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Dr. Bather

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**This story is based on real life events. Names have been changed.**

When I turned 18, I begged my parents to let me get a job. I still lived at home, I was eager to grow up, and I wanted money. After some time of negotiations, my father and mother relented and let me find employment for the summer.

I searched for awhile, but I found nothing that excited me. My father said he would try some of his contacts and see what he could come up with. The result was a receptionist job with a doctor friend of his named Dr. Bather. Dr. Bather was an old friend of my fathers and I had met him a few times at various gatherings. Each time we had exchanged only pleasantries, however he always seemed rather distant and slightly cold.

I started the following Monday at 8am. I was introduced around the office by the head nurse, Mrs. Gilford, and given a tour of the building. It was a large office building with many different businesses and practices with in it, including laboratories, gynecologists, and a dentist office. I hadn’t actually got to see Dr. Bather and thank him for the opportunity yet, but Mrs. Gilford told me that he often came in early and retreated into his office until the first patient arrived.

It wasn’t until then that I saw him. We greeted each other, but this time as employer and employee. A short conversation followed, but it was cut off when Mrs. Gilford reminded him of his patients. I was thankful though because Dr. Bather seemed even more distant than I had remembered him to be.

A few weeks went by and everyone was pleased with my abilities and enjoyed having me around. Dr. Bather and I spoke rarely and it was always regarding work. It wasn’t until we got a new computer system güvenilir bahis did things change between Dr. Bather and I.

One afternoon about a month after I began working for him, Dr. Bather called me into his office during lunch.

“Have a seat.” Dr. Bather said seriously.

I sat demurely in front of his desk and smoothed my skirt down around my thighs.

“There was a problem with and entry you made in the system yesterday. Seems that you entered the wrong code for some medication and now my patient’s insurance company refuses to cover the cost.” Dr. Bather spoke rather seriously all the time, but he seemed to be even more flat as he spoke to me now.

I was still rather new to this job, but I remember thinking that this “problem” was really no problem at all. It must have been a typo and it was easily solved by a quick 3 minute phone call.

“I’m sorry Dr. Bather, I will correct it immediately.” I said apologetically.

“Don’t bother. Mrs. Gilford is taking care of it as we speak. I called you in to tell you that I will need you to stay late tonight. I’m afraid you’re not as familiar with the system as I had thought and I will take time out of my very busy day to show you the system myself.” He was angry with me so I looked down at my hands in my lap.

“Yes, Dr. Bather.” Was all I could reply.

He excused me gruffly and I returned to my lunch break but could not eat.

At 5:00, when the last patient left, Mrs. Gilford and the other nurse finished their work, gathered their things and left me in the break room waiting for Dr. Bather.

I heard him call my name and I went into his office quickly, not wanting him to be angry with me any further.

“Have a türkçe bahis seat. And take off your jacket.” He said not looking up from his work.

I sat down quietly and removed my jacket, letting it hang on the back of my chair. After a few minutes he looked up and sat back in his seat. I turned away and blushed as he looked over my body.

“Stand up.” He said. The sound of his voice startled me, but I stood up quickly. “Come over here.” He spoke quietly, but forcefully so I complied hastily. He moved his chair back as I stood next to him behind his desk.

“Lift up your shirt.”

He had no expression on his face when he said this, nor did he look me in the face. He just stared at my breasts and waited. I recall not even thinking about it. Most girls my age would have protested, or even asked why. I simply lifted up my shirt. I didn’t wear a bra back then. I had firm breast that sat high on my chest and my nipples were round a stuck out like cherry colored cones. My chest was larger than most of my friends at 36c.

He pulled me to him and I was forced to spread my legs to accommodate his knees. He sat upright in his chair and leaned in toward my tits. I felt his breath slightly on my nipples and they stood erect.

He chuckled slightly when that happened, something I had never heard him do. “That’s it.” He said rather smugly. He looked up at me and opened his mouth and then closed it around my puffy nipple.

I inhaled deeply and quickly and his tongue assaulted my nipple. I watched in fascination as he sucked it into his mouth rudely and squealed a little when he ran his teeth over it roughly. I pulled back slightly, hoping he would let go, but he pulled me forward and onto his lap so that güvenilir bahis siteleri my lags hung over the chair and his crotch pushed up against mine. He still had my breast in his mouth. Dr. Bather then began on the other tit. He reached up to play with my spit covered nipple as he suckled the other. He slid his entire palm over my breast and clamped onto my nipple with the web of his fingers. His other hand held me firmly on his lap and pushed my stomach to his chest, forcing me to arch my back, thrusting my tits into his face.

All of a sudden he picked me up and put me down on the edge of his desk. He pulled his chair up to me. “Scoot towards me.” He instructed. Again, I did as I was told, and again without thinking. I watched in inquisitiveness as he pushed my legs together. Again our eyes met and he smiled. I didn’t respond to his smile or to his hands under my skirt. I keeping starting at him as his fingers met the wet spot between my thighs. Dr. Bather began rubbing my pussy through my panties while smiling at me and I didn’t stop him.

“There’s nothing I like more than a wet pussy in my desk.” And with that he pushed the fabric aside and shoved a long fat finger deep into my snatch. I impulsively spread my knees apart and opened myself too him as I let out a shriek. I turned my head to the side so as not to meet Dr. Bather’s gaze. He moved his finger in and out of my cunt and I began to breathe heavily.

All f a sudden he pulled his finger out of my pussy. “Sit up.” He ordered. When I sat up he stuck his finger in my face. “Lick it off.” I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his finger and sucked my girl juice off of his fat finger.

He sat back smiling in his chair. I sat at the edge of his desk with my shirt up over my tits and my skirt pushed up exposing my panties.

“I think we will have to continue this tomorrow. What do you think?” He asked me arrogantly.

All I did was nod my head.

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