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DREAM GIRL IS A NIGHT MARE1962 was an interesting year. First of all early on Didn,t think I,d graduate from high school,or see many more days because Nikita Kruschev had based nuclear missiles in nearby Cuba and President John Kennedy was prepared to,push the red button if the Russians Didn,t withdraw their infernal weapons of war! Welcome to the Height of the Cold War! Fortunately Kruschev despite his lunatic raving had advisers who had enough sense to get those damned rockets out of Havana and back to Moscva! One crisis averted in June I did graduate in eastern South Dakota. I was Not interested in college, didn,t have high enough grades which was down more to,poor teachers, but Indidn,t care as long as I graduated! As usual my parents claimed poverty if I had wanted further education and even back then it costs mucho dollars for college! I don,t think I really missed much as life is a pretty good college with lessons to be learned constantly. That summer I was still undecided what to do so took a job as generally labourer/dogsbody with a local farmer for the princely wage of a dollar an hour plus room and board which Wasn,t bad for 1962! For that I had to toil from between 7-8am to 6pm doing various jobs mostly in the uncomfortable seat of a Massey-Ferguson tractor. It was a wet summer that year so ended up getting stuck more than once which I,m sure my farmer enjoyed getting neighbours together to,pull me out, but Hey you have to learn hard some times. Once the fields were ploughed it was seeding time, then cultivating then the dirtiest job of all “dragging” where you start the day spotless and come back as black as the earth with only spots round your eyes where you wore your sunglasses and mouth to show you weren,t really a black man! Of course in the mean time you helped milk the dairy herd mechanically and by hand just for practise in case of a power cut, very possible in violent electrical storms in South Dakota that time of year. The dairy herd had to be driven out to,pasture first thing and returned in the evening for milking, the chickens and pigs needed feeding along with the cattle. ataşehir escort There was the constant refuelling ofvtractors and one haulage truck and shovelling the combined hay and pig shit out of a flooded pig style as extra jobs. Then after a weeks work installing new fence posts and laying barbed wire and scratching ourselves silly despite the heavy gloves we wore a baby tornado came along and ripped up a miles worth like they were c***d’s toys! No other damage except the chicken coop smashed along with eight poor hens caught inside! After harvest I was a free agent. During this time I managed to have my first real date, a cousin of a close friend who lived just outside Denver, Colorado. Oh I,d had experiences with the odd female then, even been seduced by older females, but those are reminisces for another time. But up till then I hadn,t had a sexual experience with any partner I really liked except my good friend reliable Burt and as I Wasn,t really homosexual or bisexual for that matter though I was grateful,to Burt no way could I call him the love of my life! Of course that was before I literally ran over Carole. One hot August afternoon my friend Calvin and I were tying to,play badminton in his back yard with a proper net and I while Carole and Calvins younger sister Lorraine watched from the back steps while sipping iced tea, I ran way back to retrieve a long volley when a sudden gust of winged caught it and held it up so I ploughed past and ended up falling over the step and Carole knocking the glass of drink over her bikini covered sizeable breasts and bottoms making her squeal with the cold of the ice cubes as Insprawled clumsily at her feet. “Look Calvin. Joe,s really fallen for Carole!” Lorraine teased as Calvin helped us back to,our feet and Carole dashed inside to dry off and clean up. She returned twenty minutes later in a not so,attractive halter top and cut off jeans looking daggers at me though after a few minutes Calvin cooled things down and had her laughing about the incident. “I,m sorrynto be so clumsy.Would you accept a movie at the local drive üsküdar escort in theatre as an apology?” I surprised myself before realising I,d said it. “As long as you get me back before midnight! Auntie Jean and Uncle Zeke insist if Imgo out with any one I must be in by then!” “Sure that,s no,problem!” replied myself. I looked at Carole closer and note though she Wasn,t beautiful she was radiant with flashing brown eyes,dimples, curvy butt, long rusty auburn hair and big bazoomas that stood out nicely, her nipples still,rigid from the ice in the iced tea. So,it was arranged I,d pick her up,at 7pm as the nights were shortening again and we,d be back at Calvins well before midnight. It was a chilly night with a stiff cooling breeze as we tried to watch a boring spy thriller while our breaths fogged up the windows to,a point we couldn,t see out and no one could see in. “Look Joe. This film is very yukk! Why don,t you take advantage of me and Kiss me?” she asked out of the blue. “Sure okay.” Her kiss began fairly innocently but soon she was kissing passionately as she sucked my tongue suggestively and ran her hands up,and down the back of my sweater I,d put on because of the chill. “So tell me Joe how many girls do you bring here tomthe Drive in?” Carole asked. “That,s an easy question,Carole, you,re my first!” “You mean to say I,m the first girl you,ve brought here! Why Joe, You,re good looking and any girl,would be happy to go with you surely?” “That,s just it, Carole. I was bullied by my parents and classmates for years till I grew a bit and learned to,fight back. The girls from school remember me as a no confidence loser even though I,m not that any more!” “I don,tnthink,you,reva loser, Joe. I think,you,re one Sexy Guy!” “Kiss me again then?” She did and I was in heaven then paralysed as her right hand felt for my cock through the. material of my slacks. “Feels hard. Can I see your cock?” she husked, her breath shorter. Without waiting for my reply she released me “Circumsised Cock! You have the first circumsised cock I,ve ever handled” she grasped me to prove it. “Are çekmeköy escort you Jewish then?” “Nahh the hospital I was Born did it without even asking my folks. “I think it,s nice and much cleaner…..” she began. “Cleaner?” I asked.”Oh I Love the fact you,re so naive. I Love to suck cock, but most guys never ever think of washing their foreskins and they don,t always smell or taste very nice.” To,prove her point she licked my precum off the tip of my stiff prick. “Your cum tastes musky but nice.” Then she licked up and down my shaft and balls before sucking my cock itself. Carole sucked well, but Wasn,t going to finish me just yet. She removed her heavy sweater “I know you like my titties as you, e been staring at them every time you,ve seen me so give them a good sucking.!” She unclipped her bra and fed her titties to me so zi could sucklevand play with them like a baby and she sighed with pleasure as I did so.Bravely I even licked down to,her belly -button which she purred about. “I also love my navel sucked.Have you eaten pussy. before Joe?” “No!” I lied “But I,ve seen lots of pictures so it shouldn,t be hard to do.!” I assured her. With her blessings I feasted well on her lubrication juices as they flooded my face and ran down my chest, but beforeI could bring on her climax she shifted position. “Don,t worry about a condom! There was a scare last year my ex boyfriend knocked me up! It Didn,t happen fortunately, but it means I,m now on the pill so you can shoot all your lovely baby cream deep in my belly. I love the feel of it deep in me!” She opened her legs and helped guide me inside then did most of the fucking using her strong cunt muscles. Our genitals squelching loud as the juices flooded out and then Imwas exploding like a rocket into deep,space, my semen filling her and overflowing. Once we finished she wiped up temporarily then while Imwaitedvshe cleaned up,in the toilets, then later it was my turn. We then drove to a secluded spot near a lake I knew and we fucked again. I had her back at Calvins at eleven thirty and as all the lights in the area except Calvins were out we snogged and Carole sucked me off again savouring my taste and letting me taste it on her cat,s tongue. “Remember tomorrow night at the Brown,s Party.See younat 7pm.” she kissed me goodbye. What a Night! What and Absolute Dream Girl? Surely Nothing Can Go Wrong! So I Thouhht. TBC

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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