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Subject: Devil Boys 19 DEVIL BOYS By Encolpius DISLAIMER: This story is fiction. Any similarity to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. Compliments, complaints, comments to Encolpius1@protonmail Remember to donate to Nifty. I have more stories to tell. NINETEEN Skeeter’s Story Sparky brought Red up to the cafe end of the pool. His skin is alabaster white and he has freckles but he is lean and has a bulge in his Trophy Boy underwear. “Okay, Boys!” Sparky calls out. “This is Mason but we call him Red. For obvious reasons. And he just had his 18th birthday so he’s legal now!” The crowd in the pool and around cheered and called out cat calls, lewd comments and the like. Red took it in stride, a big grin on his face. He took a bow and then slowly took off his underwear. Over his head, his red pit hair showing and his carefully trimmed pubes and body hair the color of a fire ant, he snapped his underwear into the pool, where a couple of guys dove and fought for it. Sparky got behind Red. holding him in bear hug, his hands on Red’s cock, stroking it. “So Red has done his first two scenes for oys. And they are hot! Even though he’s young, he is one of the original Devil Boys, What? 8 years ago? You do the math. But he was initiated into the way you’re supposed to: covered in cum, full of cum, cum leaking out our ass and then someone pisses it off of you. A true Devil Boy. And I know you guys wil help celebrate Red’s birthday becasue he is one hot and horny queer boy” They cheered as Sparky grabbed his unit and shook it into their direction. “Am I supposed to be this sexually aroused?:” Justin, my professor, asked me. “Just wait” I said. ————————————————————————– With Bo and Jacob, it was crowded. They were totally cool and me and Buck were happy they were with us now. So we decided that we would expand the house. Well, actually build like a dorm connected to the house by a walkway. We’d eat and read and stuff in the house but fuck and sleep in the dorm. Jacob likes building things and mechanical stuff and I draw so he and I did the plans. Well, not the actual plan but the idea. Big John has a friend, a guy who comes to the Adonis gathering, that is an architect and he actually did the plans. We designed it so that there are some small bedrooms — enough for a few more boys to come and stay if that happens – but a big central bed room where everyone can sleep – and fuck – if they want to. And a dorm style shower and bathroom. We moved in the day of Buck’s 17th birthday. I’d all ready turned 15. I don’t know why but I was a little bummed about it. Buck noticed that I wansn’t all up and happy as we moved shit into our new dorm home. “So, you going to tell me?” he aseked, stopping me on the walkway as I carried a box I shrugged. He stared at me like he was pissed. “What?” “What?” “So, happy birthday. A year from now, you’ll be 18 and you can leave and go to college or whatvever. Won’t have to hide out here” “This is stupid” Buck said “Thanks” I shot back at him, pushing by him “I don’t know what I’m doing a year from now. But I’m not leaving you” “Thanks, agan” I said. Then I stopped. “So how does it work, now that there are four of us? You have a room and I do and we just fuck sometimes or ..” “You want to share a room?” “Yes” I said “Yes. I sometimes want it to just be you and me” “But not monogamous” ‘”No” Buck smiled “Okay It’ll work out Skeeter. You’ll see” I turned and took the box in. He followed me. “Do you believe that Adonis is real? I mean, actually exists” “Yes” I said “I know he does” I didn’t ask him if he believed that too because I knew he didn’t. He thought the idea was great: a gay tandoğan escort religion. He grew up in a strict Christian household and they rejected him when he was gay, and even did the pray away the gay conversion therapy thing. He’s read a lot of Big John’s books about religion and philosophy and he knows way more about that than I do but I know he hates the Christians. That Adonism says that Christianity is really evil appeals to him. But he doesn’t believe it is acually true.Sometimes, he’ll say something like that it was my vision. And it was my vision. I saw him and I talked to him and it may have been drugs but it was real to me. But that’s how the Devil Boys happened. We were all together and Buck explained it “It’s simple” he said. “Me and Skeeter marry. You two marry and we all four of us marry. You can have your partner but we are also all together. And the guys from Florida. It was Skeeter’s vision but it waas a good one. We commit our lives to Adonis. To the idea that queer is right. Queer is perfect. Sex is good. Partying is good. So, whatever we do, it furthers Adonism. Like, when I turn 18, I’ll do porn with Daddy. Porn furthers the work of Adonis. Being a bartender, shit like that. We commit to it totally and we only invite in someone new if everyone agrees.” It was the weekend around the full moon and that meant everyone was getting together. Daddy brought Little Bit and Adam and Donald came with Ben, Georgie and Davey like always. Donald’s friend, Andrew, who’s been before brought a boy named Mason. Like Georgie, he is red haired but not a deep auburn. His hair is fire engine red and he has freckles. He’s a little kid, younger even than Davey, like maybe 4th grade. But he’s cute and shy and, at first, he stayed close to Andrew but then followed in behind Davey and Little Bit. I think he kind of hero worshipped them. I explained the idea to them. “So, basically, we are committing to partying and fucking as much as we can until we can’t party and fuck no more?” Ben asked, laughing a little. “And be ambassadors for Adonis” I said “Find new queer boys to party with and fuck?” “I guess if you put it like that” I said, a little deflated. It seemed lke a cool idea when Buck explained it. “No, it’s cool, Skeeter. What you are saying is that we are the most serious fucking queer boys on the fucking planet. We rock. We tell the world that queer is good, queer is right. If you ain’t queer, you ain’t shit. Fuck yeah, I’m down.” Buck shook his head. “Red is only 9. He’s not old enough” “Fuck you, I was 9 when Donald brought me home” Ben shot back “Davey’s 11 and Little Bit’s 12. They’re not much older and it’s cool for them, right?” Adam said “There’s a big difference between 11 or 12 and 9” “Fuck it. We’ll let Big John decide. He knows shit” Ben said “That cool with the backwoods chapter of the Devil Boys?” “Yeah. It’s cool” So we went en masse to where Big John waas talking with the other adult men, getting things ready. We told him that we had a question. “Mason is quuer. He’s totally queer” Big John said before we even asked him our question “They call me Red” Mason said. He hadn’t said anything while we argued about him “Red is going to be a cum addict and one day he will out party any of you” “Okay, Red’s in” Buxk said, conceding the point. Looking at Ben he said “And it’s not junior membreship. It’s full bore” “Fuck yeah” Ben said. The worship of Adonis is what we say it it. Boys rule. Or at least we decide for ourselves. Nobody gets to make us feel bad for who we are or what we want or even that we’re young. I thought Big John was right: I thought Red was one of us from the start and just because he’s young doesn’t tekirdağ escort mean anything. If he knows what he is then that’s all that counts. It’s dark and nearly the time for the clocks to be moved back an hour, not chilly at all though, and we are in the gathering place with the monitors up above us playing gay porn. We are in the center, maked and natural, surrounded by 3 dozen men. They too are naked. There is booze and marijuana but I can feel the familiar sensation of Erosia in me: energized, open, intensely interested in everything around me and everything is vivid and alive. I am not altered. Just heightened. And I am horny. And here among naked men and boys, I am more horny still. There are hands touching me. I take Ltttle Bit, my friend, and stand him in front of me and I hold him close to me. He is hard and I am hard and my erection is against his back. He is shorter than me, of course, and lean. He has a little tuft of hair – just three or four hairs – on either side of his penis and Davey is insaanely jealous of it. But his balls are bigger now than last time. He’s on the path and only Red is truly pre-pube and he doesn’t care He’s laughing and smiling and sroking his hard little cock that is sticking straight up. I find myself the bukkake boy. I am on my knees and there are a half dozen hard dicks in a U shape around me. Who those dicks are attached to doesn’t matter. I suck one and then I suck another. Uncut and cut, smaller, larger, all hard. I take them down. 14 months or 16 months since Big John brought me home and I live for this. I want sex constantly. Even if Buck hadn’t suggested it, I’d have done it anyway. Dicks slap on the face and I go from one to another, stroking my own hard cock. I gobble them down as the cool night surrounds me and blankets me. I can smell distrinctly every smell, the pine sap in the distance, the wood of the beam, the burning peat of a smoldering fire in the Okefenokee and funky, sweaty musk of the men in front of me, even the smell of jizz. I am standing. There are two men sharing my dick with their tongues. Buck is on a bench, his legs hiked up and red headed Georgie is licking his taint. My lover. He’s cum in my ass and I in his, I’ve drunk it down by the gallon, and we likely will not touch until we fall asleep beause we are lost in Adonis’s ecstasty. We serve him now. With the giving and taking of pleasure. Red is over there, squatting up and down on Little Bit’s dick, now beginning to grow and better able to fill up his tiny hole. He is sucking Jacob as he Red rides him and Adam, his borther and his lover, is nearby being sucked off by Big John. The whole space is dominated by focus. By sexual energy. By lust. You can feel it pouring over you. A man, a grown man. comes over and roughly grabs Red thin hard cock and small balls. Andrew is there in a shot. “Stop it” he says. Like a pin in a ballon, the energy evaporates. Sexual ecstasy is a fragile thing. I’m over in a second and Buck is behind me. “What?” I say “He’s not going to be gang raped. I’m going to protect him. He belongs to me” Andrew said “He belongs to himself” I say. “He’s a Devil Boy” Buck said, bowing up. He’s bigger than Andrew and more muscular. Ben comes over and stands beside Buck. “He’s a little kid” “He’s a Devil Boy. He belongs to us. If he needs protecting, we’ll protect him” “Mr Andrew, I didn’t mind” Red said “I was having fun” He’s still hard and proud of it. Andrew is staring us down, pissed but outnumbered. Part of the boy wants to be Red, the Devil Boy, grown up and running with the big kids and part of him wants to be Mason, loved and protected by Mr Andrew. He doesn’t have to be one or the other, though. He can tokat escort be both. “Who do you want to play with?” I ask him He looks and then is shy. He wants to whisper it in my ear. I listen to him. “That’s a lot” I said. He looks down and shuffles his feet. Then he looks up half expecting me to say no. “Okay. Me, Buck, Ben, Davey, Litle Bit …. and Mr Andrew” We put him on a bench and I push his legs forward to get after his small ass. I pull apart his ass cheek and bury my face in his honey hole. I get my tongue in and around his hole.He giggled as I did but he stroked his dick too. Little Bit and Davey got up there and pushed their junior cocks in his face to suck. I reached up to grab his junk as I rimmed him. But then Andrew gently pushed me asise,.. He wanted after it and I didn’t quarrel. Red is his little lover and it’s cool. I look over and Buck and Ben are making out. Andrew buries his face into Red’s small ass and hte kid giggles but he strokes his own small cock “Fuck him” I tell Andrew. “I’ll use your cum as lube” Andrew gets some lube and smears it on himself and in Red’s ass. Then he pushes his hard dick into that tight hole. All the way in. Red whimpers but he doesn’t stop jacking himself off. A man fucking a boy and I stood there, masturbating. Little moans escaped from him as his adult lover gave it to him. He wasn’t fucking him hard, soft and gentle. He’s been in that ass before — not much, I think, but some — and he knows what little Red can and will take. You can tell Andrew cares about him but he doesn’t get is what Big John senses: that kid is gong to be insatiable. Little Bit comes over to watch. He gets on his hands and knees for Adam and for Daddy but he fights Davey for Red’s attention. I don’t think he’s jealous of Andrew but he wants a piece. Adam comes over too and we are like a trio: Little Bit in front as Adam hugs him and holds him close but in front of me as I do the same to Adam, my cock, hard and throbbing, pressed against him. “Man, that’s hot” Adam says. “No shit” I say. Ben’s fucking Buck and Georgie, Jacob and Bo are taking turns slapping him in the face with their dicks. They’ll take turns on his ass too. When Andrew finishes, I push Adam over to take over violating Red’s hot little ass. “Will you fuck me?” Little Bit asks. “Sure” I am on the ground and he rides me, cowboy, his growing dick flopping against my belly. Donald comes over and stands over me so that Little Bit can suck him as he rides me. I look over and Big John has come over and slides his fat hard cock into Adam’s ass as the boy fucks Red. It’s fucking hot and I am horny as shit. But a Devil Boy can cum and cum and cum. We are sex machines. We give our spunk to our God. I cream Little Bit’s ass but soon I am fucking Red. He rides me like Little Bit did and I rub his little dick, hard and stiff, as he does to one orgasm after another, my dick sliding in through several loads all ready there. That’s what I did Saturday. What did you do? ————————————————————————– You own your body and your sexuality. It is yours. Nobody else’s If the people involved are all there voluntarrily doing what they want, then it’s not wrong. You think queer sex is wrong because some book written in the late Bronze Age says so or because some bigot in the Roman world was squemish about butt sex? Get over your fucking self. You don’t want to fuck another guy in the ass, then don’t. I do. And the ones I do, wanted me to. So, it’s really none of your fucking business. You think it’s wrong for a young boy to be doing those things? You think you can’t feel sexual pleasure until puberty? Well, you’re wrong. You can. They may not burn with lust but those nerve endings are active and the pleasure centers in the brain work just fine. A boy that dry orgasms and comes back for more wants what happens to happen. It’s his dick and his ass and his mouth and it is his fucking business, not yours. This is what I believe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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