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Doni , Theo Reunite in the BeachHut

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Theo sat up too and watched as Doni lit the third pre-rolled joint – weed courtesy of Ted. He rested his head down on Doni’s shoulder, watching as the waves crashed onto the sand, foamy and glimmering in the moonlight. His arms slivered around Doni’s waist, the blankets shrouding them in warmth and protecting them from the winter wind blowing up the beach. Their campfire was almost out. They would freeze. But then again, the heat growing between them was sure to keep them warm. Joint between his lips, Doni glanced over his shoulder to see Theo watching intently. He took the joint from his mouth and with a lungful of thick smoke, Doni cupped Theo’s chin and pressing his lips to his, he exhaled deeply as Theo inhaled, their mouths, throats and lungs filling with mingled pungent smoke.

Eyes closed, Theo rested back his head and allowed the drug to brush the darkness away from the corners of his mind and push away all the bad thoughts. He didn’t want to think anymore tonight. He only wanted Doni.

He wanted Doni all over him…his touch…his kisses…his tongue. Theo arched his back up as Doni’s lips found his throbbing erection. Eyes clamped shut, mouth open and contorted with ecstasy he moaned Doni’s name loudly and freely as his boyfriend’s hot, wet mouth slid up and down his cock. He shuddered with pleasure, clutching at Doni’s hair feeling as he sucked ever so slightly, his tongue doing most of the work as it stroked and caressed the top of Theo’s hard on, Doni’s tongue bar an added sensual bonus.

Legs bent, Theo’s naked body stretched out before him, Doni, his lips still around Theo’s cock, looked up at his boyfriend hungrily. bursa escort bayan Keeping one hand wrapped around Theo’s erection, Doni dragged his other down across Theo’s chest and stomach, his nails leaving deep, red lines in his skin. He listened as Theo quivered and moaned, hips rising and falling with anticipation.

In the beach hut, they could be as loud as they wanted. In the beach hut bed – which Ebony and Wade would occupy in a week’s time – the couple could do as they pleased. Theo didn’t hold back as he clung to the headboard of the bed, his body shivering and shaking as he grew closer and closer to another tremendous orgasm. Doni always gave the best head. But just as he felt himself coming, his hips rising to meet Doni’s lips and the tight ball of sexual frustration ready to explode, Doni stopped.

“Wha-,” Theo said, barely able to speak in his state of delirium.

But soon he settled, watching as Doni kissed up his body, smothering every inch of his skin with his lips…with his tongue…until he reached his neck. Theo’s hands tangled back in Doni’s hair, pulling him closer until their bare, hot sweaty bodies were pressed together. Chest to chest…lips to lips…Theo’s legs encircling Doni’s strong hips, urgent to feel more…much more.

“Be patient,” Doni grinned between kisses “Have you missed me?”

“So much,” Theo breathed unsteadily, his hands grasping Doni’s side, nails digging in deeply; running down further, reaching his boyfriend’s tight, toned behind. He clutched and bit at Doni’s bottom lip, fervent and lightheaded.

“How much?” Doni was still grinning when he straightened up and knelt over Theo’s görükle escort chest. He ran his hand along Theo’s jaw to his chin where Theo opened his mouth gladly to receive Doni’s hard aching cock. It was Doni’s turn to shiver with pleasure, feeling as Theo’s tongue slid up along the underside of his erection, his cheeks sucking and his lips tightening. With ease and slow to start with, Doni moved his cock back and forth, moaning every time he felt Theo’s skilful tongue stroking him. But soon, he was speeding up and with Theo’s hands clutching his bum cheeks, he pushed his own to the wall behind and allowed his hips to do the work, sliding over Theo’s tongue and to the back of his mouth, listening and grinning as Theo moaned around his dick.

“You miss me? Yeah? Oh, baby, I missed you,” Doni groaned, absorbed in the rippling ecstasy coursing through his trembling body. And like he had done with Theo, he didn’t stop until he could feel himself about to come. He didn’t stop until he was right there…on the edge, standing there, looking down into the sea of bliss.

He looked down to see Theo still sucking hungrily on his cock. He gently took Theo’s mouth away and tilted his head up to look at him. Dribble and pre-cum covered Theo’s plump pink lips causing the urgency inside of Doni to intensify.

Without another word, Doni slipped back down until their lips were brushing, his tongue tasting the saltiness of himself within Theo’s mouth. Breathless and with sweat beads across their skin, the boys held each other close, their bodies brushing together, sending shivers and tingles up their spines. Eagerly, Doni collected bursa escort bayan both of Theo’s legs and draped them over his shoulders; all the while, Theo tried to simply breathe, his hands longingly reaching for Doni’s face, his skin…his shoulders…his hair. He pulled and tugged in anticipation as Doni hastily rubbed lubrication, left in the drawer from the summer, down between Theo’s cheeks, sliding two fingers deep within him before finishing off by wiping his hand with the lube on down over his cock. Doni looked up to see Theo practically panting with excitement.

Grinning smugly to himself, and gently at first, Doni pressed the tip of his erection to the outside of Theo’s tight arsehole. He felt as his boyfriend quivered beneath him, relaxing for him and allowing Doni’s cock to slide inside of him. They let out a moan of satisfaction in unison. Gazes now locked, Theo’s hands in his boyfriend’s hair and Doni’s either side of Theo’s head, the boys breathed the same air, called each other’s names and found themselves reaching that glorious goal once again.

Deeper now…faster now…Theo pressed his head into the pillow, eyes rolling back as his body froze, the orgasm gripping him like a gratifying vice. Nails drawing Doni’s blood on his shoulders, Theo’s legs shook, his hips trembled, his cock pulsating, ready to burst.

Doni buried his face into Theo’s hot, wet salty neck as he too felt the pleasure become too much to bear. Nibbling and sucking at Theo’s skin urgently, arms now around his boyfriend’s shoulders, wanting to be as close to him as possible, his cock deep inside of Theo, Doni reached the threshold…and with an open mouth, closed eyes, he growled Theo’s name as the orgasm consumed him. At the same time, Theo met him at that threshold and the two fell together, bodies quaking, limbs shaking, mouths agape as they screamed with sexual stupor and sweet, sweet satisfaction.

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