Mar 30

Devon Meets Benjamin

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Benjamin met Devon one night while in the Literotica chat rooms. Her screen name was punk rock chick. So he checked out her profile and was interested, so he private messaged her hoping that she would respond.

When she did Benjamin at first held a normal conversation with her to get to know her and feel her out as to what her likes amd dislikes were. Eventualy the coversation turned sexual and they ended up having cyber sex.

After that first encounter online they came across one another often. Most times when they did they ending up cybering with each other. Eventualy they both expressed feelings about how much they wished they could be with each other for real instead of only online.

Benjamin thought back to one of their first few conversations and, remembered that she was a musician. When the next time came around that he had a chance to chat with her he found out when she had her next performance.

He asked her where the performance was to be held, and he wrote it down when she wrote back. He looked up the place were the concert would take place and found out that it was in Alberta, Canada.

The day of the performance Benjamin got on a flight to Alberta, Canada to surprise punk rock chick by showing up to watch her perform, and hopfully hang out with her afterwards. When he landed in Alberta, Benjamin rented a car and located a hotel close to where the event took place.

He then went to the ticket booth at the Jubilee Auditorium where the venue took place and purchased his ticket. He found to his luck that he recieved a front row ticket center stage.

After getting his ticket Benjamin went to a office supply store, and purchased a piece of white poster board, and a black marker and went back to his hotel room.

The first thing Benjamin did when he entered his room was make a sign with the materials he purchased with his screen name and an arrow pointed down. He then took a shower and shaved and then finished getting ready and grabbed his sign then left for the show.

He saw a merchandise table with her CD being sold so he purchased one, then went and found his seat. The lights went out right before the concert began and blinked back on when the band started playing.

That’s when Benjamin saw her for the first time. She had black hair that flowed down to the middle of her back with pink highlights, her eyes were such a pail icey blue that he instantly became frozen where he stood while he watched her rock out on her electric guitar.

She also had a pair of nice full kissable lips. Upon further gazing down he noticed that she had a pair of decent sized breasts behind a tight shirt that she was wearing. She had a curvacious body that was making Benjamin break out into a cold sweat as he continued to ogle her as she sang her songs.

He also noticed she had an ass he just hoped he would have a chance to squeeze and caress, maybe even spank! He came out of his fog long enough to hold up his sign.

When bağdat caddesi escort she saw his sign he noticed her surprised expression, and then wicked smile come across her face. For the rest of the concert she continued to return to the middle of the stage and look down at him as she sang.

After the concert Benjamin waited at the back entrance where all the bands that played that night were to exit and leave the Auditorium. When she came out of the building she noticed him and walked over to Benjamin and said his screen name.

“Yeah that’s me, but you can call me Benjamin or Ben if you prefer,” Benjamin said.

“I like your full name so I’ll call you Benjamin,” she replied with a smile. “My name is Devon.”

“Nice to meet you in person finaly, and I must say you rocked in there, can you autograph my your CD for me,” Benjamin said offering the CD he bought ealier to her and his marker.

Devon laughed and said “Sure” and signed the CD cover.

“Would you like to go somewhere and have some drinks with me so we can get to know each other better since we now have met in person?” Bejamin asked.

“I’d love too” Devon replied.

They went to the bar at his hotel and after several drinks and long conversation found that he was 25 and she was 21 so neither felt they were becoming jailbirds for the thoughts about each other that were running through their heads.

They locked eyes with each other, then Benjamin leaned in and finaly kissed the lips he wanted to kiss all night as he watched her perform. Devon melted into the kiss and they started dueling with their tongues after the kiss lasted for over half a minute.

“Would you like to come up to my room?” Benjamin asked.

“Oh hell yeah,” Devon huskily said.

They entered the elevator and as soon as he pressed the button to his floor he was all over her kissing her passionatly and hungrily.

They practicaly ran to his room while trying to remain lip locked not wanting to end their kiss yet. After fumbling with the key to the door Benjamin finaly opened the door and they rushed in stripping their closes as they went.

Benjamin quickly locked the door and returned to a ready Devon. After one more heated kiss Devon dropped to her knees and pulled Benjamin’s boxers off exposing his hard cock. She started licking his cock up and down the sides like she would a popcicle making sure to massage the under side of the head knowing that is a sensitive spot.

“I’ve dreamed of what it would be like to suck your cock Benjamin.” she said looking up into his eyes with a lusty little grin on her face before she returned to sucking him off.

She then ran her tongue down to the base of his cock then swiped at his balls with her tongue before taking one then the other into her mouth sucking gently on each one.

Then she trailed her tongue up the length to the head then swirled her tongue bahçelievler escort around the head before wrapping her lips around the head and sliding down until her nose met his pubic hairs deep throating him.

After bobbing up and down ans slurping around his cock Devon pulled back and made a pop sound as Benjamin’s cock left her mouth at Bejamin’s request.

“I want to taste you,” Benjamin breathlessly said.

He had her lay down on the bed and spread her legs he crawled up between them and lowered his head to her heated center. He slipped his tongue up and down the length of her slit before parting her labia and opening her pussy up like a blossoming flower.

He then sucked her labia into his mouth and started rubbing them together between his lips, making Deveon arch her back and moan loudly. He then slid his tongue around inside her folds finding all her sensitive spots and dipping his tongue in and out of her hole.

He then flattened his tongue out and swiped her clit slow and hard with his tongue, making Devon jump with intense pleasure.

“Ooooh yeah Benjamin lick my pussy, drink up my juices baby!” Devon moaned.

Bejamin the took the tip of his tongue and started massaging the underside of her tiny clit enticing more wonderful moans and some thrashing out of Devon. He then wrapped his lips around her tiny button of a clit and started buzzing his lips like he was playing a trumpet, causing vibrations to pummel Devon’s clit.

“OOOOOH MY GOOOOODDDDDD Don’t Stop! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh God I’m Cuuuuuummmmmmmming!” Devon screamed out as she started spasming hard and gushing her sweet nectar onto Benjamin’s waiting face and tongue.

Benjamin slurped up, and drank down all of her sweet love juice that he could but his face was left dripping when he rose up looking into her eyes and smiling. He leaned in and kissed her passionatly allowing Devon to taste the tang of her own juices.

“Fuck me! I need you inside me so bad Benjamin,” Devon begged breathlessly.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Benjamin said with a smile.

He then moved up to were he was sitting on his knees and aimed his hard cock at her entrance and pushed forward slidding his cock fully into her love tunnel before pulling out to the head and slamming back in hard.

He then started to pick up the pace and started to thrust harder into her causing their sweaty bodies to slap together on every in stroke.

He picked up her legs and placed them on his shoulders so he could fuck her long and deep. He quicked his pace and hardened his thrusts fucking Devon fast and hard.

“Ooooh yeah fuck me Benjamin….Fuck Me! Devon moaned. After a little while of being in this postion Benjamin changed the position to where he was in a seated position, and she scooted into his lap facing him and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He started to pound her pussy hard and fast. He leaned in and started to bahçeşehir escort lick around her right areola. He had found out earlier that her breast size was an impressive firm 38c cup with pretty pink little areolas with 1/4 to 1/2 inch eraser like nipples.

He then sucked one of those nipples into his mouth and started to rapidly flick it with his tongue as he continued to pound into her. She started bouncing up and down in his cock to match his strokes.

“Bite them baby! bite my nipples! Oh God you make me feel so full Ungh! Oh yeah fuck me! Make my pussy yours!” Devon screamed and moaned out.

Bejamin eventualy changed the postion again having Devon get on her hands and knees so he could fuck her good and hard like she liked it from behind. He grabbed her hip and slammed his cock into her pussy from behind and started fucking her as hard and as fast as he could.

“OH Benjamin I’m going to cum again! Ungh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooooh Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh! I’m C-C-CUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNG!” Devon wailed out as her body shook from a powerful orgasm, clamping her pussy muschles down hard like a vice around Benjamin’s cock.

“Oh Devon your pussy is so fucking tight I’m going to cum! Benjamin moaned. “where do you want it?”

“In my mouth!” Devon screamed. She quickly pulled off his cock and positioned herself and engulfed his cock in her mouth and sucked him hard and quickly until he came hard shoot rope after warm gooey rope of his cum into her mouth.

It was such a load Devon had a hard time swallowing it, but she swallowed what she could..the rest dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin dropping down onto her breasts.

She then swiped up the excess from her chin and breasts with her finger and sucked her finger clean of his cum, then returned to cleaning the rest of his cum off his cock.

Once his cock was clean she let it fall from her mouth with a slurp. They then cuddled up int each others arms with Devon laying her head on Benjamin’s shoulder.

“That was amazing, Devon cooed. I dreamed it would be great to actualy fuck you…I never dreamed it would be this increadible.” Devon said.

“Ditto,” was all Benjamin could say.

“How long are you in town?” Devon asked.

“I have a flight back home tomorrow at noon.” Benjamin replied.

“Then we’ll have to make the most of tonight!” Devon said huskily.

They had sex three more times before eventualy falling asleep in each others arms. The next morning Devon woke Benjamin up with a blow job, and after some fooling around in the shower with each other, Benjamin checked out of his hotel and with Devon following him to the airport to catch his flight.

Devon saw Benjamin to the terminal then kissed him goodbye.

“Hmmmm I enjoyed your visit, I’ll just have to find my way down to see you some day to have a repeat of last night.” Devon said

“I’d like that, very much.” Benjamin replied.

Benjamin flew home with a smile on his face as his thoughts kept drifting back to the night before and that morning. He let out a deep breath as he finaly knew what it was like to finaly have sex with his dream girl, the girl he met by chance while in a erotic chat room on the Literotica web site, his favorite place to read erotic stories.

The End

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