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Does My Body Distract You?

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Sighing, I shut my laptop and slid it back into my satchel. Yet again, I hadn’t paid attention to a word my lecturer had been saying since the start of our two-hour lecture. Not that I really minded, of course. Normally, Friday classes were torture, but not this semester. Not with the lecturer I had been blessed with for this particular subject.

Maria was beautiful. As soon as she’d walked in on the first day back after the summer holidays, I had felt my chin hit the desk. She looked like she was in her late 20s, maybe early 30s. However old she was, she was definitely my type. Her obviously Spanish features of olive skin and dark hair were just killing me. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail and she was wearing dark red lipstick. Mmm. And the suit with those brogues? I mean, could she look any gayer?

As usual, I hadn’t really been paying attention in today’s class. Her habit of walking up and down the front of the lecture theatre was driving me wild. With every step her ponytail would hit the back of her neck, and her glorious figure and curves moved as she swayed her hips. And was it even legal to have an ass like that? Damn. Her black, thick-rimmed glasses made her look exactly like a Spanish Gal Gadot, and every time she smiled her eyes glinted mischievously. I stared at her in awe as she talked through the lecture slides. Even though she was Spanish, her accent was English.

There was something about her buoyant but dominant demeanour that just made my mouth dry. Staring at a lecturer isn’t unusual in a lecture, but most of the other students were looking away from her to scribble notes or type out what she was saying. Me? I was just sat there. Sitting on the front row right on the end next to the stairs going up the middle of the lecture theatre, I could smell her perfume every time she walked past me. Occasionally, she would rest her left hand on the edge of the desk and lean, one leg crossed as she stood addressing the class. Everyone was in their own bubble of concentration, trying to furiously get down everything she was saying before she walked back to her desk to change slides.

Today, I’d been getting no more notes down than usual, of course, until she walked up and did her usual lean on the edge of the desk. As I was fiddling with the rainbow LGBT bracelet on my wrist, I suddenly I realised Maria’s blazer had risen up to reveal the band of some gorgeous Calvin Klein underwear. Most people wouldn’t have noticed, but seeing as though she was so close to me… Well, her waist was just at my eye-level. I wet my lips with my tongue, trying but failing to draw my gaze away from her slim waist and tanned skin.

When I eventually looked up, our eyes met. Shit. She’d caught me staring at her. Without missing a beat, Maria casually pulled her jacket down with one hand and shifted position as she talked.

Ears burning, I decided to actually start typing a few notes.

Maria let us go 5 minutes early.

Just as I had sighed, packed my bag and stood up to leave, I saw Maria unplug the USB stick from her computer and stand up straight.

Surprisingly, she called me over to her desk. My head shot up, surprised that she remembered my name and confused as to why she needed me. I wandered down the steps of the lecture theatre and approached her just as the last few students filed out of the room.

“It is Ellie, isn’t it?” Maria asked, her eyes glinting mischievously.

I nodded, tucking a strand of my blonde hair behind my ear.

“I’ve noticed that in the past few lectures you haven’t been taking notes. Well, I say past few. I should say, all of my lectures. May I ask why that is?” She leant against the wall and fiddled with the USB stick, twirling it deftly with her fingers.

“Uh, I just keep it all up here,” I said, tapping my temple. “I don’t need notes.”

A smirk flashed across Maria’s face for a second before disappearing. “Is that so.” She stopped fiddling with the memory stick and looked stern. “That may work for you, but your poker oyna lack of engagement in this module’s lectures is disappointing. If it carries on and you continue to seem…”

Maria shifted position against the wall and crossed her arms, causing her shirt to gape slightly. Before I could stop myself, my eyes were drawn to the sight of a bright red lacy bra. Mmm. I wondered what she’d look like standing in front of me in just that bra. I quickly looked back up.

“…distracted,” Maria finished, her eyes boring into mine as she caught me looking down her shirt, “you may be kicked from the module entirely.” She tapped the USB stick against her bright red lips, but made no attempt to move her shirt.

I swallowed hard, trying not to imagine what those lips would feel like on my skin, or what those deft fingers could do.

“Sure, okay. I’ll definitely concentrate more next week.”

Maria nodded and walked back to her desk, not taking her twinkling eyes off me. “Good. See you next week. Don’t forget to complete the handout.”


A week later, I was sat in my usual spot. Remembering our brief talk last week, I made sure to actually type something this time. Today, I was wearing a light blue cotton t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of skate trainers, and black skinny jeans. Definitely too hot for an early summer’s day like today, but at least I had scraped my hair into a high ponytail so that my neck was cool enough.

Halfway through the lecture however, I found my mind drifting. This week, Maria did not have her usual red lipstick on, but was wearing high heels, skinny jeans and another shirt that was unbuttoned just enough to be sexy without being too inappropriate to teach in. She looked mouth-wateringly gorgeous. I stared at Maria’s ass as she walked to the other side of the lecture theatre to ask a student a question.

I let my mind wander, imagining what it would feel like to kneel in front of her and run my hands up the inside of her thighs. I wondered what underwear she’d be wearing today. Would she be wearing her Calvins? Or red lacy lingerie that would match last week’s bra? I imagined hooking my fingers over the waistband of her jeans and slowly pulling them down. Imagined how I would then touch her underwear, hoping she’d be as wet as me, and-


My head snapped up. I hadn’t realised that she’d walked back towards my side of the room.


There were a few scattered laughs from other students. No doubt they thought I’d been on Facebook and not paying attention. They’d be half right, at least.

Maria’s eyes bore into mine and I shivered, suddenly wondering if she could read my thoughts.

“I was asking you a question. Are you with us?” The class laughed again.

I folded my arms. “Sorry, can you repeat the question?”

“Of course.” Maria walked closer, and this time, with both hands either side of my laptop, she leant forwards over my desk. She was the closest she had ever been to me, and I was drawn yet again to her chest as it got dangerously close to my face.

“Do you know what the three main strategies are that we use for this particular equivalence problem?”

I tore my eyes away from her breasts for a few seconds to answer her question. I licked my lips. “Um, calque?”

“That’s one. And the other two?” she asked.

My heart was pounding. “I can’t remember.” Because I’m too busy thinking about fucking you, I finished in my head.

Maria’s eyes flicked down towards my own body for a second before she stood back up and resumed her usual pacing. “Michael, any idea what the other two are?”

Wait, was she checking me out too? I exhaled heavily and started typing Michael’s response.


As the other students left the lecture theatre in a hurry, I stood up and stretched a little before bending to pick up my satchel. I walked down the steps just as the last student left the room. The double doors swung shut. Maria stood up and watched me walk canlı poker oyna down the steps.


I looked at her without replying. Great. I was probably in for another lecture for not concentrating. Just as I reached her, she walked away from me and strode towards the doors. For a moment, I thought she was just going to leave.

“I have a question for you,” she finally said.

I frowned as Maria lifted up her hands and, one by one, slowly slid two small bolts across the top of the double doors, locking them. I moved by her desk just as she turned away from the door and walked back to stand in front of me.

“Does my body distract you?”

I gulped, shocked. My heart began to pound under my blue shirt.

She looked so hot stood there like that, staring at me as she waited for my response. She licked her lips.

I stared straight back, leaning back to perch on her desk. I smirked, my 20-year-old cockiness getting the better of me. “No,” I lied.

“Are you sure?” Maria lifted her hands up and, while keeping direct eye contact with me, began unbuttoning her shirt.

I gasped softly, finally breaking eye contact.

Her deft fingers undid the third, fourth, then fifth button of her shirt. She slowly pulled the material open to reveal her perfect, B cup breasts. I was practically drooling as I saw she was wearing the same red, lacy bra as last week.

“I’ll ask you again,” Maria said, bringing a hand up to my face and holding my chin with one hand. “Does my body distract you?”

I moaned at her touch. My eyes flickered towards her hard nipples visible through the thin lace. “No.”

Maria let go of my face, took her arms out of her shirt and dropped it on the floor. She kicked off her heels and turned away from me, hooking her thumbs under the waistband of her jeans.

Bending at the waist, she stuck out her perfect ass and pulled her jeans down. When they got as low as her knees, she dropped them and pulled them off. My earlier daydream came to mind as I saw that her lace lingerie underwear did indeed match her bra.

Turning back around to face me, she grabbed my face again, rougher this time. She leant forwards and placed her mouth against my left ear.

“What about now?” She whispered.

I shivered, my entire body tingling. I was getting wetter by the second.


Maria licked her lips and let go of my face. Instead, she grabbed my hand. At first I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, until she slowly lifted my hand to her face. As soon as I realised what was coming, my legs became weak.

Maria opened her mouth and slid two of my fingers inside her mouth. Her wet tongue swirling against my skin finally sent me over the edge. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck. Yes. Yes, your body distracts me,” I gasped.

Maria stopped sucking on my fingers and pulled my hand away, her saliva still warm on my skin. She let go of my hand. “Take off your clothes.”

I hurriedly stripped, revealing my matching black and white Calvin Klein underwear. Maria hummed appreciatively as she took in my slim, toned body. My many boxing sessions every week gave me a pretty good body. I watched her lick her lips as her eyes raked over my small but firm breasts as I kicked my jeans and socks away from me.

The sun was streaming through the large windows, and seeing as though we were on the fourth floor of the building, there was no need to pull the blinds down. As the sunlight shone on Maria’s golden skin I realised I needed her. Now.

I walked forwards to close the gap between our bodies. My cockiness still taking over me, I put my hands on Maria’s hips. She bit her lip, not moving away. My eyes flickered towards the door.

Sensing my next question, Marie reassured me. “Don’t worry. All of the lecture theatres upstairs are empty for the rest of the day. My lecture was the last one on this floor. There’s nobody around.”

Our kiss began slowly, sensually, but quickly became heated. Maria internet casino tugged on my lip with her teeth and I groaned into the kiss as she pushed me against her desk.

Suddenly, Maria’s soft hands in my hair became hard. She grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head back, separating our kiss. We stood there sweating, panting as we came up for air. But Maria didn’t let go of my hair.

“You think I don’t notice the way you look at me? The way you stare at me like a little slut every lecture?” she tugged my hair harder and I gasped, my cockiness completely gone.

“Just fuck me,” I begged. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Please.”

Maria let go of my hair and stroked my cheek, that mischievous glint ever present in her eyes.

“You think after not concentrating in my lectures I’m going to reward you? No.” Maria dragged us both away from her desk then dropped her hand to her side.

“Get on your knees.”

I whimpered, so turned on it was almost painful. My pussy was so wet. I could feel how soaked my underwear was as I dropped to my knees.

With a smile, I realised I was fulfilling another of my daydreams. I softly ran my hands up her smooth, waxed legs. My hands felt the heat of her arousal as I made my way up the inside of her thighs. I looked up at Maria as I peeled her underwear down. She stroked my head and moaned as I pulled her lingerie past her knees. Looking down again, I saw just how turned on she was.

“Fuck, you’re so wet,” I groaned. Her neatly trimmed pussy glistened with her juices.

Marie smirked and grabbed my hair from the top of my head.

“I want you to make me come. Right here, in the middle of this lecture theatre. I want you to sit in that seat every week and remember how I tasted. I want you to — oh, fuck!”

I cut her off by putting my mouth over her clit, my tongue swirling. I felt Maria’s knees buckle as she forced my head harder against her. Obliging, I flicked her clit faster and harder, holding her ass with my hands. I groaned into her pussy, feeling her wetness against my cheek as it dripped down her leg. Maria’s hands went up to play with her nipples, and I took the opportunity to take one hand from her ass and run my middle finger along her slit, teasing her.

I suddenly stopped and took my mouth off her. Looking into her eyes, I took two fingers and brought them to my mouth. Maria moaned as I slid the same two fingers that had been in her mouth into mine. While sucking my fingers, my other hand crept down my stomach to my soaking underwear.

“Dirty girl. Play with yourself.”

I didn’t hesitate. With my other hand, I began circling my own clit with my finger under the fabric of my underwear. I hummed in pleasure, my mouth full with my index and middle finger.

A few seconds later, I took my wet fingers out of my mouth and watched Maria’s reaction as I teased her slit again. She moaned, bending her knees to try and push herself down onto my fingers. I pulled away slightly, emitting a growl from my lecturer.

“Fuck me, now,” she commanded, panting.

I obliged, slowly sliding two fingers inside her.

“Uhhhhhh,” she moaned, closing her eyes.

Speeding up, I began fucking her with one hand and rubbing my own clit with the other. Watching her face, I leant forward and started flicking my tongue across her clit. Her eyes flew open and her legs were shaking as she watched me fuck her. She wouldn’t last much longer.

Eventually, I felt her pussy start to contract.

“Fuck, I’m going to come. Come for me, Ellie. I want to watch you come with me,” Maria gasped.

My own orgasm building, I fucked Maria harder and rubbed my own clit faster, my tongue still flicking against her hers.

“Oh fuck! Fuckkkkk! Oh god!” Maria’s legs began to shake uncontrollably as she came hard, her pussy contracting around my fingers. Maria’s orgasm sent me over the edge, and I moaned loudly as I came, my mouth still on her clit. A few seconds later, I pulled away, my mouth and chin covered in her pussy juices.

Once I’d taken my fingers out of her, Maria sank to her knees, exhausted. As our eyes met, I brought my wet fingers to my mouth. Maria held my face with her hands as I sucked my fingers clean.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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