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downward spiral into the sissy world

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downward spiral into the sissy worldThe covid crysis i blame it , i would have never done thisyet iam wearing panty i just received and the cute diamond plug , feeling so freaking good walking plugged before i go home to sit on my bbc toyi was drunk when i order it, i had just fuck my ass in the shower with 2 of my finger and god did i wanted a cock to sit onalone all day doing not much i started watching sissy porm, a month later i was craving my toy most night until i just bought myself sissy stuff, getting more accustome to my fantasy each day passing , my drawer became a collection of smooth frilly sexy undiesi coudnt stop shopping and buying cute pantythere wasnt enought days in a week to wear em all i endup changing 2-3 times a day , lubing my plug and putting it back inthen one Friday evening walking, back from worki desperately wanted to suck a cock , it became a daily obsession, until i had the best idea everi used that huge cardboard i found downstairs near the garbage, someone had bought kaçak iddaa a couch , and went to my appartduck-tape applied and i had a custom made glory hole in no time my sissy hearth poundingi open my phone and i was drinking beer checking the grindr app loooking for ….my firstmy profile empty, just a picture pf my setupi had no luck, i was midnight and i was about to stop looking when a 20 yr old empty profile sent me a picture 2 boy on the younger side holding their horny bbci watch my screen anxious”we are close i think want to suck 2 cousins?”my god they were cousins just asking to be sucki was shaking when i reply with my addressi took the sizor and made a second hole in the cardboard wall on a pillow waiting , it felt so long ,an eternity , until i ear my door open and i saw em getting in my dark lobbymy god they were young and cute, i stop my eyesdropping and put my mouth right in the holei started moaning both young boys having their bbc out , touching my mouth , one cock went in the hole kaçak bahis , i stroke it the young boy moaning, my mouth still in the other hole waiting open , it slided all the way inside and out making me moan and gag , falling back , looking up at the 2 young hot black cock thru the walli stroke and suck one , making both boys moan as i suck em like a hungry slutin little pink panty , plugged sucking bbc, i was proud , that glory hole idea was nice i was sucking and having fun when thewall just got pushed open the ducktape to the left unglued from the wall”oh shit bro you need to see her”i was feeling so stupid sudenly, looking at the young guy come to me frozen on my pillow watching the guy come to me out of the glorygole setup, at their mercy like all those sissy vids warned me about”oh my god here suck me baby”i was looking up 2 younger boy treating me like a sissy slut sharing my head until they wanted more”omg dude that bitch is plugged ””oh wow ”i was ass up , panty on the side , 2 young illegal bahis bbc up and wet from me sucking them , my plug removed with a wet pop”holly shit , iam first ”and i was open up, one bbc in me sliding down ”oh my god wow so tight”i moan my ass fucked and i was shut up the other in my mouth fucking itall those night training sit on my toy watching sissy hypno warning me man would want to fuck my sissy pussyand there i was spitroasted by two horny young boys cock , they switch , both loving my cunt so much i started loving the deep thrusting, my spot hit real good”look at her , she is moaning , leave her mouth alone i want to ear her ”i was moaning and squealing like a true sissy , my pussy stretch in turn by them having fun making me sound like a slut and then one got so big and hard i started moaning my pussy cum inside each stroke help with a fresh cum spurt until i was face down on the floor prone and full of cum my ass dripping cum the other young boy got on top of me”mmmmm so wet, you want more slut”i learned why sissy go out and meet black cock that nighti cum my spot pounded so good , the big cock treatment made me squirt all of it on the floor as i shook and yell him cumming in me

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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