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Dirty Laundry Ch. 02

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This is the second part of my story Dirty Laundry. It starts right where the first part ended. While it is not necessary, it is recommended to read the first part first to come to know the characters and to understand the story background..


Cindy lived about five minutes from the Laundromat, in a narrow building that was obviously built on an empty space between two older buildings about three decades ago when this neighborhood was under dynamic development. The older houses here had originally three stories and had a fourth one added later in a slightly different style, while the newer houses were originally designed to have four stories.

At that time this area was well known for its cafés, small theatres and nightlife and many single white-collar workers lived here as they moved into the town to find work. Later as they could afford a bigger apartment or became married, they moved on and today this neighborhood was the primary choice for young people, mostly college students who were looking for a cheap apartment that was in normal condition, even if a bit small.

Cindy tried to turn on the light in front of the main door but it didn’t work, so she had to open it in the darkness of the gateway.

“Damn, it was still working when I left,” she mumbled as she tried to find the correct key on a ring that had at least twenty seemingly identical keys on it.

“Well, I don’t really mind if we have to stand here for a while,” I said on a wistful voice as I stood right behind her and my hands slipped easily under her short skirt and started to caress her ass. The fact that she was not wearing any panties was exciting and fantastic at the same time.

“You know that this doesn’t help me at all to open the door,” she said with a light purr, showing that while she wanted to open the door, she also liked very much what I did to her.

She finally found the matching key and we could enter the dark, narrow stairway. The lights were off here as well and we had to find our way up in the darkness.

“Probably a fuse went out, wait a second, I’ll try to do something about it,” she said and she took a few steps forward into the darkness, then I heard as she tried to push something on a switchboard. Whatever she did had no effect, at least the lights didn’t turn back on. Then suddenly I felt as a piece of cloth hit me on my face and I felt a bit dizzy for a second. It took me some time to realize that it was her skirt.

“Catch me if you can,” Cindy said giggling and she was already quickly scaling the stairs.

She moved like a lynx with easy, soft steps. She was on home ground so she had no problems, but for me this was quite an adventure with the laundry bag in my hand, as she lived on the third floor. The fact that my cock started to harden didn’t help me at all either. I slipped twice, but finally caught her right as she opened the door to her apartment. She giggled and twisted as I tried to wrap my arms around her waist and she dragged me in and closed the door quickly. We could just hear as a door opened on the second floor.

“Well that was close! You know you were almost caught like that in the stairway,” I said panting.

“Don’t worry; I’m much faster than anyone who has to open all the latches and locks on the door. And also the stairway was pitch black,” she answered smiling with a wave of her hand. “But man, you are quick,” she said as I was still fighting for breath.

Maybe I was quick but I was definitely not prepared for running up on the stairs. Here she could finally turn on the light and I could see her wearing only her white shirt and her converse. She was sexy as hell and she moved and behaved completely naturally with her pussy completely exposed. I had an urge to just jump on her and rip off her remaining clothes right then and there, but I resisted the temptation and decided to wait and see what she had on mind.

“OK, so I caught you, what’s my price?” I asked with a smirk.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your price,” she said smiling as she kicked off her shoes, then removed her shirt and just threw it onto the chair in the kitchen. “Consider this as an advance. But first I want a beer. Would you also like to have one?” she asked.

“Yep, a beer sounds great,” I said as I looked güvenilir bahis over her now completely naked body. She was tall and quite thin with small breasts and a nice but not really round bottom. She had a nice, even tan color all over her body with no bikini lines. She was not a model type at all, but she was very cute and behaved absolutely naturally in my presence.

“You look gorgeous,” I said.

“You are sweet, but I know it’s not true. You only say that because I’m naked. I’m way too thin. I always check the other girls in the gym and I know that guys like if a girl is sporty but has nice breasts and a round ass.”

“Ok, you may be thin,” I gave in, “but you also feel completely confident in your body and you are also a bit crazy. Guys also like that a lot.”

As she went into the living room I quickly cast a glance over her apartment. It was as small as mine, but she had a living room/kitchen and a tiny separate bathroom whereas I had a kitchen/bathroom and a living room. The living room was furnished in an interesting way, it was seemingly a mixture of hand crafted things from Asia and Africa, with a large bookshelf on one wall, fully packed with books of all sizes, color and age. There were lots of things in the room and it was a bit crowded and chaotic yet it had a somehow cozy feeling. There was no bed, just a corner covered with hand crafted carpets, duvets and pillows that looked absolutely comfortable. The walls were decorated with African war masks and a really nice Turkish carpet. The fresh smell of some kind of essential oil filled the air.

“You like it?” Cindy asked as she opened her fridge and took out two bottles of beer. She twisted off the caps and gave me one. We stopped in the doorway of the living room and started to talk leaning against the opposite sides of the frame. I tried to look into her eyes, but my eyes and my thoughts wandered downwards sometimes. She noticed it but just smiled.

“Yes, I do. Although it is really out of the ordinary, I must say.”

“Yeah, I know. I collected these things as I travelled across Asia and Africa when I had a year off during college,” she said as she looked around and I could see in her eyes that these things were really important for her.

“Just wanted to travel?” I asked, but she shook her head.

“Not quite. I’m an ethnographer. It was partly a study trip, although a sudden and low budget one. I stopped in certain cities and taught English to collect some money to travel on. But I also wanted to go away for some time. We broke up with my boyfriend after four years. He was my first one and I just wanted to forget.”

“You wanted him to stay?”

“Back then yes. Today I know that it would have been a mistake. We tried to accept each other, but we had to make too much compromises and after a while we were together more because it was convenient than because we loved each other.”

Her tone suggested that she didn’t really like to talk about it, so I decided to drop the subject.

“And what are you doing now?” I asked instead, “I mean I know already that you work ten blocks away and usually take the public bike to get there.”

“I’m a Ph.D. student at the university. I’m working on my theses and work at the city library, in a small specialized branch that has a collection of really great old books on the history of the city and the area, with old maps and blueprints of buildings,” she said.

I was really astonished. When we met about two hours ago I thought that she was a really cute and sexy girl, but nothing really else. And she turns out to be a really cool if a bit strange girl who is also smart and interesting. But I wanted to get some more detail about her.

“And you always drop your skirt when you want a guy to follow you quickly up the stairs?” I asked with a wicked smile, then added, “Or is this some tradition you learnt in Asia?”

“Idiot,” she laughed and punched my arm. “No, I don’t usually drop my skirt for just any guy. But I found your reaction in the restaurant and in the Laundromat really appealing and I wanted to see just how you would react to such a situation.”

“Well, my reaction is concealed by my pants,” I said.

“It’s not really concealed,” she remarked and pointed smiling to the türkçe bahis clearly visible bulge. “You should get off your clothes as well. There is no use of hiding yourself here in my flat.”

As she said this, she stepped closer and slowly removed my shirt, running her fingers over my chest.

“You really like to be naked, don’t you?” I asked as I removed my shorts and my shoes.

I tried to behave normally but I as my cock was rock hard and it pointed upwards, this was a weak attempt. She looked all over my body and noted my excitement, but didn’t show any reaction. I definitely liked being naked in her company, but this was a new situation for me and I couldn’t control my reactions completely.

“Yes, I do,” she nodded. “I remember when I was younger and I still lived at my parent’s house, I always got naked whenever I was alone at home. I also sneaked away when we went camping or to the beach to be able to swim naked or to catch some sun.”

“And now that you live alone…” I began the sentence, but she finished it.

“Now I can be naked as often as I want,” she said. “But I hope you don’t find this unsettling,” she added and I could see that she was really serious as she asked this.

“No, although this is something new for me,” I confessed.

“Yes, I can see that,” she said laughing, and then she pointed to the large pillows and duvets. “Go and lie down in the sleeping corner, I’ll get us two more beers and I’ll join you!”

She went into the bathroom and I did what she said and lay down onto the absolutely comfortable looking rugs and pile of soft pillows. It was even more comfortable than expected, but as I lay my back against the pillows, I felt something hard to push against my shoulder. I reached behind my back to see what it was, and I was a bit surprised as I took out a didlo. It was made out of sparkling green silicone and it was not a simple one but one obviously designed for double penetration; a smaller, very flexible and thinner one was attached to a normal sized and realistic didlo.

“Oh, fuuuuuuck, I completely forgot about that,” Cindy exclaimed as she entered the room and her face got red immediately. Her reaction was a bit surprising, as she acted so naturally before.

“I like it,” I said smiling, trying to ease her embarrassment. “Get those beers and come here next to me, you little witch.”

She took two more beers out of the fridge and lay next to me. I took a sip from mine; she emptied almost half her bottle in a single swallow. She was visibly a bit nervous.

“You know, my last boyfriend broke up with me when he found that in the bathroom. He got totally outraged and said that I was a whore who cheated on him with a plastic dick. He was especially upset about that I also liked to have something in my ass.”

“Hey, I find it totally cool,” I said and playfully put the didlo next to my cock to see which one was bigger, but I sadly had to admit that the didlo was a few millimeters longer. However, it helped her to become more relaxed and started to laugh.

“You easily accept many things about me,” she said. “Why?”

I had to think for a few seconds about that before I could give a concise answer.

“I saw you on the subway many times and I always thought I should ask you out sometime, but you were faster. And now I know that you are a smart, fun and sexy girl and I just want to get to know you even more. I’m also not perfect and I’m sure I also have things that you will have to accept.”

“Like what?” she asked as she looked at me with a playful smile.

“Like you said that you are thin and you have small breasts. Now as you can see, even though I go to the gym like you, I don’t have washboard abs and I don’t have a nine inch cock either, still you have not thrown me out. And regarding this little toy…” I said and stopped as I took a deep breath and used a fake official tone, “I have to tell you that while I’d really like to see this in your ass, in my opinion an authentic cock like mine would look – and feel – much better in there.”

She looked at me and now there was an impish sparkle in her eyes.

“Well mister, you’ll have to prove that!” she said.

I embraced her with my arm and she turned towards me and we kissed. As our tongues güvenilir bahis siteleri played with each other, I slowly took the didlo and started to massage her slit with the tip. She obviously enjoyed what I did as she moaned softly but without ending the kiss.

After a minute or two she turned onto her back and I sat up. She parted her legs and raised her knees to give me perfect access. I used my fingers to see if she was wet enough and then I slowly started to push the didlo into her pussy.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed as the didlo slipped into her a few inches deep, then closed her eyes and just relaxed her muscles.

I pushed the didlo in and pulled it out almost completely a few times, then when it was almost completely in, I carefully put the other part of it to her anus and tried to push it in as well. A mild twist on her face showed that it was not pleasant and I stopped.

“You have some lube?” I asked her softly as I kissed her anus.

“There is a small bottle under the pillows,” she said on a lustful voice.

I searched for it and found the bottle quickly. I put a small amount onto my middle finger and started to push it into her anus. It slipped easily in.

“Ooooh,” she said on a voluptuous sound and she repeated it as I slightly moved my finger.

I waited a bit as her muscles slowly adapted to my finger, then put some more lube onto my ring finger and pushed it in as well. She needed some time but then I felt that the squeeze on my fingers subsided and I knew that now she was ready for the didlo. I pulled out my fingers, quickly put some lube onto the tip and pushed it in, firmly but not harshly with a single move.

“Haaaaahhhh,” she cried in pleasure and arched her back and her hands grabbed the rug. “Fuuuuuuuck, this is soooo gooood.”

I quickly started to move the bigger part of the didlo in and out of her pussy and this also moved slightly the smaller part in her ass. She bit her lower lip and moaned loudly, grabbing the rug with one hand and one of her tits with the other. I fucked her this way until her climax rushed through her body after only a few minutes. Her body twitched violently for several long seconds and I kept the didlo buried in her, then slowly pulled it out as she calmed down. She then turned over and raised herself onto all fours.

“Come, I now want your cock in my ass,” she said still panting.

I was totally turned on and she didn’t have to say it twice. I grabbed her ass with both hands and just pushed my rock hard cock into her hot anus. There was already a cloud on my mind and I didn’t think about using the lube, but it didn’t matter. We both let out a luscious cry as my cock sank deep into her. I waited a few seconds for her to adjust, but not too much as I felt that I won’t be able to hold my load for too long.

“Baby, this feels fantastic,” I said as I looked down to see as my cock was buried deep in her ass.

“Uh-hummmm,” she moaned and nodded, then just lowered her head and lightly pushed her ass backwards, telling me without words that I should start moving my cock.

Her muscles held my cock hard, almost crushed it. I violently moved my cock in and out and we both just groaned every time I pushed my cock in. It was only after maximum two minutes when I felt that my balls turned into hot lava and my cum started to rise quickly.

“I’m gonna cum baby,” I moaned as I kept fucking her ass with long strokes.

“Don’t you dare to pull your cock out,” she moaned as a reply, but it was not really necessary.

After three more thrusts my cock erupted deep in her ass. As my cock surged it also pushed her over the edge once more and she let out a deep groan as her muscles tightened and grabbed my cock so hard I was literally stuck as I shot load after load into her. Only when her orgasm subsided and I was completely spent and my cock slowly started to shrink was I able to pull it out. Even then I had to do it slowly and carefully as every sudden move was painful for both of us.

I suddenly felt extremely tired as the rush of adrenalin was over. The two beers and the violent fuck took their toll and I just lay down already half asleep next to Cindy and weakly kissed her and caressed her arms. She also looked dead tired.

“Oh, fuuuck, this was great, I have to admit that you felt much better than the didlo. But I guess that you’ll have to prove this many more times, so that I won’t forget,” she said in a thankful and tired voice and we giggled before both of us fell asleep.

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