Ara 31

Dial ‘S’ for Seduction Ch. 01

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This is part one of a two part story, the second part will be published here soon.


She slid her hand up to her breast, her nipple already hard under her shirt but with the friction of her hand moving over the crisp material she felt it stiffen further.

The voice came, “Pinch it,” and as if by instinct she immediately squeezed her forefinger and thumb together against her nipple making the hair stand up on her bare forearms. “Harder.” he said and she was compelled to obey, letting out the slightest of breathless sighs as she felt the electricity shoot inside her from the tip of her nipple.

His voice came again, “I said harder!” he knew how much she could take and he knew she could easily squeeze harder. She twisted it as she pinched and this time she couldn’t help herself from letting out a grunt of pleasure along with her exhalation.

“That’s better,” he said.

“Can I let go?” she breathed.

“Play with your other nipple,” he commanded.

There was a small surge of pain as blood rushed back, she savoured the sensation and moved her hand to her other breast. Rubbing the palm of her hand lightly over the material covering her breast she let out a tiny sigh as she rubbed her finger over the tip of her nipple.

“Now unbutton your shirt and pinch your nipples.” he said.

She popped the top button on her shirt and the material naturally parted. She knew when she was getting dressed that morning that her shirt had been slightly too small and it had been a deliberate decision not to wear a bra, she wanted people to stare at her all day. They had been talking and flirting on the phone for over an hour now and the thought of touching her bare nipples was just what she needed to take her excitement up a notch. She popped another button and the very top of her nipple poked out as if reaching up asking to be released. It did not have to wait long and as one more button quickly popped and it sprung free. She grabbed it between her fingers and squeezed hard, she gasped again as she felt that familiar rush of blood to her head, and her pussy.

She wedged the phone between her cheek and her shoulder to free up her other hand, squeezing both nipples according to his instructions, she was breathing a little harder now and she knew he could hear it. She knew it would be turning him on as much as it was her.

“Can I touch myself?” she whispered and as she said it she knew that it would not be good enough for him.

“Can you touch yourself where?” he asked. She could hear his smile in his voice and found herself smiling with him. She knew what he wanted but she always blushed saying it. Here she was on the phone with her breasts exposed and she couldn’t bring herself to say the word.

“Can I touch my… pussy?” she blushed as the word came out, making her already flushed cheeks even redder.

“Your what? You want to touch what?” she could hear his huge smile as he tortured her.

Fuck it, she thought and blurted it out “My pussy.” she was getting to the point where she would have said anything.

“You want to touch your pussy?” he gasped with faux shock as he said it.

“Yes.” She was alternating between rolling her nipples between her fingers and pinching them. The sound of his voice always turned her into the mess she was becoming, she couldn’t resist him.

“Not yet.” came his calm response. “You know it isn’t time for that yet.”

“Please.” The temptation to just ignore him was strong, but she knew that there would illegal bahis be trouble if she did.

“You can take your clothes off though, just leave your underwear on.”

She didn’t need telling twice and she sat up in her chair and removed her shirt. “OK!” she said.

It had been a hot day and the sun was still beaming through the window but a cool breeze accompanied it. She felt it caressing her breasts and it made her very aware of how hard her nipples were. She slipped out of her skirt and kicked her shoes off at the same time and padded over to the bed where she lay back against the pillows and placed her free hand on top of her thigh, stroking herself. He will never know, she thought.

“Are you naked?” he asked.

“Almost.” she replied.

She could hear his smile again as he said “Where are your hands?”. Damn! He knew her too well.

It was her turn to smile now. “On the phone?” she tried.

“What about the other one? It had better not be anywhere near your pussy!”

“Of course not!” she said, and moved her hand away.

“Are you wet?” he asked, he loved to ask that question.

It was her turn to tease him now. “I don’t know” she lied.

He could hear her smile this time. “Yes you do! Are you wet yet?” he repeated.

Of course she could feel that she was wet, the feeling was familiar and unmistakable. As always, his question had once again focused her mind on the one place she was forbidden to touch. The bastard!

“Yes.” she finally admitted.

“How wet?” came the inevitable follow up.

She answered “I don’t know, probably very wet.” Her hand was resting on her pussy, just a millimetre of thin cotton separating it from answering that very question.

She was just contemplating trying to stroke her lips through her underwear without making a sound when his voice interrupted her thoughts.

“I want you to spread your legs wide open.” He instructed “and take your finger and trace a line up your thigh.”

She spread her legs as wide as she could, knees in the air savouring the feeling of exposing herself so blatantly and started to touch her thigh, tracing her fingers oh so lightly down her leg and feeling her nipples stiffen again and hairs stand to attention. Again she sighed.

Just as her fingers were getting close, the silence was broken by his voice again “Not too far now.”

She wedged the phone between the pillow and her shoulder so she could use both hands to tease herself as the instructions kept coming from him. She could feel the heat coming from between her thighs increase and she started to involuntarily squirm and adjust her hips as her pussy craved to be touched. How did he know every time she got close to the top of her thighs to tell her to move her hands away? How did he know!?

“Would you like to touch your pussy now?” he asked.

“Oh god yes!” she breathed, moving her hands up her thighs hopefully. “Can I?”

“No! Not yet.” he laughed. “How wet are you now?”

“Disgracefully.” she said, and she knew it was true, the sensation between her legs was all she could think about.

“You can rub just above your pussy for me then, since you have been so good.”

“No pressing down on your clit though!” he warned “I will know if you do”.

She started to rub her mound through the thin material and her mind wandered back to him lying behind her, wrapping his arm around her and teasing her just like she was doing to herself now. Her hips continued a more deliberate illegal bahis siteleri movement back and forth as she tried to resist rubbing harder so she could feel the stimulation on her clitoris. She teased herself the same way he teased her, he would hold his finger still and let her try and push her clit into it by moving her hips. She never succeeded of course, the last millimetre was always a bitch with him!

“I want you to get naked and rub either side of your pussy lips for me.” a new instruction pulled her from the fantasy of him being there. “You are not allowed to get your fingers wet though.”

She wasn’t sure it was going to be possible to keep her fingers dry but she knew what he meant: still no touching in the only place she wanted to. As she pulled her underwear away she could feel how wet it had become and the temptation to rub directly on her clit was almost unbearable. If he had been there, strong hands would be able to restrain her from doing that though, he was repeating his last instruction now and as he did her fingers inched closer and started to rub the hot, smooth skin on either side of her labia.

Minutes passed and she was breathing hard, the stimulation outside her lips passing through and teasing her clit beautifully. As she started to moan and sigh more, he said “I want you to get your finger wet now.”

She didn’t need telling twice and moved her hand over her pussy instantly.

“You are not to touch your clit though!” he quickly added. “Just rub your finger up your lips to get it wet.”

The sensation was exquisite as she dipped her finger in between her wet pussy lips, it sent a shiver through her body. It felt amazing.

“How wet are you?” came his question.

“Oh god, so wet” she gasped as she rubbed more.

“Are you touching your clit?” he asked. “You had better not be!”

“No” she replied “but oh I really want to!” she moaned. “Can I?”

The temptation to just slide her finger up another few millimetres was unbearable, she was just about to defy him and do it anyway when his voice came again.

“Take your hands away now.” he said.

She screamed with frustration! “No!” she said, “Please no!”

“STOP!” his voice was firm now, she stopped immediately and lightly bit her lip as she moved her fingers away.

Her pussy was on fire and she wished he was with her, it was so much harder to have to stop herself without him there to restrain her. The orgasm would be worth the wait though, her hands rested by her side and tried to ignore the instinct to rub her clitoris hard.

“Play with your nipples again.” came his voice.

She moved her wet fingers up to her hard nipple and traced over the end of it, pinching it hard again and twisting it until it hurt. She grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed hard, she was so horny.

“Can I touch myself again?” she begged.

“Yes, would you like to rub your clit? Or would you like to put a finger inside yourself?” he asked.

“My clit! I want to rub my clit” she was past feeling embarrassed at saying the words now.

“You can put a finger inside yourself then.” came his reply.

She could hear the smile in his voice again, he loved teasing her like this. “Bastard!” she said.

Her fingers moved over her wet lips again, stroking first and then pushing inside. She let out a huge moan as two of her fingers easily slipped inside, she was about to slide them over her clit as she pulled them out when his voice came again.

“Don’t canlı bahis siteleri touch your clit though!” he was speaking softly and slowly. How could he be so calm at a time like this?! “You know you are not allowed to touch your clit yet.”

How did he know she was about to do it! She let our a little squeal of frustration and plunged her fingers back inside herself. If the clitoris was still out of bounds, she was determined to get herself as much pleasure as possible from what she was allowed to do.

“Fuck yourself with your fingers.” he commanded.

Her fingers were moving in and out of her with a slow but deliberate rhythm and while she was being good and not directly touching her clit, she couldn’t stop the palm of her hand coming into contact with it as she reached deep inside herself. Every stroke climaxed with a bolt from her clit, the sensation was electric.

“Does it feel good?” came his voice.

She imagined him lying next to her, wishing he was whispering in her ear instead of through the phone, wishing it was his fingers inside her, wishing for his tongue on her clit and for his lips sucking at her dripping wet pussy. She couldn’t reply to him, she was getting carried away but her moans and breathing told the story.

“You can touch your clit now.” he said.

Had he really said it? She had no intention to double check, she drew her fingers out of her pussy directly over her clit soaking it and giving it the perfect lubricant.

“Oh my god!” she let out a beautiful moan as the electricity flowed directly from her clit around her body.

She was rubbing her clit hard now imagining it was his tongue, his voice reaching inside her like no-one else could. She was moaning hard and bucking her hips on the bed. The sensations flowing around her body were exquisite.

“Tell me you love it.” he said.

“Oh god I love it!” she moaned, her responses were coming much slower now as she struggled to concentrate on speaking. Her pussy and thighs were completely soaked but all she could think about was the circular motion that she was making over her clitoris. “I love it!”

“Tell me you love touching your pussy.” he said.

“I love touching my pussy!” and in that moment, all of her inhibitions were gone.

“Are you close?” he asked.

Her hand was moving swiftly over her clitoris now and she had grabbed her breast with her other hand and was squeezing it hard, the nipple popping through in between her fingers.

“Are you close?” he repeated.

Her hips bucked and her un-squeezed breast was quivering in the cool breeze from the action down below.

“Stop.” his calm, firm voice came. “Stop right now.”

Silence, but for the heavy breathing.

“Stop!” he was firmer this time.

“I have!” she exclaimed, breathlessly.

“Good,” the smile was back in his voice. “Good.”

Her breathing was still heavy, but lessened as she recovered from the sensations.

“How close were you?” he asked.

“Seven.” she said.

“Good thing I stopped you then, isn’t it?”

“Bastard!” she said, the throbbing between her legs reducing slightly with every word.

“Would you like to carry on now?” he asked. “Can I trust you not to come?”

“Of course you can!” she squealed with delight at the thought.

“Get your vibrator.” he said. “I want you to fuck yourself with it while you rub your clit.”

“Oh you dirty man.” she said and reached over to the bedside table. Inside the drawer was her favourite little plastic friend. Smooth and black, with several ridges around the middle and a silver band around the end with the controls. She collapsed back on the bed and repositioned the phone against her ear, this was about to become fun!

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