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DIRTY OLD WOMANALL WAYS BEEN A PERV FOR DIRTY OLD WOMENI was just an ordinaryy lad of 14 back in the day when the only naked men or women you saw came from the dirty mags you found stashed in various places and maybe to odd glimpse of your Mom , Dad or Sis .I had found a few in my time ,the pics were good best being the mature readers wives bits always got me hard but I loved the stories because they often told of pervy things id never thought of but reading of the dirty kinky things people got up to had my coming in no time . At this time my mates Dad had stables and a couple of fields ware he kept ,trained and raced trotting horses he also bought and sold as well as a bit of breeding. My mate and I would spend the odd weekend messing about there when we had nothing better to do.Anyway one weekend my mate and his dad took buying trip to Belgium I hadn’t seen him for a couple of days so hadn’t herd. I was bored on Saturday ( only 4 channels on TV no inter net ) I was just killing time in the back lane when looking over towards the fields on the hill where my mates dad had his stables I saw someone out in the field with the two mares and the old stallion he had at that time. So I headed off across the fields hoping to find life more fun at the stables. As I crossed the last field I noticed the tuzla escort horses had been taken in . I rounded the corner of the stables only to find all the doors closed and no one around . As I turned to leave a lit pissed off I herd a voice from inside .I tried the door it was open I stepped inside pulling it closed behind me expecting to find my mate or his dad .I looked up and just froze there in front of me was Margaret a woman I’d seen visit the stables a couple of times but only sat in her old van from a distance. There she was ten ft in front of me . Marge was a mature woman of about 56 yr s , a very heavy set woman ugly with the biggest tits id ever seen,she looked a bit unclean and trampish . As looked down the stalls I could see had put a mare in the 1st the stallion in the 2nd and a mare the other side all the horses were very restless . Marge was squatting down by the side of the stallion with her big muscularly thighs spread wide and her skirt hitched up and most of her left hand sliding in and out of her fat bald pussy and in her right she had the massive black and pink cock of the horse wanking him .I stood there her,rubbing my cock through my trackies by the the time Margee noticed me I had my now hard cock out in my hand slowly wanking asIi watched the acts of this dirty old woman tuzla escort bayan she just smiled at me and beckoned me to come closer as if in a trance I followed my cock towards her. I came to a halt about an arms lenth for ware she squauted and watched as this big fat ugly woman with one hand wanking that big fat horse cock slowly for base to tip along its 40inch lenth i looked down she had four fingers of her left silding in and out of her fat wet pussy I could hear how wet she was .I couldnt help myself i was so horny at the site of this dirty slut pleasure her self and horse i was pulling on my solid cock about three foot from her ugly wrinkeled face ,marge licked her lips i stepped closer i got a better veiw of her old cunt, she had big fat hanging lips that looked so red and jucie but it was her clit that took my breath away it was big about the size of a young boys cock it stood out 3inch from the top of her fat lipped pussy and as fat as a lip stick my cock was so hard it hurt as i wanked over the lush site of this woman i could smell the stong heady sent of pussy along with smell coming from the excited horses .Marge spoke first “ I can see by the way you are pulling on your big young cock i have two horny boys that are about to come”that was it all i could take i was comming Marge’s escort tuzla hand shot up like lightning and over the end of my cock catching each spurt as it shot from my cock into her cupped hand as my climax ebed she took her hand and licked al of my cum from it with a mmmm and licking her lips she just reached out pulled me to her and took my still hard cock into her mouth licked and sucked me clean as she brought the horse to a climax .I just stared as the whole in the big flat mushroom head opened and spurt after spurt of thick white horse cum shot out and into a bucket placed to collect it. I was totaly lost in the moment I was snapped back with the chill of a breeze on my solid wet cock ,I looked back to Marge just as she took my hand and said come on you dirty boy storke this big horse cock you no you want to . I started to slide my hand up and down that massive horse cock it was hot and hard and I was getting so horny at the feel of it in my small hands . Marge began to suck my cock again after a short time she let my cock fall from her mouth and stood up picking up the bucket as she did so .Marge must have seen the disapiontment on my face as she said you like this old lady sucking on your cock and watching me play with my old pussy do you .I just replied that i loved her big fat pussy with its lush lips and big clit and her hot mouth on my cock.With that she took me by the cock and lead me toward the table and two old sofas at one end of the stables. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK AND ILL CONTINUE

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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