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Department store adventure

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Department store adventureAlthough most of my days suck working at Target, it had some benefits. As one of the few younger guys working there I was designated to heavy lifting and carrying shit for people in their car. I remembered doing one job where this hispanic lady must be around 24 wearing the shortest mini dress I have ever seen walked in and bought a small table for her bedroom. She was the perfect shape. She was skinny but was rounded in the right places. I knew I didnt need the help but I called one of my buddies with me to help me out so he can see what I’m seeing. After she paid for her table we took it to her car and asked her where she wanted it. She asked us to give her a minute while she moves the back seat down. When she went in the car my buddy and I could not believe what we were looking at. Her mini dress had ridden all the way up and she wasn’t wearing any panties. I just wanted to just stick myself in there and fuck the shit out of her. She stayed in that position for around 5 minutes and all I could say was take your time. Once we put the table in her car I offered to build the furniture myself free of charge. She smiled gave me a wink, and then drove away. Besides the miniskirt lady, there was also another hot chick that shops at my store. She’s a little under 5 feet and just the most unbelievable ass I have ever seen. I think she was Brazilian. Although I am still fairly young she was just way below an age group I should talk to. All the guys at the store would tempobet giriş just drool over this girl and I even over heard this guy who works in the hardware department that he would give his left nut to bang this girl. She would often come and see me and would ask random questions. I figure I should act like a dick to her so she would leave me alone and also not get tempted to doing something stupid. The more I treat her like crap the more it seemed like she wanted me. I would tell her to go away. Im busy or just ignore her. I am not sure but it started to feel like this girl was so used to getting everything she wanted that I was the first one to basically tell her to fuck off. One night just before the store closed, she stopped by my department wearing a pink skirt and white tank top. I can tell she wasnt wearing anything underneath because the outline of her nipple is just poking through. Anyways she asked me to help her get a price check on something and I was just so mesmerized by her outfit that I wouldve done anything for her. She brought me to the sporting goods department and she asked me to check the price of the athletic tape. As I sat down and tried to reach the tape on the back end of the peg she raised her right leg exposing herself to me. Her pussy was clean shaven and just so thick. I took a glance which then turned into just stare. Out of no where this k** walked by and said he wanted to go home talking to my “friend”. She told him to give her a minute tempobet yeni giriş while she asks me for price checks. She then asked me to reach further and wanted to know the price the tennis balls which was right underneath her right leg. I gently reached under her and grabbed on of the packs of the tennis balls. Doing so gave me a whiff of that delicious little pussy. The little boy came back and told her he wanted to go home and stop bothering the man. I know you like him but we have to go home. As soon as he said that I looked at her and she just blushed. She sent him away again and she let me know that she is babysitting tonight and her mother was working the night shift so I can stop by her house. I asked her about her dad and she said he was out of the picture. Any older brother? She responded with a perky tone “Nope” all alone tonight besides my k** brother. So I told her to give me the address and I will stop by after work. As soon as I could leave work I took off and drove straight to her house. I was so nervous because I didnt know what to expect. She could be lying and her dad could be home. As soon as the door opened there she was wearing nothing but a t-shirt that barely covered her pussy. She asked me if I wanted a drink and I just asked for a coke. She went in the kitchen and got two coke. She asked me what I wanted to do and I just said anything she wanted. Without hesitation she jumped up to my lap and stuck her tongue down my throat. We made tempobet güvenilirmi out for a good 10 minutes and she was dry humping the fuck out of me. I asked her if she was a virgin and she said she’s only fucked one guy and it was her older cousin. She then got up to turn the radio on so her brother would not hear us. In the meantime my pants was wet from her just rubbing up on me. She asked me to get up and just dance with her like how they do it at the clubs. I did and just grinding on her ass was making me so hard. I decided to take my pants and boxers off since she didnt have any. We started grinding again and my dick was just rubbing between her ass cheeks. She then asked me to sit and she wanted to just give me a little lap dance. I sat down and then she asked me to sit on my hands and close my legs. She got up on top of me and just rubbed her little pussy on my dick. Her clit was swelling and she was so fuckin wet. She kept rubbing until my dick got caught and just went all the way in. She was so tight that I almost came right then and there. She stopped for a min and bit her bottom lip. She then started to fuck me slowly with her pace speeding up slowly. I finally had enough and just so fuckin horny that I knocked her down and just pushed her with her face on the floor and fucked the shit out off her. She screamed at every big thrust. I knew I was going to cum soon and my head kept telling me to pull out but my other head had a different plan on its own. I just kept shoving my dick as far as I could until the last one where I just blew my load deep inside her. I never came so hard and probably never will. She was amazing and as badly as I wanted to stay the night and fuck her all night long I knew I need to get out before her mom gets home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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