Mar 30

Don , Lisa Ch. 01

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This series is a telling of stories about Don and Lisa from the Dueling Duets Series

A word of explanation needs to be put in here, because this story has been rendered technically obsolete. There was a time – really, there was! – when the Internet didn’t exist. There was no World Wide Web. There was no streaming media. And, believe it or not, there was no Hotmail!

Way back then – this was in the early-80’s through the late-90’s – businesses that wanted to move away from fax, telephone calls and (shock!) actual mail used bulky private systems such as ccMail and Lotus Notes or public systems like Telemail (which later became SprintMail.) You connected to it through dial-up on teletype machines, and then after they were invented, personal computers. Email was incredibly slow, and even more expensive.

This story is about those early days of a huge computer on your desk, and slow, clunky email. I hope you can put yourself back in that time and be entertained by the story.

There are other major anachronisms. Can you find them?

I was the last person to open up my fortune cookie. “Romance will soon blossom,” I read to the group.

“But, Don, you’re married!” laughed Anne, “you should already have all the romance you need.”

“I don’t know,” smiled Fran, “he might be looking for something on the side.”

“If he is, you two better watch out. You could be in trouble,” somebody replied, “I’ve seen that boy in action. He’s a fast worker!”

“I think we’d better get back to work,” Mike assessed, probably worried about either a sexual harassment suit or lost productivity. The group of nine left the Chinese restaurant and headed back to the office.

To celebrate the end of three months of preparation and the kickoff of our next phase, Mike had taken us out for a Friday afternoon lunch. He was in charge of the computer rollout project. There were four people working directly for him in the pharmaceutical firm, and he had four consultants in this age of ‘right-sizing.’ Two of his employees were the twins, Fran and Anne.

The year was 1987, and our charter was to supply the large field staff of the company with laptop computers and train them in the rudiments. This was back in the days when a ‘laptop’ was anything that weighed less than 25 pounds and had a handle. Mike’s staff of four people was in charge of setting up the computers and training the staff in the corporate order system; four consultants, who were employees of a training firm, were going to teach word processing, spreadsheets and email. This was in the days before the internet, and there was a public mail system that we dialed into. The way it would work was that teams of two people would travel to a city where we would spend four-days training 10 people in the new-fangled stuff. We’d be on the road 3 out of 4 weeks for the next year, leaving on Sunday nights and returning late Thursday evening. The teams would shift around so that we wouldn’t constantly be partnered with same person.

The twins and I had carpooled over to the restaurant, and on the way back they started to taunt me. Fran and Anne weren’t really twins; in fact, they weren’t even related. But they were both about 5’7″, nearly the same body weight and dimensions, medium dark complexions, brunettes, and their facial characteristics were uncannily similar. Both of them had impish dispositions, and were always kidding around.

For example, when we started the project, they both had shoulder length hair. A few days later, they left for lunch about a half-hour apart. When Anne came back, we saw that she’d had her hair cut to a shorter trim. We all joked that we would finally be able to tell them apart, only to be astounded when Fran returned with an identical styling.

In fact, the only true differences was that Fran was four years older than Anne, Anne was a soprano while Fran was contralto, and Fran had a ring on her finger, while Anne’s wedding was a few weeks away.

When my wife was out of town, I’d fantasized about them both while masturbating, and once or twice I’d thought I’d made a connection with one of the girls. I would have loved an affair with either (or both) of them, but when you’re working in an office with a young lady, you need to be very careful, or problems can crop up easily. Under the circumstances, I figured it was just a pipe dream.

“So,” Anne began as soon as the three of us were in the car, “who’s your new sidegirl going to be?”

I knew from painful experience that when the twins started teasing you, the only method of survival was to tease back. Otherwise, they just kept at you until you surrendered. “I don’t know. Would either of you like to volunteer?”

“That’s a great idea!” said Fran. “Let’s play rock, scissors, paper to see which one.” They both started playing the finger game.

“Hold on,” I said, “If you both are willing, I think I should get my pick.”

“Well, okay,” said Anne, “which one of us do you want?”

“Does zeytinburnu escort it matter? I can’t tell the difference between you out of bed. I’m sure you would both be the same in the sack.” This got me hit from both sides.

“I’m livelier than she is!”

“Yeah, but I’m hotter. You better pick me if want great sex!”

“Well, how do you know what the other’s like in bed? Unless, of course . . .”

“No, I only swing one way,” one of them said, “but when I swing, I go high! I hope you own a trapeze!” I was losing, and I knew it. Luckily we pulled into the office parking lot, and I was saved.

About an hour after we got back to work I logged on to the email system, and found a message waiting for me from a mailbox named FORTUNE.COOKIE. Since we all shared administrative privileges, it was impossible to figure out who had created the mailbox. The message read,

Romance can bloom, your fortune told you, and indeed it will as we discussed in the car. If you want to have fun with me, go to the window and talk about the weather.

So the twins were going to continue their joke. I figured I’d call their bluff and let them have their fun. Making my way through the cubicles, I looked longingly out the window and said, “Bob, it’s too nice of a day. Let’s go play some golf.”

“I’d love to, but I still need to pack for our trip to Denver on Sunday. Do you have the Excel slides finished?” Bob was to be my partner for the first week of training, and he was a bit of a worry-wart.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I expected the twins to pop up and start in on me, but they both stayed in their boxes and ignored me. I returned to my desk, and about five minutes later got another message.

Your fortune cookie says, ‘Your wisdom is great, and will be rewarded.’ Just wait until the first time we are on a trip together. It will be so much fun!

I emailed back,

But what if I don’t want to wait that long?

The afternoon dragged on without another message. As I was preparing to leave, I checked my messages one last time, and sure enough, FORTUNE.COOKIE had written back,

Patience is a virtue, and will pay off. Wait for me, my soon-to-be-playmate.

I left the office, wondering what (if anything) was in store, and when (if ever) something might happen.

~ Abandon the search for truth; settle for a good fantasy

When I got home I fixed my wife a drink and told her about the conversations and messages.

I’d told Lisa about the elaborate pranks that the twins had pulled off. Her favorite was how they’d managed to completely swap cubicles one weekend, and then answered only to each other’s name on Monday.

“Could this be a joke? One that’s going to make you look ridiculous in front of the staff?”

“It might be. They have this weird sense of humor. But they’ve never done anything to hurt anyone. This one is so personal that I have a hard time believing it’s being done only to let me down, or that they’d embarrass me with it.”

Lisa and I had an arrangement, and allowed each other to have other lovers. I’d only had one with our next door neighbor, Jill, but Lisa had been more active. She’d recently been through her fifth guy in three years. I didn’t mind, as she was completely circumspect about it, and loved to tell me about her exploits. If anything, I encouraged her to take risks she didn’t want to. It spiced up our marriage bed, and kept us from getting stale.

“Well,” Lisa observed, “it sounds to me like one of them wants my husband, or maybe it’s both of them! Or you’re being set up here. If it works out, have a great time, but try not to look like too much of a fool.”

~ Chaste makes waste

After I got back from my golf game the next afternoon, I got a message on my answering machine from Bob. “Don, bad news. My mother went into the hospital, and I have to go to Mansfield to be there. I can’t go to Denver. I talked with Mike, and he’s going to rearrange the schedules. You better call him. I’ll see you next Friday.”

I called his house back, but no one picked up the phone. He was probably already on his way. When Mike answered the next phone call, we discussed the situation. “I don’t know who I’m going to send,” he fretted. “I might have to go myself. Don’t worry about it, just get on the plane for Denver, and whoever is there will make contact with you in the hotel.” So I put it out of my mind.

At the boarding gate the next afternoon, I looked for one of my compatriots, but no one I knew was around. “Hope I’m not running this show all by myself,” I thought.

Arriving at Stapleton in the early spring afternoon, I picked up my luggage and the rental car, and drove to the Marriott a few miles away. At the desk, I inquired about messages, and was handed a slip that read, “Check your email.”

Going up to the room that would be my home for the week, I plugged aksaray escort in and logged on. There was only one message, and it was from FORTUNE.COOKIE.

I can’t believe we’re so lucky, darling. I didn’t expect us to be able to be together so quickly. I’m looking forward to the merriment tonight, but I’ll be in a little late. Go ahead and have dinner without me.

I called the desk to see if Fran or Anne had a reservation, but it had never been changed out of Bob’s name. I went down to the meeting room we’d reserved in the hotel, and began to hook up the computers. Finishing about dusk, I went to dinner, returning an hour or so later. My phone was blinking, and when I called to retrieve the message, all I got was the repetition, “Check your email.”

Logging on, a new message had been received from FORTUNE.COOKIE.

I finally made it to Denver, Don, and we can begin whenever you’re ready. I’m in the next room. Just email me back.

Was I really going to get lucky, or was this going to be some elaborate joke that I’d be ribbed about forever? I decided I’d follow along. I sent back,

I’m here. What do you want me to do?

Soon, another message came back.

Open up the connecting door between our rooms.

So, if I was reading this right, she was in Bob’s room, which was next to mine. I went ahead and opened the portal, only to find the closed door in the other room looking at me. By the time I accomplished the chore, the next message was waiting for me.

I heard the door open. Good. Now, close the drapes tight and turn off all the lights.

Okay, it’s dark in here.

Now, turn of the computer and sit in the chair. Just wait there until something happens.

I did as I was asked. The room was completely dark, and as I marked time my eyes adjusted so that I was aware only of the red dot on the smoke alarm and the stripe of light coming from under the hallway door. I was expecting that the door would split open and the mouseketeer would burst into the room laughing and giggling, but instead it cracked very slowly. I could see a woman backlighted by a dim glow from the next room. She was draped in a white bra and panties. She stepped into the room, and closed the door behind her, completely darkening the room. I was positive that only one person had entered the room.

I could hear her footsteps approaching me, and then I felt first her hand on my face and then her lips on mine. We kissed, deeply. I knew at once that this was not a joke, and that this woman, be it Anne or Fran, wanted to make love to me.

“Who are you?” I asked. She took my hand, placed it on her cheek, and allowed me to feel her shake her head ‘No.’

“You don’t want me to know who you are?” I asked. Her head went up and down. “Oh, you want me to guess which one it is?” Again the head bobbed affirmative.

With that, she pulled me to a standing position and began to take my shirt off. As she disrobed me, I allowed my hands to feel her shoulders and back. As she kissed and licked my chest, I assisted her in taking the bra off, and then began to fondle her breasts; her nipples were crinkled in anticipation.

She dragged me backward to the bed and sat down facing me. After unhooking my belt and unzipping my fly, she let my trousers drop to the floor and pulled my briefs down to my knees. Then she grabbed my very erect dick and I could feel her licking it. I let her treat me for awhile, and then figured it was time to show her that I was at least competent in the art she wanted to practice.

I pushed her back onto the bed, and stepped out of my clothing. I knelt in front of her and kissed her breasts. At the same time, I let my hand slip to her thigh and run up the inside. She spread her legs, and I moved my hand higher to feel her pussy through the panties. I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled the underwear down and over her feet. I reached up to feel her mound and found that she had shaved to a point where she just had a strip of hair leading straight up from her clit. As my hand went lower, I felt for the first time the heat of this woman’s vagina. It was as if she was on fire, and as my finger dipped into her hole, I was amazed at the lubrication that was already flowing.

I moved my head between her thighs, and she moved her legs to completely surround my shoulders. It was as if she was drawing my entire face into her womanhood. As I sucked and licked her juices, I could hear her intense breathing, but no other sound came from her lips. I felt she was near to orgasm, and soon my mouth was soaked with her moistness. Her legs squeezed me, and I wanted to believe that she was coming. But no noise came from her to indicate it.

I felt her legs loosen my head and she pulled me up, grabbed my penis and guided it into her. I was ready, and tried my best not to come; I wanted thisddfcdark to last as long as possible. But she moved her pelvis in a wild, exciting rhythm, creating such friction ataköy escort and heat that I simply couldn’t stand it. She felt me start to come and moved even faster, giving me a wonderful climax. She continued to move her bottom until she was positive I had completed, then gently pushed me back so that I withdrew from her.

She stood up, and so did I. I could feel the heat of this woman’s body on mine, and we kissed once again. Then she gathered her garments, moved to the door, and opened it. Again I was briefly treated to a beautiful silhouette, ddfcbacklit2but it was gone as she quickly closed the door behind her.

I went to follow her, but as I opened the door I my side, I could see that she had closed the door on her side. I knocked gently on it, but it refused to open.

I stepped to the telephone and dialed the extension of the room next to mine. I could hear it ringing, but there was no answer. After a few moments, I gave up. How do you communicate with a woman who won’t make herself available?

However, in a few moments, the phone rang. I picked it up quickly, and was treated to a woman’s voice that I seemed to recognize. “Sir?” came a high voice from the receiver.

“Anne?” I asked.

“No, sir, this is the front desk. I have a message for you from another hotel guest. The message reads, ‘Check your email.”

I was sure it was Anne, but if it was, she didn’t want to admit it; I just said “Thank you.” Hanging up, I reconnected the modem and logged on. Sure enough, a recently posted message from FORTUNE.COOKIE was waiting for me.

I hope you enjoyed yourself. I did, tremendously. You’re a fantastic lover, and I came twice. I want you again, tomorrow night. May I have you?

I emailed back.

Certainly. As often as you like. But can we get together again tonight?

The response came.

No, it’s late, and we both need to be sharp for the class. Sleep, and I’ll meet you in the coffee shop at 7:15 in the morning.

I realized that the evening was over. I slipped between the covers, and went to sleep, fantasizing about the woman I’d had.

~ If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

I awoke the next morning to the sound of water rushing in the bathroom, and realized that the woman I’d made love to the previous evening was showering. I lazed, remembering her heat, and then rose to begin getting ready to meet my new lover.

When I entered the restaurant, I could see Anne in a booth. She smiled at me, and then I saw a pair of legs sitting across from her. It was Fran. I realized they’d played another joke on me (albeit one I’d really enjoyed,) and that I didn’t yet know which one of them I’d had.

“Well,” I stammered, trying to be cool, “I didn’t expect both of you to be here.”

Anne said, “Well, given the circumstances, Mike decided to go to Charlotte himself and that the two of us should teach the company portion in tandem. It should give us a little more experience.” The explanation made sense, as Anne had been a little nervous in the training teaching we’d done back at headquarters.

“When did you get in?” I asked, “What did you do last night?”

“We both took the flight after yours, and got here about 8:00. I went up to my room and exercised,” Fran said.

“So did I,” rejoined Anne. “I bet I got sweatier than you did!”

“Bet you didn’t.”

They continued on in their sing-song repartee, first Anne’s high voice, and then Fran’s low inflection. Neither girl gave any indication that she had slipped into my room. I made a couple of stabs to uncover the mystery, (“I’ve got a great view of the mountains from my room, what do you see from your window?”) but it was obvious that the culpable party wasn’t about to satisfy my curiosity.

We went over to the meeting room, and set up the room. Both girls seemed to be taunting me with seductive movements as we worked, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot one of them was inside of their business suits, but didn’t know which one it was. I was having a little difficulty with one of the machines, and Anne sat down beside me to assist. Briefly, she touched my hand tenderly. Was it her? But then, Fran came behind us, and I felt her bosom touch my shoulder briefly. I realized that, whichever girl was my lover, the other was in cahoots with the mystery. Soon the sales folk began to arrive, and we began by giving them their PC’s and teaching them the rudiments, such as turning it on and inserting a floppy.

Over lunch, I tried to discover who was in the room next to mine by asking first at the front desk, and then phoning the hotel operator. Although they both offered to deliver a message or connect me to the correct extension, neither would tell me which room either girl was in. Oh, well.

The day went by quickly, and by 4:00 the reps were exhausted with new information. They all lived locally, so we closed up the training for the day and allowed them to go home. Anne asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with her. When I agreed, it became obvious that Fran was invited also. We made arrangements to meet in the lobby at 6:00, and head to a local spot.

When I got back to the room, I went on-line and emailed to FORTUNE.COOKIE,

Will I see you later, after dinner?

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