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Subject: Do As You’re Told – Chapter Twenty-Three Do As You’re Told Chapter Twenty-Three: Too Late to Apologise If you need permission to read this story (from a master, husband, partner, lodger, boss, next door neighbour, gardener) please obtain it first. This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places and events is unintentional. This story is exclusively for entertainment purposes so please enjoy in safe and legal manner. FRIDAY 8TH MARCH 2019 Robin had collected his father’s death certificate himself and held a morbid fascination with the “cause of death” section. 1 (a) Drug overdose (b) Death by misadventure In the absence of suspicious circumstances and the Procurator Fiscal had been satisfied with toxicology results. The recording of misadventure is made when an accident occurs due to dangerous risk that was voluntarily undertaken, unlike accident where no unreasonable wilful risk was taken. Not that it mattered really – his father was dead and Robin felt… “Why are you here?” asked Cameron. “Or… good morning?” suggested Robin. “Sorry, Robin,” said Cameron as he wrapped a comforting arm around Robin’s shoulder; “Shouldn’t you be at home or… not here?” “I don’t want to be at home. I want to pass my exams and to do that I need to work my ass off,” Robin replied. The week since his dad had died had been stressful and demanding and distracting and Cameron had a point that he shouldn’t be at school. Robin’s grandmother – Bessie – had been invaluable in planning things and keeping him straight. So to speak. Bessie had guided Robin in making the arrangements for his dad’s funeral, which was set for tomorrow, after his dad’s body had been released to the funeral directors. Robin had been surprised how many people had notified him that they would be coming – most of them former work colleagues or friends or ex-girlfriends. Robin had never paid much attention to his dad’s life, the moments when his father was absent was a reprieve from fear; like being in the eye of a storm and knowing it would all start again at any moment. His dad had lived a life during those moments of absence. Assembly on Friday was for the “senior” students – fifth and sixth years. It was usually a boring affair; “I would also like to remind students that we will be holding a mental health awareness week in the week beginning the eighth of April. We will focus on issues including depression, body dysmorphia and bereavement. Which brings us to our final point of the day…” said Mr Armitage – the Head Teacher. Attention had been less than rapt until now, but everyone sat up a little straighter now, the students seemed to know what was coming – or most of them did. “Finally, the school would like to acknowledge one of our own students and his recent loss,” said Mr Armitage – the Head Teacher. Robin was aware of eyes turning towards him – most sympathetic – to see if he was ok and showing great empathy. “Robin, we are all proud of the strength of character you have shown this week, your continued attendance during what must be a hard time has been noticed by us all,” Mr Armitage proceeded to say. “Your peers have collectively asked me to extend their deepest condolences and wish you to have this as a token of their sympathy.” Mr McKenzie, the Deputy Head, pressed through the lines of students and handed Robin a small package. Robin didn’t open it in the assembly hall. As he made his way out, Robin was struck by how many people nodded or gave him a sympathetic pat on the arm or muttered their remorse. Having not slept for several days, Robin had been exhausted and now the day had barely begun and he felt even more drained. “Robin,” it was Arthur who was calling his attention. Behind him was the usually hostile or apathetic – depending on their mood – entourage of Adam and Arthur’s friends. They made no comment – not even Carlos – and their downcast eyes showed 1) none of them knew what to say and 2) none of them wanted to be heard bullying a guy whose dad was getting cremated tomorrow. 3) Arthur, usually the passive-aggressive peacekeeper, would have kicked their asses. Arthur hugged Robin – he was a dependably compassionate and fair young man, diplomatic and kind-hearted. Robin let himself be hugged but was too numb to respond otherwise. He had spent all week being ignored in a different way from usual but today people felt the need to say “sorry” and show their sympathy for his pain. Except Robin wasn’t in pain – not in the way people thought. “All my hopes,” Arthur said – a nice secular expression of condolence. “Thanks,” Robin replied. As Arthur stepped back, and the crowed moved on with their normal routine, Adam moved forward and put a hand on Robin’s shoulder. It was gentle, warm and meaning much more than the casual or attentive eye could know. “I hope you are ok Robin,” Adam said precisely. Not sorry for your loss. Robin nearly smiled. Robin was aware that for the second time in as many weeks he and Adam had spoken to each other… in front of other people… without Adam saying something nasty or unkind. As when Adam had defended Robin from Carlos or when they had spoken in the cafeteria just last week, people seemed fascinated by the overt demonstrations of change in Adam’s attitude; not just with Robin but Robin had been an especially brutal victim of Adam’s old attitude. No-one knew why Adam had stopped being a bully but they seemed to like the new version. Everyone had stopped waiting for him to revert back to his old self and accepted that he was genuinely trying to be a nice person. Why was less important to them than the fact he wasn’t being a complete asshole anymore. As the first class was due to begin, everyone moved on – Robin was left with just Ben and Cameron. Ben had been holding the package which Robin took back and opened. He looked at the contents for a long time before speaking. “I had no idea that people could be so… gracious,” Robin said. The sympathy of people who were not his friends – contemporaries perhaps, but not friends – had been a surprise. But everyone in the school seemed genuinely sorry for his loss. It was hardly a loss, but Robin couldn’t tell people that. “This isn’t…” Ben started to say. “What?” Robin asked. “It’s no big deal but… I wrote the inscription but it’s not quite right,” Ben said. Inside the box was a memorial pebble that could be laid on a grave or left in a special place in the event of a cremation – a simple but eloquent pebble that filled the palm of Robin’s hand. “What should it say?” Robin asked. Ben recited: In loving memory of my father, Who will never be forgotten, For the good deeds he has done, And the things he has left behind. How very like Ben to be so forgiving and generous. Robin looked at the four lines that were actually printed and understood immediately the subtle differences, what they meant for his dad’s monument and who had changed it. In fact, Robin almost smiled. “It’s still a beautiful gesture,” Cameron said as he patted Ben’s shoulder; “It was Ben’s idea. Almost everyone in the year chipped in, for flowers too… for the funeral.” Robin just nodded. “Thank you, Ben.” Robin hugged Ben and then Cameron and then they set off for class. All week it was almost impossible to go anywhere without Cameron or Ben tagging along for moral support. “Look, I appreciate it,” Robin said at last; “But I think I can go to the toilet all by myself.” Ben chuckled and his big blue eyes looked worried, “Sorry. We’re just trying to be supportive.” “I know. I’m ok, ok?” Ben nodded and Cameron kept him company in the Huddle Hall while Robin set off for the loo but sneaked off elsewhere. He didn’t actually need to pee – he wanted to talk to Adam. Robin had sent him a text ten minutes earlier and they met in an empty classroom. “Meeting in secret… just like old times,” said Adam. Robin smiled and almost chuckled for the first time in a week. “Are you ok?” Robin asked. “I thought that was everyone’s line to you?” Adam replied. “I’m a little sick of it to be honest. Is that terrible? To be exhausted by everyone being sorry?” Robin asked. “I think maybe it’s normal,” Adam responded. “Why did you ask if I was ok?” “You looked sad I guess,” Robin answered. “My mum’s not well. She’s had a chest infection for months… It’s not getting better,” Adam said sadly. “What happens if…” Robin couldn’t really ask the question. “She has an advanced directive. So even if it gets worse she won’t go to hospital. I guess what’ll happen is…” Adam stopped and shook off his own melancholy; “Can I come tomorrow?” “Do you want to come?” Robin asked. “Yes. I want to be there for you, if you’ll have me,” Adam offered. “I’d like that,” Robin replied. “What will you tell your friends?” Adam asked. “I’ll think of something,” Robin replied. “There’s something else I wanted to ask,” Robin added. Robin pulled the memorial pebble from his bag “Why did you change the inscription on this?” In memory of my father, Who will be remembered, For the things he has done, And what he leaves behind. “Ben told me what it should have said. It should have said, in loving memory and will never be forgotten,” Robin spoke quietly as he recalled the message Ben had intended; “It should have said something about his good deeds.” “I couldn’t let them put that on,” Adam replied grimly; “Because those things aren’t true.” “No. They’re not,” Robin agreed. “I like what you changed it to. A very subtle hint of what a bastard my dad was.” Adam wore a complex expression – as turbulent as an ocean in a storm. “I didn’t love him. I want him to be forgotten, but when I do remember it won’t be good deeds… it’ll be the fear and the broken bones and the relief I felt when they told me he was…” Robin’s voice broke and Adam instantly embraced him. “Shhh. It’s ok to feel that way,” Adam told him. Robin relaxed in Adam’s arms. It was a relief to be honest about his feelings; Ben had all but admonished him for speaking ill of the dead – the result being that Robin simply didn’t say anything to Ben about it. “Ben meant well…” Robin said. “He did,” agreed Adam. “It was his idea. He and Cameron persuaded everyone to contribute.” “He’s always trying to get me to talk, to open up. He says he’s praying for me to feel better, praying for my dad to be in a better place…” Robin was almost angry at the suggestion. “Ben doesn’t understand, does he? But you do. You know…” “Not to talk about your dad,” Adam said gently. Yes. Exactly. Robin closed his eyes serenely at Adam’s words. “I want to forget him. I want to be told it’s ok to forget him and it’s ok to hate him,” Robin admitted. “Being dead doesn’t erase the things he did. It erases any chance for him to make amends,” Adam pointed out. “Thank you for understanding,” Robin said. They hugged again and as they parted Robin kissed Adam. It felt nice. Familiar. “I should go. Ben and Cameron will come looking for me soon,” Robin said. Adam was left alone in the classroom that was an empty desert as far as the horizon. Kissing Robin had reminded him of why he had fallen… he was going to say it… in love with Robin. The possibility of being with him had ended when Robin turned him down, hadn’t it? Adam’s phone announced a message. Shiro: [Do you want to come over tonight?] Adam felt guilty for thinking about Robin the way he had when they both had a boyfriends. Adam: [Sure, but I can’t come until later… and I need an early night.] Shiro: [Oh I’m sure we can make do with the time available 😉 ] Adam smiled – he was working at Boy App�tit after school and was going to the funeral in the morning but now the time in between was looking pretty sweet. LATER Mr Anonymous had told Adam to go to Boy App�tit and he needed no incentive or reminder to comply with the instruction. Not for the first time, Adam wondered if Mr Anonymous would even know if he didn’t turn up for an assignment but he wasn’t about to test the theory. The reaction of the managers at Gymno-Mania when he quit told Adam everything he needed to know. The people with whom Mr Anonymous made arrangements knew enough to be afraid of the consequences – but afraid for themselves or for Adam? Adam should have heeded their warning and now he was in even deeper water. “You were very popular last week, Adam,” Teddy told him. “We get feedback and people couldn’t shut up about you.” “It was actually really annoying,” joked Brodie. “Yea, I think they were just misspelling my name,” Logan jested. “Someone even drew a picture of your dick on the toilet wall,” Brock chipped in. “The whole wall?” asked Adam. All the boys laughed, even Teddy who until then had been looking annoyed at the interruption. escort bayan “So we’ve decided this week to go with another skimpy number since the briefs were a big hit…” Teddy was saying. “Very big,” chipped in Brock with a long gaze at Adam’s groin. “You’ll all be wearing matching outfits if you don’t shut it,” Teddy admonished. That shut them up. This told Adam that whatever his “skimpy outfit” was, it was something that even these toned and buff and handsome boys didn’t want to wear. How bad could it be? Adam was naked in the changing room and looking dismayed at what he had been given. He turned it over in his and a few times hoping there would be more to it but it remained unchanged no matter how many times he examined it. There came a knock at the door and a voice: “You ok in there Adam? Do you want me to come in?” “No, it’s ok,” Adam replied. “Open up Adam,” said Teddy authoritatively. Teddy was a twenty-one year old twink who was cute, sweet and easygoing but Adam could tell that he was not one to be crossed so he unlocked the door. Teddy pulled it open and saw Adam was naked – he hadn’t been expecting it. “Wow.” “Oh,” Adam replied and covered his penis with his hands. “I thought maybe you’d put it on and were freaking out,” Teddy said. Teddy’s eyes kept slipping down to where only Adam’s hands obstructed another glimpse of his cock and balls. “I was just thinking that maybe this outfit isn’t right for me,” Adam suggested. Teddy stepped forward and put out his hand with his palm up. Adam’s right hand still held the outfit he had been allocated so he had to cover himself with only one hand to give it over. Teddy grinned again as one hand wasn’t really enough to complete the job. Adam’s pubes were showing and his balls peeked out of the palm of his hand. “C’mon, let’s get you into this and see what the other boys think,” Teddy said as he walked back towards the room where the rest of the waiter boys were. “Eh… should I put it on first?” Adam implored. “Just come. Unless you want to do your shift in what you’re wearing now,” Teddy replied. Adam wasn’t sure if Teddy was joking but he was sure that he was not about to be offered anything else to wear. Thus Adam walked barefoot and naked back into the main room for everyone to see. Brodie, Brock and Logan admired his nudity with stunned approval. “Please tell me that’s his outfit.” “Guys, hush,” Teddy warned them. Teddy turned around and knelt down in front of Adam; holding the outfit for him to don, Adam lifted one bare foot at a time for Teddy to slip them onto. Teddy pulled it up Adam’s long brown legs with slow care. Adam had to reveal his cock to Teddy as the pouch was slipped into place, not that it mattered because as soon as the back of the waistband was in place, Teddy moved away for everyone to see. “Ohmygod.” The outfit was black satin, so smooth against his skin that Adam found the feather touch almost arousing. The pouch into which his penis and testicles fit was a mesh so that even now the colour of his skin showed through, his pubes were partially exposed and his cock was covered but not concealed. “Turn around for us,” Teddy said. Adam did so and revealed his ass because the back was a g-string that exposed both buttocks. “Fuckin’ hell.” “It looks great, Adam,” Teddy said sincerely. “How can I be expected to wear this? How can I be allowed to wear this?” Adam asked. A mesh underwear with no seat to cover his ass? How was this ok? There was a shared looked between the three other boys, who tried not to look directly at Teddy but the implication was clear… “I’ve worn less than that,” Teddy said nonchalantly; “And you’d be surprised what a boy can get away with when you’re as pretty as we all are.” “We’re good keeping our balls covered for now,” Logan admitted on behalf of the others. Teddy left to make a few final arrangements before diners were allowed in. “This is only your second shift here and you’re wearing… that?” asked Brodie with awe. “I’ll trade you?” Adam suggested. The other boys were all in tight black shorts that were very small but never the less respectable next to Adam’s outfit. “No thanks. But I’m really impressed you ticked the box,” Brodie said. “Box?” Adam enquired. “How far are you willing to go: topless, thong, mesh undies…” Brock said. “There used to be a bunch of guys but now Teddy is the only one, I mean until you started, who were willing to wear… that kind of thing,” said Logan. “Please tell me you ticked the nudity box?” Brodie said. “And the sex box,” added Brock. Adam was about to ask if they were serious about the last two things but Teddy arrived and service began. Time flew in but Adam was never exactly comfortable. He drew a lot of attention and admiration, the men who wanted to touch him asked before doing so but there was no concealment for their vision. Every table, even the ones he was not allocated to, checked out his bare ass and got him to come as close as possible so they could see though the mesh pouch and glimpse the outline of his cock. One table that had eight young men in their twenties asked if they could touch his chest and legs, emphasising they wouldn’t touch his dick. They were true to their word and while soft hands glided over his thighs and across his nipples, Adam saw all the other boys getting similar attention. The rule seemed to be touching was ok as long as they had permission and limits were agreed. “Would you mind taking off your shoes?” asked one among the group. “Er… why?” Adam asked. “He likes feet. And bare ankles, legs, toes…” his friend said. Adam saw no harm in it so he slipped off his shoes and stood in his bare feet. The man leaned down and traced his fingertips from Adam’s toes, over the bridge of his foot, cupping his ankle and stroking the back of Adam’s thigh. “Please let me touch that ass. No fingers, I promise.” Adam looked at the guy who had spoken – the oldest in the group who had dark and handsome features. Adam agreed and while surprisingly light hands caressed his bare buttocks, his friends watched Adam’s cock stir. Adam was more than half hard, the head of his dick pressing out the thin mesh to make it even thinner. A drop of pre-cum seeped through the mesh as it stretched to accommodate the bigger contents. Adam was concentrating on not getting any harder when someone came into the restaurant and looked around as if searching for someone. Shit! Adam realised a moment before the newcomer clamped eyes on him who the new arrival was. It was Ben McDonald. Adam had been aware of Ben since first year at Coalwater High School. It tends to be that way, right? You know everyone but are affable with most, acquaintances with some and friends with only a handful of people. What bothered Adam was that he knew Ben was dating Robin. It also bothered him that Ben had drawn him naked at the Art prelim nearly two months ago. Most perturbing of all was that Ben had his camera with him. “Gentlemen, I hope you will afford your waiters a short break commencing in fifteen minutes. If you need anything please place your orders now so they are free for the staff photo. Fifteen minutes folks,” Teddy announced. “You think that dick of yours will go down in fifteen minutes?” asked the man who has stroked his ass. It was closer to twenty-five minutes by the time the boys were all gathered. Not just Teddy, Brodie, Brock and Logan either; another ten boys had arrived and were all in briefs, Speedo or tight shorts. They were all topless of course. “Thanks to everyone for coming in, especially the guys who are on their day off. This picture is for the spring-summer E-brochure so it’s awesome so many of you are up for this. Adam’s heart was beating fast – he was the only one in the mesh underwear and he was the only one who was barefoot. He was put in the front row next to Teddy who wore black briefs-style underwear. “Hi everyone,” said Ben in a little voice. Was he nervous because there were so many beautiful boys or because Adam was amongst them? “I’m going to take series of pictures. I might need to move a few people around to get the best product. Eh… before I start, is everyone sure they’re happy to be photographed by me?” Everyone nodded and Adam saw Ben looking at him in particular; Adam nodded and Ben’s perplexed expression was rearranged into one that was professional though still intrigued. Since the restaurant was still open, there was not much time to spare; the time imperative did not seem to bother Ben but five minutes later he was done. Many of the boys not actually on duty huddled around to see the digital display of their portraits. Adam risked lingering to talk to Ben; “Please don’t tell anyone.” “I won’t,” Ben said as if he would never do such a thing. Ben would never do such a thing. “I don’t want anyone to know you saw me,” Adam reiterated. “I’m kind of surprised to see you… so much of you…” Ben joked. Adam was all too aware that his dick was still showing through the mesh. “Be honest. Is it obvious in the photo?” Adam asked. Ben nodded, loaded up one of the pics and zoomed in. Shit! “How did you get this job?” Adam wondered aloud. “I do this kind of thing a lot… well, not exactly this kind of thing… but parties, baptisms, that kind of thing. I take photos for the church newsletter and birthdays,” Ben said and seemed genuinely excited and engaged about it. “Yea, but how did you get this job?” asked Adam emphasising the pronoun. He suspected a malign influence. “I got an email asking if I was available at short notice. Actually, when I called to confirm I was told they hadn’t requested a photographer but they were planning a photo for online advertising on their site so they kept the arrangement,” Ben said. Adam wondered how a person could be so trusting and so naive as to not wonder at the suspicious elements of his story. Adam knew it must have been Micah or Mr Anonymous who put Ben up to it and all to humiliate him! Ben put his camera away and then turned thoughtfully back to Adam. Ben blushed a little – Adam was a fine and handsome young man; shirtless, shoeless and his underwear almost non-existent. It was hard to keep his mind from wandering. He put his mind back on its thoughtful track. “You’ve changed in the last few months,” Ben said – drawing back Adam’s attention. “No-one’s complaining but you’re more… nice. Mellow. It’s good you’ve stopped being mean.” “I know,” Adam replied. Adam he didn’t feel much like getting groped, but his customers still got a good look at his body with plenty of bare skin on show. The men at table at which he had removed his shoes, returned his footwear but Adam pleased them by not putting them on, instead continuing his duties barefoot. There was something thrilling about the almost total nudity – not that Adam wanted to be humiliated or exposed, but he did like the admiration and the compliments. It was a confusing time; he knew Micah/ Mr Anonymous had set this up to embarrass him but he liked the exhibitionism just a little. Adam wouldn’t have minded the slutty underwear if it had been his choice to wear it. Throughout the rest of his shift Adam had to remind himself he was there because he was being manipulated and now there was even more pictures of him. A few hours later and Adam felt exhausted but he’d promised Shiro a visit so he went to see his boyfriend who answered the door even before he’d knocked. “My parents went to bed early but we should probably be quiet,” Shiro said with forced cheerfulness. “They wouldn’t want you having a boy stay over?” asked Adam. “They wouldn’t really mind actually. It’s me who’d rather they didn’t hear us…” Shiro admitted. “What do you think we’re going to be doing?” Adam asked salaciously, raising his eyebrows. “Get your ass in here and I’ll tell you,” Shiro said. Shiro lived in a three bedroom house in a nice part of town. Not as affluent as Adam – who felt snobbish even as he thought that – but still very comfortable. Shiro showed Adam to the bedroom and Adam made himself comfortable on the bed. Shiro closed the door gently and hung his head “There’s something I need to tell you,” Shiro said before he’d even turned to face Adam. “You’re pregnant? Dammit, I thought we were careful?” Adam joked. “No.” “What is it?” Adam asked – Shiro was being serious. “I got an email a few days ago. There was a video attached… it was us, having sex at Gymno-Mania the day you quit,” Shiro said slowly. “Shit,” Adam replied. “Did it say anything else?” Adam asked. “No. The address was anonymous but I replied. The obvious question: who the fuck are you?” Shiro explained. “And?” “And their reply told me I’d have to do as I was told or the video would be shown to people who I wouldn’t want it shown kocaeli escort bayan to,” Shiro answered. “I told him to fuck off and die, that I wasn’t going to be blackmailed and I’d rather it was shown on the STV news than do as I was told.” “Wow. Good. Any reply to that?” Adam asked – shocked, stunned, terrified. “He… I’m assuming it’s a he… replied an hour ago. He told me to ask what kind of night you had,” Shiro said. “Oh boy,” Adam said, hanging his head and putting his face in his hands. “What haven’t you told me, Adam?” Shiro asked; “Whatever it is, I’m involved now.” “That’s why he sent Ben tonight,” Adam said mostly to himself. Shiro saw the worried look written on Adam’s face and his belligerence softened; he saw that his actions had had direct consequences for his boyfriend. “I’m sorry, Adam. Did I do the wrong thing?” Shiro asked with worried warmth. “Did he blackmail you too and then take my refusal out on you?” Ben’s late addition to the Boy App�tit scenario made sense – Mr Anonymous wasn’t flexing his muscles against Adam, he got Ben involved to punish Shiro by punishing Adam. Shiro, unlike Adam himself, had not surrendered when shown embarrassing images of himself; the threat of those images being released had not compelled Shiro to yield to demands. Adam suspected it was Mr Anonymous (rather than the hot-headed and eager to prove himself Micah) who calculated Shiro might yield to save Adam. Shiro was close now, sitting beside Adam and putting an arm around him. “No, you didn’t do the wrong thing. You were brave… you said no… I was weak. I’m the one who’s sorry,” Adam said. “Adam, what the hell is going on?” Shiro asked. “I should have told you before we started dating. I should never have put you in this position.” So Adam explained: Adam started with The Fourth and his dad owning the club, meeting Teen Titan and falling for him, pictures of him being taken in the gay nightclub and blackmailed to keep his secret secret. Adam edited out the identity of Teen Titan and just how deep his feeling are… were… Adam told Shiro how his first “assignment” had been to strip and masturbate in the boys toilet at school and then wearing embarrassingly small shorts – and then being shirtless – to P.E. Adam confessed that what happened when he interviewed for Gymno-Mania was the work of Mr Anonymous – nudity and masturbation again, this time in front of an audience including a boy from school who was now playing a bigger part. The ongoing involvement of Micah – beginning with a blowjob, the incident of going commando with sabotaged school trousers, the anal beads, then a vibrating butt plug as an addition to his Gymno-Mania attire. Meeting Shiro at Gymno-Mania was a bright point and the nudity for his schools art class was something else that Shiro already knew but now had more context. Finally the latest events of what Adam was enduring at Boy App�tit, including the photo. “He got photos of you wearing only mesh underwear because I told him to fuck off?” Shiro asked. Adam shrugged, “Honestly, he might have done it eventually anyway. He hates me, I don’t know why but he hates me.” “But it’s not the boy from school? Micah?” Shiro asked. “No, he’s a part of it but he didn’t start this thing,” Adam said. “He’s sure as hell enjoying taking advantage though,” Shiro said angrily. “Can we talk about something else for a while?” Adam asked. Shiro shook his head, “They could go to jail for what they’ve done. Blackmail, sexual harassment, assault…” Adam didn’t want to deal with this. Adam kissed Shiro. “Good things have happened in my life too,” Adam said. Adam thought about mending broken bridges with Robin. And deepening his friendship with Arthur. And meeting Shiro of course. “Meeting you has been a good thing. Not being so petty and angry and cruel has been a good thing,” Adam admitted. “You and me and that cute boy at your cousins stag party was a good thing.” It was odd that Adam should venerate his stint as a stripper at a stag doo that had culminated in Adam and Shiro watching – and then inviting to join them – a fifteen year old with a big cock. Had the sexual misadventure been organised by Mr Anonymous, Adam would have felt violated. The scenario was as outlandish as anything Mr Anonymous had made him do but Adam felt differently about it – happy, turned on, excited. He felt differently because he had a choice and Mr Anonymous gave him no choices. “Shiro, just let me have a good thing tonight,” Adam added. “It’s not healthy to bottle these things up. Sticking your head in the sand won’t help, Adam,” Shiro persisted. “I need to go home soon, we can talk or we can have a good thing,” Adam said. The innuendo was clear and Shiro was a seventeen year old with a strong libido which won out over the serious stuff. “Are you still wearing the mesh undies?” Shiro yielded Adam nodded and stood up to face Shiro who remained sat on the bed. Adam pulled off his top, slipped off his socks and then dropped his trousers. Shiro almost laughed with delight at the sight before him. “You wore that in public?” Shiro asked with awe. Adam nodded, “And look at this.” Adam turned around to show the underwear had no ass and the globes of his bum shone under the bedroom light. Adam turned back and could not help but smile at the delight on Shiro’s face. “This psycho has good taste in underwear,” Shiro commented. Shiro then pulled off his own t-shirt and stroked his chest; the desired effect was immediately apparent as Adam’s penis began to grow at the sight of his topless lover. As it engorged, the head of Adam’s dick stretched the mesh and became more visible. Shiro licked his fingers of one hand and steepled them together – then he pressed the fingers to the head of Adam’s mesh-covered cock and gently spread them as his fingers descended the head of Adam’s aching penis. At the ridge where the head met the root of the dick, Shiro swivelled his fingers. A drop of pre-cum was seeping through the mesh so Shiro put a fingertip to it and watched as the sticky strand stretched out like a filament of spider’s web. Adam muttered a bad word beginning with “F”. Shiro smiled as he heard the word and asked; “You said something about fucking?” Shiro dropped his bottoms and, now naked, crossed the room to get protection. “You’re sure you want me to…” Shiro asked. “Oh yea,” Adam said. Shiro wrapped cock and approached – his cock was just waiting for Adam’s ass, all it needed was permission. Adam bent over the bed and pushed his arse out; Shiro took excited steps forward and put the tip of his dick against Adam’s hole. Shiro slowly pressed in until his cock was deep inside Adam. Adam moaned and bit his lip to stifle the pleasure. “Shhh,” Shiro said – all too aware that his parents might hear. Adam bit his lip while marvelling at the pleasure he was feeling. It felt good – not just the stretching of his sphincter and the strategic pressing on his prostate but being with Shiro felt good. They’d only met eight weeks ago and now they were lovers, boyfriends, partners. Adam felt lucky to be with him. Adam felt Shiro slide his dick in and out, beginning to fuck his ass with careful and precise jabs at the prostate. Adam’s dick was hard and dribbling as his hand stroked his cock thought the thin fabric of the mesh cock-pouch. Adam looked over his shoulder for a view of his beautiful boyfriend. Shiro was such a great guy – someone who was good to him and their affection was deepening faster than Adam could keep up with. And his cock was doing magical things inside Adam’s ass. “I’m about to cum, how close are you?” Shiro whispered as he pressed deeper and slid a hand over Adam’s back and around to his chest. “Close,” Adam panted but then he giggled as Shiro pinched a nipple. “Fuck, oh fuck,” Shiro said as he arrived. Shiro came and his slow thrusts became tired as he had no strength left. He pulled out his cock and withed for the orgasm to subside before tying off the condom. Shiro continued to watch as Adam beat himself off and approached his own sticky end. Shiro helped out at the last moment, kneeling down (his legs tucked under him so his bum rested on his ankles) in front of Adam to gently fondle his balls while Adam’s hand jerked with delighted intent. Adam came and ropes of gooey goodness splashing on Adam’s feet and Shiro’s thighs so that they both giggled. Shiro bent forward and kissed the top of Adam’s foot, his lips coming away with spermy residue. Adam repaid the gesture by kneeling too; he leaned over and licked and kissed Shiro’s thighs, taking the spunk with him. “Come to bed for a bit,” Shiro said and he dragged Adam to the bed where they both fell down contentedly. “You can stay if you want,” Shiro said; “We don’t have to talk about your anonymous man, you can just stay.” “I want to,” Adam said sincerely; “But I can’t tonight.” Adam saw hope in Shiro’s eyes – he wanted Adam to stay – and was disappointed it wasn’t going to happen. Adam looked at the clock and saw it was late. It was the wee hours and he needed to go, even though he wanted to stay. “I have a friend,” Adam said. There was a tiny pause before the word “friend” that was loaded with meaning and Adam hoped it would go unnoticed. It was a pause that meant a different descriptor might have been more applicable. “His dad died and it’s the funeral in the morning,” Adam said and then added; “I need to be there for him.” Shiro smiled, sadness mixed with understanding and although he didn’t let on, Shiro had noticed the meaning-laden pause before the word friend. “It’s ok. Go be with your friend.” SATURDAY 9TH MARCH 2019 Robin was alone. Unless you counted the corpse in the room. Robin was looking down on his dad who looked peaceful, respectable, cold. Cold was in interesting adjective: low temperature, lacking emotional warmth, a trail no longer easy to follow – his father was a perfect example of all three. Robin had already spoken to Ben and Cameron that morning; Micah remained an unpredictable and unreliable friend but had assured Robin he would be there; his grandmother was just outside in the anteroom. This was Robin’s last chance to see his dad, the service would soon begin and when the curtain descended he would be gone. Robin became aware of someone behind him and expected to see his grandmother – good old Bessie – who had been a rock over the last week. She had been there for him for years and he would always be grateful. Her presence meant time was up, nearly time for the service to begin. Robin turned to see his grandmother, but it wasn’t Bessie standing there. “Hello, son.” Robin had not even heard from his mum for fifteen months and hadn’t seen her face for three years. She’d ran away from her abusive husband seven years ago and never come back. She had left Robin with an abusive father. Fucking “hello, son” – what the hell was that supposed to be? Robin couldn’t speak but his face must have said a lot. “You look great. Fantastic,” she said in a rush of guilt-laden complementary compensation. She swallowed a lump and felt tears come to her eyes. Robin’s silence deafened the room. He saw the tears but said nothing to assuage them. “Are you going to make this hard for me?” she asked in an accusatory tone, not realising how unfair her question was. Still Robin couldn’t find the words. “Ok. I know. I know. I should have come back a long time ago. But… you don’t understand,” she pleaded. Robin understood quite nicely – he had the scars to prove it. “I couldn’t come back in case he found me. In case he tried to…” she bit off that argument when she saw the look he shot her. In case he tried to hurt her? Like the old bastard hurt him? “My mum kept me up to date. She said she was proud of you… of how you coped,” his mum said. Robin was so angry at his mum but still he had no words. She seemed pretty good at holding the conversation by herself. Robin realised that his grandmother had been in touch with her and hadn’t told him but he wasn’t angry at her for it. Robin knew Bessie well enough to know she was ashamed and angry at her daughter. Robin was also angry at his mum. “Mum said I… abdicated my responsibilities… and tried to get me to come back. I know I should have. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t, you must see that?” Robin’s mum said. Silence there and nothing more. “Robin, for fuck sake talk to me,” she snapped. Robin dropped his eyes, shielding her from his vision. “Your dad was a bastard. Now he’s gone and…” she was about to try a different angle but stumbled. Her voice grew quiet, cracked; “He only let me go because I didn’t take you. I left you behind so that he didn’t fucking kill me. Or both of us…” She left him behind to get beaten up, bullied, kocaeli escort poisoned and to live in fear. But she saved her own skin. “Robin… Robin!” she demanded his attention as she rallied to say; “I’m sor-” “Mum…” She stopped, at first stunned and then smiling that he had spoken. “…Just go.” Robin knew he would never forget the look on her face. However, he also remembered that Adam had once told him: “A bad family is often worse than no family at all.” Should he have just forgiven her? Just like that? Well he couldn’t. She had been selfish and useless and he didn’t need her. Maybe one day he would let her back in, but not today, not on her terms, not because she suddenly deigned to give a shit. She left the room silently. Later he would see her at the back of the service but when it was over, while everyone else filed past and shook his hand and offered condolences, she would slip away. The service room was busy but not packed and mourners reduced their murmurs to silence as the service got underway. Robin’s dad had never been religious so the ceremony was humanist but it was a very sombre and the atmosphere was more depressing than grieving. There were no tears in the room, not even from the people who knew Robin’s dad better than he did – who had been closer and friendlier than Mr Haldane had been to his own son. Beside Robin was his grandmother Bessie, Cameron and Ben. He hadn’t seen Adam but could almost feel him farther back in the room, sitting unobtrusively. The humanist celebrant had spoken to Robin and Bessie and then some friends in order to be able to say something about Mr Haldane and when he had finished, Robin was invited to speak. He had thought a lot about whether he should say what he wanted to say. In the end it was Bessie who told him, “Ask yourself if what you have to say is something you want to do… or need to do. Your dad is gone either way.” Looking out into the gathered people, Robin noticed others had come: his Head Teacher and Deputy Head as well as Mr Wilson and Mr Crane – all had obviously decided to represent the school. Beside Mr Crane was handsome black man whom Robin inferred was his boyfriend. Micah was beside a work friend of his dad’s and at the back of the room, Robin spotted Adam and his father Mr Aziz. “I’m pleased so many people came to pay their respects to the family my dad left behind,” Robin said with careful meaning inspired by Adam’s carefully chosen words on the memorial pebble. “I hope he was better to his friends than he was to his family. I hope he was better to someone – anyone – than he was to us.” “Us” was the only concession he was willing to give his mum, whom he gave the briefest of looks to. “It’s with some regret that I’ll never get to talk to my father again. There are some things I’d like to say to him,” Robin spoke to a murmur from the mourners, most of whom seemed embarrassed because they knew the dead man was lacking in virtue. “But I don’t want to dwell on the things I’ll never get to say. Because today I say goodbye and I’ve got no choice but to think of him one last time… but that’s what it is… one last time. When I leave here and after the reception, I’m going to go home… and then I’ll never think about my dad again.” Robin knew actions were tougher than words and he would struggle to keep to his intention, but he would certainly try to forget the man. There was a shamed hush in the room: sympathy that he had clearly suffered but a shock at his disrespect. But what did they know? It was time to complete his dark eulogy. “But I know… I know that, whether I like it or not, I’ll always be close to the man who most disappointed me.” Bessie, Ben and Adam remained as Robin’s chaperone while the mourners filed out. They shook hands and muttered condolences and struggled to look him in the eye. The Head Teacher and Deputy Head teacher expressed their sorrow and reiterated that he could take time off school and even postpone his exams if need be. Robin saw Mr Wilson whispering something to Cameron and he distractedly noticed how close together they stood, almost intimately close. A second later and Mr Wilson moved towards Robin – was Cameron was looking at the teacher’s arse? “My condolences, Robin. I’m sorry to hear you had such a troubled relationship with your dad. It’s sad that things ended like that,” Mr Wilson said solemnly. Robin thanked him. “Sorry for your loss, Robin,” said Mr Crane. Robin thanked him too. “We haven’t met. I’m Andy’s partner, Malcolm. My sympathies,” the handsome man said. Andy (Mr Crane) gave Malcolm peculiar look and Robin wondered if Mr Crane hadn’t wanted his student to know he was gay. “Take care, Robin,” Mr Crane said and he took Malcolm’s arm – perhaps not as peeved as Robin had thought – as they left the room. “Ok sweetie?” Bessie asked. “Fine. I’ll catch up,” Robin replied. Bessie squeezed Robin’s arm affectionately and joined the people outside. The only remaining people were Cameron, Ben Adam and Mr Aziz. “What are you doing here?” Cameron asked Adam; there was an edge to his voice and it only just avoided being bellicose. “I came to pay my respects,” Adam replied. Ben looked at Adam with curiosity which was hardly a surprise after what he had seen the previous night. Ben had already commented on Adam’s change in attitude, but did he suspect something more going on? Mr Aziz spoke first, “Robin, I heard about your father’s passing. I’m sorry for any loss you feel.” Robin neither frowned nor smiled and Mr Aziz understood. “Thank you,” Robin replied with rainy eyes. There was so much more he wished to say but couldn’t with Cameron and Ben around but Mr Aziz understood that too. Robin wanted to thank the man for saving him, for being there for him, for being kind and for coming to see if he was ok today even though the loss was less of a mourning and more that of a weight being lifted. Robin wanted to tell Mr Aziz how much like a father he had been, but what did that even mean when a father could be abusive as well as loving? Mr Aziz slipped away to allow Adam his moment, but the boy was still under scrutiny from Cameron and Ben. “Thanks for coming,” Robin said genuinely. “I’m sorry for your pain. When you get home and close the door and turn off the light, you’ll be ok…” Adam promised and Robin believed him; “You look tired, Robin. You should get some sleep.” Robin smiled sadly as Adam left – he hadn’t told anyone that he had not slept for three days, though he didn’t look it. Adam seemed to know; Adam always knew. “What the hell was that all about?” Cameron asked. “Not now, Cameron,” Robin replied wearily. “He’s the same guy who bullied you for five years and what… he stops for a couple of month and suddenly he’s forgiven?” Cameron asked. “Not so sudden,” Robin replied but he could tell Cameron was angry. “I can’t believe you,” Cameron continued. “Cameron, give him a break,” Ben said softly. “I’m your best friend, remember. I just don’t get it. Why would you forgive that twat?” Cameron demanded. “Because he said sorry,” Robin said simplistically. “He said sorry?” Cameron asked incredulously. “If you forgive those who sinned against you…” Ben started to say. “Oh shut up, Ben,” Cameron interrupted irritably. Ben huffily kept quiet and watched the tension between the two friends. “I’m tired, Cameron. I’m so tired,” Robin told him. Cameron seemed to deflate – realising how unfair he was being by picking a fight on a day like this. He was shocked and confused by Robin’s attitude towards the former bully. “I’m sorry,” Cameron said and then hugged his friend. “I don’t get it, I really don’t. But I’m sorry for nagging you. Can we talk about it sometime?” “Yea. Sometime,” Robin said vaguely. Cameron stepped back, holding Robin at arm’s length; “You are and always will be my best friend.” “I don’t know what I’d do without you,” Robin replied. Ben coughed softly, “I’m here too.” Cameron and Robin stifled a laugh – was it disrespectful to laugh after a funeral – and then pulled him into a group hug. Robin did not see his mum at the reception, which was a bit of an ordeal. A few people he did not know, or barely knew, approached and made enquiries about how he was and if he was being looked after. A few moments with the quiet young gentleman made it obvious why he had said the things he had about his dad and so that topic was avoided. Cameron and Ben had insisted on going home with him but Robin strictly refused. “Please, I really want some time alone now. I just want some space to breath. I just need to breathe,” Robin told them. It had been a struggle to not say “leave me alone” when he knew they were trying to help and that he would never have made it through the day without them. When he got into his flat he sat alone with a cup of tea and sat in the deafening silence. It had been a busy day, all that noise, all that draining sympathy – so why was he still wide awake? Night fell, turning the room gloomy and then dark – starlight and streetlight blended to illuminate the room but Robin could barely move with the exhaustion. He had no choice but to move when there came a knock on the door. He already knew who it would be. “Hi Adam,” Robin said as he opened the door wide, squinting in the bright lights from the hall. Adam was casually dressed in jeans, t-shirt and hoodie; he looked at Robin who was still in his suit trousers – the jacket had come off but he was in shirtsleeves which had been rolled halfway up his forearms. Adam didn’t reply, instead he stepped forward and wrapped Robin in a hug. Their faces were cheek to cheek and Robin almost sank into Adam’s arms. “Tell me what you need,” Adam whispered. “I need to sleep.” Adam leaned back to look into Robin’s eyes, their lips close together as Adam replied; “Come on.” Adam kicked the door closed and led Robin to his bedroom. “How’d you know I’d be alone?” Robin asked. Adam smiled slightly and shrugged modestly, but Robin understood that Adam had intuited it. Robin sat on the bed while Adam pulled off his shoes and socks; then Adam loosened Robin’s tie and unbuttoned the shirt, slipping it from his shoulders. Adam hesitated a second before reaching for the button of Robin’s trousers but there was nothing sexual about the undressing – intimate perhaps, but not sexual. Robin yawned and lifted his hips for Adam to work the trousers off his buttocks and down his legs. Now wearing only a pair of briefs, Adam pulled the duvet back and Robin flopped onto the bed with his head hitting the pillow with a sigh. Adam worked the duvet from under Robin’s legs and then pulled it up and over his body, tucking him in. Adam remained knelt on the floor and watching Robin grow drowsy and then rolling over to face away from the bedroom door; Adam silently stood and made to leave the bedroom but a sleepy voice called to him. “Stay, Adam. Please stay.” Adam hesitated but then closed the door and turned off the light. He returned to the bed and sat on the bed at Robin’s back, he turned slightly so his upper thigh was against Robin’s back and extended his hand to caress Robin’s head. “Thank you for proving yourself to me,” Robin whispered. Adam felt his heart swell – the promise he had made after finding out Robin was Teen Titan: “I said I’d prove myself to you, remember? That I’d prove you could trust me.” “Lie down with me, Adam. Stay with me until the morning,” Robin asked. “Until the morning,” Adam agreed. Adam knew that when the morning came he and Robin would still have boyfriends and distance between them but he slipped off his hoodie and kept his t-shirt on and then took off his trainers, socks and jeans. He slipped under the covers and tucked himself in, big spoon style, beside Robin. Robin wriggled into the curve of Adam’s body and their legs shifted, entwined and settled. Robin let out a quiet sob so Adam put his arm over Robin’s body and held him even tighter. “I think I’ve had enough pain to last the rest of my life,” Robin said with wet eyes and tear-tracks on his cheeks. “I’m glad, Adam. I’m so glad he’s gone.” Adam knew there was an iota of guilt in Robin’s relief-laden voice and sought to absolve him of it. “I’m sorry you’re dad hurt you, that he made you sad… he made you so sad,” Adam said. “I’m happy you’re here,” Robin said exhaustedly. “Thank you for closing the door. And turning off the light.” Adam smiled and kissed the back of Robin’s head but he was already asleep. It’s awesome hearing from so many satisfied readers; I hope you’ve enjoyed this chapter too. If you fancy emailing me: encomiums@ If you love the stories Nifty has to offer, remember to donate: http://donate./donate.html Visit my blogspot – pot – for updates including chapter synopses and excerpts. If you are enjoying this story, I have also written: School Exhibitionism fty//gay/highschool/school-exhibitionism The Symposium – http://www.//gay/authoritarian/the-symposium/ The Embarrassment of Riches fty//gay/highschool/the-embarrassment-of-riches/

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