Mar 30

Dinner For Two

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You pick me up for dinner and as I open the door, I am standing there in the little black dress that you love so much, wrapped around my body and only held on by a little buckle and one tiny button. Your eyes light up in appreciation as you see me wearing my pink heels. You let out a little whistle, and I am glad that you like what you see. I reach back and pull the door close and you usher me to the car in front of you. I can feel you looking up and down my body. The sandals make my ass wiggle a little and I can feel your eyes drawn there, searching to see if you can see a line – do I have underwear on or am I naked under my dress? Before the night is out you will know very well.

You open the door for me and I sit down and then cross my legs and my skirt falls back to reveal my knee and just a little of my thigh – I can see you looking wondering if it will fall back further. You get in the car and we head off to the restaurant. We arrive and you walk around and hand me out of the car my skirt falling back into place. You place your hand around my waist to guide me inside and as you do you slip it down to my ass and I hear your intake of breath as you realize that I don’t have any knickers on. Then as you guide you hand up my back you hiss again as you realize that I don’t have a bra on either and that I am totally naked under my dress.

I look down and can see the start of a bulge in your trousers. It’s going to be a fun evening.

We go into the restaurant and are shown to our table. It is in a secluded area and is a booth. Instead of sitting across from you, I sit next to you. The waiter goes off to get our menus and you turn to me and ask me what’s going on and why am I totally naked under my dress. I tell you that all will be revealed as the night goes on. With that I reach down to your groin and give you a little pat, feeling the beginnings of your erection. Out of the corner of my eye I see the waiter returning, so I pull the tablecloth up a little so it is now covering your lap and turn my attention to ordering dinner. We order our dinner and some wine and the waiter leaves us alone for now.

You turn to me and once again ask what I have in mind. I look at you innocently and ask what you mean. You look at me knowingly and just raise an eyebrow. I just tell you to sit back and relax and that you will enjoy the evening. With that I suggest that you move forward slightly so that your lap is under the table. You look otele gelen escort at me questioningly but do as I ask. As you do I move my hand over you lap and start rubbing up and down your cock. Flat handed with just a little pressure. I pick up my wine glass and have a little sip all the while continuing to play with your cock. I can feel it starting to grow underneath my hand and I can feel the heat emanating from you. As I continue to look at you I can see you get that heavy lidded look that you get when you start to get aroused.

I continue to run my hand up and down your cock but my hand is curling around you starting to pull you ever so slightly and I run my hand up and down the front of your pants. There is now a significant bulge there, and I run my fingernail up your zipper, and combined with the sound and the slight vibration, it causes you to lift your hips so slightly trying to get closer to my hand. You whisper to me that the waiter is coming and as I have my back to him, he can’t see what I am doing so I slowly remove my hand with a little pat, and turn around to have our dinner served.

I can see a little sheen on your forehead and I can tell that your very excited about our public little display. If only you knew what was to come!

My dinner comes with a salad and seeing the olives there gives me an idea, and I pick up the olive in my fingers and turn to you. I lift the olive up and run it around my red lips and just put it into my lips pursing them around it. I can see you looking at me as I do this and feel you looking at my lips as they purse around the olive, sucking on it ever so slightly. I can see your eyes darken and I know that you are thinking of my lips wrapped around your dick as I do this. I reach under the table and rub my hand up and down your dick a couple of times and I can feel that it is rock hard and you lift your hips up trying to get better contact.

I reach up and grab the tab of your zipper and slowly slide it down my eyes never leaving yours as I do. I reach into your pants and free your dick out, so it is now out while you are sitting at the table. You look around worriedly but I assure you that no one can see it with the tablecloth covering it. I then rub my finger over the top of it and feel the precum. I smear a little across the top and then remove my hand, licking my fingers as I do. Anyone seeing would just think I was licking my fingers pendik escort from the olive but you know better, knowing that I am tasting your essence and not the oil from the olive. I hear you take a deep breath in, but I continue to eat my meal. You’re sitting in a public restaurant with your cock hanging out under the table, and I can feel your excitement. The waiter comes across to refill our wine glasses and I can feel you squirm uncomfortably. I pat your arm gently – reassuring you that it is okay.

We finish our dinner and decided to wait a little before ordering our desert. I turn to you and you can see my nipples have gotten really hard and tight. You now know that I am not as unaffected by this as I pretend and in fact that I’m pretty turned on. I reach back under the table and start playing with your cock again, fisting it in my hand. Up and down very firmly, every now and then stopping to run my thumb across the top of your head. I get to the top again and wrap my thumb and forefinger just under your cap and squeeze. I can feel a squirt of precum pump out of you and I know it won’t be long until you come. I whisper to you to grab your napkin and place it at the top of your cock. I continue to pump you up and down and I can feel your cock getting tighter and harder, ready to come. I tell you to catch your cum with the napkin and as I do I pump a couple of times really quickly and I can feel it running up you shaft. I know you’re about to cum and as I do I turn slightly to you so that my dress is split to my waist and you can see my pussy glistening and wet. That’s all it takes to send you over the edge. I hold still as you pump one, two, three times – spurting into the napkin, biting down on your bottom lip as you come hard. I take the napkin from you and gently wipe you clean and then wipe my hand clean. I bundle the napkin up next to me not daring to put it and it’s contents on the table until we are ready to leave. I tuck your cock back into your pants and zip you up again with a smile on my face.

You look thoroughly wiped out and you decide that you want dessert somewhere away from prying eyes. I can hardly wait, so I drop the napkin on the table and we arise to leave. I walk in front of you and you can see my ass wiggling. We pay the bill and leave. Outside you wait until we are away from eyes and pull me into a deep kiss. We break away and you thank me telling me that you came so hard rus escort you thought the back of your head was going to blow off. I smile, and you tell me that you are going to return the favour!!! You have that devilish smile on your face and I wonder what you have in mind for me?

We get back to the car and as we do you turn me around so that my back is against the car. We had parked in a pretty secluded area of the car park and I had wondered about that at the time. Now I had a feeling I was going to find out big time. You push me back against the car and start kissing me, our tongues twirling against each other. You nudge a leg between my thighs spreading them a little and nestle your leg firmly against my pussy. As you do this you reach up your hands and cup my tits in your big hands and start running your thumbs across my nipples. The feeling of the material sliding across my nipples makes them hard almost immediately and I groan into your mouth. You bring your forefingers into play and start rubbing my nipples between your fingers, and at the same time you start pressing your thigh against my pussy. I break away from your mouth and tilt my head back groaning at the twin pleasures and as I do, you start running you lips up and down my throat, taking my earlobe into your mouth and biting lightly then running your tongue around my ear.

I feel like I’m in heaven, and I am rubbing my pussy up and down your leg. Desperately trying to get the pressure I need to come. I’m dimly aware of you taking away one of your hands from my tits and then I realize why. You reach down and start rubbing your finger along my slit. I start squirming trying to get you to touch my clit, but you continue to tease me. You dip one finger in me and you can feel how wet I am for you. You dip a second finger in, and as you do, you lean down and take my nipple in your mouth and start tonguing it through the material. I shudder and moan out loud. The combination of your mouth on my nipple and your fingers in my pussy is overwhelming and I know I’m getting close to coming. Just when I think I can’t take anymore, you lightly bite down on my nipple and suck it hard and as you do, you start thumbing my clit.

It’s enough to send me over the edge and you can feel my pussy tightening on your fingers as I cum hard. You keep stroking my clit gently and it feels like mini orgasms as you bring me down slowly.

My legs are shaking and when I have recovered, you gently cup my pussy then remove your fingers and lift them to your mouth, slowly licking all my juice off them. You then lean in and kiss me gently and I can taste myself on you. You cup my face in your palm, and very softly tell me that this is just the start of dessert!

I can’t wait!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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