Mar 30

Desert Solution

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Being 18 year olds still living at home, Shannie and I had to be creative in coming up with places to have sex. It was the summer after high school graduation, and we’d been dating for about 5 months, and were filled to the brim with hormones raging for release. Now that school was done, we even had more time with each other, but with other siblings and strict parents at home, we were typical teenagers needing to fuck but having no regular place for it. We had just started having sex the day after graduation, which is what she had promised me. She wanted us to lose our virginity together and start our “adult life” right after high school was done, plus she’d just turned 18 a couple weeks before hand, and me just a couple months earlier myself.

We’d gotten away with it in our bedrooms a few times when no one was home, but you see, we both took to sex like fish to water. We were having the time of our lives experimenting with every sensation, every position, every rhythm and tempo and aspect of sex, and learning every dimension of orgasmic plateaus and how to achieve them. We were crazy for the need for each other after we finally got started.

We did it in our cars sometimes, but Shannie’s Geo Metro was too small to be comfortable, even for a blow job, and I had an old convertible with no top on it so we still had to be somewhere at least a little bit private. We rented a motel room a few times, and once spent a whole day in a motel room fucking, but hey, we worked minimum wage jobs and didn’t have a lot to spend on that. We’d walk around Boise at night looking for private spots, always afraid of getting caught. But, we’d managed to go undetected as we made love in the school’s baseball dugout, in an amphitheater in the park, and in Shannie’s parents’ RV in their backyard (that worked pretty well when just her sisters were home and not her parents, since they could care less what we were doing). She gave me a blowjob in a department store dressing room once, and a couple weeks ago, we did it in the supply room at the pizza place where I worked as a delivery boy, when just me and my friend James were the closing crew. James kept a watch out for us, and we thought that was fun to do it at work, but you know, it was still a cement floor in a storage room.

Basically whenever I wasn’t delivering pizzas and she wasn’t working at the movie theater, we spent every moment possible with each other, and usually were looking for somewhere to fuck. Sex was sooooo exciting. This had been going on for about 8 weeks now, and I had never had so much fun in my life. We bought a sexual positions book and tried about 20 different ones. I became an expert at eating pussy, and would happily practice for hours at a time on Shannie, who rapidly developed a multiorgasmic response. Similarly, she became a voracious and skilled cocksucker, and I developed pretty good stamina myself to keep going, 3, 4, 5 times a day. Our parents weren’t they types that were too concerned with our whereabouts, or what time we came home, but we certainly couldn’t spend then night together in one of our houses, with the rest of the family in nearby rooms.

We finally got brave and started doing it outside more. There was a wooded area just outside of Boise, leading up to Bogus Basin ski hill, and we found some clearings deep in the woods where we could put a blanket down and actually lay down together fully stretched out and have sex like it was meant to be. We’d also drive up near Sandy Point, the river beach a little out of town, and sneak in, but there were a lot of bugs there at night and also a night watchman. topkapı escort

A few days ago, we found our ultimate place to fuck.

It had been a day off of work for both of us, and as it was a very hot July day, we had decided to rent some inner tubes and tubed the slow-moving Boise River through town, as many people do all summer. I went to pick Shannie up at noon, and as it happened, her parents were gone, and her sister was still sleeping in her room in the basement.

“Want a quickie?” Shannie tempted me.

“Naww, that’s okay.” I smiled, jokingly. Hell yes, I wanted a quickie! We were out in the RV, naked and embracing on the bed within 3 minutes. We only had a little time, since her mom was just grocery shopping, so we started fucking as soon as I was hard, which was practically right away. I ravaged her absolutely knockout gorgeous breasts with kisses and sucking, and she dug her fingers into my back muscles and pulled me into her harder and harder. I’m 5’10” and Shannie is 5’6″, and we’re both lean, healthy kids who played a lot of sports, so we are constantly amazed at each others’ bodies and muscles. I’ve got a not-humongous but decent-sized hard cock at about 7 ¾ inches, and its always seeming to be ready for action.

We went at it really hard and fast, and both came together about 10 minutes into it.

“Yeahhhh…..baby, that’s how to start our day!” I said. “I LOVE fucking you!”

“You are such a stud, you excite me so much when you’re pumping your cock in me!”, Shannie complimented me, “but hey, we need to get dressed and get out of here right away.”

Getting dressed didn’t involve much, I just had some cutoff shorts with no underwear, and my Tivas sandals, and didn’t even bring a shirt with me for today. Shannie had a bikini top on and some short shorts and sandals. With those items hastily pulled on to our sweaty, tan bodies, we jumped in the convertible and headed out to Barber Park where you put in to the river with the tubes.

“You wore no underwear today, I see,” said Shannie.

“Well, I wanted to have easy access for anything that comes…up…”, I smiled.

“Turns me on, Matt…”, Shannie said lustfully. “Your cock right inside that material, all long and full and beautiful, and full of cum whenever I need it.”

“We’ve been sure giving it a lot of practice!” I said.

Shannie reached over and unbuttoned the top of my shorts while we were driving, and pulled my cock out and started jerking it, massaging her left hand up and down while I tried to concentrate on the road. I love her so much. I couldn’t stand it though, and we pulled off to the side of the road a mile away from the park and she finished me off. I shot cum up all over my chest and the steering wheel. Shannie cleaned my chest with her tongue, and I buttoned my swollen cock back up in my shorts.

The 2 hr float down the river was refreshing and fun as always. Tons of people float it all summer long, so we ran into some of our classmates and co-workers out there, and all were scantily clad and having a party. We even snuck a few beers in that Paul’s older brother had in his raft, and then joined them all for a picnic in Ann Morrison park where you get out of the river. We ate some barbecue, and played volleyball and frisbee with our friends, and had a delightful afternoon in the sun. The party broke up around 7:30 though, and Shannie was horny. She said admiring my half-naked body on the river and in an athletic game of volleyball all afternoon had her pussy wet and her heart pounding with anticipation of türbanlı escort getting her hands on me. I said the same thing, and it was true, I had had a very difficult time concealing my bulging cock in my little cut-off shorts whenever I started to get a hard on.

But, there we were once again, with the evening to ourselves and nowhere to go. We were both out of money for a hotel, there was a game going on at the ballpark where we’d used the dugout before, and our families were all home at our houses. We couldn’t really go in any stores or businesses since we had very little clothes on. And the place in the woods was okay, but we were sort of getting uncomfortable with it since it did turn out to be not too far from a trail people often walked on.

“One of us needs to get a bigger car,” I said. “Maybe a truck or a van.”

“There’s got to be somewhere around here we can get some privacy,” Shannie said.

I was driving towards the airport for no particular reason, and suddenly an idea popped into my head.

“Are there a lot of bugs or rodents in the desert?”

“The desert?” Shannie asked, “No, I don’t think so, why would we want to go there?”

“Well, lets see, lets go out on the freeway to where there is nothing around at all, and maybe we can find one of those little roads off to the side. When it gets totally dark, we have our privacy, but outside under the stars. No one would be nearby at all.”

“I’m really loving having sex outside in the open air,” Shannie said, “lets see if we can find a way to make that work.

Mountains and trees border the north side of Boise, but the south side opens up to the southern Idaho desert…desolate, hot, and with nothing but rocks and sage brush for miles at a time. We went about 15 miles down the freeway, and it was getting dark. I pulled off of the freeway onto a little road that lead out to some government wildlife study or something, and drove about 50 yards down the road and stopped. It was nearly dark, and my old beat up convertible happens to be black, so I figured no one would see it from the road. I sat up on the top of the front seat, and Shannie pulled down my shorts and started sucking my cock. I gazed around in the night and got such a sense of tranquility and freedom, out in the open, with a light breeze taking the edge off the heat rising from the desert floor, and gasped and moaned in delight as she pleasured my cock for the 3rd time that day. Shannie sucked and licked, and from her angle beneath me, she had great access to my balls and rolled them around in her mouth and licked underneath them where I am particularly sensitive.

“Shannie! This is incredible!” I gasped. “We should have thought of this before! No one is out here in the desert, we can do whatever we want!”

“I love being out in the open yet away from anyone looking,” she said, and kept sucking.

What was really cool is that we would see all the headlights of the cars speeding along on the freeway, just 50 yards away, yet we were just out of the distance that any headlights could reach. Even if someone were actually to stop at our exact place and peer into the darkness, I doubt they could see a black car, or two tan kids having sex on it or in it.

Shannie got into the back seat and leaned over the trunk. I positioned myself behind her and stuck my cock in from behind, and began fucking her once again. Oh oh oh, this was good. We were both thrilled to be where we could see the freeway but where we were private, and I rammed her really hard, with long deep thrusts as we both tüyap escort faced the road and fucked our brains out. Just as a big semi came barreling down the road, with a huge, roaring motor, I came deep inside Shannie and hollered at the top of my lungs in pleasure.

We sat there naked in the car for a half hour, just enjoying the moment. We drank some of our beer, and Shannie asked me if I was ready to go again.

“Umm..that was my 3rd time since noon…uh…”

“Yeah, so, what, are you tired?” She grabbed my cock in her hand and started tugging on it to see for herself.

“Thought so but maybe not,” I said, as my cock started getting hard again. We kissed deeply and passionately for several minutes while she jerked me to full mast, and then I decided it was her turn to get a work over. She sat up on top of the seat, and I launched into her pussy with my mouth and my fingers. For the next 20 minutes, I made her remain up there writhing in ecstasy as I relentlessly ate her pussy, fingered her g-spot, and buzzed her clit, which I was learning more and more about. She was begging me to stop, and I forcefully made her stay up there.

“You sit right there and take it, you nympho!” I commanded. “You want more sex, I’ll give it you, you horny little sex goddess!”

I finally pushed her on to the back seat, and layed on her missionary style, and we simply fucked and fucked and fucked. It just kept going, since I was in no hurry to cum. Sometimes we’d calm down for a minute or two and kiss or bite each others necks and chests, and then we’d keep thrusting away again. Shannie came many times, and my back seat was covered with our sex fluids and sweat. I lost track of time but later figured we must have layed there like that, connected in the middle, with my rod in her pussy for over an hour, in various states of fucking or resting. When I finally came, it almost caused me to black out, it was sooo intense. I doubt a huge volume of cum came out, but it sure felt twice as big as any orgasm before. I could barely breathe.

When I was finally done spurting cum, I layed there resting for a minute, and then, noticing I was still hard, decided to start sloooooowly thrusting in and out again. Shannie was amazed. It drove me insane since my cock was so very, very sensitive, but I figured why waste a good hard on, whether or not I could cum again, when I had a beautiful, horny woman beneath me who could enjoy it. What I didn’t realize was that the lust that had been building in us all evening out there hadn’t not completely poured out in my last orgasm. I picked up the tempo, and we wound up in hot, sweaty, frenzied sex again within a few minutes. Shannie got me to sit up, and she impaled herself on my cock from above, and slid up and down while I leaned back against the seat, threw my head back and gazed at the stars while she gave me such ultimate pleasure. By applying the right pressure from the right angles above me, Shannie started working me up towards another cum, which I just didn’t think I had in me, but she was determined. She milked my poor cock with her pussy, started moaning and screaming in very sexy, desperate tones, and increased her tempo until even a baked desert rock would have had to come up with some fluid inside of it. My balls seized with overwhelming sensation, my thighs lifted us up off the seat, and I felt fireballs surge up through my cock and I came again.

Thirty minutes later, we headed back down the road to the freeway. Shannie had put her top and shorts on, but my shorts had kind of been underneath us while we fucked, and were a mess, and so we used them to wipe up a bit afterwards too. I had the immense satisfaction and sense of freedom of driving down the freeway bare naked at 1:00 am, in the hot desert, in my black convertible, with my satiated cock being lightly stroked and fondled by my hottie girlfriend sitting next to me.

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