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Dominance: A First Person Account

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Dominance: A First Person AccountI turned down Mockingbird Lane as I neared the end of my morning run. I bobbed my head to the sounds of Black Market Militia pumping through the earbuds connected to my iPod Touch – a gift from my bitch. My small three bedroom split level house sat half a mile away so I started a sprint. I am by no means a health nut, but I like to keep my five-foot-nine-inch, 190 pound body in decent shape. When I walked inside, my nose was taken over by the smell of sausage.“When you finish your shower, I’ll start the eggs,” my baby called out from the kitchen.“Come suck my dick now,” I retorted.“Coming sir.”Oh, where are my manners? I’m Darryl Smith. I’m a 37 year old brown skinned Black man living in the Midwest. I teach auto mechanics at a vo-tech school and I own a slave. Yeah, that’s right – a slave. It’s not as strange as you might think. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. My slave loves it and so do I. His government is Lucas Dowling although I refer to him as only ‘bitch’, ‘slut’, ‘fag’, or ‘boi’. He’s 34 and completely submissive.I stood at the top of the stairs on the top level with my shorts around my ankles. My lily white fag crawled up and licked my sweaty, musty balls. He sniffed as he licked letting me know how much he enjoyed it. Then he grabbed my strong eight-and-a-half inch dick. I reached down for his leash so I could tug at it choking his neck at my leisure. I pulled up quickly causing him to jerk and gasp for air.“Get it in your mouth, boi,” I ordered.“Yes sir,” the bitch said apologetically.He sucked it well letting me hit his tonsils. His mouth was the perfect wet pussy and nearly as good as his ass. Running in the morning always made me horny. I jerked the leash harshly and told him to come to the top of the stairs so I could fuck his juicy ass. I slid my hard dick into his pink hole. It slid in easily as over the past six years I had broken him in well. My dick filled up his butt pussy. He moaned with pleasure saying, “Thank you, sir!” That’s what he’s supposed to tell me repeatedly when I fuck him.I grunted, “That’s anadolu yakası escort a good fag. Take this dick.”“Thank you, sir! I love your big Black cock!”“I know you do. Take this nut, boi.”I shot my load deep in his ass and pulled my dick out as I headed to take a shower. I left him there dripping my babies out of his butt hole. I didn’t really care how he felt. I was relieved. After my shower, I dressed and went to the kitchen. The boi placed a filled with link sausages, scrambled eggs, and two biscuits in front of me. I waited while he poured a glass of g**** juice for me. He fixed his food and joined me at the table. When I was finished, I got up leaving my dirty dishes where they were. He would clean them up. It was his job and he knew it.“Your lunch is in the bottom of the fridge,” he said referring to the cooler he packed for me daily. “Have a good day, sir.”“You too, boi,” I replied without looking at him.Heading off to work, I thought about him farting my cum out of his ass before he showered to go to work as a systems analyst at the data processing center where he was employed. Later that day, I sent him a text saying, ‘I love you slut. I want cubed steak for dinner.’ He replied a few minutes later letting me know he would stop by the grocery store on his way home to purchase the food. Since I was at my computer, I logged online to make sure his pre-paid debit card had enough funds to allow the purchase. Don’t be surprised. His entire paycheck is direct deposited into a savings account that he and I both have to sign for withdrawals. I give him a cash allowance each week of fifty dollars to do with what he pleases and I place enough funds on his card to cover expenses such as gas, food, and other things that he needs to do when I’m not present. If he needs to go visit his parents or take a trip, I add enough money to cover him. It also gives me a chance to keep tabs on what he’s doing. I require my slave to be monogamous and faithful.I usually beat him home by an hour and since he had ataşehir escort to stop at the store I was allowing him another 45 minutes. Anything past that would be cause for punishment. He bested my expectation by eight minutes. Knowing his place, he walked through the side door and sat down the bags. He stripped out of his khaki pants, white button down shirt, and Wal-Mart brand loafers. His slender five-foot-eleven-inch body was fully exposed in accordance with House Rule Number One. He folded his clothes and took them to the hamper then retrieved his collar. Once he was dressed appropriately, he went to the kitchen so he could start my dinner. While he was handling his business, I walked into the kitchen to greet him.“Bitch, how was your day?”“Hello, sir! It was good. How was yours?”“It was cool. This came in the mail for you,” I said tossing a bottle of spironolactone, a testosterone blocker to him.“Thank you, sir,” he replied opening it and swallowing one of the 100-mg tablets.I walked away and waited for him to finish cooking. You’re probably wondering why he takes pills to block his testosterone. Well, he does it because I require it. I am the man and he is a boi – a slutty faggot. We order four months’ worth of the d**g online for less than sixty bucks. He takes one a day and due to it has a very withdrawn nut sack a little cock. It also causes him to grow less body hair. It doesn’t feminize him because it’s not estrogen, but it certainly emasculates him chemically.After dinner, he showered and knelt on the floor next to my recliner so he could watch TV with me.“You want to get fucked, fag?”“Yes sir,” he replied enthusiastically.“Dungeon or bedroom,” I asked giving him a rare choice.“Dungeon,” he begged.“Well, I feel like going to the bedroom.”“Yes sir,” he acknowledged my superiority.I sat on the bed so he could suck my fat dick. He did a great job as always taking it all the way down his throat. Spit ran out of his mouth and down my shaft. He made lots of noise and stoked me gently.“You gonna milk my dick, ümraniye escort boi?”“Yes master,” he mumbled.“Good boi!”He sucked away as I grunted with pleasure. “Get up here and get on all fours,” I said pulling a bottle of his favorite popper from the nightstand. He did as he was told and I mounted him from behind after he inhaled the muscle relaxer. My feet were planted on the bed and my dick deep in his ass. I began to hammer away with reckless abandon. I fucked him harder and harder. He whimpered the whole time.“Thank you, master. Thank you for fucking me,” he wailed.“That’s right! Thank Daddy for this dick up your ass pussy.”“Thank you, sir!”“How do you feel about your master,” I asked as I plowed his loose pink hole.“I love you, master.”“You love me, boi?”“Oh yes sir! I love you, sir,” he moaned.“Get over here and suck this dick, bitch,” I ordered him.“Yes sir,” he said hopping off my cock and putting it in his mouth again.“You like the way that pussy tastes on my dick?”“Yes sir,” he mumbled.“Good. You want this dick back in your pussy,” I questioned him while he deep throated me.“Yes sir,” he mumbled once more.“Get on your back, faggot!”He lay on his back and lifted his legs in the air. I examined his fuck hole and announced, “That ass is gaped open, slut!” I stuffed myself back into him and thundered into his hole. My thrusts were full so my balls were slapping against his tiny little ass. I looked into his green eyes and could see the passion and desire he had for me. Then, I looked at his itty bitty cock and balls. I almost lost my mind.“Tighten that ass up on this dick,” I yelled. “Tighten that ass up, faggot!”“Yes sir,” he groaned while clamping. “Thank you for fucking me with your dick, sir!”I dug him out more quickly. He worked hard at grasping my dick as it plundered his anus. My body tensed and sweat began to bead on my forehead. He knew all the telltale signs and cried out, “Cum for me, master. Cum in my pussy.”“You want this nut in your ass?”“Yes sir. Please sir. Please.”“Ooh faggot. That’s some good pussy. You ‘bout to make me nut.”“Thank you, sir! Thank you for the dick. I live for your dick, master!”“You fuckin’ slut. I’m cumming,” I grunted collapsing on top of him.“Oh, thank you, master,” he celebrated.I pushed off of him and lay still on the bed. He disappeared and returned with a warm washcloth that he used to clean me up. When he finished, I said, “Bring me a beer, bitch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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