Mar 30

Diving into Heaven

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I had been waiting for weeks to be able to do this. My mouth was almost watering with anticipation as you slowly start to unhook your bra. My favorite thing in the world especially concerning sex is to go down on you. I just love the control and power that I hold over you as I explore your delicious treasure. I love watching and feeling your body respond especially feeling your body squirm, your pussy get wetter, and the facial expressions you make.

I start to lick my lips as your bra slides off your arms and you turn around slowly sliding your panties down your legs as you bend over giving a beautiful view of your gorgeous and your already wet pussy. You give me one of the most sexy and seductive smiles as you turn around and pose for me with your hands on your hips. I move forward and place my hand on the back of your head pulling you in for a soft sensual kiss that quickly turns passionate. I slowly start to snake my tongue out of my mouth and slide it slowly along your lips until you open them up inviting it in.

Our tongues start to snake and slide around exploring every crevice of each other’s mouths as we embrace each other. I can feel your silky smooth skin pressing against my skin. Your nipples are starting to grow almost like eraser tips pressing into my skin. I start kissing my way from your mouth over to your ear where I start to nibble on your earlobe and whisper to you that I want you to lay back down onto the bed. You lay back into the bed and I take a second to look down and topkapı escort admire your flawless body. I take my hands and slowly slide them up your legs until I get to your knees then I gently push them apart allowing me to walk closer to you.

I bend down and start to kiss you as we were before as my cock rubs softly up and down your dripping wet pussy. I start kissing over to your ear again making sure I nibble on your earlobe as I whisper to you all that I am going to do to you. I can feel you body squirm and shiver under me as I explain how I am going to explore your pussy. I start to move down from your ear and start to kiss your neck which makes you let out a soft moan as you throw your head back. I nibble on your neck enough to leave a mark, which only furthers your moans and your shivers. I started to kiss down to your collarbone area then I moved towards your breasts.

I slowly started to make circles around your left breast by kissing and licking your skin that all culminated to your nipple but I made sure not to actually touch your nipple just yet. I could hear your breathing start to pick up as I did this and a sigh of disappointment when I did not touch your nipple but your breathing picked up again once I moved over toward your other breast. I did the same treatment to that breast making your breathing become even more labored and your eyes start to roll into the back of your head. Once I get close to your nipple, I stop and rise up looking at türbanlı escort you and wink as you raise your head giving me a look of disappointment.

Once I wink at you, I quickly move down and start to suck your on your left nipple making your back arch, your eyes roll to the back of your head, and you moan loudly. I start to swirl my tongue around your nipple and use my right hand to pinch and play with your other nipple. Once I am finished assaulting your left nipple, I give your right nipple the same treatment. Your breathing is becoming really labored and your moans are becoming louder. I start to lick and kiss my way down your stomach once I am done with your nipples towards your dripping wet pussy. I can hear you encouraging me on in between moans but once I get right above your pussy I move to my right and start to lick and kiss down your legs. I hear another sigh of disappointment but I know you will thank me later.

I kissed my way down to your feet where I took each of your toes and sucked on them slowly sliding my tongue around them as though they were just larger versions of your magnificent clit. I could feel your body shake and shiver as well as hear you moan as I work on your toes. Once I am done with your toes, I slowly start to lick and kiss my way back up your inner thigh towards your pussy. I can feel your back start to arch slightly and your breathing almost stop, as I get closer to your pussy.

I do not start to delve into your pussy tüyap escort instead I lightly blow onto it before I move over to your other leg and give it the same treatment. Once I reach back up to your pussy, I look up and wink at you but you can’t stand it anymore. You take my head in your hands and force my head down onto your pussy. I feel as though I am either going to drown or suffocate in your dripping wet pussy but I waste no time. I slowly start to slide my tongue up and down your slit tasting your delicious juices. Your back starts to arch and you start to groan once my tongue moves up and flick your clit.

Once I reach your clit, I start my assault on your pussy. I start to slide my tongue around your clit as I did with your nipple and toes as I slide a finger deep into your pussy. Your back arcs as I start to slide my finger in and out of your pussy as I continue to work on your clit. You start to beg me for another finger so I slide a second one in and start to go faster and harder with the two fingers as I start to nibble lightly on your clit. At this point we are both so lost in the moment, you are moaning and groaning as I add a third finger in your pussy. I can tell from your moans and groans that you are about to cum. I slide a third finger in and start to suck on your clit, which just brings you over the edge.

Your back arcs off the bed, your eyes roll into the back of your head and you scream out as your pussy clamps down around my fingers and your juices start to flow out like a faucet. I remove my fingers and clamp my mouth around your pussy trying to get every last drop that I can. Your body slides back flat onto the bed but your body continues to squirm. I move up and hold you in my arms as you ride out the last of your orgasm.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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