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Destined for Algeria Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

She felt it appropriate to tell him about an incident which happened to her as a young teenager. “Well not since being a child if that’s what you mean.” She confessed.

“Go on.” He told her wanting to hear about it.

With the need to take his mind away from any offence she may have caused by accusing him of being kinky when he’d pinned her arms above her head, she began to tell him about one day that haunts her and one she will likely remember for the rest of her life.

“It happened in the July, a few months after my fourteenth birthday.” She began. “I was playing on the fields with the two brothers from next door and two other boys who I didn’t really know at the time. Angus was younger than me by at least one school year I remember that much, his brother Phillip and Phillip’s friend Billy were eleven years old with Owen being the youngest at only ten.”

“I knew Angus had a crush on me but I had my eyes on other boys at school so kept him at my side as the life long friend that he was, because he posed no threat to me at all.”

“Go on.” Ally said, knowing first hand about the uncontrollable emotions which come from boys of that age, remembering back to how he behaved growing up.

“Well, I don’t think anybody planned the sequence of events, the situation just seemed to run away with itself and get out of hand.”

Tess took a deep breath and continued. “Phillip, Billy and Owen ran ahead into the rough grass just ahead of the wooded area, shouting loudly as they disappeared. I could tell that Angus was torn between joining his brother and having fun, or trying to keep his cool by striking up adult conversation with me.” “Blood being thicker than water, Angus ran after them but not without waiving and shouting for me to follow on too.”

Tess touched Ally’s hand. “Don’t get me wrong. I grew up playing in the woods, they had become nothing more than a back yard to me. To all of us in fact.”

Ally lay in silence allowing her to continue uninterrupted.

“To cut a long story short, they all scattered into the usual play areas dotted around the woods, the most tempting was the waste area used by the locals as a rubbish dump.”

“By the time I’d got to the woods I couldn’t find any of them but I could hear them ‘shushing’ each other and giggling from hiding behind trees.” “I wasn’t bothered about their immature antics so carried on walking towards the pond. Which I must tell you, was more of a bog and stank.”

“The two youngest Owen and Billy jumped out on me, playfully shouting, accusing me of being an escaped princess who had to be recaptured and returned to the tower, or some bullshit like that.” “I was really too old for all that crap but I went along with it anyway.”

“Still messing around they called for the brothers Angus and Phillip by saying they had found me and for the elder two to help them quickly before I ran away.”

“Harmless fun yes so I just laughed it off. But then Angus appeared with some rope in his hand that the boys had found and announced that they were going to have to tie me up so that I can’t escape again.”

Ally smiled and prayed for her story to continue in the bondage direction, repositioning himself on the bed to another comfortable position as her fable now possessed excellent potential.

“You have to remember that I’d grown up with Angus and Phillip, so I could trust them a hundred percent and so again I laughed it off as they approached me from all around.”

“I pretended to dither and run from tree to tree, purposely not running outside of their enclosing ‘box formation’, playing along with Owen the youngest and Phillip when they grabbed hold of a hand each.”

“I can remember thinking what a cheeky bastard Angus was by threatening me with the rope but it didn’t matter because I was playing a young princess surrounded by boys who I trusted. I thought that in an hour or so we’d be all bored and messing with some other shit from the rubbish dump so playing along was actually a good way to kill some time.”

“I’ll never forget the concentration and lack of concern Angus had on his face as he tied that damp rope so tight around my left wrist but I didn’t know how soon it’d start to hurt and so I allowed him to continue without realising how quickly I’d be in trouble.”

“Angus ordered all of us over to a tree we knew as the ‘Witches hat’. So called because after the trunk it bushed out into a wide platform like shape and then shot up in the middle giving it the silhouette shape of a witches’ hat from a distance.”

“We had names for all the rocks, mounds, paths, puddles and trees around us, some passed down to us by our elders, the rest everybody made up as they went along.”

“To me it seemed as though Angus was simply using me to entertain the younger three boys but after I faced the tree and allowed him to tie my other hand around the trunk, feeling how tightly he pulled the rope, I had to complain.”

“The rest of the boys ignored my protesting, instead bursa escort they cheered and celebrated, obviously at the successful capture of the supposed princess. I found the pain in my wrists to be too much and having no way of doing anything voluntarily anymore, I just wanted the game to end. I asked Angus to loosen the ropes but he gave me a frightening look and told the boys that they should all leave me alone to get used to being tied to the tree.”

“Wow.” Ally interrupted. “And were your arms tied to the tree with the rope going around the trunk?”

“Yes. The tree was about this round.” Tess explained by holding out her hands to about her shoulder width apart, demonstrating the diameter of the tree trunk. “It felt as though I should be able to touch my fingers around the far side of the trunk but try as I did, my arms were just not long enough.”

“That must have been some sight to look at. I’m surprised they left you?” He said.

“Well they did. They ran off, leaving me shouting and swearing at Angus to untie me.” “I eventually calmed my voice but continued quietly swearing at the knots and at Angus in his absence.”

“How did that make you feel?” Ally asked.

“Well that part wasn’t the worst.” Tess continued. “I knew I would be released eventually but this was before noon. At the time I could potentially be there all day before anybody significant came looking for me so I panicked and got angry.” “My anger turned into a tantrum which hurt my wrists so I had to admit defeat, leaving me crying and scared.”

“The silence and loneliness had a strange effect as I remember. It sent a quivering sensation through my nervous system to places like my arse hole and legs, I even thought that I wouldn’t be able to hold my bladder for much longer.”

“The tree eventually became my rock of comfort; I can only describe it as cuddling a parent when crying as a child.”

“It was a very scary and painful waiting game, not knowing who might discover me or what they might do to me.”

“The reality was that not long after the boys had disappeared into the silence, they returned from behind me, still shouting and cheering.”

“I remember that prick Angus giving out some order of ‘ten lashes each’ or something but I didn’t know what he was talking about.”

“When I turned to one side and saw Angus and Owen hiding something behind their backs, I felt Phillip crack a bamboo garden cane across the bottom of my arse.”

“Ouch.” Ally said pretending to condole her but in reality thinking to himself how he’d loved to have been there.

“I screamed out louder than ouch.” She continued. “I was screaming before it started to hurt but the whipping turned into a frenzy because they all had garden canes and stood two either side of me, taking turns at whacking me, too quickly to count.”

“Not all the hits were on my arse, a lot of them were down at the tops of the backs of my legs. This hurt the most but I could avoid the hits to my legs by lifting them up and around the tree trunk so I pulled on the rope and hugged the tree with my legs and arms, screaming out in pain as the bastards carried on whipping me.”

“Oh my god.” Ally said. He lifted himself up off the bed, supported himself on one elbow, then traced an imaginary line across the soft, smooth skin of one of her bare arse cheeks. “No permanent damage though thankfully?”

“No.” Tess replied. “I was wearing my riding pants at the time, so I guess they’re what protected my skin.”

“How long did it go on for before they untied you?” Ally asked, feeling his cock begin pulsing at the thought of her story.

“It felt like ages. I know I had a damp patch in the front of my riding pants where I assumed I’d not been able to prevent letting go of a little piss during the torture.

When Phillip saw sense and eventually untied me it was this embarrassing wet patch that I had to hide from the boys.”

Tess looked into Ally’s eyes and spoke slowly “I’ve since realised that it wasn’t piss at all but I’ve never admitted that to anybody.”

Ally’s jaw dropped. “Fucking hell.” he said, unable to hide his interest. “Are you actually telling me that had an orgasm whilst hugging your legs around a tree because you were tied to it and being whipped?”

The realisation of what she’d just told him, completed Ally’s arousal instantly.

She’s perfect, he thought. He had to have her, whatever the cost. He definitely had to take her away with him to Algeria now.

“That’s to be our secret.” She told him. “Don’t get any ideas about me liking that sort of thing.” She said glancing down at the yellow bracelet around her wrist, trying to divert his attention from staring at her in awe, not knowing if leaking such personal information had been a mistake.

Tess knew she would never be able to un-tell her story to him and flushed slightly with embarrassment now that she had.

Ally held on to a mental picture of her orgasming whilst pressing herself against the bursa escort bayan tree trunk.

Taking the hint from her embarrassment, he realised that he needed to change the subject immediately. He needed a quick, tactful change of conversation before he said something perverse which could possibly scare her off.

The supposedly innocent conversation diversion came to him in a flash.

“That bracelet really is too small.” He said, stating the obvious, feeling slightly awkward about shifting the subject so far away from her story.

“I know but I quite like the yellow look of it. Don’t you?” she said, welcoming the change of topic, all the time wondering if Ally fully understood the trust and privacy she wished for with regards to what she’d just told him. Why has he changed the subject all of a sudden? she thought. Have I scared him? Did I go too far by telling him the truth about that day?

“I’ve been making these for a living since leaving the foundry.” He explained. “I can tailor one personally to fit you if you want.”

“Look how cheap this one is.” He said opening the bracelet and removing it to show her. “Look at this hinge mechanism.” He touched the narrowing of plastic opposite the opening. “Wire strings.” He pointed out. “It looks like a bald tyre don’t you think?” “It does the job but it hardly looks professional.”

Looking closely Tess could see the twisted pattern of wire strands he referred to, making up the hinge.

“I sell them on the internet to unsuspecting people at rock bottom prices.” “I sell them so cheep that most people can’t be bothered returning them and simply throw them out then put it down to experience.”

The conversation had definitely shifted now even though the elephant about her sexual encounter still remained within the room, she hoped it would fade away gradually as they continued talking.

“Sounds like a good scam.” She replied.

“I would make something of superior quality for you though.” He said, smiling as he spoke. “I’m thinking maybe a necklace for that beautifully delicate neck of yours.”

Tess rubbed her shoulder with her chin. “I’d like that. The personal touch I mean. That would be cool.” She said, sitting up and inching her way towards the edge of the bed. “Sorry. I need to use the bathroom.”

Ally checked his watch to see it reading nine thirty. “Can I get you a drink. Coffee maybe?” he asked. “Or would you like something stronger?”

“Water would be lovely thanks.” She replied.

Ally slipped his trousers on and headed down the stairs ahead of Tess.

After using the toilet she sat naked in the lounge and began to discuss with Ally their course of action as her family and her abusive boyfriend would by now be coming to terms with her ‘Missing presumed dead’ status.

As he talked, her new found freedom began sinking in and the look of relief on her face became more and more apparent, allowing her the privilege of some relaxation at last.

Resting her head on his shoulder, she placed one hand on his bare chest and asked, “So then, how does this handsome hunky saviour of mine intend keeping me hidden from the authorities?”

Ally hesitated before answering her with a question “Have you ever been to Algiers?”

“No I haven’t.” she told him, trying her hardest to stay calm at what he might be suggesting. “Just across the water from Spain isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes, in my father’s home country.” He explained. “Years ago my mother went there on holiday, met my dad in a bar and here is the result.” Having heard this story already she let him continue, observing his physique and inspecting the shape of his chest where he sat, pointing towards himself.

“It’s where I grew up. My mother moved over there and married my dad in a so called arranged marriage, quickly before anybody knew she was pregnant with me.”

“Oh my god.” She said with a look of horror on her face. “An arranged marriage?”

“Yes. Well it was more of what you might call a shotgun wedding really.” Ally frowned at her and asked “Why did you look so shocked when I told you about their arranged marriage?”

“Because that’s like being forced into marrying somebody who you may not love.” She replied.

“No. No. No.” he told her. “This is the classic misconception people have about arranged marriages when you don’t understand them.”

Curious of what he could possibly teach her, she listened to his explanation.

“You see, in this country you meet somebody in a bar, see what you have in common, like each other, get it on and see each other again. It is then expected that you have sex, move in together and have kids.

The next stage is the realisation of what you never had in common because you never tried when you first met but instead you just went with the flow as they say.

Then you loose interest, grow apart and separate, all too easy.”

“Ok.” She said in agreement with his statement of general human observation.

“That’s where escort bursa the problem lies.” He continued. “Imagine in an arranged marriage where you have never met the person before. You don’t have to fuck on your wedding night just like you wouldn’t be fucking on your first date.” He stopped and laughed at the irony of what he had just said. “Unless of course it was me and you.”

He stroked her thigh and looked into her eyes to see if she agreed.

“No. In an arranged marriage you would be wooing each other with gifts and flowers, trying to make it work. You have to grow together not apart, learning what it is that you have to give and how much you are allowed to take.”

Understanding his point she had to stop him and ask. “But what if you don’t like each other from the start?”

He continued staring into her eyes. “Do you find me attractive?” he whispered, returning her question from earlier.

“Maybe.” She shyly smiled back trying to prevent another flush of embarrassment going to her head.

“Will you come to Algiers with me?”

Shocked and speechless, she muttered nothing legible whilst Ally continued.

“I could shower you with gifts and teach you the things I like to do, at the same time as learning how to treat you.” He told her, speaking over her mumbling. “It’s a popular holiday destination, away from the authorities here in the UK and you’ll be able to start a fresh.”

“All.” “All.” She gave up on her attempts to say Algiers, substituting her turn to speak with the lame comment of “How would I get there?”

This proved to be another hurdle in need of crossing by Ally in his perverted mission of grooming and owning this poor vulnerable girl.

He knew that her mind was so messed up at the moment and that all he had to do now was to straighten it out in the order he desired.

Silently looking at a minor red pimple blemishing her chin which would normally be covered by makeup, he wondered how good looking would she be if she were dressed up? He began to imagine her long straight, light brown hair flowing down the back of her naked shoulders but then he digressed.

His mind went cray at the thought of how he could treat a girl who officially no longer existed in the world.

What if he could actually pull this off, get her to Algeria then keep her at his abandoned family fortified blockhouse where nobody would be looking for her and where he could treat her as he pleased.

In his mind, he’d already started re-designing the renovation of the historic blockhouse signal tower with her incarceration in mind.

Keeping those secret thoughts to himself he leaned towards her and kissed her top lip.

You can do this he told himself, causing a minor adrenalin rush to speed through his body.

“I’ll get us there somehow.” He told her. “It may take me a few days but we’ll get there.”

“Is this what happened to your mother?” she asked innocently, staring at her new and attractive man in front of her, having no idea of the evil motives racing around inside his head.

Terrified of blowing his progress so far, he took a chance “I suppose that would make the perfect cover story wouldn’t it.”

She froze, allowing him to continue.

“It only took a couple of days for my parents to marry.”

She picked up a cushion from the sofa and buried her face into it. “HO MY FUCKING GOD!” she shouted, then removed the cushion and stared widely into the handsome guy’s face. “If you’re saying that you want me to join you in an arranged marriage to create a cover story then the answer is yes.”

Ally felt good that the gamble of his suggestion had hit her in the right place.

He didn’t really appreciate how much his good looks had worked in his favour or how keen and obsessed she’d become. He had no way of knowing that from now on anything he suggested would be met with simple agreeance from her part.

He had to resist the temptation to only see tunnel vision about how to trap this unsuspecting, potential loyal pet of his and get her away from the cabin and back to his home village in Algeria.

Granted he could lure her to the foreign country then simply knock her on the head and keep her captive for the rest of her life but there still remained a more immediate danger. What if he spooked her and she ran to the police in this country before he had chance to get her away? He would be in so much trouble for sure.

“Does this mean that you’re going to shower me with gifts?” she laughed.

He took the cushion from her and placed it back on the sofa, then holding both her hands with his, he brought one of them up to his lips and kissed the back of it.

Heart now pounding at the thought of the possibilities he would have with her now being another step further towards taking her back with him to his own familiar soil and converting her into his personal bitch.

Not one to dwell on any romantic situations, he brought the severity of the current situation back to reality by letting go of her hands and turning away.

“Of course you realise that you can’t leave this cabin until then not with all the police looking for you, don’t you?” he stressed, with a serious look on his face.

“Do you think they’ll come here to look for me?” she asked.

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