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Domestic Discipline part 1

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Domestic Discipline part 1Been with my wife for f******n years now. Although some may disagree, I find her beautiful.True she is getting a bit of a belly, but she has a round mouth, wet pussy and a tight ass, all of which I can use at will. She has accepted the fact that I am the head of the household and with a little of the right type of training she would be a very good submissive. It’s a work in progress. She has accepted the fact that I believe in domestic discipline.We have rules in our house, some written, others not. She knows the rules and knows what is in store for her when they are broken. Usually when she crosses the set boundaries she gets an old fashioned spanking and then a good multi-orgasm fuck.She also knows that there is one rule that is unbreakable and non-negotiable. I do not allow illeagal d**gs in my house. None, nil, nada, zip and zero. I believe that grass should be legal, but even if it was, I don’t want it in my house. Call me a prude if you want, what YOU think of me is none of my business.So six months ago when she asked if her adult daughter could move in with us, the first thing I said was make damn sure that she knows that I don’t want d**gs of any kind in this apartment and if I found out that she brought any into the apartment she would be gone immediately. I also said that she needed to help around the place. The wife agreed and we allowed her to move in.Things went well for a while and although she didn’t help around the house like I thought she should, the wife was ok with it so I went with the flow. Until her mother and I came home early one day and caught her red-handed smoking pot on the balcony. She was sitting on the balcony with the blunt to her lips when we walked in, she saw us, hesitated canlı bahis and quickly threw it over the rail. Even if I over looked the fact that the place reeked of pot it was too late.At first she denied it, even after I retrieved the blunt from the grass. She claimed that it must of been from the neighbor down stairs. I bluffed and said that he wasn’t home and the thing still had a cherry on it. I told her she had twenty-four hours to move out. The color drained from her face and she ran into her bedroom.The wife started to say something and I said, “don’t! She knows the rules and she broke them.” She protested a little, knowing that it wouldn’t get her anywhere. Finally she said, “Let her stay and you can punish me any way you want.” “Tempting, but no, why should I punish you for something you didn’t do, unless you knew about this was happening.” “Did you?” The look on her face spoke volumes. “We’ll speak about that later.” The tone in my voice caused a concerned look on her face.She went and knocked on her daughter’s door while I turned the news on the idiot box. About fifteen minutes later my wife led them out of the bedroom and announced, “Missy wants to talk to you.” I replied, “There isn’t anything to talk about.” But that didn’t stop her from talking anyway.She started out with an apology and a promise not to ever do it again. I countered with the fact that she knew the rules, I felt she disrespected me by breaking them and then piled on a laundry list of other things I wasn’t too happy about especially not helping around the house. She asked if there was anything that she could do to make me change my mind. That resulted in a quick and firm “No!”With tears in her eyes she asked, “What would you do if you caught Mom smoking bahis siteleri dope.” I looked at my wife and said, “Tell her.” In a soft voice the wife said, “He’d spank me.” Missy’s face was blank and I said, “tell her again, louder.” “He’d Spank Me.” She said. Missy looked horrified and then whispered, “How about if I let you spank me?” Before I could answer my wife said, “Let us talk about it, go to your room for a few minutes.”“What do you think?” the wife asked. Admittedly the thought was a bit of a turn on but didn’t think it was a good idea and said so. “she has no place to go and the discipline might do her some good. I broke down and agreed but only if she was given a list of chores to do and agreed that if she didn’t keep up with her chores that it would result in more discipline. For the next 30 minutes we discussed different chores and different levels of discipline for failure to follow the rules. As the wife got up to go tell Missy the “good” news I stopped her and said, “She’ll have to pull down her pants, she can leave her panties on.” The wife gave me a look but I explained that if I was going to trash my principles I might as well get something out of it.I let the wife go to Missy’s room to tell her the conditions, while I went to the master bedroom to get the tools of discipline. We all arrived back in the living room at the same time.Missy looked at the wooden spoon and riding crop that I had placed on the table and realized that at least I was taking this seriously. I gave her the choice of what I would spank her with, but before she could answer, her mother grabbed the riding crop, effectively eliminating that choice, not surprising since it was an anniversary gift.I had her stand in front of us and explained güvenilir bahis the list of chores and rules, asked if she understood and agreed to them. She answered that she did.“Hand me the spoon.” She reached down and picked it up off the coffee table and handed it to me. “Into the kitchen.” I told her. Once there I pulled a chair out from the table. Turned to her and said. “Pull down your pants, leave your panties on, put your feet on the outside of the back legs of the chair, bend over and grab the seat with your hands.” With her back to me, she did what she was told. She was wearing white cotton panties with red around the waist and legs. Stretched tight across her ass, when she bent over they formed what I could only describe as the perfect camel toe over her pussy.I tried to put it out of my mind but my cock wouldn’t and I got hard in an instant. I touched her ass with the spoon and she jumped. I explained, “You will get ten licks, but for everytime you get up from this position one will be added and if you put your hand back here I will add two, understand?” She whimpered, “yes.”I swatted her twice before she broke position, three more before she put her hand back there in a feeble attempt to block my blows and only one more before she was crying, begging me to stop. When I was finished she had endured f******n total and was sobbing. When I got done, I took a step back, looked at her ass. Her inner thighs were quivering and her panties were so wet to be almost see-thru, there was not a doubt that her 28 year old pussy was shaved smooth. I told her, “Pull up your pants and get into your room, I expect an apology later.”She pulled up her pants, turned around and with an “I hate you” look, brushed by me on her way to her room.I looked at her mother, who was still holding the riding crop, I held my hand out and she handed it to me. With the riding crop in one hand I took her by the wrist and headed towards the bedroom, saying, “Now to deal with you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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