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He kissed her and said “Good morning”

She smiled sleepily.

“How about breakfast” he asked.

“Sounds wonderful. I’ll shower and be down soon”

Standing in the shower she thought about the night. It was their first time together. He had spent the time getting to know her body. As she ran the soap over her breasts and down to her hip and between her legs she felt his hand again coaxing and caressing her. She thought about how he asked her what she wanted, and also the laughter between them, which made the night all the sweeter. It had been a long time since she had sex and his desire to make her orgasm was exciting and sexy. She wasn’t used to a man being so open with his thoughts and desires. The feel of his hand, his mouth and cock in her had made her body spasm with desire.

Finishing her shower she went to the bedroom to get dressed. Seeing the bed rumpled she began to straighten the sheets and blankets. Stacking the pillows and tucking the sheets tighter she glanced down to see between the headboard and the mattress a black strap. Her eyes widen as she inspected the strap to find it was a cuff. Checking the other corners of the bed she found three more. She had never seen cuffs in a bedroom. Her past experiences with sex had never included any cuffs or bondage. She quickly finished making the bed.

She thought, “Do I say that I saw them or do I say nothing and figure it will come up next time we are together? Will there be a next time? OMG, I hope there will be a next time!

Taking a deep breath she joined him in the kitchen. She leaned against the counter facing him as he cooked at the stove. She couldn’t contain herself and blurted out “So…I saw something ankara sınırsız escortlar as I was making the bed. There were cuffs”

He glanced at her with his bright blue eyes and with a slight smile replied “Oh, you found them.” He continued turning the eggs and asked, “Do you like cheese in your eggs?”

“That would be great.” she said.

She went to the living room and sat on the couch. Mulling over his response she was reminded of an text exchange they had before they met in person and were getting to know each other. She had said that she wanted to break out, to live more freely and “try it all”. He had replied that she could do it all if she tried. She thought about what it would be like to be cuffed, spread out on his bed at his mercy. While it would be completely new and scary she also thought how incredibly sexy it could be at the same time. This was her chance to try it all. Her vanilla existence could become a vibrant landscape of exploration and new experiences. Holding her hands to her blushing face and with a slow smile she realized that she was excited and eager for what the future held.

The following week she was at his house sitting on the couch watching TV while he showered upstairs. He came downstairs in a robe and sat beside her. Glancing over she met his eyes.

“The other day when you were here you noticed the cuffs in the bedrooms. I want to share with you that I am into BDSM.” he said. Her eyes widened and her mind went blank initially, and then the questions started to bubble up.

“What does that mean for us…if I don’t like it is that a deal breaker…I don’t know if I can handle pain…” She stared at him and then started to ask ankara suriyeli escortlar the questions. He calmly answered her questions with patience. She was reassured by his willingness to share his desires and the limits he would respect. She took a deep breath and said that she was open to try but was very nervous. Her past relationships with only two other men were limited to missionary and oral sex. This felt like jumping off a ledge.

Later when they were in the bedroom, he had pulled out some items from a bag and laid them on the bed. A black leather paddle, a whip with leather strips, a mask, chains with locks and a vibrators spilled across the blanket. She stared at them, then at him and asked quietly if they could go slow. Running his hand down her body he agreed and reminded her of her safe word. He picked up her hands and brought them in front of her breasts. He wrapped the chain around her wrists and locked it into place. He placed the mask over her eyes and whispered what he wanted. He had her lie on the bed and began to stroke her thighs with the leather whips. The cool leather whispering across her skin. He had her turn over and picked up the paddle. After moving the paddle over her back and ass, he suddenly brought the paddle down, and the sound of it meeting her flesh cracked out in the room. She jerked and let out a cry of surprise. He paddled her multiple times, the sound loud. He then soothed her skin with his hands. Her breathing was quick and shallow.

The shock of the new sensation made it difficult for her to decide what she was feeling. She was excited to be with this man. He was commanding and in charge. She was the recipient of his sincan türbanlı escortlar desires, She was intrigued and turned on by having him in control and she was able to just let go.

He moved quickly from whip to paddle to using his hands all over her body. He positioned her on her knees on the bed and drove into her from behind. His cock deep inside her. She let out a low moan and gasped at how hot it felt. He continued to pump into her pussy and she begged him not to stop. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she repeated over and over. As the feeling that she was going to cum he stopped and turned her over. Pulling her to the edge of the bed he dropped down and began to suck on her clit and push the vibrator into her pussy. She began to moan louder and the pulsing of her pussy increased until she came with an explosive yell. He continued to tongue her clit and push into her pussy until she melted into the bed.

She reached for him with her chained wrists. He told her to lie on the edge of the bed. He moved until his cock was next to her mouth. She groped until she had his cock in her hands. Desperate to put her mouth on him she began to suck him deep into her throat. She licked and swirled her tongue around his cock, sucking his balls and running her hands up and down the velvet of his skin. He grabbed her face and began to push his cock into her mouth with increasing speed. As he began to groan she met his rhythm with excitement. She used her chained hands to cup his balls and rub the base of his cock. He called out her name as he came and she sucked and swallowed his salty cum.

He sank onto the bed and breathing heavily they lay together with his arms around her, and his head on her chest. She couldn’t help but smile as she thought of how taking that leap off a ledge felt incredible, and that she was ready to continue this journey with him. He was her master and she was a willing servant to his desires, knowing that she would be receiving as much pleasure and she was giving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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