in time for the party and everyone has a good time. Sometimes returning guests ask for the same designs.” Janine was impressed at the refinement otele gelen escort of the visual arts at Iznoma Hedonia.

Deidre continued. “Then after the shows and parties there’s always dancing. There is a dance club here in the hotel, dancing at the Beach Bar and an open air dance floor on the patio on weekdays. All have bars, good music, and lots of little nooks and hideaways if you hook up and want privacy. If you go out on the beach during the dancing hours you’ll see we leave out the life jackets out to use as cushions. People like to use the beached sailboats so we leave them out at night with the detachable masts put away. Then, at dawn, there’s breakfast and you can start all over again.”

Janine, trying to understand the business model, said that there was a lot of structured activity guests could do at night and that the disco would always fill in the gaps. Deidre made a face. “No disco! This is 1985, not 1978, and our guests hate disco music now! I didn’t much like it back when it was popular.”

Marjorie was getting restless. “Deidre, dear, don’t you think it is time that we let Janine go off on her own?” Her hanging tits were practically rolling on the table as she moved.

Deidre looked at Janine and a smile formed on her perfectly sculpted, pouty naturally succulent red lips. “Well, maybe Janine would like to join us tonight!” Marjorie looked surprised at first, and then grinned.

Janine was tempted — she had not had much experience with girl threesomes — but the idea of having her pussy licked by the subject of her magazine feature just seemed to be crossing a thin line in journalistic integrity. Besides,if Janine was going to let anything into her cunt that night, she wanted dick, the real thing, not the strap-on she thought might be in their plans, the way they were acting.

After saying good night, the two stunning women strolled out of the restaurant, hand in hand, with the gazes of the other diners following them hungrily, to pursue their night pleasures. Janine was on her own now. Janine thought about what she would do next. She felt all charged up just being at Iznoma Hedonia.

It being a Sunday, with new guests arriving and settling in, there was not as much entertainment scheduled as on a weekday. Janine went to the movie and TV room, on the second floor, which was set up like a living room with a very large entertainment center, to watch Deidre get fucked on screen. She had seen Deidre’s famous — infamous, really — book and now she wanted to see how the older woman looked getting it herself. The older porn flicks had been shot on film and converted to video and she noticed that they looked muddy but had brilliant colors. The newer flicks were on video and looked crisp but a little flat. She decided that she liked film better but she had to admit that she was very impressed with all that Betamax could do, technically. Still, film gave a more rounded image. Deidre’s beautiful bronzed skin, her lovely blonde hair, and her pinkest parts glowed on screen in film. Janine felt drab by comparison. Deidre’s unnaturally narrow waist was dramatic in video but stunning on film.

For the next hour she watched as Deidre sucked cock, licked cunt, spread wide, got herself reamed, and, in every possible manner and orifice, got screwed. And remained in control every second! Janine could not understand how she did it but onscreen, as in real life, she was in command and the man was working to please her. When she sucked dick, it was because she wanted come in her mouth, not to give pleasure to a lover. She didn’t give up her ass to anyone ? she told the man to fill up her rectum, and to do it now! When 14 men showed up to gang-bang her, she told them to come on down and picked the man she wanted next, who had better be ready! She did so many things on screen that Janine never did, or only did reluctantly, or couldn’t think of herself doing. So assertive! She was an inspiration to women everywhere! So much so that soon Janine started feeling like she wanted to move around and touch flesh herself and not just watch it being done.

Janine left the movie room and wandered in the corridor, checking out all the options. There was the workout room, with gym equipment and mats, where an attractive older woman who looked in top shape was lying back on a bench, nude, lifting weights. Janine saw why — the woman’s pecs stood out and lifted up her full, voluptuous breasts. She had well-toned arms and her thighs were strong and shapely. Janine guessed, from everything that Deidre had told her, that the woman was a mature stripper, at the peak of her career, and was putting in the extra time on body conditioning to compete with the younger girls. Deidre gave people in the business a big discount and they in turn attracted high-paying male guests, like honey attracts flies. Janine felt just fine after her workout with Carlos that afternoon and didn’t want to exercise so she moved on, but not before she watched the woman from the pendik escort door for a few minutes and admired her buff body and tight ass.

Further on, there was an AA meeting and beyond that the B&D/S&M demonstration room. The resort had three fully-equipped dungeons, the biggest one in the basement. A private one was for rent in the penthouse and had a spectacular ocean view to enhance the whipping experience. This one was set up with a row of comfortable seats and a stage on which to display the sub in all his or her humiliation to whoever walked in and wanted a cheap thrill or vicarious pleasure. A sign said that guests were welcome to touch whoever was being tormented but only if the dom gave his or her permission. A skinny girl with red hair and a sneer was onstage brandishing a whip onstage while a man with a collar and leash groveled at her feet. The girl was dressed in a red leather outfit consisting mostly of straps and buckles: they criss-crossed between her small breasts, a belt with metal rings wrapped around her narrow waist, and straps attached to it ran between her legs, on either side of her fleshy mons and shaved pussy, squeezing and pushing out her oversized, pouty outer lips. They must have been joined together behind her cunt because a single strap ran up the crack of her butt and buckled onto her belt in back. Janine decided that wasn’t her scene, although later she found herself thinking about the girl and what it would be like to be dressed that way. She also thought, almost against her will, about what it would be like to feel the girl’s cunt, whether her pubic hair was naturally red when it grew out, and whether the straps made her cunt tighter when a man penetrated her or a woman fingered her. Where did these thoughts come from? Janine was surprising herself with her reactions to almost everything!

Another room held a huge library of porn, with lots of diversity and every fetish practiced that was not illegal, dangerous, or abusive. Guests could read, view, or listen to hundreds, maybe even thousands, of books, tapes, and videos of their favorite perversions and kinks. The current issues of all the major dirty magazines were displayed like in a library. One guest was watching pornographic cartoons from the early days of animation on a videocassette player. Another was watching a young woman being penetrated with an eggplant on a long-play laser disc, with the player hooked up to a television set, using headphones so as not to disturb the other guests. Janine thought this would be a great place to do background research for her story but reading and watching was not what she wanted right then. She was feeling restless.

Then she spotted the massage parlor. A nice, sensual massage sounded great! But as she got closer to the door, she saw a sign, decorated with pink flowers, attached to the door: “Massage in progress downstairs! Come back in half an hour or come downstairs and watch!” The other side said “Come on in!” Since there was no time given on the sign, half an hour could be anytime. Janine turned to go, thinking that she might call for a reservation for a massage the next day, when a slender, tanned woman with long brown hair walked up carrying a key and a basket with bottles in it. The woman was wearing a loincloth but in the colors of the staff uniform, not the resort-supplied black cord belt and transparent muslin, and she was topless, like Janine. Her brown breasts were set with dark nipples and small brown areolas. Janine noticed that the woman’s hands were very small, which surprised her. She thought that a professional masseuse would have strong, wide hands.

“Hi there!” the woman chirped. “You want a massage? I just finished one downstairs!”

Janine liked the idea of having her body felt up and kneaded by this sexy girl. “So you have a massage parlor downstairs too?”

“Kinda,” the masseuse said. “We have a table set up under a tree for guests who like it outdoors. There’s a screen, too, if you want privacy but most of the guests don’t want it. They like to let other people watch.”

Janine had never thought of a massage as an opportunity for exhibitionism, but why not. But she wasn’t ready for that yet, she thought. “I’ll just have a sensual massage up here, then.”

“That’s great too,” the woman said, opening the door to reveal an outer reception area, dimly lit with a tropical fish tank and plaster ancient Greek-style statues of a nude woman and a nude man. Beyond it was a small room with a massage table and a pushcart with some bottles on it. “Come on in, take off your loincloth, and get comfy. By the way, I just love your tits!” The woman was referring to Janine’s C-cup boobs and the wide, dark pink areolas that surrounded her gumdrop nipples, such an erotic contrast against her pale white skin.

Janine thought for a minute and then changed her mind. The room was nice enough but who wouldn’t want a sensuous massage on the beach with a warm tropical breeze from off of the ocean, come to think of it? rus escort “On second thought, I wouldn’t mind getting it downstairs.”

The masseuse beamed. “You won’t regret it!” she chirped. She led Janine back out, turned the sign on the door around again, and they rode the elevator back down to the ground floor. The masseuse took Janine to a massage table set up under an umbrella near the pathway, between the lawn and the line of shops, most of them closed for the evening. Several guests were sitting at tables, having after-dinner drinks. The area was well lit by the hotel floodlights. Janine was surprised that it was in such an exposed area — she thought it would be more private.

“Here we are!” the masseuse said brightly. “Time to take it all off! I’ll help you get up on the table!”

It was funny but although Janine was getting used to walking around half-naked in her loincloth especially since many guests were completely nude, but she felt ill at ease taking clothes off in public. Still, this was Iznoma Hedonia and anything goes, right? she thought, so off came the loincloth.

Once naked, Janine lay face down on the massage table, which the masseuse had draped with a sheet, and put her face into the padded hole. She wondered for a minute if being nude in public made her ass look bigger. The masseuse turned up the volume on a nearby speaker that was playing soft, romantic Island music for background, and soon Janine felt warm oil being drizzled on her back.

The massage was superb. The masseuse started with Janine’s shoulders and neck and worked down between her shoulder blades, sides, and the small of her back. Janine felt every muscle in her body was going slack. Her small but strong hands seemed to reach into every corner of Janine’s upper body and worked out the kinks and the sore spots, even the little soreness in her neck from that afternoon, when Carlos had kept her just a little too long fucking in position.

Then the masseuse’s talented hands moved to Janine’s little apple-shaped butt. Her glutes were tenser than she had realized but the masseuse turned them into putty, kneading them over and over again and even spreading Janine’s crack to pull on the tense muscles. Janine wondered if anyone was watching — they were in public, after all, and with the masseuse doing that anyone who wanted could walk up and look at her asshole. But as Janine stiffened in apprehension at this thought, the masseuse quickly relaxed her again. The action then moved to Janine’s thighs, milky white and very tender and responsive to the touch, and shapely calves. Janine particularly loved the foot and toe massages and quivered when the masseuse brushed the fingers of her little hands across the back of her knees. Soon it was time to turn over!

As Janine turned onto her back, she noticed that three or four other guests had gathered and were sitting at a nearby table, watching her get her massage. To Janine’s surprise, the masseuse laid a piece of black silk over her eyes, and tied it loosely behind Janine’s head. Her attention was now focused on touch and she was reveling in the masseuse’s soft, butterfly-like hands. Then the frontal massage began.

Janine knew that any massage at Iznoma Hedonia was bound to be erotic, so she was not surprised at what happened next. Janine had never in her life felt the sensations this masseuse was giving her! From the gentle massage of her jaw line and collarbone, and the muscles of her arms and shoulders, to the firm grasp of Janine’s pecs to the insistent strokes on the sides of her breasts, the other hand resting casually on her lower belly. She found herself panting as the masseuse fondled her tits and then stroked her belly, just short of tickling, until she dropped past Janine’s pussy to her legs, which got the same wonderfully relaxing treatment. The masseuse’s little hands came very close to Janine’s pussy many times as she worked the muscles in the front of her thighs.

Janine welcomed what she was sure was coming next.

The talented masseuse came back up to Janine’s belly, skipping the pubes, with her one hand gently resting about where Janine imagined her own ovaries would be, while the other little hand boldly lifted Janine’s tits from the side, then traced the wide margin of the big pink areolas, and pulled on the nipples. Soon both of the masseuse’s hands were fondling Janine’s lovely breasts, bringing them together and letting them fall to the sides again over and over until the time came to work the nipple and teat. No man had ever given Janine’s boobs more attention than this masseuse.

The brown-haired girl finished stroking Janine’s breasts by caressing the sides and letting her hands travel along her sides, lingering again and provocatively on Janine’s belly, one palm centered above where Janine’s uterus might be while the other traced the outlines of her puffy outer pussy lips and mons. Janine gave out a little moan. Janine felt movement in the table and although she did not understand how it worked she felt her legs being brought up to rest on some sort of foot and leg rest so that they were splayed but supported. Janine felt herself tense, in reaction to spreading her legs so wide and displaying her pussy. She couldn’t help but remember that she was in a public place and there were people watching.

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