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Dorm Room Eye Opener

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“Are you ok Phoebe?” Ruth asked with a genuine concern in her voice.

“Yep. Why?”

“I heard you moaning and grunting last night and I didn’t know if you needed help or not.”

“Oh. Sorry about that. I’m good.”

“Ok. Was it something with your cerebral palsy?” Ruth asked innocently.

“No, it wasn’t that. I just needed to get something out.” Phoebe said with a slight blush not realizing that her roommate heard her as she masturbated from her bed on the other side of the dorm. Ruth usually slept so soundly that almost nothing would wake her up. Guess this was the one time out of a hundred.

“Like a splinter or something?”

“Umm no.” It was sad but kind of funny how naïve Ruth was. “Honestly I just needed to cum.”

“To where?”

“Not where.” Phoebe replied bringing a quizzical look from Ruth as she sat on her bed on the other side of the room. “I needed to orgasm.”

The innocent, questioning look stayed as Phoebe tried to figure out how to explain it to her sheltered friend.

“I masturbated.” She finally said matter of factly.

“Oh!” Ruth’s eyes opened wide as she finally put two and two together.

“I’m sorry. I know how you feel about that kind of stuff.” Phoebe said. “Sometimes I just get all worked up and I need to relieve some pressure. I thought you’d be zonked out.”

“It’s alright. I’ve finally learned that not everyone has the same beliefs as I do and I need to stop judging them. It’s been a struggle getting there.” She looked down and fidgeted with her hands resting on her bright pink comforter. “I’m sorry I was not a very nice person at the start of the semester. Everyone I grew up with was judgmental and self-righteous and convinced that if someone didn’t believe the way we did they were evil. I was that way too. You are honestly one of the best people I have ever met. Kind, patient, understanding, not judgey. You didn’t write me off because I wasn’t treating you well and chose to help me become a better person. I still have a long way to go, but I’m trying.”

“Aw sweetie. Thank you.” Phoebe replied. She shuffled to the other bed to sit next to Ruth and wrap her in a big hug. “You WERE a pain in the ass, but I knew you had a good heart. Just had to help you see that.”

“Thank you for being patient with me and showing me kindness. You’re the kind of person I want to be.”

Phoebe didn’t say anything, just squeezed her a little tighter.

“Phoebe, are you awake?” Ruth’s voice came from across the room as they lay in the semi darkness later that night, light filtering through the drapes.

“Yeah. What’s up?” A long, heavy silence filled the room as Ruth tried to formulate her words.

“What does it feel like to orgasm?”

Phoebe was stunned by the question posed from her ultra-religious friend. Her admissions earlier in the day and the personal growth that had happened over the past months helped Phoebe to decide that she should help her friend understand more about life. Plus, she figured that Ruth’s parents had never had and never would have the talk with her.

“Honestly, it is amazing. Imagine little bolts of electricity dancing over all your nerves, then every muscle in your body tensing up only to release all at once in a rush of pure joy.”


“That’s probably the best way I can describe it.”

“I wish I could experience that.”

“Why can’t you?”

“It’s bad to do. You’re not supposed to do that outside of marriage.”

“But in marriage it’s ok?”

“When you’re married, you’re supposed to submit to your husband so you can have a family.”

“Ruth, I’m sorry but that is a load of horseshit. We have amazing bodies created by god, but someone somewhere said we shouldn’t enjoy it? If he created us and gave us the ability to have pleasure, shouldn’t we be allowed to? Denying it is kind of like an affront to his designs.”

“I never thought of it that way.” Ruth said after pondering it for a moment.

“I’m sorry but I just feel pretty strongly about this.”

“It’s ok. Thank you for sharing with me.” The room went silent for a long while until Ruth spoke up and sent a thunderclap though the space. “Can you teach me?”

“You really want this?” Phoebe asked after she got over her immediate shock.

“I do.” Ruth replied, a little bit of waver in her voice. “You’re right. If god created all of us and gave us the ability to feel pleasure then it isn’t a sin. It is kind of like honoring him.”

“Ok sweetie.” Phoebe wasn’t quite sure how to help her friend, but she would give it her best shot. Helping Ruth understand her body was another step towards becoming a whole person. “First, it helps if you can get your juices flowing. “

“How do I do that?”

“Try thinking about something that turns you on.”

“I don’t know what does that.” Ruth replied disheartened.

“Have you ever seen or thought about something that makes your heart race and feel topsy turvy in your stomach?”

“I have.” Ruth said after thinking a moment.

“Good. Think about that.”

“I can’t. It’s bad.”

“Oh Ruth. It’s ok. istanbul travesti Listen I’m not going to judge you or think poorly of you. Can you tell me what it is?”

“Ummm.” Ruth stammered from her bed.

“Would it help if I told you something that turns me on?”


“This past summer I was a cabin counselor for a girl’s summer camp and at night the counselors would sneak down to the lakefront and swim. One night we didn’t bring our suits so we stripped down and swam naked. Feeling the cool water on my skin and seeing my friends with nothing on but smiles gets me excited.” Phoebe said, a smile crossing her face as she remembered the scene. She left out the make out session with Janice on the beach afterward since that might be too far for Ruth.

“Thank you for sharing that. Ok, here goes.” Ruth took a couple deep breaths to summon her courage. “Last weekend when it was raining and we were just hanging around in the room. You spent the day in your polka dot panties and tank top. Everything about that gives me butterflies. Your smooth legs, skimpy panties, purple belly button ring on your flat tummy, crazy red hair, but mostly your smile. I kind of liked looking at your breasts too.”

“Really?” Phoebe asked, astonished that her straitlaced friend had even looked at another woman.

“Yes. Honestly, I feel so conflicted about it. I mean I’m not supposed to feel that way about girls.”

“Why not?”

“The bible says so.”

“Which part? The one where it says we are all created in god’s image and we should love one another or the part that says we should smite everyone who is different than us? Ruth how you feel is how you feel and there is nothing wrong with it. Please don’t let anyone make you feel bad for getting the butterflies just because you like how another woman looks.”

“I guess you have a point.”

“I know I do. When you think about me cavorting around all skimpily dressed how do you feel?”

“My heart is racing, my tummy is doing flips, I feel funny…down in my womanhood.” Ruth replied after thinking for a moment.

“I would say you are definitely turned on.”

“Really!!? I kind of like it.”

“Good. Most people do. I know I do. Now keep thinking about that and start to touch yourself.”

“Ummmm, where?”

Honestly Phoebe was a little frustrated that Ruth was so clueless. More so at her parents for keeping her in the dark for so long. But she also wanted to help her friend. The fact that she was getting turned on too was a nice bonus.

“Would you like me to help you figure it out?”

“Yes please.” Ruth meekly said.

Phoebe climbed out from under her blanket and shivered in the cold of their room. She slowly moved over to the edge of the bed in the faint light. Ruth gazed up at her with her big puppy dog eyes and blonde hair spread out on the pillow like a halo. Phoebe crawled under the blanket and laid on her side to look at her friend.

“You really don’t know what to do, do you? You’ve never explored before?”

“Umm no.” Ruth replied biting her lower lip. “I was always told it was bad to feel pleasure. Only once I was married would I ever be touched and then only to have a baby. Pleasure wasn’t part of it, just getting pregnant and creating more people for the church.”

“Oh sweetie. I’m so sorry.” Phoebe replied and wrapped her arms around Ruth to pull her close. Ruth returned the gesture and they laid there holding each other close. Ruth was oblivious to the sensuality of the situation and just enjoyed being close to her friend. Phoebe’s hand spasmed against the thick flannel of Ruth’s nightgown and she inhaled the sweet coconut smell of her shampoo. “Listen, I truly believe that pleasure is a basic human right.”

“You think so?”

“I do. We have these amazing bodies that are capable of so much. I mean look at me. My CP limits what I can do with my hand and stifles my gait, but I have a brilliant mind. I deserve to feel just as much pleasure as anyone else. You do too. I know I’m not as religious as you, but like I said. Why would god give us such amazing bodies that can feel so many things and then forbid us?”

“That makes sense.” Ruth replied. “So that means that you’ll help me?”

“Of course sweetie. Think about me in my undies and my tiny boobies to get your motor running. Then you need to start caressing yourself in a way that makes you feel good.”


“It’s a little different for everyone. Tell you what, let me show you. Sit next to me and put your hand on top of mine and follow my movements.” Kicking the covers off, Ruth gingerly put her hand on her friend’s. Phoebe began to slowly trace lazy circles on her flat stomach through the thin material of her shirt. The circles got larger and larger until her fingertips began to graze the bottom swell of her breasts. Ruth pulled her hand back quickly in astonishment.

“You’re touching your breasts?” she gasped.

“I am. It feels good to touch them.”

“It does?”

“Most definitely. If you want to stop it’s ok, but I’d like to keep going and show istanbul travestileri you.”

Ruth thought for a long moment. “Ok. Will it feel good to touch my breasts?”

“Most definitely.”

“I think I’d like that.” She put her hand back on Phoebe’s to resume their caresses. Soon Phoebe’s hand was toying with her small mounds and teasing her nipples which were about to tear through the shirt. “Your breasts are so soft. But why are they pointy on top?”

“My nipples are hard because I’m excited and this feels so good.”

“Ohhh. Your breasts are smaller than mine, but I really like them.”

“They are? I kind of wondered about yours since you don’t show them off. I’d like to see them, but we digress.” Phoebe swapped hand positions so Ruth was cupping her friend’s breast. Phoebe worked Ruth’s hand to squeeze causing a sharp inhale from both of them.


They enjoyed the boob play for a while before slowly roving across her stomach and down to the top of her pelvis. Ruth stared on intently, biting her lower lip, as their hands searched ever lower. Phoebe felt an ache in her pussy and wanted nothing more than strip down and finger herself with wild abandon, but she knew she needed to proceed slowly and not freak Ruth out.

Seeking ever further south, their fingers roved across her cotton panties down to the gap between her legs. Ruth acted like she was going to pull her hand back but stopped herself.

“Are you going to touch your lady parts?”

“I am. That is how you give yourself an orgasm. You play with your pussy. It feels so good.”

“Pussy. I like the sound of that.” Ruth giggled. “This is so much, but I’m going to be brave.”

“Good girl.”

Phoebe spread her legs and took the plunge. She pulled Ruth’s hand down to rest on her cotton clad mound for a moment before rubbing her plump lips through the fabric. She inhaled sharply as electricity danced on her neurons. It always felt so good to rub herself, but today the second set of fingers and friend sharing the space amped the feelings up exponentially.

“Your skin is so hot and why are you wet?”

“That’s all part of being turned on. Your body creates juices to make things slippery and feel better. I bet you’re getting a little damp too.”

“I don’t know.” Ruth replied shifting herself on the bed.

“We’ll find out soon.” Phoebe cooed. “But honestly, I am so turned on and I need to cum.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok hun.” Phoebe hooked her fingers under the edge of her panties and pulled them to the side and began to play with her slick pussy. Ruth’s fingers were still with her as they explored her plump lips. Teasing her clit out, she gently guided Ruth’s fingertip onto it and rubbed it. “Feel this little nub? This is my clit.”

“Ohhh. What is it?”

“All it is is nerve endings and it’s only purpose is for pleasure. We have amazing bodies and something that exists just to make us feel good. How is this bad?” Phoebe said through gasps as they gingerly played with her clit.

“You’re right. I don’t think it is.” Ruth said, totally enamored with what has happening. “Does this feel good?”

“Oh so good.” After a while she moved their hands down further and she slipped a finger inside herself causing a sharp inhale. “This is your actual vagina. When you have sex this is where the penis goes, but when you masturbate you can use your fingers or a toy and it feels so wonderful.”

“Wow.” Ruth breathed as Phoebe slid her finger in deeper and toyed with her hungry pussy. “Can I feel?”

“Of course.” Phoebe smiled, eyelids half closed. She guided Ruth’s finger down and gently pushed into her bringing another moan.

“Oh my goodness. This is amazing. It feels so good. All warm and squishy.”

“Yes it is. Slide in and out a bit.”

She let Ruth play inside her as she toyed with her clit until she felt the familiar feeling deep inside. Having a second person finger her cranked the feels to eleven and brought her to the edge in no time at all.

“I’m going to cum!” Phoebe gasped as her muscles clenched more than usual. “Don’t stop.”

Ruth obeyed and continued to toy inside her as the damn broke. Phoebe yelped as her body shook with cascading waves of pleasure. Not knowing any better, Ruth continued to finger her as the orgasm rolled through her friend, prolonging the tidal wave. Slowly the aftershocks ebbed as Phoebe panted hard and her whole body relaxed.

“You can stop sweetie.” Phoebe said when she was finally able to form words.

“Wow.” Ruth breathlessly said.


“That was amazing.” Ruth replied holding her finger, glistening with Phoebe’s juices, in front of her face. “Did that feel good?”

“Oh so exquisite. Do you still want to experience it?”

“I do” Ruth said confidently.

“Ok, let me catch my breath.” After a moment Phoebe unsteadily sat up next to her friend. “Go ahead and lie down. I’ll put my hand on top of yours and you guide me like I did. Go slow and figure out what feels good to you.”

Ruth nervously laid down and took some travesti istanbul deep breaths.

“Do you want to open your nightgown? It will probably feel better than trying to feel through the flannel.”

“Ok.” Ruth said with a waver in her voice.

“Plus, I wouldn’t mind comparing boobs with you.” Phoebe said with a grin. That had the intended effect and brought a smile out of Ruth. She unbuttoned the thick flannel down to her belly button and nervously opened it. Her breasts, easily twice the size of Phoebe’s, with enormous pink areolas filled the open space of her nightgown. “Wow.”

“Are they not good? Am I ugly?”

“Oh no sweetie. You are so very beautiful. And see your nipples are excited too.”

“Really. Wow.” Ruth said, her pale skin reddening. “No one has ever said I’m beautiful.”

“Well you are.” Phoebe reached out and put her hand on Ruth’s. Hesitantly Ruth began to mirror her friend’s actions. She gently, but haltingly, ran her fingers over her plump belly. As she began to enjoy the sensations her caresses became more fluid and moved towards her breasts. Pausing and taking a deep breath, she slid up to her breasts and gently touched them.

“OHHH!” She moaned as she tried different ways of feeling herself from caresses to gently squeezing to rubbing her tiny pink nipples.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“So very good.” They continued for a while playing with Ruth’s breasts as she built confidence. Soon she began to move back down to her plump belly. “My nightgown is in the way.”

Pulling the hem up above her waist, their hands continued their exploration. Mirroring Phoebe’s movements, she spread her legs and rested her hand on her panty clad pussy.

“Oh my gosh.” Ruth gasped. “This is awesome. I’m hot and wet like you.”

“Yes you are my dear.” Phoebe smiled. “I told you.”

“I didn’t know I could do this.” She began to rub her pussy through her panties bringing moans and gasps. An entirely new feeling rushed through her, one of need and desire. Pulling her panties down, her hand touched her pussy for the first time bringing a loud moan and a smile from Phoebe.

“I can’t find my clit.” Ruth said as she searched her slick folds for her tiny nub after rubbing her lips for a while. Phoebe patiently spread her lips to coax the tiny bud out and placed Ruth’s fingertip on it. When she began to rub against it, her whole body contorted.

“There it is.”

“Oh my.” Ruth gasped as she continued to rub, sending little bolts through her body. “Will you do to me what I did for you?”

“I was hoping you’d ask.” Phoebe ran her finger between her large lips and teased the tight opening with a fingertip. Knowing that she was going somewhere no one else had been caused her to move slowly. Feeling Ruth’s tightness on finger, Phoebe slowly pushed into the velvety inferno.

“Ahhhh!” Ruth cried out. Phoebe kept up gentle pressure pushing a bit more of her thin finger into Ruth and wiggled. Suddenly without warning a wave of pure adrenaline coursed through Ruth’s body. It felt like a bomb went off in her brain as every part of her tingled. Every muscle clenched up and then released in beautiful agony. She convulsed for what felt like an eternity until she slowly came down and lay there chest heaving, face covered in sweat. Phoebe smiled on, letting her friend enjoy the moment.

“Oh my gosh.” Ruth panted after a long while. “That was amazing. I have never felt anything like that.”

“I’m glad.” Phoebe smiled. “Whole new world, isn’t it?”

“Most definitely. But all of a sudden, I’m getting super sleepy.”

“That happens after a good cum.”

“That’s nice.” Ruth yawned. “Want to sleep over here tonight?”

Phoebe was taken aback but figured that it was just all the endorphins coursing through them right now. That being said she wasn’t going to pass it up. Crawling back under the blanket she cuddled up next to Ruth and wrapped her arms around her friend and they drifted off to sleep.

“Good morning.” Ruth smiled in the morning light streaming through the window.

“Good morning beautiful.” Phoebe smiled back.

“Thank you for last night.” Ruth said after they stared at each other for a while.

“My pleasure. Literally. I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

“So very much. I never thought that I could ever feel that good.”

“Me neither.” Phoebe sighed. “But can I be honest with you?”

“Of course.” Ruth said, pulling Phoebe close.

“That was the first time I’ve ever done anything like that.”


“Yep. I have made out before with boys and girls. Even let one feel my chest, but never anything remotely that intimate. I just wanted to let you know that you weren’t the only one who experienced things for the first time.”

“Thank you for sharing yourself with me.” Ruth smiled. “It’s nice that we are both experiencing these things together. I’m sorry to not lend this the gravity it deserves, but I need to go to the bathroom really bad.”

“That’s ok. Me too. If you want, we can resume cuddling when we’re done.”

“I would love that.” Ruth smiled and climbed out from under the blanket. Phoebe’s jaw dropped and she felt a tingle in her pussy as Ruth stood there with her nightgown still unbuttoned and her large breasts displayed. After a second she realized she was showing all, blushed, and pulled her nightgown closed. “Sorry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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